First time experience

I was thinking of this topic the other day and thought of how crazy it is that it happened and thought that plenty of people would love to hear about my very first time experimenting with another guy. So, here is my story. This is the first time I ever really fooled around with a guy, but I was very curious prior to this. TO set the stage, I am Chris, age 29, and my friend is Mike, age 31. I changed names for anonymity if you were wondering! Also, I don't remember exact quotes, so what I put in here as either of us saying, I am taking a guess about how it was said, so you get a general idea of the dialog.

So, I often hang out and go to bars with friends of mine and my one friend, Mike, usually crashes at my place for the night since he lives so far away. I live just 5 minutes down the road form our bar of choice, so I don't mind drinking a little too much and making my way home.

One night, we went overboard as usual and Mike came back to my place to crash. When we got back, we decided that the night was not over and cracked a few beers and watched some TV. Around 3-3:30am or so, we were a bit board watching the garbage on TV so decided to take a shot. Actually, we took two or three. Afterwards, we looked blindly at the TV and said screw it, so we went upstairs into my computer room to watch some random YouTube videos.

Mike plopped down in the seat and started looking up some funny videos as I knelled down beside to watch on. After a few crackups, one video came up of some hot girl, not sure who, but we both went "woah". Mike mentioned that it reminded him of this girl Kasia he looks up online sometimes. So, naturally, I said "Lets see!"

So, we started looking up this sexy brunette and checking out a few videos. We then proceeded to show each other some of our personal favorites. While I was definitely getting turned on from it, I am not sure Mike was. Regardless, we kept looking up video after video. Still, we continued drinking some beers and at one point, Mike even grabbed more shots. Now about an hour or so of porn hunting had me going a bit stir crazy. I casually rubbed my very hard self through my pants to try and quell the feeling, but all it did was increase it.

After a bit of time I am not sure what happened or came over me, having never had any encounter around a guy, or even showing my self off to a guy, but I unzipped and reached in and started to stroke it. I don't think Mike noticed, but even if he did, I wasn't exposed at all, but if he did catch a glance, it was clear what I was doing.

Video after video, picture after picture flew by on the screen until I finally just slipped my rock hard cock right out of the zipper and continued stroking. Mike definitely caught a glimpse and I apologized but kept going. He glanced once or twice out of curiosity of what it looked like, but made sure to always try and look me in the eye as to make sure I didn't think he was staring.

As I got more comfortable with the fact that he could see my fully erect penis, I slipped my pants to my knees and kept at it. I think I said something like "That's better", but not sure, he snickered. Eventually I worked my pants completely off and just let it out there, knelling next to the chair he was sitting in, sometimes standing up to lean over and type. He had a very clear sight but still maintained a posture that gave me the hint he wanted to be sure I knew he wasn't looking.

I apologized and said "Sorry, got a bit carried away there, but these girls are just so hot!". He said "No problem, I understand completely!". So with that said, we continued watching until he spent what seemed like forever trying to come up with a certain girl he knew I would love. He just couldn't find her and kept saying how badly he wanted to find her to show me. At this point, he was trying to find girls for me to jerk off to, and we joked about it a few saying "Cmon Mike, I need something good to keep me going!".

Well, eventually he was frustrated and said "Man, I have got to find this girl" and I said "Let me try, I bet I can find her!" He said "No way, hell, if you do I'll give ya a damn tug!". Challenge accepted. I got my best googling hat on and went to work. I spent maybe a minute or two and then there she was. He was more than happy to have found her and then I called him out and said "Ok, lets get that tug!". He kept saying "Are you serious!" in like a joking manner, as if he was cool to do it, but didn't want to sound like he was.

After not long, I basically shoved my dick in front of his hand and said "Ok, lets get that tug and get back to looking up porn!". He obliged and with one hang grabbed hold of my cock and gave three or four strokes before letting go and getting back to the mouse. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have a guy grab hold of me like that. We continued watching porn until I finally broke with the question that was starting to really confuse me.

"How the hell are you not hard after watching all of this?" I asked him. He replied and said "I can't do that with you around here, its too weird". So of course I replied and said 'Well, I had no problem at all". And he said "Yea, I can see that!"

I told him its no big deal if he wanted to get hard or if he wanted to play with it and stroke it. I told him I wouldn't look if he wanted to to, and that I could knell behind the chair so I couldn't even see him, or he see me. He said he just couldn't, so I let it go and we watched some more videos.

Eventually, I blurted out again "There is no way this doesn't get you hard". He replied "It usually does!". The only thing I could think of to say, now really wanting to see what was beneath his pants, was "Well, you don't need to be shy about it, you can see mine and hell, you touched it. I bet if you just take it out and start stroking it you get comfortable and get hard like me!". He sat there thinking, clearly understanding I sort of had a point. He then said "Fuck it!" and slipped his pants of.

