Mostly True Tales: Teacher's Pet

*The following is, as the title states, mostly true. Certain details have been changed so that this reads more like an actual story and less like a diary entry. If you enjoy this then please comment and or vote.*

I think that every school has that one teacher that just makes all the little school girls melt. At my school it was Mr. Jacobs. He was tall, muscular, in his mid to late 30’s and just a beautiful man.

Mr. Jacobs taught both English and drama, both of which just happened to be my favorite subjects. No doubt because of the eye candy of a teacher. I would always sit in a position that would offer him up a very easy look up one of the skirts I chose to wear. More than once I would “forget” to wear panties, my young little cunt there for him to see. While I’m sure other girl had fantasies about dating Mr. Jacobs my fantasies revolved around him bending me over his desk and fucking the hell out of me. His hard cock invading my tight, sophomore pussy as his strong hands gripped my large tits for leverage. I made it a priority to turn my fantasies into reality before the end of the year. When I heard rumor that he and his wife had separated I saw my chance.

Mr. Jacobs had set up a small little office at the back of the theatre prop room. I knew that he would often go there after school to do whatever it was that teachers do. Drama was my last class of the day and like clockwork he would head back there after final bell. I had hatched a devious plan and finally saw my opportunity. It was a Thursday.

I had told my parents that I would be late from school because of a class project. I couldn’t have them sending out a search party only to find me in some sexual activity with my teacher. After that final bell I waited about 30 minutes. I told myself that I was letting Mr. Jacobs get comfy back in his office but truth be told I was working up the courage to actually carry out my perverse intentions. More than once I had backed out only to imagine the site of his cock plowing my teenage cunt and before I knew it I found myself at the door to his unauthorized office space. I had changed tops from the one I wore to school that day to a tight tank top, one that not only accentuated my large tits but also would have gotten me detention for breaking dress code….again. I rolled the waist of my skirt so as to shorten the hem, again with the dress code violation, and added a pair of opaque thigh high stocking to my ensemble. My heart raced as I knocked on the door.

“Um, who’s there?” his voice seemed both shocked and scared.

“Mr. Jacobs. It’s me, Chloe.” I was relived that my voice didn’t warble with nervousness.

“Oh, um….just a second.” I heard glass clinking and it seemed to take forever for him to answer the door and when he did my nervousness was all but replaced with pure lust. His tie was loosened and the top 3 buttons of his shirt were undone. His eyes instantly went to the tight white fabric that was stretching to restrain my tits. Based on past experience I knew this to be a good sign.

“Hi Mr. Jacobs. I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.” I was still questioning myself about going through with this and my stomach was full of butterflies. Butterflies with the wing span of an airliner. Don’t get it twisted, I had been fucked by a few older men by that time but this was the first time I would have to actually seduce one.

“Ahhhh yeah, sure. Come on in. Have a seat.” he nervously looked around, no doubt to see if anyone had seen us. I sat on the couch that resided in his office and to my pleasant surprise he sat down next to me.

“You do know that you aren’t supposed to be in here.”

“Neither are you.”

“Touché. As long as we are breaking rules, and I trust that my secret space will remain just that, I’m going to have a drink while you tell me what is so important that you couldn’t speak to me during school hours.” he pulled a bottle of liquor from his bag and poured a small amount into a glass along with a partial can of Coke.

“That looks kind of good. Can I have one?”

“No, but you can have the rest of the Coke.” I had no interest in alcohol, I just wanted Mr. Jacobs to view me as more adult. Complete failure on that front.

“So now tell me Ms. Mynor, what ever is it that is on that mind of yours?” he sank back into the couch and took a long pull from his drink.

“Well I was actually here about you.”


“Yeah. I know that you and your wife divorced and….”

“Separated. Not divorced. There is a difference and I hardly think that this is appropriate subject matter” his correction interrupted me.

“Well OK, separated. It’s just that you have seemed so down since and I hate that. You’ve always been so interested in helping your students and I was just thinking that maybe I could return the favor?” I bit my lower lip and stared at him as the last syllable escaped my lips.

“Chloe I appreciate the concern but I don’t see what you’re getting at here. There is nothing that you can do to magically repair my marriage.”

“I know. I was thinking more about something to take your mind off of it, maybe relive a little stress.” my hand, slightly shaking, reached for his upper thigh. To my surprise he didn’t push it away, instead he just stared at it.

“Chloe, what the hell are you doing?”

