I stood in the hallway outside my Daddy’s room for as long as I dared. I didn’t want to leave but I also didn’t want to get caught watching him and Lindsey fucking so I made my way back to my own room and took a much needed, but quick shower. I had planned on laying in bed and maybe fingering my recently fucked pussy as I imagined the site I saw in my Daddy’s room but just as I was getting comfy in my bed I realized that I left my phone down stairs. I slipped into a little baby doll nightie and headed down.

I made my way past the passed out party goers only stumbling on a few and found my phone where I left it behind the bar. The little light flashing at me that I had messages. Mainly text messages from friends. Happy New Year blah, blah, blah. The last one was a picture message from Mr. Bradford. It was the pic he snapped of me right after him and his friend came on my face. I thought it looked so hot. Maybe that was the reason why I wasn’t watching where I was going as I walked back towards the stairs and bumped into someone.

“Sorry. Um, who’s there?”

“Chloe? That you? It’s me, Mr. Gordon?” as soon as I heard his voice I knew who it was. Mr. Gordon had lived next door up until a few months ago. He and my Daddy would play golf or watch sports and his daughter Jessica was a somewhat friend of mine. Not really close but a friend. Oh and did I mention that Mr. Gordon was fucking hot?

“Oh hey Mr. Gordon. What the hell you doing walking round in the dark?” I cold feel his closeness and I pushed myself against him slightly.

“I was looking for my keys. Not sure where I put them though.” I could hear his words slur just a bit. A plan hatched in my mind almost instantaneously.

“Mr. Gordon you sound like you been drinking and you know the rules. You drink here you stay here.”

“Well I appreciate the concern Chloe but I need to get home. I promised my wife I wouldn’t be out all night.”

“Sorry Mr. Gordon but I couldn’t live with myself if I let you drive home. What if you got into an accident?” I knew he wasn’t stumbling over d***k but I was feeling horny again. I reached over and turned on a small lamp. I waited for his eyes to adjust and when they did I could see them focusing on me and the skimpy little nightie I had on.

“You know Mr. Gordon I did a paper on the effects of alcohol for school. Maybe we could find a way for you to work off that buzz you have so you can safely drive home?”

“You mean like coffee or something like that?”

“Well I was thinking something more physical. Why don’t we go out to the pool house so we don’t disturb anyone.” I gently took his hand and led him out to the pool house and like a love struck little puppy he followed. No doubt staring at my round ass as we went.

As soon as we got through the door I pushed myself up against him. I could already feel his cock growing in his pants. I slide my hand up and down the shaft through the fabric and heard him moan. He felt big. Not as big as Mr. Bradford and certainly not as big as my Daddy looked to be but big enough.

“Wait, Chloe wait. I’m don’t think we should be doing this.”

“Why?” my hand was still rubbing his cock.

“You’re only 15. You’re just so young, and I certainly don’t want to get into any trouble.”

“Well would it make you feel any better if I told you that yours won’t be the first older cock to be inside me tonight?” His dick seemed to get even harder.

“So you’ve been fucked already tonight?” I bit my lower lips and nodded my head.

“MMMM Mr. Gordon, someone is happy to see me.”

“Chloe. Wait, are you sure about this?” my only response was to unbuckle his belt and start tugging at his pants. I knew I was sure about this but I wasn’t completely sold on the fact that Mr. Gordon was sure. I was convinced when I felt him reach his hand up under my nightie and start to rub my bald little pussy.

“You have no idea how often I’ve thought about fucking you.” that came as a slight shock. Mr. Gordon had never really seemed to notice me much in the past.

“MMMM naughty Mr. Gordon. You been thinking about my sweet young little cunt?” I ground my slippery mound against his hand.

“Oh fuck yes I have. Seeing you around in those skimpy little bikinis, these big tits about to pop out. If you only knew how many times I would go home and fuck my wife but imagine that it was you.” he roughly grabbed my tits through my nightie and I felt 2 fingers slip up inside me.

“MMMM Mr. Gordon you are bad, thinking about my tight, wet, young little teenage pussy.” I finally managed to get his pants open and slide my hand down inside. Almost as soon as my hand made contact with his cock me moaned and got a little weak in the knees. I led him over to the couch and stood there, slowly sliding my nightie up over my head as he watched.

“This what you thought about?” I bent over and slide my hand up between my thighs and ran a finger along my wet slit. When I looked back he had this glassy look in his eyes as he absent mindedly stroked his hard-on. I dropped to my knees and did the slow sexy crawl towards him. My hands slide up his calves, past his knees and up his thighs. When I stopped my tits were just barely pushing against his swollen head.

“This what you want Mr. Gordon?” I teasingly licked my tongue across the head. He only nodded.

“Will you be rough with me? Give it to me like a filthy little slut?” Again he nodded.

“Suck it Chloe. Dirty little whore.”

I smiled at him and slowly took his entire length down my throat. I looked up at him, keeping eye contact as he realized that this young girl is not only sucking his cock but deep-throating him as well.

