c***dren learn

Auntie, Our Teacher

Mom had got sick real bad and we had to go stay with our auntie out in the country for a while until mom got better. I was just about 15 and s*s was a year younger but the people said I was to young to look after us, we had to go to our her.

The state people would put us on a bus and auntie would pick us up, they would keep in touch.

Problems started when I saw s*s had packed two suitcases with just about all her stuff. I wanted to yell at her that we had decided to only take what was needed for a short stay but s*s was crying as she hugged her teddy bear on her bed so I sat and gave her a hug instead. I was supposed to be looking after her and mom had taught us yelling did no good. Our father had done a lot of yelling before he died.

s*s snuggled into my arms and I just sat there holding her, waiting until the tears stopped. I had been the 'man' of the house for years now and I thought this was the first real test of that position, I had to see this through. I was the only one left to take care of her until mom got better.

We had not visited auntie for a couple of years, mom had to work and it was a day's drive just to get there, so we were not a close f****y but I thought we would get along okay. I remembered she laughed alot, while I was really thinking about auntie I also remembered she was pretty.

A few changes had been going on lately, my body was filling out, in more ways than one. I had reached 6 foot with a big frame, mom said I should think about football, and girls had started to have a different look to me. Tommy had 'borrowed' a smut book from his older b*****r and we had spent ages looking at the pictures.

s*s and I shared a room, we had seen each other naked and some times played with each other, lately s*s had wanted to just watch me. She said my pecker was getting bigger, it was, especially when s*s showed me her tits were growing and let me touch them. We both checked each other when we started to grow hair. s*s was pissed that mine was black and longer, her's was blond and I really had to look hard to see but I always told her that it was there.... and pretty.

When my voice changed mom asked me into her bedroom and told me to take off my shorts. We had had Sex Ed at school but she said I needed to know a few things about my body, as she sat on the bed she explained that my dad would have told me but it was up to her now. Mom told me about how I might get an erection in the morning, how I was growing pubic hair and how my balls would get bigger, telling me that I must think about them and protect them.

She held them and gave a little squeeze, that's something to remember, it hurt a little, different, more than when I broke my arm falling off my bike but she kept holding them and moving them around until it was a nice feeling.

Mom asked if I was still pulling back my foreskin to wash, she explained that now it was more important than ever, she pulled it back and showed me where all the nerve endings were. As she touched me and rubbed around the head I think I got my first erection then mom showed me how to masturbate. I had been doing this with s*s but this time was different, mom kept pulling my foreskin back and forward. It was great.

Then mom got serious, she told me it was okay to masturbate but not to think about any form of intercourse yet, I had to wait and even then I would have to be careful, I was going to have a large cock. She smiled when I asked about intercourse, we had been told about a sexual connection but not nothing else.

Mom stood up and lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and sat down again with her leg's apart. She explained a sexual connection was when a penis entered a vagina, this was called intercourse and showed me her pussy and how my penis could enter it. She also explained that oral sex was called a sexual connection but not intercourse. How a man or a woman could use their mouth to give pleasure.

The most important thing I remembered about that talk was mom telling me I had to look after s*s, not to yell and not to use my size to be a bully. Mom had touched me, shown me and talked to me as if sex was the most natural thing in the world, but the others, they were things I had to work on. My life.

The silence brought me back, s*s had stopped crying, I wondered if she was all cried out or had she needed the release, either way we needed to move. I lifted the suitcases back on the bed and we sorted out clothes and stuff she needed, not wanted. It all would fit into one case. By the time we were ready two ladies from state were there, we were ready to go see auntie.

The bus trip was like a boring class at school, just something you had to put up with, the only thing different was s*s. She got close and stayed there, cuddled into my arms, after a while I could see she was sl**ping and drifted off myself, barely waking as she left to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Her warmth told me she had returned and I put my arms around her again.

The day dawned bright and sunny as we arrived at the bus station, maybe it was a sign and there was auntie. At six in the morning, waiting for us, smiling and looking happy to see us, maybe it was the start of something good. I looked down at s*s and saw her smiling as well, she was holding my cock under the blanket. How?, when? And damn it felt good, I think it was the biggest erection I had ever had. Tucking it back in my pants was going to be tricky. s*s said I had better use the restroom.