“I told you. I want to help you take your mind off of your problems.” my hand was working its way towards his zipper and he still made no effort to stop me.

“I get the sneaky feeling that if I were to let you do that I would have more problems then I do now. Maybe you should leave.” that time he did push my hand away. In fact he stood up and walked to his desk and sat down, still nursing his drink.

I walked to the door but had no intentions of leaving. Instead I locked the door and walked over toward his desk, my tits softly bouncing with each step, which he noticed and sat down on his desk right in front of him. My skirt had slid up and my legs parted just enough so that he would have had a perfect view of my panties had I not taken them off earlier, instead he had a front row seat to my young, wet, hairless pussy. There was no pretense of accidentally letting him get a peek, I was blatantly showing it to him and he was blatantly looking at it.

“Oh my god.” he muttered as he stared at my shiny wet lips and gulped down half of his drink. I slowly slid a single finger up my slit and dramatically licked it.

“I don’t think you really want me to leave Mr. Jacobs.” I moaned while I slide my stocking covered foot against the bulge developing in his pants. I could actually feel it get harder and he simply leaned back and enjoyed the sight of my young teen cunt and the feel of my foot on his crotch.

“MMMM you’re getting so hard teacher.” I half giggled, half moaned. His eyes followed my body from the foot massaging his throbbing cock, up my legs and on up to watch as I seductively slid my top up and off, my large firm tits revealed. His cock twitched in approval.

“You like my tits Mr. Jacobs?” I cupped one in each hand and lifted them up, one at a time, to lick my own nipples.

“MMMM perfect.” he responded as he pushed his swollen meat against my foot.

“I bet you’ve been thinking about these all year huh? Does your wife have tits like mine”

“Not even close.”

“MMMM I bet that big hard cock would look so good right here.” I pushed them together and let a stream of spit drip from my mouth and onto them. I withdrew my foot which seemed to disappoint him….at least until I slid off of his desk and knelt before him. This time it was my hands that were rubbing his cock. Well at least one hand, the other was working on undoing his pants. Despite my slutty actions my nerves had not yet fully subsided. Thankfully he didn’t notice my shaking hand struggle to get his pants open but eventually I succeeded. All those butterflies settled down when I slid my hand in and grabbed his thick, raging cock and pulled it free of it’s restraints.

“Oh my god Mr. Jacobs! Such a yummy cock!” I squealed as I started to softly stroke him.


“MMMM yes?”

“Oh fuck, as much as I want this I know I can get into a lot of trouble for it.”

“Well I won’t say anything if you don’t.” I smiled then lapped at the precum oozing from his swollen head then pushed my tits together around the shaft. He started to slowly fuck my tits.

“Do you want me to stop Mr. Jacobs?”

“Fuck no.” I licked the head of his cock as it peeked through the top of my tits. His meat throbbed between them as I let a stream of saliva escape my lips and unnecessarily lube the already pre-cum slick valley.

“Have you been thinking about this M. Jacobs? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have this hard cock between my tits?”

“More times than I care to admit.” he smiled then moaned as he watched me jerk his cock off with my breasts.

“MMMM naughty teacher. Having dirty thoughts about a student?” each thrust pushed the engorged head towards my lips and I took every chance to kiss it. Eventually he had had enough of my little teasing.

“Suck it Chloe, suck my cock!”

I released his aching pole from the fleshy grip of my young tits and lewdly spit on his inflated dick. He pushed the hair from my face to watch me lick from the tip, down to his heavy balls and then back up. I smiled wickedly again as I wrapped my lips around the head and made him disappear into my mouth inch by throbbing inch until I had deep throated his mature cock.

“Shit! My wife hasn’t done that in a long time.” his hand reached for my head and began to guide my mouth up and down his length. At first he was slow and gentle but building in speed and intensity, driving himself deeper and deeper down my throat. At one point I held him in deep, his cockhead in my throat as I started to gulp, contracting and releasing my throat muscles around it.

“Oh fuck! You’ve done this before huh?” he almost laughed and I did to, if he had only known how much cock had been in my mouth even at that young of an age. I went back jerking him off with my mouth as I locked my eyes with his.

“If you keep that up you’re going to make me cum!“ I intensified my efforts as wetness started creeping it’s way from my lips and dripped down onto my now bouncing tits. I furiously finger fucked my drenched little cunt as I slurped on my teacher’s hard cock. I pulled his fat pole from my mouth and slapped the head against my face.

