Caught by s****rs friend

I was a 16 year old boy living with my parents and my 19 year old s****r.
My parents both work so almost every day when I come home from school I put on my laptop and look at porn on x-hamster jerking myself off.
Today I had to wait cause my s****r and her friend were home. I was in my room hoping that my s****r would go out so I could jerk myself off. I was horny as hell and lucky. My s****r yelled from her room if I need anything from the store. I said no, when will you be back. Half an hour okay she said. I heard the door slammed and immediately I put on my lap-top. JOI by princess Selena it said on the vid. Take out your cock and start stroking jerkboy the princess said and in no time I was all in the video stroking my cock not hearing that my door opened. “So” I heard behind me, you like that kind of things. It was my s****rs friend Cathy. I thought you were out I stumbled. She laughs, no, only your s****r went out. I heard your laptop and wanted to find out what you were doing. And the fun part of it all is that I own you now. No way I said. You can tell my s****r, I don’t mind. Well, she said, waving with her mobile, you will look great on line I suppose. I taped you little man. You did not I yelled at her but she showed me what she filmed. Oh god, I was so busted. From now on you call me mistress she said and you will do anything I tell you or I’ll show it to everyone I know you understand. Yes I said, I understand. She smacked me in the face and said, yes what slaveboy? Yes mistress I stumbled.
Okay, stand up and begin to stroke your dick for me. It was hard to get it up again knowing that she was standing there looking at me. Come on, you can do better than that, make it hard for me. And hurry, I want your cum before your s****r gets home. If you don’t I’ll kick your balls. Keep stroking and get on your knees for me. I shall give you a little encouragement and she lifted up her shirt. For the first time I was looking at real tits. And it felt great, I forgot the humiliation for a while and began to stroke faster and faster. Cum on my boots she said and in no time I shot my sperm on her boots still staring at her beautiful tits.
She laughed at me and puts her boot in my face. Lick it you little cumslut. Lick your sperm of my boots. I looked at her if she was really meaning it. Lick it she said again looking angry at me. I start licking it off and felt dirty. When I licked her whole booth clean I had to lick the floor clean till all sperm was gone. Good boy she said. This saturday you will come to my house at 4 o’clock sharp. Don’t be late or I will punish you, you understand. Yes mistress I said.
I heard the door downstairs. My s****r was back home. I was happy that the humiliation was over for now but thinking of the weekend I had in front of me I wasn’t so happy.

I hope you all liked the story. It was my first one in English so I hope I did well.

87% (29/4)
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5 months ago
Great story!
2 years ago
continue..pls :)
2 years ago
uhhh where is the rest of the story? please i want to read more
2 years ago
yes very good, more please
2 years ago
2 years ago
what happenen on the weekend
look for the story next week
2 years ago
Very hot,,thanks