Guys for a girl

Standing at the bar she was fed up. Annoyed at being stood up, her friend was notoriously unreliable, but this was bad even for her. No text, no warning, just didn't turn up leaving her all dressed up with nowhere to go in a bar full of loud people.

She felt frustrated - she had needed this night our for a long time, to let her hair down, have some fun, catch up on gossip. She should be going home, but her big empty house was not a tempting prospect. She looked around, embarrassed, wondering how many here were thinking a guy had stood her up. Her skirt was a bit too short, her cleavage a little too low, but frankly she had hoped to turn some heads, hell, maybe even get lucky!

The voice behind her made her jump.

"You look like someone who needs a drink and some company - whoever he is, his loss"

She turned to find a tall guy behind her, muscular, tanned, blue eyes with a distinct twinkle smiled at her.

"No, no" she laughed, "I've been stood up, yes, but by a useless girlfriend, not a bloke..."

"Ah that makes more sense, no man with any taste would stand you up love - would you like to join me and my friend for a drink?"

At that point a blonde guy poked his head around his shoulder, smiling. She blushed, this guy was even more handsome - if that was even possible. nordic god sprung to mind, tousled curls around his chiseled jaw somehow in contrast with the suit he was wearing, tie slightly loosened at the end of a busy day.

The evening was definitely looking up.

As they were chatting, sharing a bottle of wine, the conversation flowed easily, with lots of flirting being thrown in Tom and Charlie were making it clear they liked her - complimenting her on her long hair, slim frame, classic but revealing clothes, sparkling green eyes. The bar was filling up, and soon she was pegged between them, hips grazing hips, elbows grazing breasts, casual touches becoming more frequent.

She blushed as she noticed Tom's eyes wander to her nipples which at this stage had hardened under her silk blouse, but were immediately reassured of his approval as he pushed his engorged groin into her hipbone.

The music was loud and intrusive now, the bar heaving; they were having an increasingly difficult time hearing each other.

Charlie put his arm around her and pushing his mouth right into her ear, he asked if she fancied taking a bottle of wine back to their upstairs hotel room to get away from all the noise.

Her heart raced - the intention was clear - charlie was hard against her buttock, Tom against her hip. This had been a fantasy for so long. She hesitated, her face flushed, heart pounding. Her mouth was dry. she took a deep breath and nodded. There was no way back now...

In the lift Tom went in for a kiss, pushing her gently up against. Charlie who, from behind, buried his head in her neck, and ran his hands up her body. Fire was burning in her already, her legs almost giving in under her.

They tumbled out of the lift, rushed to the room, giggling excitedly, and hanging round Charlie's throat, kissing, they pushed into the room, all hands touching, lips kissing, buttons feverishly being undone. Tom pulled her shirt off over her head, Charlie undid her skirt which was swiftly pulled down, Tom undid her bra, and dove hungrily on a nipple while Charlie's hand soon found her lace thong was soaked through completely.

With a growl, Tom picked her up and flung her onto the bed. The two men looked like magnificent b**sts. Muscular, aroused, predatory. Their eyes were locked on their prey as they quickly pulled their clothes off, revealing rock hard large cocks bursting, looking like they would not last long.

Charlie wasted no time going down on her. His stubble dragging up between her thighs before his mouth enveloped her soaking wet pussy, sucking her juices, licking, flicking and biting her engorged clit. his tongue penetrating her one minute, and rolling over her clit the next.

Tom meanwhile, kneeled by her face and started to rub his already dripping cock across her lips, while caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples roughly, causing her to gasp for breath and strain to be allowed his length in her mouth.

She flicked her tongue over the slit in his cock, savouring his salty taste, licking the droplets of pre cum which were already escaping him. Tom was transfixed, his eyes fixed on her deep red lips and tongue teasing him.

Charlie slid three fingers into her and sucked her clitoris deep into his mouth while flicking it with his tongue, causing her to moan deeply - And at that moment Tom buried his cock deep in her mouth, filling her with his girth, and started to thrust into her. His hand resting in her hair, taking charge of her mouth.

She could feel her first climax building - 69 had always been a favourite, but this was a whole new level - she came hard, choking on Tom, and with Charlie's mouth clamped on her while the majority of his hand was filing her.

She hardly had time to recover, before she was flipped onto her hands and knees, and faced with Charlie's now impossibly large and rock hard cock. He rubbed it across her face, while she felt Tom behind her. Tom caressed her buttocks and mound, laved her pulsing pussy, still twitching from her first orgasm. She opened her mouth for Charlie, not caring that her jaws already felt sore - she had to taste this Nordic god.

As she took. charlie's length into her mouth, his hands tangled in her hair staring down intently, she felt tom's tongue wander up to her puckered anus. The thought of being even more aroused seemed impossible, but heat rushed through her as one of her most taboo fantasies were realised. Every nerve around her opening was awakened, and she groaned deeply which encouraged Charlie to thrust more enthusiastically as she sucked his harder. Her increased lust made her forget herself, and she sucked him hungrily, as Tom french kissed her most intimate place, while massaging her mound, and flicking her clit.

Charlie suddenly pushed her away - he was clearly close to exploding, but this was not his chosen venue.

He flung himself down onto the bed and lifted her on top.

She didn't have to be asked - she wanted him inside her desperately, so she positioned herself on him and started to slowly impale herself on his large cock, riding it deeper with every push, willing it all to go in, leaning her heavy breasts into his face, encouraging him to fondle them, sucking her nipples into his mouth just like she loved it.

Next to her Tom pulled a tube of lubricant out of his pocket and started to cover his cock in it, he caressed her buttocks, enjoying the sight of her riding his friend. She knew what he had in mind... but still froze when he applied a generous amount of lube around her anal opening.

"Relax" Tom ordered, "You'll be fine - we'll go slow, but you'll love this"

She had had her ex's cock there before, and a dp had been a fantasy for a long time, but the closest she had come to it was using a plug.

His fingers caressing her added to Charlie's cock inside her as she rode him soon took her mind off her worries, the caress made her want it, more than she could express, so when Tom positioned himself behind her and pressed the head of his cock against her opening, she did just that - relax.

She held still, Charlie deep inside her, as Tom slowly pushed inside.

The feeling of being filled was overwhelming. Painful almost, but Tom knew what he was doing. He just held it there for a moment allowing her to get used to him, before he started to move. Gently thrusting, moving a little deeper every time. Charlie groaned - Tom's cock was so close to his, massaging him, he wanted to thrust, but he knew it was too soon for her yet - she had to be in control and right now she was holding him deep but still, getting used to Tom moving inside her.

Her body took over - greed overwhelmed her - and she started to rock her hips. Simultaneously impaling herself, pussy and arse on their cocks. Milking them taking them deeper and deeper, their hands on her body, Charlie's mouth on her breasts, thrusting till they were both fully inside her unable to resist any longer, collapsing in a heap as they all orgasmed together, filling her with their cream.

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11 months ago
Fantastic story Mandy! Great writing and wonderful action. Lucky Tom and Charlie. DP is so good, although I've only experienced it with my wife as double vaginal, since she won't allow anal, but, I have to say, it's an incredible feeling!