My Sissy son,by his dad and lover. Part 3

Guess it's about time i started Part 3.

So,here i am the next morning,standing naked in front of the mirror having a shave.I'm a bit shell shocked still,baring in mind what happened the night before.I'm looking at my face,covered in shaving gel,thinking of the sex i had with my son last night! Well when i say son...i had sex with this stunning little sex pot named Lucy...yes yes..i son/ in the same! Didn't look like my son when i was pumping my cum up her sweet bum! Now i've shaved half my face,and i grin at the mirror,thinking of the sex we had. I start to grow again,thinking of her tight hole..just as she walks into the bathroom! "Morning Jack,hows my older lover this morning?"

She sits down and has a pee,as my cock grows hard at her cute body in front of me again! "Oh Jack,you want Lucy to take care of that for you?" I sort of take a half a step towards her,she starts to suck as i still hear her pee spashing into the bowl! She sucks harder,and i get up my toes,put my hand behind her head,and fuck her mouth! She sucks harder,moves her head faster...and pretty soon i erupt into her mouth! She swallows all my cum,then she shakes her little cock,stands up and kisses me on the cheek...then the lips,before she wiggles her cute bum and goes back into the bedroom.

No sooner did she come in...than she left and i'm standing there,still with a razor in my hand,and half my face still covered in gel.I hear the spray next door,and i realise she's taking a shower.I quickly finish shaving,and go to the shower room next door.She's facing me,and through the steam,i see her waving me over to join her.I grab open the door,we stare at each other...and i climb in closing the door behind me.We look at each other,father and son,or 2 lovers who cannot get enough of each other! We devour each other,kissing and nipping each others shoulders.She puts her hands behind my neck...and i surprise myself... by lifting her up...and lowering onto my hard cock!!

I was surprised,not of my lust for her,but that i was so fast! She whimpered as i fucked her,i put my feet on the back of the floor tray...and drove myself into her!! Her face was wet,but i wasn't sure if they were tears of joy...or whether it was just the water running down. She bit her i pushed myself into her till every fraction of an inch was inside her.Then i'd ease out,and drive it home again! She was crying i think,and that drove my over the i pumped and pumped my cum up into her rectal passage! She wanked her little cock...and she squirted over her i filled her up!

Wow...took us both a little bit to get back to reallity,i slowly pulled my cum dripped out onto the shower stall floor. She got both feet down,and i kissed her and held her tight.We stood there,bot panting and gasping...and i knew,come what may,she was mine,and i was never going to let her go.She took my hand,and she led me to our bed(was going to be ours now,not mine)and we lay down,all arms and legs wrapped around each other.The sheet and duvet were soaking...but we didn't care...we had found each other.As i lay with her,i thought about the consequences of our actions,i mean...our lives were never going to be the same again.

Lucy was my son,but i'd never think of him like that again,to me she was Lucy...the girl i loved.Finacially we had enough money,she could be a stay at home "wife"! I could never stop dressing,so the next hurdle would be to see how she coped with me dressed up as Connie! She looked the part,and i'd challenge anybody to see her...and not see a woman/girl/female! She said she wanted to live as a woman full time,well who was i to say yes or no.Totally her decision,i just hoped she would stay Lucy...would make me happy...her choice though.Well, i suppose i better go,but i'll keep you up to date with our story.

Hope you enjoyed our life story,i'll continue it in Part 4.
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1 year ago
very hot
3 years ago
What a romance great day one of the rest of your lives
3 years ago
Looking forward to the next part
3 years ago
Ho yes great, only just read parts 1 and 2 as well loved the whole story really sexy and hot, cant wait for more xx
3 years ago
Great part 3 cant wait for the rest. xx