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JENNY. pt2

She came back, we flirted some more as i served her her hog roast, asking me to wrap it up as she was going to take it home. She asked me if i fancied getting a drink when i had finished packing up. Trying to be 'cool' i reminded her that her hog roast would get cold, to my surprise she said we could have a drink at her house.
To cut a long story short, we ended up on the sofa, me laid back with one leg up so Jenny could lay back against me, her head resting on my shoulder, my right arm curled around her waist.
I was bored by the telly so i used my left hand to brush her long hair off her face so i could stroke her soft cheek. She tilted her head and pushed herslf up a little as i ran my fingers down her neck, her left hand stroking my arm as it circled her waist. She let out a little sigh as i kissed her neck, my tongue flicking over her skin, i pulled her tighter towards me and she slowly stretched her head back so i could lick and kiss more of her neck. She turned her head and kissed me once, then moving her body down, she took my hand in hers and guided it over her body, she slowly guided me to her left breast, i could feel it soft under her clothes, the nipple starting to harden as i gently caressed her. Her other hand untucked her t- shirt from her jeans and i ran my hand over her soft naked flesh. She leant forward and pulled her t- shirt over her head then leant back against me, i cupped her breasts in my hands gently caressing them as i kissed her shoulders and neck. By this time i was genting fully hard, Jenny must of felt this as she started to rythmically push back against me, her hands stroking her inner thighs.
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