Car Breakdown

its a raining winters evening and im driving around when my car breaks down and i knock on your door to use the phone. You answer the door in a figure hugging strap top and a skimpy pair of shorts that mould round you ass.
I explain what has happened and you invite me in and take my coat to reveal my soaked white t-shirt clinging to my body. You show im into the living room where there is a strong smell of pot, ignoring this i start to use the phone. whilst making my call you whisper that you are stoned and want to be fucked for being a naughty girl. Your hands start to wonder over my body as im trying to finish the call as quickly as i can. You reach round and grope my bulge which is growing in your hand as you massage my balls through my jeans. Gazing into your eyes with out saying a word we each know what is going to happen. I drop the phone and before i can say a word your ripping my shirt off, moving your hands over my chest lowering to your knees hungrily undoing my jeans to release my rock hard cock wasting no time in getting it into your mouth taking every inch. Grabbing your hair moving your head in and out as you wank the base of my shaft sucking the rest i have an uncontrollable urge to taste your sweet juice from your moist tight pussy. pulling off your top and lifting you up carrying you to the sofa removing your shorts to reveal a perfect pussy and a tight ass as i gently kiss the inside of your thighs as you gently moan in pleasure. Working my way up your thighs i gently lick your pussy and clit as you gasp in ore of what is about to happen. flicking my tongue over your clit and inserting my large fingers into your tight clit feeling your muscles tighten around it. Working up a rhythm using my tongue as well groping your perfect breasts. begging me to fuck you i place your legs over my shoulder bury my face into your pert breasts and rub the tip of my cock over your wet aching wanting pussy using your sweet tasting juice as a lube as i enter your tight pussy you moan in pleasure as i slowly fill you with every inch until my balls are brushing your ass. slow and gentle at first getting faster and harder with every thrust while you scream for me to fuck you harder. not wanting to disappoint i turn you around on to all fours and take you doggy style slapping my balls off your clit as im fucking you harder than youve ever been fucked before. reaching round rubbing your clit with one hand as i pull your hair with the other i feel your muscles tighten and your screaming that you are about to cum, not wanting it to go to waste i move beneath you frantically rubbing your clit as you cum over my face screaming in passion licking up everydrop from your soaking pussy as i grab your ass and bury my head into your dripping pussy no missing a drop of your sweet juice. lower yourself down my body you lower yourself on to my shaft and ride me like a wild a****l as i grab your ass spanking you on your ass as you ride my cock faster and harder rubbing your cilt as im helpless beneath you. Felling myself on the verge of cumming i tell you to get on your knees as i stand in front of you shoving my cock in your mouth as you tickle my balls wanking my rock hard cock to the point of no return i cum over your ace and tits as you scoop it up with you fingers for a taste. Lifting you up kissing you passionately thanking you for allowing me to use the phone you reply anytime you want to breakdown outside my house feel free to pop in.
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2 years ago
Thats a hot story..would love to have it happen with me