Students with Big s****r

Students with Big s****r

A few days ago I and a classmate to a nearby woman play she called Xiaorong. Do not see her

Girls like sports is because look at her body. Is simply superb. Thin. Height

170 cm each time to play cute and small movements are wearing shorts. And lovely small timber

Quality is also extremely thin. Movement can be seen clearly Jitu finished her chest with E cover, this time because

She just after school, so wear the school uniform, white shirt. And deep blue Bai Zhequn. And skirt

c***d is very short. Not even half the length of the thigh to the so tired every time I have to pretend. Sitting on the floor

On. Look at her the shot each time the skirt will float. See the white panties. Often see her run again

When moving. Cover the two E's chest beating there once and I asked her: [Xiaorong it!] [Ah? What happened?

] She asked. [Skirt so short you are not afraid to be seen ... Oh?] I asked. [Not happen

Anyway, see you behold ... ... there is no mess to someone like ...] she answered. [Oh ... so open

!] I said, suddenly the sky began to rain. Harder and harder, and we quickly find a place to shelter from the rain, she had sweat streaming

Wet uniforms, white underwear was printed on the uniforms. Uniforms almost become transparent in front of her.

Cleavage can be seen clearly in her back. You can see her slender waist. [What are you looking at

Ah?] She asked. [Uh ... no ...] I said. [Said no ... just obviously have been watching

People look at your chest ... your pants are stocks up ...] she said. [Well ... I'm sorry it!

] I apologize to her. For an hour and more. The rain still has not diminished. [How to do!?] I asked.

[First went to your home! Your f****y is not in the vicinity?] She said. [Oh ... right!] Said to me. They will

Holding car. I went home. [Call ... the whole body wet ...] I said she had been holding the bag in the chest

Ago. [Whatcha been holding ah? Not heavy it?] I asked. [But ... ... people white people

Color is to see Jesus ... wait ... almost become transparent bare ...] she said. [That ... I take my

You put a percent of her body with you ... almost! You?] Said to me. [Oh ... Well ...

Only in this way the ...] she agreed, I walked into her room I percent: [have a strange ...

Door ...] I picked a few pieces of clothing to Xiaorong. [I want to change clothes, etc. ... you out!] She said.

[I know ... you] I replied. A minute later. [Well ...] she was shouting in the room which I

Opened the door in. I saw her wearing a percent of the clothes. Low-cut white blouse of green shorts and suddenly

Clearly see her nipples protruding clothes: [you ... do not wear underwear!?] [Underwear is wet ...

] Xiaorong answer. I opened percent in wardrobe. Just took one to her. [Xie chatter!] She said. It

Clothes off immediately. Two E shells cover the breasts out [uh ... you ...] I am very nervous.

[Ah ... forgot ... you're still here!!] She was surprised. [Sorry!!] Turned my head

To avoid. [Uh ... uh ... okay ... you are at the moment I forget ... you do not touch me

Well ...] she said. [Oh ... you quickly wear!!] Said to me, but still did not look back. Catch sl**p

To his penis has been great response. Pants had a significantly convex. [Good!] Xiaorong

That I turned to see her face and my penis or cancellation does not go. But more and more hard, because the low

Chest of clothes, so her cleavage is obvious. [Read ... you do not stare] she said. [

Oh ... I did not mean ...] I said [here perfume?] She asked. [Seems to have it

...] I replied. Will find the jar to her and she sprayed a few times in the body: [Well ... incense yo!

] [How otherwise known perfume ...] I replied. [Huh ... how I feel a little bustling?] She asked. [

I did not realize ...] I answered her, she touched the body does not dry fragrance. Sniffed. Look at her legs suddenly

However, shrink a bit: [What is this ah?] [Perfume Ah ...] I answered. [This should not perfume

??] She asked and I showed her that just picked up a can of Note look. Viagra is soft. [How

What the? This is not a perfume?] She has been asked. [Uh ... ah ... no ... yes ... this is it

Perfume ...] I said, she suddenly has to see her thighs and I looked down to see along there liquid from

Shed her pants, she would sit on the floor: [how the body there was a bustling, but the feeling ...

