Her Mother And Her Mother's friend,,,,,

I am currently in relationship with a girl named Ellen. We have been going out for 6 months or so and generally speaking we have a great time. She really enjoys sex and every time we see each other we make sure to make the most out of it. Ellen is 21 years old and leaves with her parents. They all live together in a great mansion by the sea.. Given that the summer has already started i spend most of the weekends at her place.. The house is big enough and it has it even has 3 guest rooms.. The house has it's own private beach so her parents invite people all the time for the weekend..

Two weeks ago I was down at her place for the weekend, her father was away on a business trip, It was just her mother with her best friend and us two. I have spent quite a few weekends there so I feel quite comfortable with her parents especially her mother who always made me feel really welcome.. Her mother is one of these mothers you just fantasizing of having sex with. She is blond, about 1.60 very small sized but with great tits.. they are fake you can tell.. and as she usually tells it was her gift for herself when she turned 40 two years ago.. I just wanted to have them she often tells people.. I spent half my lifetime without any and i will shourly make up for it! She mush have paid o fortune because unless she tells you, you can not tell they are fake. Her name is Stacy (it's funny but she reminds be of Stacy Valentine) and as you can imagine i have spent numerous nights jerking off fantasizing her on top of me with these great tits.. This weekend she had with her, her friend Jasmine. They have been friends for ages apparently and given that she had been recently divorced she was most of the weekend hanging out at Stacy's beach house.. Jasmine was younger than Stacy, she was 34 and the two had met because their husbands used to work together, so through the years they became very close. Jasmine was dark haired, tall, around 1.70, with a very thin and silk body, the problem as you can imagine was that her breasts were pretty small.. Stacy would always tell her.. you have to go and get your tits done, i did it an i regret of not doing this earlier. There was something about her that made you think that she was a horny little bitch.. i do not know if it was the tow ring or the little gold bracelet she work on her left uncle.. but there was something kinky about her!

During the whole weekend we did not get to bump to each other.. Elena and I spent time going out and watching dvds so we did not get to see them at all. On Sunday evening we had arrange to leave, i would take Ellen to the airport, she was going away on a trip for a week and as a good boyfriend i would take her to the airport. Her flight was at 7 in the evening, we had planed to leave around 5. Around 4.30 she come up to me and says, you do not have to take me, Jill will take me (her friend from work with which they would go together), you can stay and see the basketball game.. If you want watch it here and you can leave after the game. Sure I said! Great, i would watch the game on this huge projector they had in the TV room, order something to eat and then leave.

Around 4.30 Ellen left and i went to take a shower, i was all day at the beach, so I would have a shower and then watch the game an order something. As planned the game started and at the break around 7 i decided to order.. So i went to ask Stacy and Jasmine, if they wanted to order something.. Looked around could not find them, went out to the pool, i could really not find them, the cars were in the driveway so no way they had left.. I walked to the beach house.. and saw the towels lying there together with 2 pairs of sandals so i guessed they were in there..

The beach house was like a small apartment, a small tv room with two bedrooms, watching the sea. I must say they are pretty amazing. So i walked in the door. Suddenly, i heard the following: Oh god, pleaseee, pleasee don't stop.. and moaning.. i could tell that this was Stacy's voice. i was so shocked! i did not know weather to leave or not.. but i saw the door was half open.. so i moved closer to see what was going on. In the mean time i would hear.. harder, harder! fuck me... fuck me with that huge dick!! o h boy i love a big cock in my ass. My dick was getting harder and harder.. i would grab and rab it with my left hand while moving closer to the door..

Just when i went close, trying to be quite in order not to get noticed.. i saw.. Stacy on bed lying on her knees and Jasmine wearing a big black strap on.. and fucking her from behind.. Do you like it bitch? she shouted, do you like the way i am fucking your ass?? Yes baby, oh please don't stop! i want that filthy black cock in me so much.. harder baby harder... look how wet my pussy is right now? I could not believe what i was seeing.. i could not believe it. my cock was so hard i was rubbing it over my shorts.. I was looking now at these two horny bitches and could not really imagine that this would ever be possible..

As i walked closer.. I heard.. come on John don't be shy! We can see you... come in... That was Jasmine.. and looked at me.. Stacy facing down got shocked
and tried to get up.. but Jasmine smacked her in the ass.. what do you think you are doing? But?? Stacy tried to say.. But what Jasmine replied.. you were always telling me that you fantasized of seeing his cock.. now it's your opportunity.. I was ready to explode.. i was so hard could not even move.. come closer John and pull your shorts down.. i want to see your her sucking on your cock while i am fucking her tight little asshole. So I pulled of my hard cock.. you wanted a big cock, now you got two jasmine said.. Stacy grabbed my balls and started to lick the head of my cock.. Jasmine started pounding harder and harder.. Stacy would suck my cock while looking at me.. i could tell she was so horny she could not communicate.. the lust was so enormous that her nipples were ready to burst.!! As she was sucking Jasmine turned her around, legs facing up.. i could now see her shaved blond pussy. Her Brazilian strip was perfect.. just what turned me most in a pussy.. Jasmine would pound on her ass while she was rubbing her clint with the one hand while holding my cock on the other.. I was doing my best to hold on.. Suddenly Stacy looks at me.. now you are going to fuck Jasmine.. While i seat on your face and you lick my pussy you have been staring so much.. i laid on the bed.. and Jasmine came on top of me in reverse cowgirl.. grabbed my hard dick.. and placed it her asshole.. I could now see her perfect tanned ass going up and down my cock.. Obviously she had been wearing these thongs that just leave a white line.. and the ass was looking even greater.. Stacy got up and stack her ass and pussy in my face.. you could tell she had come quite a few times.. it was all wet and tasted like the pussys you know the only thing they enjoy is cocks.. So now i would have my tongue in Stacy's asshole while fucking Jasmine's..I could hear them both shouting.. oh my god don;t stop... lick my ass.. i know you can do better than that.. you think Ellen does not tell me how you fuck her.. fuck that tight little asshole of mine with you tongue.. while rubbing her pussy.. While Jasmine was going up and down like crazy.. yea baby. yea fuck that ass, fuck that tight little asshole.. come on... As this got faster and faster... Jasmine said.. oh boy you are getting harder now.. you are cuming... come for me baby, come for me in my ass.. i want to fell all this cum in me.. come baby.... i suddenly bursted all my cum in her ass.. i could tell that the load was huge.. i could not stop..and she would not stop moving... ah baby yea... i am cuming... yeaaaa i am cumming... all you cum is in my ass...aaa. As she came she laid down on the left side of the bed.. Stacy grabbed my cock and started licking the remaining of my cum. I want taste it too... give it to me... i was half passed out.. my cock was in Stacy's mouth.. licking every last straw.. of cum.. Jasmine turns and looks at me... you realize that tonight you are not going anywhere...

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2 years ago
that was hot
2 years ago
Great story!