only the truth continued.

At this point it would be easy or maybe expected that I would go of into a long and involved story with many parts. But my intention from the start was to tell it like it happened.
Almost every day I think about it, We weren't there by accident or random luck she had carefully planned every move. I was already feeling very anxious and as she started to lead us off my feet wouldn't move, my stomach was in knots. I could hear someone talking, It was me.
My mind had reached the point where conscious thought had ended and some primordial preprograming had taken over. there was no way I was going any further. She tryed to console me and promised it would be o-kay, my buddy's called me a pussy. but I wouldn't be moved. No I'm going home!
As I quickly dressed she threatend me by telling me that I had a lot to loose if I ever talked about what had happened. I had no intention of telling anyone. Hell I was to embarrassed to talk about it. All I wanted to do was get out of there. Which I did. I was able to get home and never talked about it.
I never rode the school bus again, I had a Yamaha 250 and a Jeep that I used to get to school for the rest of the year. I couldn't bear to look at my two friends and I never asked and they never talked to me.
Weeks later my grandmother asked me if I knew anything about the bus driver lady taking students home? I told her NO! Two or three weeks before graduation the county school system stopped her bus as she was leaving. I know because I could see out the window. I had a class that faced the road. As the teacher was talking I watched someone enter the bus and take several students off. I don't think anyone in my class noticed. but then again I was one of the few that new the truth.
No one ever came to talk about it. Quietly the county took the driving job away and she moved on to bigger and better things.
Where are they now? The bus driver lady. she has moved from man to man always someone who is successful and ownes a business, married or single she has what men want. over the last 20 or so years she has amased an excavation business, a trucking business, the last married man that she was with. when he died he named her in his will. The wife had to buy her out.
The person she wanted to be the bull was in fact the High School quarter back. He has stayed in the area. He has had problems. marrages never seem to work out. I was talking to someone a few years ago, they told me that when he was a senior in High School the bus driver would take him and some other boy's home, and have sex with them all day long. I acted supprised.
The boy she picked as the sissy, He moved away I understand that he has aids. the only thing keeping him alive is the d**gs. I don't know.
And me, Why do things happen, I have more questions than answers.
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