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JENNY, fantasy milf pt1

It was the day of the turning on of the christmas lights in Burham Market, Norfolk. Myself and two others were running a hog roast for the local butcher. I was a cold, wet afternoon and only around a thousand people turned up for the event. Despite this, by the time they switched on the lights we had sold three quarters of the pig. The crowd quickly dispersed so, we decided to leave, i served the last few stragglers as the other two started to pack the equipment back in the van. I heard a voice behind me saying my name, i turned around to see JENNY.
My heart skipped a beat as i looked at her. I last saw Jenny a few years ago, we worked in the same hotel, her in the office, me in the kitchen. She was one of those people that when you look at them, every nerve in your body tingles. To me she was perfect.
We had flrited for months, but then i became very ill and i was off work for three and a half months. When i returned she had left and i was seeing one of the nurses that had looked after me.
We made small talk, both just looking at each other. I told her i was single again and had moved, she told me about her new job.
Then she left.
I was so excited about seeing her i couldn't help telling my collegues about her, all the time kicking myself for not asking her if she fancied going for a drink sometime.
10 minutes later she came back......
Posted by chefjohn 2 years ago
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