Uni...part 1

At uni, Teresa or’Tess’ became by best friend. She succeeded my c***dhood friend Bethany who studied elsewhere. Me and Beth drifted apart.
I met Tess on day 1. We were both 18 and we hit it off immediately. Drinks, laughter… …we are a similar size as well so there was plenty of dressing up together and clothes swapping. Tess never made any secret of the fact that she’d been intimate with a couple of girls in addition to boyfriends, and she would often make it clearly obvious that she was checking me out. If I was down to just my underwear, she would always try to cop a feel. I was fine with this. Tess was cute. Tess was lovely. I loved that we were so close. One d***ken night when all our other flatmates went to bed, we kissed, but I pulled away. She never tried anything like that again without my consent.

In our second year, Tess and her boyfriend Daniel, me and my cuddly bear Steve and a couple of others moved into a house together. I’d had a shit summer and arranged to meet Steve at the house a day before the others got back. While he was never the most sexually active of fellas, I needed my man and just wanted to snuggle with him more than anything. On arriving at the station I got a text from Steve saying something had come up last minute and he couldn’t make it til the next day. I was so pissed off. In the cab on the way to the house I called Tess and vented my frustration. To my surprise and delight, after a couple of hours alone with all my stuff unpacked, Tess came through the front door. With her friend in need, she had come to the rescue.

The drinks and laughter returned and soon we were kissing again. This time I didn’t pull away. Instead, I put my wine glass on the coffee table and put my arms around my girlfriend. We kissed harder. Soon we were just in our knickers. Soon her hands were inside my knickers and her fingers inside my gash. There were loud moans. There had been nothing quite like this. I was soon on my hands and knees while Tess licked around my bumhole. Soon a finger was inside. This had never happened to me before. Tess was taking me to places I had never been before. I was really worried when the time came to eat her out. I had never done this before or even imagined it really. But as soon as my tongue first made contact with her, she was in heaven. She told me she loved me as I licked away. I tasted my first bumhole and it was delightful. We tried a 69…perfect. We did pussy to pussy…perfect. There was face sitting…perfect.

After an orgasm or two each we lay in each others arms on the couch. It was late evening and we were cold. We gathered up our clothes and went to bed together where we talked a lot, kissed even more, and made love again and again.

Texts from each of our boyfriends the next morning confirmed that they wouldn’t be around til mid afternoon. We were delighted. At that time, we couldn’t have cared less if they’d never come back. When our new uni time tables came out later in the week, we scheduled our secret sex sessions and enjoyed a lesbian affair. Tess would return home some days with surprises, one of these was a strap on dildo…again, a brand new experience that I relished. With both our men still around for cock time and unawares as to our extra curricular activity, nothing could go wrong… …could it?

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3 years ago
Loved it!
3 years ago
Very sexy.
3 years ago
Hot! Thx for sharing. More please.