Auntie gave s*s a big hug and a kiss when we got of the bus and then turned to me, at nearly 15 I was thinking of shaking her hand or something when she wrapped her arms around me, hugging me and started to cry. Holding a carry bag in one hand I put an arm over her shoulder and pulled her close, was I to be the man here as well. She had never married but I was shocked to feel her nipples poking into my chest, she held me even tighter as s*s joined us.

The bus driver coughed to get our attention, all the other passengers had left and it was only our two bags left on board. I nodded and moved a little until auntie released me, well, from the hug, her hands trailed down to my hips as she stepped back to look at me, look up to me. I noticed aunties, mom and s*s were all about the same height. Just over my shoulder.

"It's so good to see you again, both of you, I wish it could have happened under better times, your mother was talking about you coming for spring break, but....well, come on, lets get your bags and get some breakfast. I'm starved and I know a growing boy..., both of you must be hungry".

s*s took the bag and I grabbed both of our suitcases, following aunties to her car. After dumping them in the boot she put an arm around both of us and we headed to a small restaurant. Just by the door, which would not allow all three of us at once, I slowed to let aunties and s*s through and felt her hand slid round and down, then a little squeeze. When she stepped forward I gave her a little tap on her butt, right between her cheeks, just being friendly like. The smile on aunties face when she turned to me was way more than just friendly. "Come on, I can't wait to get you home".

We ate in silence at first then came the question I had tried to put an answer to, and failed. "How bad is your mother?". I looked at s*s, not for answers but..I held her hand.

"It's her breasts. She found a lump.... The doctor's aren't sure.... they wouldn't tell us much, but they want her in hospital until the test's are finished. We were hoping you could call them in a couple of days. They might tell you more".

Auntie, bless her, changed the subject without even looking at s*s. "I've got a wrangler bringing a new horse over later today but if there is anything you need in town, well, we have plenty of time, do you need to finish any school work?".

s*s floored me with her request. "Can we pick up some pad's, in the hurry I forgot and I don't think my big b*****r remembered them. He was to busy stopping me from falling apart completely".

"Don't worry, big b*****rs have other problems, this is girl's stuff". She put her hand on s*s's shoulder and winked at me

"No, my big b*****r always remembered when I need them. He buys them for me at the supermarket. He works there after school and can get them and our groceries at discount. We don't have secrets, can't have, we share a room remember. The price of a three bedroom apartment in the city, at least in our area has gone through the roof lately and we don't mind sharing to live there, well, until he wants to bring a girlfriend home......., maybe".

s*s was coming alive again, smiling and really talking for the first time since that day, the day mom dropped the bomb and was now smiling at me. "And don't worry, I help my b*****r with some of his problems as well".

"Well, let's go, we can get your pad's over at the d**gstore, I just remembered something I might need as well, then we can head home. Oh yeah, I forgot, you can each have your own bedroom or you can share if you want but they both have double beds".

Auntie left that hanging as we paid and left. I stayed at the car waiting, it was one thing to buy pad's for s*s at work, but here... a man, strange man buying pad's!!!.
I hadn't forgotten s*s was about to have her period, when I saw the two suitcases I figured she had them in there somewhere and when I saw her crying it went out of my head.

Just like now, the girls were coming back, laughing, happy and both of them swinging a bag. Women and shopping, they just go together. The car bleeped and unlocked, I opened the drivers door for auntie and was about to get in the back when s*s said my place was in the front, with auntie, then the big wink. What had they cooked up in a d**gstore.

I waited until s*s was seated, shut the door and went around to the front. I was just sliding in as auntie did the same on the other side. Shock, one leg in as she sat and manoeuvred her dress, which was short anyway, it slid back to show her, well... everything, mainly because she wasn't wearing anything else. s*s and I often didn't bother with under wear and I knew mom was the same..., at home. This wasn't home.

"We are going to have so much fun at the ranch, there's so much you can do and no one to see you. I have made the pond bigger as a water store for summer and added another, smaller, for swimming and firefighting. Hopefully we will never need it, but we are all doing that to help in case of forest fires. The forest service have come and taken pictures so they know where water is, they said they could use big buckets slung from helicopters but only in the summer. Do you want to learn how to ride..., I mean horses, while you are here. We might as well enjoy your vacation, I know June would want you to have some fun as well".

