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There are some horrible people on here.

I love the messages I get when people try to chat to me,
but when I start getting horrible, rude, offensive messages, it's just not nice.

But thank you to all the nice messages I've had, and the lovely comments.
And sorry for the complaining post! I promise not to have many more of these!

Posted by cheekygirl18 3 years ago
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1 year ago
Just look to at where the human race came from, some have evolved, others resist change.
If it was left to them we would still be wearing animal skins and and hunting with clubs, instead of golfing.
3 years ago
just block the one's that you dont like, then they cant bother you again
3 years ago
Dear Cheekygirl, sorry you've had some negative experiences - however, there are still lots of very nice people on the site. One way of gauging people's characters is to look at the kind of comments that people make on the videos you watch (especially those that you particularly like). I would echo the good advice that PornmanGB and licka have posted

I hope your future experiences on the site are overwhelmingly enjoyable -- in every sense of that expression! ;-))

3 years ago
Don't worry CheekyGirl. There are enough 'normally hormonal' people on here to make it worthwhile. Having said that, we have been through the same and had to 'retire' twice now in two years due to the 'fakes' and just plain weirdos who, unfortunately, haunt sites like this....
3 years ago
It's nice too see there are some nice people left on here!
3 years ago
I'm sorry to hear that. One of my best lady friends here left the site after being here for some years due to the increasingly rude comments and spam. You are a beauty and I like your stories; please don't let the bad people outweigh the good.
3 years ago
Sex sometimes revert some men to mere dogs. Some can keep it in perspective.
3 years ago
Guys who are rude with girl are not men...