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Can somebody please answer this?

This is probably a really stupid question, especially seen as I've been a member here for a while now.

But I'm really curious about the ratings on here like "Newbie" and so on. What makes people move up? Like what are they based on? I've been trying to work it out!

Posted by cheekygirl18 3 years ago
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12 months ago
so its comments you make or comments you receive?
either way fantastic stories please keep the good work.
1 year ago
judging from the responses here it's I'll leave one for you and now I'll return to your stories.
2 years ago
it's the comments the more you make the higher you get ,thats why you get loads of one word comments
2 years ago
Im not liking the sensored stuff in alot of peoples stories it drives me nuts at times.
3 years ago
Fantastic action, both ladies were really into what they were doing and enjoying it!
3 years ago
I wondered about that too..thanks for posting the question
3 years ago
"I'm not too sure why, the site has started censoring things."


If it's words like 'asleep' then i wouldn't be sure either.
3 years ago
its all based on comments made
so do me an honour and check n rate me :)
x paul
3 years ago
And another thing. Why are words like 'asleep' censored in your stories?
3 years ago
smash the system
3 years ago
0-50 get rank Newbie51-150 Porn Lover151-500 Porn Expert501-1000 Kama Sutra Guru1001-2000 Pornstar2001-5000 Celebrity5001-8000 Pimp8001-15000 Porn King/Queen15001-25000 xHamster Legend25000+ you'll get an option in your profile to customize your rank
3 years ago
i think there's something about that in the FAQs
3 years ago
Oh right! Thank you :D
3 years ago
It depends on how many comments u make on other people's pics, profiles and posts :P