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It had already been a while, I was wondering if there was the right woman for me, it had been years that doubt assailed me.
I have so much love to give, but no one has given me the chance to prove it, and especially the craving, to wake up in the morning, with a hot body and near naked in my bed.
And so, out of necessity, I threw myself headlong into porn sites in search of that hot body, sexy, make me feel good, and make me prove my manhood do man.
I subscribed to a particular site, Xhamster you name it, I liked it immediately, and began to do just female friends, but all virtual. But this was not enough.
I was trying to please every woman on that site, doing taxes, masturbating on cam for them, for their pleasure, but also for mine.
But I felt that something was missing. I felt empty .........
Then one day, between requests of friends, you arrived TU ..... And from that day everything changed.
We started talking, everything, and I saw your picture ...... mmmmm still remember .... There was one where you were standing and you showed your body, even if dressed, you were really sexy. And then the other, your breasts wonderful and prosperous, and above all perfectly round.
Every day, I walked into that site, I waited anxiously for your posts, if I found them I was overjoyed. His heart was racing, her smile was always on my face. My body was excited to meet you.
But there were also moments without those messages, and I resented it, and my heart, when I heard you, I was sick, I felt I had lost something important. And then, when that evil day, I saw you more about that site ...... and my heart stopped.
Then one day you come back, I received your email, you told me that you were canceled because there were naked men, who had no respect for you. They are bastards, and you do not understand, they do not understand that you are not an object, but a woman, and you go respected.
Now we often feel when we can, but at least I know you're there ..... and at night, I dream.
I dream of the time when I see you, you will be there with me in the bed when I wake up in the morning.
Dream of flying to you, take that plane that will take me from you, from the woman who makes me happy, that makes me feel good, does not think only to the physical appearance of a person, but goes beyond, to the soul. I take a plane, endless hours of travel, but finally, here I come ..... Destination South Africa.
Check ...... there you ......... TU, as beautiful as the sun, with the sign with my nickname .... "LOBBY" ..... is beautiful ...... <3 <3 <3
Yes ... it's you, in all your splendor ..... God, you're beautiful, more than I could imagine.
We say goodbye, we give a chaste kiss on the cheek, but my desire to kiss you on the mouth in front of everyone is huge.
We are both shy, flushed with shyness, but that shyness goes immediately, because we know it, I know everything about you and you to me. It seems that we know each other for a lifetime. A life that kept us away for too long. But enough. You are here in front of me ... Finally!!
Go around to the city, take a coffee and talk, talk, talk but we both want something else, other than ........ and you know what ....
Take me to your house, you let me ..... I put my suitcase on the locked door and .......
I can not resist, I take you by the arm and pull you towards me. You start to kiss on the mouth, while my hands, I touch your face, caress you.
From a simple kiss, it goes to kiss with her tongue, I feel my tongue intertwined with yours, saliva that fills our mouth and our lips.
You do not stop me, in fact, throw your arms around my neck and squeeze, hold strong for fear that I go away, but do not worry, I'm here now.
I will stop now, and I tell you ..... "I'm sorry for what I'm doing" ...... and you tell me ... "What?"
My hands slide down, under a tight T-shirt, pink, try your breasts soft and round, and your nipples hard, hard as a rock ...... While the other hand, undoes the button of his jeans, open the zipper, and put his hand inside her jeans, black lace panties under the ...... And I start to play a little with your body, I wanted it for a long time, God, how I want it ..........
I touch you, you still kiss me, but you get closer and closer to me, because looking for a contact ..... the contact of your body with your cock, which is already hard for a while, then I will hug me, I push you towards the cock, putting my hands on your lovely ass.
I wonder if I can levarti clothes, I like to strip the woman, it's exciting as hell, and you with a shy whisper consent to my request, and I'll say thank you. You answer me, you do not have to thank me, just do it ..........
I do not I do it again twice and undress you completely ..... beginning of the shirt and then the black lace bra. I find your breasts swollen and round in front of me. Remain paralyzed by what I see, I like to die, I love them .... <3 <3 <3
You will levi shoes, I Hymettus knees, you throw away the jeans and underwear, and vogliosamente, almost greedily, I throw myself on your pussy, kiss, lick the ...... mmmm that smells good and tastes good mmmmmmm, simply divine.
I put a leg up on your shoulder, and began to suck her clit, believe me, it is really tasty your clitoris, but would continue to lick, your cunt is wet and wants my tongue ..... and in fact I do not lose any more time, I'll lick her pussy, at first, then faster and faster .......
I feel your love moans, I hear you enjoy both the voice, either from your cunt pulsing quickly, your vaginal muscles move it, you're coming, I feel it, and then ..... throw me in the face and mouth your juice ........ mmmmmmmmmm delicious and sweet.

I stand up and you tell me ...... "Now it's my turn" ............................................
You make me sit on the couch ..... I unbutton your pants, you undress me now, and I pull out my cock from his underwear .....
I know it's not as long as others are not very gifted but is large and wide ..... but you do not care, I want to stop.
You pull your hair back, tie them, and then put down your head on it. You begin to lick the chapel, around and over ..... kiss him ....... lick it again ....... mmmmmmm wonderful feel your wet tongue ...... Beginning to make me the blowjob, I feel your mouth that makes up and down, faster ... Faster and faster ...... And I like, I like tentissimo, I like it so much that I'm already to come and ........... Stop you.
I will not go away, I want to try one more thing, I want to try your cunt tasted a little while ago ..... I felt it was warm, now I want to hear it on my cock.
Thou salts above, you lick your fingers and steps on the pussy, but nn there was no need because it was already very very wet .......
With your hand, direct my cock in your pussy hot and hard just as hot .......
Now I that I enjoy ...... mmmmmmmmmmm ....... oooooooooooooh INKIIIIIIIIIIIII ............
You move your body on mine ...... you do not stop ........ faster and faster, you say you like ..... but I'm about to come, I can not resist ......... tell me to wait a few seconds again .......
But I can not, I'm about to burst Inki ...... Please stop ........... and you .........
Go down, move down his face, take it in my mouth ........ and I ........... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Burst of pleasure ........ my white stuff you completely fills the mouth ......... let everything pour out of the mouth, my hot liquid falls out of your mouth up to the boobs ..... staying firmly on your nipples .......... Inki Oh God, you look amazing ...... you know?
You're beautiful, sexy, hot ....... everything a man could want from a woman ... You are my special love ....... I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3
We are a bit them on the couch, we must take a breath ..... we are tired, the excitement has consumed the energies ..... We look at, we laugh, we joke and we kiss again.
It is evening now, we decided to have dinner, and I, like a good chef, I offer to prepare dinner, our romantic dinner by candlelight ...... Dinner with the love of my life, the perfect woman for me.
You look at me with those eyes, your sgardo stops in my and tell me ...... "Honey, let's have dinner soon, because I want to go straight to bed ......"
And I say ....... "Yes my love, I want to wake up with you tomorrow morning and enjoy every moment with you ......."
Finally my dream has come true!!!
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