Wife's First Facial Shot

I have been with my wife for three months now. We met serving together at a hole in the wall restaurant in the western United States. I had been there for about six months, I was 24, and so lonely. One day,she walked in, applied and I knew she would kill it here. She was 5'9" tall, slim body (at that time) with a great set of breasts. She always use to wear these low cut shirts because she knew she had a great rack and the bikers ate it up!

After she got the job (I knew she would), we worked together for 6 months before we had our first date. It was a perfect night...Great dinner, glass of wine back at my apartment and then we groped and basically dryhumped ourselves silly. She was a virgin and very shy outside of the workplace. We continued to date and it was my perfect match. She was hot, had a great rack and gave me the best blowjobs I had ever had. Because she was a virgin,she had that skill down. The problem, however, was that she was so afraid of a mans load. She would blow me, and as I was ready to cum, she pulled her head away, pointed my dick to the side and I busted my load all over the sheets.

This went on for a while, my desire for her to enjoy my cum had grown, but I had to wait. We got married, life was great still. We had sex for 3 months straight after we got married and I busted my huge load in her pussy every time. I would watch it drip from her lips and she would hate every minute of it. I was getting restless...

The night of our three month anniversary, we went to San Diego and had a weekend away. Great hotel, great dinner, and even better sex. We were about 15 minutes into it and I told her that I was going to pull out and I was going to shoot my load all over her tits and face. To my surprise, my shy wife said, "I bet you can't hit my face."

I said, "Watch me babe."

I was so turned on and so hard, I couldn't wait to give her what I have been waiting for for years. I built up another 10 minutes of cum and pulled out and she had the surprise of her life. I had the best cumshot of my life. I usually have about 2 good solid shots,but I was in the groove this night.

As I let the first one go, I could see her eyes get so big and it sailed over her head and hit the back cushion of the couch we were fucking on. She was amazed but didn't have much time to recover because the second shot was on its way.

It grazed her forehead and hit the cushion again. Wow! I feel like pornstar. I need to be challenged more often. By this time,her eyes are squeezed so tight shut that I have no clue what she is thinking except, "I am under fire."

My next shot hits her directly on the bridge of her nose and slides off to the left side of her face. She is definitely not at ease, but she stays put and takes her punishment.

My last good shot gets the left side of her mouth and most of it sticks between her upper lip, lower lip and left corner of her mouth. I let out two more spurts that land on her upper body and by this points she is loaded with cum.

After this long, I really let her have it and I love the sight of my cum all over her beautiful body. Maybe it is a guy thing, but I thought that was as sexy as she has looked since we got married.

The next move is what really surprised me coming from my shy wife that has never tasted my cum or seen how it looks on her body. She wiped the cum away from her from eyes, opened her bright blues and she said, "Holy shit, that was so fucking hot. I was not expecting to get hit with so much cum. Wow."

I will probably never bust a load that big and I hope I don't ever do it again. If you all could have seen the look her face...
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4 years ago
Wow, that is one hot story. I would love for you save up a big load for me and instead of shooting it over me, you could blast me in the face 4 times
4 years ago
Great story.. In coming!!