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Teasing with Jane py 2

this carrys on from the first one

Jane: oh god i want you so much now x
Me: Me too Jane, i want to knnel over you so can see me hard. your hand around me rubbing me against your mipples as i explore you with my fingers. turning you on your side so i can lay behind you my hands round your breasts as you push back onto me xx
Jane: I would love to feel you in my mouth and taste you in my mouth and let you fuck me so hard i cry out. I'm so wet right now. i can almost feel you inside me xx
Me: push me back so you can lower yourself onto me. Feel my cock filling you. My hands caressing your ch... Continue»
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Teasing with Jane

Jane is a new lady i met through 'plenty of fish'

Last night she sent me a message on whats app saying she was going for a bath,
Jane: You can think of me in tha bath i don't mind.
Me: i can remember stroking your neck in the pub, when you first kissed me and kissing you in the car park. You felt perfect.xx
Jane:You are making me feel warm with pleasure now.xx
Me: Good, i like that, My arms around you, caressing you. Making each other happy, you felt how aroused i was.
Jane: I'd like to feel it again and let you know how turned on you made me feel. i don't want it to be just ... Continue»
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[Story] Txt Sex transcript

Me: Hi, want to play?
Dianne:Yeah U?
Me: Always, been out on my bike, still got my leathers on.
Dianne:Have u?
Me: Hmm yeah, want to help me get out of them so i can have a shower?
Me:What are you wearing?
Dianne: Skirt and top.
Me:Hmm, your in the kitchen making dinner when i come home from work. I stand behind you, slipping my arms around your waist, kissing your neck. It's cold out and the feel of my cold leathers makes you shiver, you tell me i should have a shower to warm up.
Dianne: And?
Me: I run my hands down
... Continue»
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JENNY. pt2

She came back, we flirted some more as i served her her hog roast, asking me to wrap it up as she was going to take it home. She asked me if i fancied getting a drink when i had finished packing up. Trying to be 'cool' i reminded her that her hog roast would get cold, to my surprise she said we could have a drink at her house.
To cut a long story short, we ended up on the sofa, me laid back with one leg up so Jenny could lay back against me, her head resting on my shoulder, my right arm curled around her waist.
I was bored by the telly so i used my left hand to brush her long hair off her ... Continue»
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JENNY, fantasy milf pt1

It was the day of the turning on of the christmas lights in Burham Market, Norfolk. Myself and two others were running a hog roast for the local butcher. I was a cold, wet afternoon and only around a thousand people turned up for the event. Despite this, by the time they switched on the lights we had sold three quarters of the pig. The crowd quickly dispersed so, we decided to leave, i served the last few stragglers as the other two started to pack the equipment back in the van. I heard a voice behind me saying my name, i turned around to see JENNY.
My heart skipped a beat as i looked at her.... Continue»
Posted by chefjohn 2 years ago