There layed his extremely limp penis, as he slowly grabbed it and started massaging it a bit. he then looked up, noticing I was fixated on it and said "Hey, no staring!". So we looked up a few more videos until I noticed he got a little stiffer, but was still pretty limp. I then asked him what was wrong, as he was clearly getting a little harder, but couldn't quite do it.

He said he was still a bit uncomfortable, because he had never done anything like this. I tried to play it cool, and said "Do you feel embarrassed because you kinda jerked my cock a bit?". His reply was immediately "You can't tell anyone". I said I wouldn't and then said that I'd be crazy to tell anyone, because I just pulled out my cock and started jerking off right in front of him. That seemed like the 'Ah ha!' moment and he visually got more comfortable. I then offered to settle the score.

"Well, how about we even up, I'll give you a few tugs and then we are even and neither of us has anything over the other." He agreed and I slipped my hand over and grabbed hold of his mostly limp cock and started to massage it up and down. After a few, I noticed that it wasn't getting him any harder, or perhaps, maybe just a tad. So, I let go, as to not sit there fondling him for an uncomfortably long time. I then said that I felt bad I was having such a good time and he cant get hard for all these great pictures and movies we were finding.

He said "I don't know what to do, I'm trying!". I asked him what I had to do to help him get hard and get some good stroking done and he just replied "I wish there was something!". I then offered what assistance I could think of starting out "What do you want me to find for you, or download, or whats your favorite movie and I'll find it, anything!" and then I slipped the last line of the offer, totally by accident and subconsciously... "Hell, I'll blow ya if that's what it takes!".

He laughed and goes "No you won't". I caught where I was at and realized what I had just said. I also realized that I kind of wanted him to say yes. I had never sucked a guy of before and was rather excited at the thought. I then said "If that's what it takes, I'll do my best!" he continued saying "Haha no you won't!". I continued replying I would if I needed to.

He then laughed one more time and said "Yea, prove it!". I said "Ok" and grabbed his cock nice and firm, still mostly limp. looked at him and said "Last chance if you want to stop me or I'll blow you til your hard". He gave me the look like he was calling my bluff. So, I leaned in closer and stuck my tongue out and gave a small lick to the very tip of his cock. He let out a heavy breath as if to say 'Wow, he actually did it'. I continued to slowly lick further down until my lips reached the edge of his still limp penis.

I then took the entire 2 inches or so of flaccid cock into my mouth, closed around it and started to massage it with my tongue, letting go with my hand, as I was out of anything to grab onto. I continued sucking and massaging until I could slowly feel his cock getting bigger. So I continued sucking up and down, stretching and pulling his cock as it started to grow. By now I had a little of the base free to slip my hand back in.

I looked over with my eyes and noticed that he was now leaning back, fully relaxed and no longer embarrassed, uncomfortable or uneasy. Just enjoying what was happening. He had his head tilted back and so I removed his cock from my mouth and licked up and down the underside of his shaft, keeping a firm grip with my hand. I slipped my tongue down to his balls and started to slowly move them around and take them, one at a time, into my mouth, making sure to keep my tongue massaging them. All of this while I stroked his rock hard cock as he now began to slightly moan.

I then ran my tongue back up along the underside of his shaft and slipped the head of his cock back into my mouth and proceeded to pump my mouth over and over on his dick. I could start to taste some sweet liquid slowly oozing from him. I knew immediately this was his precum. Even without having ever tasted it, I could tell that's what it was. I knew he was starting to get close. I continued as he got closer and closer, and I started getting more and more turned on and into it, now using my free hand to stroke my own cock. I was starting to get close myself.

He then perked up and said "Woah, I'm gonna shoot soon!" I slid my mouth off his cock and with one hand on his, and one hand on mine, I said "Good". His reply was "No, seriously, I am gonna any second if you keep doing this". My reply was "Yea me too...". He then said "Thanks, but I really don't want to do something like that in front of another guy, if you don't mind." I decided we had pushed the envelope far enough for one night, so I pulled back and let go of his cock, still stroking mine. I then said "So I guess we can get a good video up and finish ourselves off".

To my total disappointment, his reply was "I'd rather not, if you don't mind, maybe I can run to the bathroom and take care of it." I told him to take the computer room, I'd go into my room and finish myself off and he can do the same. So, I left him there in front of the computer, imagining him shooting a massive load and I stroked my own cock and blew a thick stream of cum all over my chest as I lay in bed. I thought immediately that he must have also blown his own load by now. As tempted as I was to go look, I stayed put and decided that I had already had one hell of a night, one I would never forget.

Well, that was that, the night ended much more anti-climatic than one would expect. We acted to each other the next week or two as if nothing had happened. However, this was not the end. One day, I will post up the next encounter we had and where it led us if anyone out there would like to know, but this is enough writing for one day.

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2 months ago
great share got me thinkin of mine too
6 months ago
You sexy man! You could of had my more!!