cum again

My pussy had been dripping wet all day, I had been so horny and played with myself several times. Yet I was still not satisfied. I missed you so much. My door buzzer rang I heard your voice, I instantly felt even more aroused, I opened my door to see you standing there. You were tall and wearing a plain black t shirt and jeans. I looked down at your cock bulge and my pussy started to ache for your cock. I could tell that you were horny to. You grabbed me and pushed me gently against the wall and starting kissing me passionately whilst unzipping my top to reveal my big boobs with my nipples hard with excitement. You started sucking my nipples and flickering your tongue on them. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. You then led me into my bedroom and unzipped my trousers, my pussy so wet it was dripping with desire for you. Holding my legs apart I felt your warm tongue slip deep inside me mmmm it felt so good I let out a little moan and you got faster and faster lapping up my juices I was so close to cumming then and there but you stopped. I took your big cock into my mouth and let you feel my tongue bar slide up and down you. I took you in so far I was sure I’d not be able to carry on but I did. You then gently push me back onto my bed and pushed your cock inside my inviting willing wet pussy, with every thrust I scratched your back so hard it nearly bled but you liked it. I was on the brink and you suddenly stopped I felt a bit annoyed until you turned me over and slowly put your cock into my nervously excited bum. It started to feel so good I was screaming with pleasure I am usually so contained but I couldn’t control it. You pushed deep inside me harder and harder until I couldn’t take no more and cum so hard it instantly made you cum to. My first anal creampie was yours. We were both hot and out of breath laid down for a while and had a nice hot steamy shower together where the fun begun again..
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3 years ago
Great stuff J.x
3 years ago
this will increase the expression
3 years ago
Very sexual story! x