The Backyard

It was a beautiful summer morning with the tempurature around 20 degrees celcius. I was outside in the backyard wearing just my shorts enjoying my first cup of coffee and reading the latest copy of penthouse. I was becoming aroused and thinking that I was alone started to rub myself. My shorts had that mesh in side them however I removed it so I could have better access.
I was feeling pretty good and getting ready to cum when I noticed my next door neighbor watching me. So I said hi want some coffee, She said sure.
So here I was with a boner I got up an went to get some more coffee for the both of us. I left the magazine where it wasand while I was inside I looked out the window and saw her reading it. I returned and joined her in the backyard. I asked if she enjoyed reading those kind of stories, she said yes but could not believe them. So I asked her if she was getting excited. Yes she said. Me too said I and started to rub my crotch. She then started to rub herself while watching me. I then asked her if she wanted to inside for some privacy. She said why not here. Okay why not so I pulled down my shorts to show her my erection and in the process she removed her bottoms as well. I got down between her legs and started to lick her pussy inside and out. She had started to cum and said my turn. She got down and wrapped her lips around my penis and started to give me a blow. I only lasted about ten minutes and let it flow down her throat. She then got up and said thank you for the morning cream and coffee and went home.

This is my first ever writing a story so be nice and please be honest

85% (13/2)
Posted by chef-dennis
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2 years ago
Fucking fantastic. I betcha she believes those Penthouse stories now
3 years ago
Sounds like a great story it got me wet
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Great short and right to the point, some more please.
3 years ago
u got too love those neighbors
3 years ago
Great start ... can't wait to see chapter 2!