I could not believe it, auntie was talking flat out with her dress still hiked up and showing me everything, I was looking. It got even better as she lifted her left leg.
"It's more beautiful than I remembered auntie, all the tree's coming into bud, they are a lot earlier than at home, and that flowering bush, what do you think big b*****r?, enjoying the view?". With that s*s burst out laughing, "you could give her a view from the city".

I turned in my seat to look at s*s. She was sort of sitting in the back seat, her knees up and her legs open. She too had taken her panties off, or hadn't been wearing them in the first place. "You set me up didn't you, the pair of you. What were you talking about in the d**gstore? Who started this?".

"Don't get upset Dan, it was me. I asked Jill if you had fucked your mother yet. Your mother and I have been talking quite a bit lately, although she didn't mention her problem, she did tell me about your talk and what a big cock you had. Do you know your mother creamed her panties while she was playing with your balls?, that's why she took them off, that and the fact she wanted you to see her pussy. You do like looking at pussy don't you?, you can come closer, after you have freed up that nice big cock Jill said she was playing with on the bus this morning. Did you masturbate in the restroom before you got off?. Jill said you were leaking".

"I did as a mater of fact, Jill had me harder than ever, it was a shame she couldn't watch though. Is that why your nipples were trying to bury themselves in my chest this morning. Had you been playing with yourself before we arrived, did you take off your bra or did you come to greet us with no bra? And no panties as well. Do you really want to see my cock?".

"It's another twenty minutes until we get home and I can't wait that long. What say we all strip and drive home naked, Jill, you can sit on Dan's knee in the front as well, and yes, I did come to greet you with no bra or panties. In fact I usually drive to town in just my dress with it completely unbuttoned, I love the feeling, the freedom and in the spring and summer I don't wear clothes at home, unless I know someone is coming, other than me. Hang on Jill, there's a picnic spot just ahead, we'll stop there".

My attention was now torn between her and s*s, s*s had stripped completely and auntie was showing so much as well as having a hand between her legs. I thought I could lend a helping hand, so to speak and reached over to run my fingers down her belly and under aunties hand. Her left leg had lifted more and her knee was above the window sill. Boy oh boy was she wet. I was distracted, just a little bit as s*s leaned over and reached for my zipper.

As it went down I lifted up and s*s pulled my cock free. "Don't look auntie, just give me your hand, I would say close your eyes but you better not, just feel Dan's cock".

It was way to much for her, as soon as her fingers closed around my cock she looked, and we nearly ran off the road. "My god, it's huge, oh yes!!!, all my birthday's have come at once. Dan, you have got to put it in my pussy, now, I can't wait".
Thank you, the picnic spot, auntie pulled over. We were just about stopped when she threw the transmission into park and leaned over to swallow my cock. s*s had kissed the head and sucked me a little but, chalk and cheese. Auntie swallowed it.

When she came up for air there was no stopping her. "Now, right now, I need this cock in me right now. How the hell did I think we were going to get home first. Please Dan, fuck me, we can do it nice later, just stick this cock in me, fuck me".

s*s was outside by now, holding the door open for me. Common sense had gone out the window and I paid the price as I tried to get out. My pants fell to my ankles and I fell flat. I don't know how s*s didn't burst out laughing but she did help, pulling my pants off and as I struggled to roll over and sit up, my tee shirt disappeared as well. By the time I had regained my feet, auntie had appeared. We were all naked.

"Bend over the hood and I'll guide Dan's cock in". My s*s, the boss, next thing I knew she had my cock in her hand, gently rubbing it and auntie was right in front of me, bent over with her legs wide apart. s*s stroked her free hand between aunties lips and coated my cock with her juice. "I always wanted to do this, hold your cock as it enters a pussy. I thought it would be mom or even me, well later on in me. Come closer, your pussy is waiting and it's hungry".

s*s was still holding my cock and rubbing the head between aunties lips when it slipped in. She moved her hand to my balls and pushed my bum with the other. I entered a pussy for the first time and slid right home, all the way into her.

I don't know who was more surprised, s*s with a ohmygod, me, well, the feeling had taken my voice or auntie. "YES, fuck me, shove it in further, fuck heaven, fuck me".

I was a little dazed until s*s whispered in my ear for me to move, in and out, move. I didn't want to move, I wanted to stay just as I was, feeling my cock being squeezed by her, feeling the heat of her pussy. I could even feel the head touching the top of her vagina. It was s*s, s*s that had put her hand between my legs and pulled on my balls, s*s that was using her other hand to press on aunties clit. s*s who was directing everything and rubbing herself against me.