“MMMM you are a nasty little slut aren’t you?” I didn’t bother to answer and really couldn’t because I felt him grab my head and hold it still and slowly start to throat fuck me. Fuck do I love that.

I started rubbing my pussy as Mr. Gordon’s cock was repeatedly being slide in and out of my mouth. Before long I had a mixture of pre-cum and saliva dripping from the corners of my mouth and coating my tits. I pushed myself off of him and leaned back catching my breath.

“Oh you are one hot little cock sucker.” I pushed him back onto the couch and continued to display my oral skills on this older man’s ridged pole.

“You like that Mr.? Is it as good as you imagined?”

“OH fuck so much better!” I licked up and down his shaft, my tongue sliding along the underside up to the tip and back down to his balls.

“MMMM you wanna fuck me?’ he pulled me up to him and started to lightly suck on my nipples, my hand still slowly stroking his meat.

“I don’t have a condom.”

“It’s OK, I’m on the pill.” I lied but I wasn’t about to go back to the house for a condom.

“Not that I could get you pregnant anyway. I was fixed.” he chuckled. I straddled his lap, guiding his throbbing cock to the entrance of my wet young hole. The heat of his skin against mine as I rubbed the tip back and forth on my slit.

“Tell me you want it you little fucking whore.”

“Oh I want it. I want it so fucking bad.” his hands were on my hips, preventing me from impaling myself on his cock.

“Say it. Tell me what you want.” he slapped my ass.

“Your fucking cock! I want your big hard fucking cock deep inside my little fuck hole! I want you to pound my little pussy like you’ve imagined!” with that I felt him guide me down on him. His thick cock slowly sliding into my well fucked pussy.

“Oh fuck you’re tight!” his hands on my tits, roughly pawing at them as I started to ride up and down his pole.

“Oh yes! Fuck that cock little girl! You dirty little fucking whore!” my mind raced back to the site in my Daddy’s bedroom of Lindsey riding him. Begging him.

“Oh fuck yes Daddy fuck me! Fuck me hard!” The words came without thought and I looked for the reaction from Mr. Gordon.

“MMMM yes! You nasty little slut! Take Daddy’s fat cock!” he screamed as he started to guide me up and down his dick harder, my tits bouncing wildly as my ass slammed down on his thighs.

“Daddy! Ohhh Daddy I’m going to cum! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yes Daddy! Yes!” I slammed back down one last time as orgasm rocked my body, my sweet juices flowing around his cock.

“MMMM such a nasty little girl, cumming for Daddy like that.”

“Can I taste it Daddy? Can I taste my sweet pussy off your cock?” I slide off and onto my knees. His cock was glistening with my wetness and I all but swallowed him whole. I do love the way I taste. I held his cock up as I licked down the underside of his shaft, sucking and licking each cum filled ball then I pulled his ass cheeks apart and licked around the rim of his ass.

“Oh fuck! You nasty little bitch! Eat Daddy’s ass Chloe!” I let my tongue tease the rim of his ass while my hand jerked on his cock. I continued on like this for as long as I dared, I didn’t want him to cum yet. I pushed away from him and laid on my back on the floor. My legs spread, my finger softly rubbing my little clit.

“Come fuck me Daddy, come stick that big cock in your daughter’s tight little cunt.” before I knew it he was pushing my legs open wider and positioning his cock against me. Sliding his swollen head up and down my wet slit, slapping it against my clit repeatedly.

“Ohhhhhhhh yessss! Do it again Daddy. Spank my naughty little pussy” I purred as the sound of his wet cock slapping against me rang out in my ears. I lifted one tit to my mouth and began to suck my own nipple.

“That is so fucking sexy.” The look in his eyes hinted that I was pushing all the right buttons.

“MMMM you like that huh Daddy? You like your daughter’s big tits?” I cupped them both, almost offering them to him.

I felt him slowly slip into me again as he leaned down, first kissing my lips then sucking and biting my nipples. My moans of encouragement feeding his desire as he once again began to feed his length into my greedy little cunt.

“OH DO IT DADDY! RAM THAT BIG FUCKING DICK DEEP INTO YOUR SLUT DAUGHTER’S LITTLE WHORE PUSSY!” he held my hips and pounded into me deep and hard. I felt his balls slamming against me as he fucked me with every ounce of his being.


“You little fucking slut, you’re going to make Daddy cum.”

“Do it Daddy, do it! Cum for me Daddy….cum in my little pussy Daddy! I know you want to! I know you want to fill your little girl up!” his hands held mine to the floor as he jack hammered my young cunt until he rammed in one last time and I felt his cock start to explode deep inside me, flooding my hole with his load.

When he was finished he pulled out and collapsed back onto the sofa. I laid there and watched his juices slowly trickling from my used, but satisfied little hole. I ran a finger through it and he watched as I coated my lips in his cream.

“MMMM yummy daddy.”

