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This is my story.I married my high school sweetheart when I was 18.Lost my
virginity to him the year before.We are happily married with 2 k**s in
college.Like I said in my profile my husband is a very vanilla lover which
I love but I just need more.So a few years ago I decided I needed more and
that is when I started to cheat.He has no clue that I am cheating and he
can never find out.I would give it up before I would ever let him find
out.I go to extreme lengths to keep my affairs
secret.Wigs,scarfs,sunglasses whatever it takes.I will and have changed
clothes in Mall restrooms and other places.I never bring a man or woman
back to our home.We either go to a hotel, motel or their place.Yes I do
women too.I will continue to write about any affairs that I have.
56% (6/5)
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3 years ago
Yes please I would like to read more of your cheating...
3 years ago
Just be careful.
3 years ago