I started to move, in and out and discovered this was even better until she howled, there is no other way to describe the noise, it scared the shit out of me but s*s was still pushing and pulling, keeping me going until I could make out that auntie was enjoying it, wanting me to go faster, harder. This time it was a wail, going up and down the scale until it went up and kept going, then. "Oh god I'm cumming, yes, oh fuck yes, FUUUUCK".

s*s was still pushing my bum and holding aunties pussy from the front when it happened. It brought tears to my eyes. Aunties pussy contracted, squeezing my cock as if it was in a vice. It wasn't pain, it was my release as I pumped my virgin cum.
Now I wanted to move, I needed to move, my knees went weak then strong as I pulled back then slammed home again, another load shot through my cock and again with s*s still helping and auntie begging for more. I could feel s*s trying to get a finger in with my cock but it was to tight, then I felt s*s rubbing aunties clit, her fingers touching my cock.

Auntie was off again, this time all I could make out were, more, please, fuck yes. She had her face buried in her arms, bracing herself and pushing back against me. s*s had let go my balls but was still rubbing aunties clit and now lifted her leg over my bum. She was rubbing her own clit against my leg. She too was moaning, stroking my back, wanting her release as well.

I kept still, allowing auntie to push back on my cock as s*s rubbed harder against me. She too was getting vocal. I twisted a little, trying to keep everybody happy but wanting to reach s*s. Her nipples got sensitive when she was like this and I wanted to help her, I wasn't sure but I thought this was going to be a first for her as well.

As soon as I touched her nipple I knew I was right. s*s leaned into me as I squeezed and pinched it. "Oh yeah, pinch it, yeah, please, Oh, Oh". There was a moment of silence then my leg got very wet. s*s had her first climax, but was drowned out by aunties wail. Again but different, this time no words, the clamp on my cock was just as hard, the feelings just as intense and she was shaking. Against my cock, against a hand playing with her clit and against the car.

We stayed like that, enjoying the feelings, the sun on us, the sweet clean smell of the country and now that we were quiet, the birds. The first to move was s*s, I could feel her leg quiver then she slowly slid down my body and collapsed in a heap, then she fell forward to rest on the hood which left me standing. A limp cock and a silly grin, but happy, the happiest I had been for a while. I hadn't forgotten mom and her problems, just that I thought mom would be happy for us, with us.

I looked down at s*s and saw the same silly grin on her face as I thought I had, "I love you", I didn't think it needed saying but I said it anyway.

"I love you too but help me up please, I need to pee and I think you need to hold me while I do. My legs have gone weak for some reason".

I helped s*s stand and we both looked at auntie. "Go ahead, I'm alright but I don't think I will be able to walk. My god that's a big cock!!!".

I supported s*s while she pissed up a storm, then because of that she held my cock as I went. It was as if we both had d***k gallons, 'auntie', we both said and returned to help her. She was right, no walking, we helped her squat right there.

I was standing beside her, listening and watching when I started to get hard again.
Auntie was watching me and took a hold of my cock again. "Does this turn you on Dan?, do you like watching me piss, would you like to piss on me. Oh my, we have so much do and Jill, I'm not forgetting you. I have a special treat for you as well, you do like holding Dan's cock don't you, rubbing it, well...".

s*s was nodding her head and her eyes lit up even more. "What, what, I love playing with Dan, watching his cock get hard. What special treat could be better?". Like any c***d that had been told they were getting something special for Xmas, s*s couldn't wait. It was good seeing s*s go from adult to c***d again and I remembered mom's talk. I needed to help s*s in more than one way. I had to help s*s have her teenage years as well as guiding her. She did not have to grow up too fast.

Auntie stood up with a little help from me. "As soon as we get home, well, after we all have a dip in the pool. I think we are all a little sticky. Come on, hardly anyone uses this road, we can drive home naked. Jill , you can sit on Dan's lap and help me steer, my other hand maybe busy".

As soon as we were on the road again s*s started. Sitting on my lap with my cock poking up between her legs, one hand on my cock and the other tracing circles around aunties nipple, teasing it until it was stiff. "I won't let you play with MY cock until you tell me, please auntie".

"For a start, it's May from now on, no more auntie, it's makes me feel old. I wasn't sure you would like it until we fucked, but now, well, I like it a lot, I sort of thought you will to".