“You wanna fuck me Mr. Jacobs? You want to slide this big cock up my young little hole and fuck me hard?” he eyed my spit soaked tits and then my needy little cunt. I leaned back and let him watch me ram my finger up into my hairless pussy. I was so in need that I was humping my fingers to the point that I was almost slapping my cunt as I slammed another finger up inside me. When he had had enough of my little show he stood up and pulled me to my feet. I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he quickly spun me around and f***ed me to bend over his desk. He couldn’t see it but I was smiling in anticipation.

“This what you want little girl? Is this what you came here for?” I felt his cock slapping against my puffy cunt lips and before I had a chance to answer him I felt it start to nudge against my wetness and just like that the head was inside me.

“Oh god yes! Fuck me Mr. Jacobs! Fuck my little school girl pussy!” he was feeding his cock up into my sloppy cunt as his hands roamed my body in search of my tits. When he found them he latched on hard and started to work himself in and out of my fuckhole.

“Mr. Jacobs! YES YES YES!!!! Fucking pound me!” as his speed increased so did his grip on my large tits. It hurt a little but at the same time felt so fucking good.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You’re little cunt feels so fucking good Chloe” he was really slamming it into me now. The little makeshift desk started to creak.

“OHHHHHHH! Tell me I’m a whore!”


“Fuck me and tell me I’m a fucking whore!”

“Oh you are, you’re a nasty little whore. Filthy fucking slut!” his hands released their grip on my tits only for one to roughly grab my hair and the other to slap soundly against my round ass. His roughness, in addition to his name calling and the fact that his big dick was being repeatedly buried into my sopping cunt ad me on the verge of cumming. I began to push my ass back as he was pushing forward, causing him to ram me deeper and harder.

“Oh yes! That’s it you little fucking slut! Fuck my cock!”

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming Mr. Jacobs!” I was probably louder than I should have been but I didn’t care. He was a great fuck and my little teen age pussy was getting the attention it wanted. I felt my knees start to go weak as the first wave or orgasm surged through me. He held me up but continued to jackhammer into me as I felt my cream leaking don my thigh.

I felt him pull out and I thought that he was about to shoot onto my ass but to my pleasant surprise he instead turned me around, lifted me up and sat me on his desk. He then finally kissed me as he f***ed his wet cock back inside my sweet pussy. I felt his hands grab my thighs much like they had my tits earlier. Strong firm grip as he used that for leverage to almost throw his cock into me. His eyes locked onto my tits as they bounced from the f***e of his fucking while mine where watching his thickness invade my young fuckhole. The sound of moaning, grunting and the unmistakable rhythm of wet skin slapping against wet skin filled my ears.

“Oh use me Mr. Jacobs! Use my fucking cunt!” his body started to react and I felt him swell inside me.


“You dirty fucking whore! You’re going to make me cum!” his words were accentuated by deep, hard thrusts up into my sloppy pussy.

“MMMM do it Mr. Jacobs, cum for me! Fuck that little pussy and cum all over me!” like a man possessed he intensified his onslaught on my creamy box.

“Where do you want it little girl?”

“My face….cum all over my face!” he pulled out and grabbed his aching cock. I dropped to my knees and waited for it.

“MMMM that’s it Mr. Jacobs, jerk that big fucking cock off for me you dirty old man! I want your load all over my pretty face.”

A few more strokes and Mr. Jacobs started to explode. The first blast smacked against my lips, I moaned. He kept stroking and cumming until his balls were drained and I looked like I had just blown several guys. When he was done I had intended to suck the last drops into my mouth but he pushed forward and literally whipped it into my hair. I felt so slutty.

“Damn, guess it’s been a few days since I came. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I love it. I‘ll just have to make sure you don‘t have to go so long without cumming” I pushed some of his cream into my mouth and swallowed it.

He fucked me several times a week for the remainder of the school year. Sometimes at the school but usually at his place or at a local motel. The first week of Summer break he and his wife reconciled and he said he would feel bad about cheating on her. He did fuck me once more and I even let him up my ass. By the time school started back up in the Fall he and his wife had moved to Maine. Ms. Danvers became the new drama advisor and seeing as how she was pushing 65 I knew my days of getting pounded in that back office where over….at least by a teacher. Lol.

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OMG fucking loved it!
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Excellent story young lady. Please continue your efforts.
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