my first bisexual friend

This is a true story of the first time I had sex with a man.

I had just gotten home from work on a friday night, I was single at the time. Having just broken up with my cheating girlfriend of 2yrs, I was wondering what I was going to do for fun, as I didn't hang out at the bars like most of my friends. A friend of mine called and asked what I was doing tonight(friday), and told him nothing, as I had just walked in the door from work.
He asked if I was up for some company, as his wife was working the late shift. I said sure, so, about an hour later, he knocks on the door. I was just out of the shower, and still in my towel. I let him in, and said I was going to put some shorts on, and to make himself comfortable.I also told him to find something to watch on tv.
When I returned, he was watching one of my pornos, and was rolling a joint. He lit the joint, and passed it to me, as we watched the movie, and talked about what had been going on in our lives. He asked where my girlfriend was, and I told him that I had broken up with her a few days ago because of her cheating on me.
He said " good, she was no good for you anyway." I asked"what do you know about her?", and he said" I know the guy she was fucking behind your back with, as he was a friend of mine, until I found out who he was doing." Come to find out during our conversation, he had ended that friendship, because his ex-friend would not stop fucking her, and he didn't care that she was with me.
After about 2 hours of us watching pornos, and smoking down, he then said he had a video that he wanted me to see, and that it was very good. I told him to put it on. It turned out to be a sex tape of him, his wife, and another guy.Now, his wife is a real hot looking woman, with 38d tits, a 28"waist, and a 34" hips. When she stripped on the tape, I saw that she had a shaved pussy, which turned me on like crazy. At this point he stopped the tape and said" I hope what you see from here on won't affect our friendship.", and restarted the tape.
About 20 minutes into the tape, I was getting real horny, as my ex, and I hadn't fucked for 2 weeks before I broke it off withnher. I was watching a threesome tape of him, his wife, and another guy. Next thing I sw, was him , and the other guy, giving each other head. I looked at him, and he asked" does that offend you?", I said " no, I have always thoughty what it would be like to be with a guiy."
I then told him that I still preferered girls, but was curious as to what it felt like.I also told him, after watching the 2 of them, that I could never take a man in my ass, as I was a dominate person in bed. Then the tape showed my friend on his knees taking the other guys cock in his ass. I looked at him, and asked" are you the submissive one?", to which he replied," I love taking a cock up my ass, as my wife sometimes fucks me with a strap-on."
After watching the tape, and being really buzzed, he got on his knees in between my lags, and started rubbing my hard cock thru my loose shorts. I looked at him, and he told me to just relax, and let him take care of my hard cock. when he pulled my cock out of my shorts, he said" damn, your a lot bigger than jeff is." With this he started licking up and down my shaft, causing me to moan out how good that felt. He asked" when was the last time you got a blow job?"
I told him that it had been at least a month since my ex had sucked me off."Next thing I know, he just takes the head into his mouth, and slowly takes about 3/4 of my cock into his mouth. He slowly bobs his head up and down my cock, really slobbering on it, making his saliva real flow all down it, making me wet as a river. He tells me to close my eyes, and enjoy it. He said" if you have to, just think of a woman doing this to you."
I close my eyes, and start to enjoy this fabulous blow job.After what felt like an hour(which was more close to a few minutes) I felt his hand grab the base, and start moving up and down on me.As he asks if I am enjoying it, I moan out that it is fantastic. He says good, just to keep my eyes closed, and enjoy. Next I feel something hot, and tight on my cock, and moan out even louder. I hear him ask"how does that feel?", I tell him that his hand is making me feel like I am in a very tight pussy.
Then I feel something press onto my thighs, as he lets out a moan. I open my eyes, and see that he is sitting on my lap, and my cock is in his ass, and he is sliding up and down. I say" what......", and he says" just relax, and enjoy how my tight ass feels on your cock." " I wanted to have you fuck me, as soon as I saw how big your cock was." he said, as he started slowly bouncing up, and down.
After about 5 minutes of this, I said" lets change positions." He asks" what way do you want me?" I tell him that I want him on his back so I can fuck him like a woman. He rolls onto his back on the couch, and I slide up to him, placing my cock against his hole, and slowly push into him, making him moan about how big I felt, and to put it all into his ass, and fuck him like a bitch.
I start fucking him slow, and deep. I was never as hard as I was that night. After about 20 minutes of fucking him, he said he wanted me to do him doggy style. I pulled out, and he got on his knees in front of me, offering his ass to me. He looks back, and says" now really fuck me man."
I put my cock against his hot little hole, and thrust my cock all the way up his ass in one push, making him cry out in plkeasure, and pain. I stopped at that, and he pushed back against me, telling me to fuck him hard, deep, and fast. I started fucking him with long, and hard storkes, making him moan even louder with each penetration.We fucked like this for 10 minutes, when I told him I was going to cum. He moaned out for me to fill his man pussy with my cream, and that he was going to cum also.
I thrust a few more times, then buried myself as deep into him as I could, and unloaded what felt like the biggest load of my ife into him. I shot 6 shots into him. My balls felt like they were trying to come out the head of my cock, as he screamed out he was coming too. After we were finished cumming, me in his tight ass, and him all over my floor, we seperated, and collapsed against the couch.
Right after we had collapsed, his cell rang. It was his wife,she asked him what he was doing,(he put it on speaker)he told her where he was, and she asked" well?" Then he said" I just finished getting his dick up my ass, and a huge load of his cum in me."She asked if he had the phone on speaker, to which he told her he did. After telling her the whole story of what we did, she then asked me if I enjoyed it.
I tolod her I did. She then dropped a bomb on me by asking" Can you see yourself fucking both of us?" To which I replied" only if I get to fuck youas much, if not more." She then asked him what my size was? to which he told he that I was the biggest he ever had. After that night, I joined the 2 of them in threesomes on a regular basis for a month, when they then asked me to move in with them, to save on money for me.
we carried on a threeway relationship for 3 years. I eventually moved out of state for my work for about a year, and lost touch with them.
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1 month ago
5 months ago
Hot story
5 months ago
love the story
8 months ago
This was a fantastic story...very real...very hot. Can't wait to hear more.
1 year ago
Enjoyed this THOROUGHLY!!! And I hate to tell you, dude- if you'd have hung around, it would have definitely escalated into fucking kink beyond any of your imaginations... but hell, you can always visit!


1 year ago
A really hot scene...especially with all the parties being so open about what they want...
1 year ago
What an experience! This is the stuff that fantasies are made of! The real thing that you had is what most people can only dream of! Lucky fucker!
1 year ago
I would have found another job and stayed right there!
2 years ago
Got me rock hard!
2 years ago
Lost touch? Hell, get back in touch!!!! Pronto!
Great story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot story!