Chinese guy first time

A few years ago I was on a gay website and sent a few messages out but never really got much back as I really like Chinese and Oriental guys Got a few messages from Indian guys but not really interested. After a few weeks I stopped checking my profile and then months later I got a emal message that I had a message
Went and looked and it was from a Chinese guy, a student in the same town as me. I sent a reply and back came his e mail address. We swapped a few messages and he was intersted in the same things as me, wanking being nude, etc. I had fantasized for a while about meeting a Chinese or oriental guy
We swapped numbers on line and started having phone sex on a fairly regular basis as we
were both a but nervous about a meet up
After about three weeks we were chatting and just about to start wanking when I said how about a meet up and we can wank each other off, get naked or just chat. He said that he had been thinking the same for a couple of weeks. He had a flat mate but he was away for the weekend and asked me if I wanted to come round.
He lived only a few miles away and I got to his apartment block and rang him, was feeling really nervous but also my cock was rock hard in anticipation. I rang him to say I have arrived and I was outside. He asked what car I was driving and where I was.
Moments later the door opened and he looked around and saw my car he came across and got into the zar. He was very cute. about 5ft 6ins tall slimmish, black shortish hair, glasses. we said hi and I could see a large bulge in his jeans. I reached over and stroked his bulge and he stroked mine. I said if it was ok to go to his flat and he said yes as he didnt fancy a car meet.
We went in and as a icebreaker I suggested we take off our clothes. We were stood there just in our underpants and I could see he had a big erection and same with me. we slowly lowered our underpants and I saw the head of his cock spring out as mine did then lowered down further and our shafts were revealed then over our balls and then took off our pants and stood there naked. His cock was gorgeous about 6 inches long, cut, really nice balls and dark pubes. I put the end of my cock against his and rubbed it gently and put my hands under his balls and he did the same. we sat down on the couch and I began wanking his cock, he did the same with mine. He was ultra cute and told me that he had never had a guy touch his cock before. I asked him if I could lick his balls and he said yes he would try not to cum but he was very close, me too. I put my tongue around his bell end and began licking it then licking down his shaft I was just about to lick his balls when he said something in Chinese which was the equivalent of im going to cum
His cum spurt shot about 2 foot in the air and I started wanking his cock while kissing his balls, another two spurts almost as big came out followed by about ten more spurts not as big, his chest was covered in cum and my hands were. he laid back on the couch and said, wow that was the most he had ever cum. It was very impressive. I rubbed his chest and then started licking the sperm off his nipples. I was feeling really horny by now so I staddled his cock and rubbed mine against it
I rubbed my cock on his although it was going soft it was still very nice and put some sperm on both our cocks. I then started rubbing mine lubricated by his sperm and he put his hand under my bollocks. I felt the sperm welling in my balls and the pleasure building, then a large dollop of spunk shot over his balls and cock and he jumped up and put my cock in his mouth the third load went in and he was slurping my cock and had his hands on my bum
He pulled out and had spunking dripping out of his mouth and I said I wish i had a camera. He said that being photographed naked with spunk all over him would really turn him on, me too.
We then wiped each other down and sat back down on the couch
After about ten minutes both our cocks were stiffening up but then the entry buzzer sounded it was his friend his car had broken down and he got a taxi back home. We quickly got undressed and just made it in time. I said hello to his friend who was jsut a flat mate and not chinese. Then I said I would be going drat,
We met up about five more times and just basically wanked each other off his course was finishing so he was off back home On the last evening we met up the friend was definitely gone as he was handing the keys in for the flat the next day.
But thats another story

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3 months ago
hot story :)