“That was amazing. So much better than I ever imagined.” I watched his wet cock, glistening, start to go limp. I pushed his legs open and kneeled between them.

“Better than Mommy?” I giggled.

“Oh shit! She is going to be pissed, I was supposed to be home by now.”

“Why don’t you call her and tell her you’re going to be late.” even as I said it I was licking our combined juices from his spent cock. He reached for his pants and found his phone. As he dialed the number his dick was starting to get hard again in my mouth. I blew him during the entire phone call and when he finally hung up he was fully erect. He tossed the phone aside and roughly pulled me onto his lap. His hard-on pressed between us as he grabbed my ass then gave it a hard spank.

“You’re such a dirty little girl you know that?” a smirk on his face.

“MMMM you like dirty little girls though don’t you Mr. Gordon?” his finger found my asshole and his mouth clamped again onto my big, firm tits. I started to grind my cream filled pussy against his cock as he slowly finger fucked my ass.

“Keep calling me Daddy.”

“MMMM OK Daddy. Put another finger up my ass Daddy.”

“How many other cocks have been inside you tonight baby girl?”


“Including me?”


“Any of them fuck this tight little ass?”

“No Daddy.” I lied. I felt his cock start to throb as his fingers moved in and out of my ass. This caused me to grind harder against him and his cock was rubbing against my clit in just the right way. I was about to cum again when he roughly pulled my hair causing my head to go back.

“Well now tell Daddy what his dirty little girl wants.”

“MMMM bend me over and fuck me. Punish my nasty little pussy with your big fucking cock Daddy.” He pushed off of him and onto the floor. I was on my knees bent over with my head against floor and I felt him rubbing his cock up and down my willing slit.

“Give it to me Daddy, please?” I reached between my legs and guided him into me. In one long hard thrust he was buried inside my snatch. He slapped my ass hard as he started to pound into me from behind.

“Oh fuck Jessica! You’re so fucking tight, Daddy loves being inside you.” he called me by his daughter’s name which made the whole thing even hotter for me. I started wondering if Daddy called Lindsey by my name when the were fucking.

“Fuck your little Jessica Daddy! Fuck me like a little whore!” with that he grabbed my hair in one hand and slapped my ass with the other as he went crazy on my hot little hole, fucking me even harder than before.
“I’ve dreamt of fucking you for so long. Damn you’re so much better than your Mother!”

“Oh yes Daddy yes! Tear that little pussy up Daddy! Right there! Right there! Oh Daddy I’m going to cum!” my body began to shake with orgasm as he continued to ram himself into me. I could literally feel the wetness running down my thighs.

“That’s it Jessie, cum for your Daddy!” I felt both of his hands on my ass now, pulling my cheeks apart.

“You want to fuck my ass now Daddy? Shove your big fucking cock up my tight virgin asshole!” He didn’t have to be asked twice and with the amount of fluids flowing I was pretty sure I could take him but even still I was hesitant when I felt him pull out of my cunt and start to nudge against my asshole.

“You’re so big. Go slow Daddy!” I braced myself as he pushed in slowly, almost too slow in fact. I found myself pushing back on him, wanting him deeper and deeper up my ass.

“Jessica, oh fuck your ass is so tight.”

“Fuck your daughter’s tight ass Daddy! I’m such a dirty little slut, taking my Daddy’s fat cock up my virgin ass.” my ass wasn’t virgin but I was playing it up for him and it was actually making me even hotter.

“You’re Daddy’s dirty little anal slut aren’t you Jessica?” he began fucking my ass harder and deeper.

“Yes Daddy! Oh fuck Daddy do it! Give me that fat cock up my ass!” he was grunting and groaning as he used my ass the way I love it.

“Oh baby! You’re going to make your Daddy cum again!”

“Cum on my face Daddy!” I pulled away from him and got on my knees. He shoved his cock into my mouth and I tasted my own ass on it as I started to suck it clean. When I sensed him about to blow I pulled it free of my wet mouth and started to jerk it and just as I did he began to unload. The first few spurts landed on my hair and cheek, the rest aimed perfectly towards my lips. Being his second cum shot I didn’t expect there to be much but damn was I wrong. After I jerked and milked him for every last drop he fell back onto the sofa, exhausted and panting. We chatted for a few minutes and agreed that we would have to do this again soon and then he got dressed and left.

I made my way back to the house, Mr. Gordon’s cum still on my skin and dribbling down my thighs. As I passed Daddy’s bedroom I noticed that the door was now closed and the room was silent so I took yet another shower and finally passed out in my bed. The net morning I awoke to find all the party goers gone. Daddy’s bedroom door was open and I could hear the shower running in his bathroom but I could make out the muffled moans and screams of sex. I could only smile as I headed down to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee….this should be an interesting morning I thought as I Lindsey walked into the kitchen.

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What a good little slut... Is daddy gonna be next?
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awesome hope i can find part 1
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OMG that was great thanks for writing sharing it with us !