My sissy son,by his dad and lover. Part 2

Hi,thought it was about time i let you know about my son and me.

This is Part 2.

So...there i was,on my knees staring at my son's beautifull cock. Not big,only 4" long..but sweet with a nice head and completely shaved..(or waxed). "Oh Jack...suck me please...pleeease...been ages since a handsome older gentleman touched me there." Pre-cum was leaking from it...and i licked the end...and gently took him into my mouth! He moaned and slowly made his hips go forward and back...gentle movements like he was fucking my mouth.I was sooo horny at this point i would have done i did...and sucked him harder. He was gently teasing his hard he continued to fuck his dad's mouth! "Oh Jack that is amazing...please don't stop...but i should warn you that if you keep doing that...i'll cum!"

As i sucked him....i eased my thumb up his cute bum...he moaned..."No Jack... going to cum!"...and with that,he pumped his cum into my mouth. Wow...small cock,cute balls...but my oh my...the ammount of sperm he shot was incredible! I kept on swallowing...and swallowing till finally he was spent.He sobbed and i stood up and kissed him...we held each other tight and he tasted his own he teased it from my mouth.My cock was sticking into his body...and he said, "Would you fuck me please Jack?" I swallowed,and nodded my head...he took my hand and led me to the empty spare bedroom. When we got into the room ho looked at me saying, "I have a request Jack...i like older men,as old as can be..and when i'm with an older gentleman...i like to call him "Daddy"!
Would it be ok if i called you "Daddy"...Jack?"

I nodded my head,he came to me and we kissed again...then taking my hand like earlier..he gently squeezed it and led me to the made up bed. "No condom.. "Daddy"..i want to feel you pump your man seed into me!" I nodded my head again...i was a bit unsure..i mean he was my son.Yes i know he was made up to look like a girl..(and a gorgeous girl at that)..but he was still my son!Part of me wanted to run back downstairs...but the man...the b**st in me wanted to fuck this sexy creature! I grabbed her and threw her on the bed...she was shocked at first,then she gave me a shy sexy smile! "Take me know you want to!"

I gently lifted her legs...slide them over my shoulders...and pushed myself into her juicy hole! She let out a loud i filled her till my balls touched her bum cheeks.I pulled out,till just my cock tip was in her anal cavity...then i pushed myself to the hilt again! She was gently sobbing as i fucked her like i've never fucked anybody before! Oh yes Daddy...fuck your Lucy...give your Lucy all you've got.It's a bit sore Daddy...but fill me anyway.I want my Daddy to fill me!" I was beside myself with lust....and i banged it into her...till i felt a tingling in the bottom of my groin. I could see stars flashing as i started to pump my seed into her warm hole! I screamed "I'm cumming Lucy darling!" as i pumped spurt after spurt of my sperm inside her! "Oh yes you Daddy...fill me to the brim my gorgeous Daddy!!"

I was panting..and she was shaking when i finally stopped.I looked down...and saw she'd cum over her tummy.My hands were resting on the bed...and i slowly lowered her legs off my shoulders onto the bed.I dipped my fingers into her cum...and gradually scooped it all up...and fed it to her.She took my hand in both of hers...and looked me in the eye all the time she licked and sucked my fingers clean! We lay in each others arms,and we nodded off...still holding each other.We napped for an hour...then we got up,and Lucy took my hand and led me to the large shower in my ensuite bathroom.She sponged and washed me from head to toe...and back up again.I did the same to her...and we kissed and stroked each other's bodies as we dried them. Then i put her in a pretty see- thru nightie..kissed her goodnight,and we held each other till morning.

Part 3 to come...maybe.

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8 months ago
1 year ago
love it
3 years ago
Wow wjhat a loving story made me cum in my panties
3 years ago
What a great story. Turned me on.
3 years ago
so damn awesome, lucky dad.