... So comfortable ... so ... how] she began to touch his body every place I look to the side

A dumbfounded. While she has the body clothes stripped. [You ...] I was surprised to speak. [

Strange ... well ... ah ... how comfortable this way!?] She has said has been rubbing his hands

E cover her chest, she suddenly moved forward. To take off my pants and boxer shorts to. They started to help me

Oral sex. [You ... this is not right ...] I said [I do not know ... but ... I would like to

... To ... do not know why the body is not obedient.] She said, her skills are good. Minutes

My cum shot in her mouth. [I'm sorry ... this is you own use ... I have no idea ...

] I said. [It does not matter ... I also inserted to fast ... fast ... ...] She opened her legs. Lying

Bed, I put the penis into her vagina. [Ah ... right ... that's it! Ah ... ah ... ah

... Ah ... ah ... ah ...] she was always Yinjiao. A few minutes the door flew open. Is the percent, but

I Xiaorong too late to avoid. [You ... you ... are you doing? b*****r ... you ... you

In whatcha ...] percent of a surprised look and I explained again to the percent. [The original Oh Oh ...

... Sorry ... you did not put away ... I harm you treat it as a perfume ...] percent said they take

Up in her own body spray or two. Undressed. [Percent ... you ... you are ...] I

Surprised. [I could not do together?] Percent of the asking. [Oh ... Well ...] I said, I continue to insert the penis

To Xiaorong vagina. [Ah ... ah ...] She began Yinjiao. Percent of the side masturbation. Stroked his

I inserted the more faster: [Xiaorong ... fast shot ... ... it does not matter about the ...][ shot into ...

Fast ...] She said a few seconds. Semen has been fired into its vagina. [Di ... percent ... percent should be

To you to help me insert the following ... ...] percent said I was lying in bed: [get it ... I have his shot

Twice] percent get to. It is my penis inserted into the vagina. Xiaorong sitting on my chest: [help

I touch ... help me ... fast ...] I caught her hands and E cover the chest. Roudong random: [ah

... Xiaorong big chest ... feels good ... good soft comfortable ...] Xiaorong to masturbation. Percent

Up and down shaking. F cover her breasts kept shaking. Xiaorong turned his face. And cousin face to face. Back to

Me. Xiaorong rub percent left chest. Right in masturbation. Percent of the hand held onto the bed touching his hand

The left chest, and I still rub Xiaorong chest. [Ah ... ah ... ah ... faster ... faster ... vent the

Fast orgasm fast vent ... ... ah ... ah ... ah ...] percent has been Yinjiao Finally. Percent up. And

Lying on my thigh. Help me oral sex and I fired into her mouth. Semen from her mouth out. Will go

To the next. Xiaorong it with my penis. Into her asshole inside: [ah ... it hurts ... you

Big ... well ... hard ... it hurts inside ... there's hot ... bustling ... ah ... ah ...]

[Xiaorong Tit ... help me ... fast ... with a big chest ... you soon!] Said to me. Then lying bed.

Xiaorong kneeling on the ground. E cover with her cleavage. Covered with my penis. Percent of sitting on my chest: [Di ...

Help me ... help me ... lick faster ... help me ... help me lick lick below ...] I use the tongue. Licking her

The labia. [On the ... ah ... ah ... ah ... this is ...] percent said the last semen shot in

Xiaorong face. Percent of the sexual secretion of I spray all over his face. They put my body through the mouth with fine

Fluid and sexual secretion. Lick clean. The three of us share the bed. [So comfortable ...] Xiaorong said. [Di ...

% Good ... I love you ... do not need to masturbate after a ... looking like you do with me ... percent

Love you ...] percent said [you have a big chest ... I like it! Percent ... I want to sl**p later

Stay in your chest ... Bani in the chest on a pillow!] Said to me. [Ah ... after you at night

To come with me to sl**p! Let me use my hood Big F and I wait on you every body

One night!] Percent said [ah! No problem! I will fight ...] I said. Will let Xiaorong borrowed

Percent of the underwear she wore the rain has stopped and I ride a bicycle. Carrying Xiaorong home. Half-way she

Chest constantly rubbing my back and my penis is still hard with her hand and then sneak into the deep

My pants. Taonong my penis. Causing me to shoot the pants are. Then I also moved percent

Room to sl**p every day and make love to her all night. Done. Are sl**ping and then her cover of Big F on.

---------- THE END ----------
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