"What is it, don't keep talking about IT, what is it?'.

"As you know, I never married, but I still like a cock. Well, I found the best way around the problem". "Please May what is the treat". s*s interrupted. I was watching May wriggle on the seat, her legs had opened so I put my hand on her pussy.

"Oh yes...., well..., you promise not to tell..., I..., fuck one of my horses. Well, I rub his cock until he's hard, then put it in, you know. Sometimes I suck him. I thought you might like to try it Jill, just playing with his cock. I think Dan will get a kick out of watching us".

May was watching the road very carefully and I felt s*s tense as she thought about it. She took a deep breath, then let it out. I squeezed her breast, our secret sign that everything was okay. Another deep breath. "I've always thought my first a****l cock would be the dog downstairs, he..., his cock is always showing but it's not as big as Dan's. I have fantasied about wanking him. I..., can you really fit a horse in, I mean..., god they are big, the pictures I've seen. Yes, hurry up, we need to do this as soon as we get there, we're already sticky and horses must have lots of cum. Do you want to help Dan?, just think of holding a big horse cock and pushing into May's cunt".
I'm sure my cock was pushing all the right buttons for s*s. She was squeezing and rubbing it but there were a lot more buttons being pushed. s*s had never mentioned the dog before, or any thoughts about a****ls, she had never used the word cunt before, now she was talking about me guiding a cock into May. My s****r had hidden depths, what more would she come up with. My thinking was interrupted by May closing her legs against my hand and a long drawn sigh.

"Before I put his cock in May I want to rub it up and down your slit. I want to masturbate you with a horses cock. Would you like that", the rest of what I was going to say was smothered as Jill put a breast in my mouth. So I sucked, rubbing the nipple with my tongue and squeezing the other nipple with my fingers. Suddenly I wanted to give Jill another climax. All this talk had turned her on, she was leaking on my leg.

May decided to help when she saw what was happening. "You will love his cock, mostly it's hard but right at the tip it's so soft. You can fit both hand around it to wank him or just use one and play with his balls with the other, he likes that and moves closer. I just love watching his whole cock come out, it gets longer and longer until the tip shows".

I didn't want to, but s*s needed my fingers on her clit more than May did. When I touched her lips her legs opened wider. I slid one finger in as I massaged her clit and that was it. Jill was rocking on my finger, crying out in her climax.

"OH yes, Oh Dan, I want your cock in me, please, I want to take it, I want to feel it filling me, please, fuck me like you fucked May".

s*s lifted up and pushed my cockhead against her opening, moving my finger out of the way and lowered herself. s*s was hot with sexual excitement and very wet, she slid further down my cock. It couldn't go all the way because of the way she was sitting on me but she finally had my cock in her pussy. By the look on her face she was happy, very happy.

"Ohmygod, oh...., just leave it there, just let me stay, oh May, now I know what it feels like, what you felt. I want to play with your horses cock but he can fuck you while Dan fucks me again. It's such a great feeling. Ohmygod, mom's going to be pissed, she missed out. We can do it again, with mom, please Dan".

s*s was starting to think of the future, a future with mom, all of us together again. I gave her a big hard hug, "Yes, you can stay on my cock, yes, I want to fuck you again and a big yes, we can include mom. Mom can sit on my cock while I eat your pussy. We can do it in the barn so May can have some cock as well, if his cock is that big, one can masturbate him while the others suck him and play with his balls".

s*s was moving on my cock, not up and down, just moving and it felt good.

May got into the fantasy mode as well, "If all us girls are bent over playing with Mangor cock, Dan will have three cunts to fuck, he can take turns with us. Unless he wants to play. Would you like to hold a cock Dan, you know the best way to make you happy, you could show us how to do it. Shit, I forgot, the horse coming over today is a mare. Dan, you could have your own fun. You could fuck a horse yourself, with that big cock, I'm sure she would like it. What do you think Jill, would you like to see your b*****rs cock going in her cunt, would you like to hold Dan's cock".

s*s was breathing hard, her eyes were shut but her pussy was gripping my cock harder. I squeezed her breast again, she was so turned on her nipples were little buttons. "If I rub a horses cock against your clit will you rub my cock against a horses clit. You can hold my balls while I fuck her. I think May would like to repay you for rubbing her clit", s*s was breathing faster. "I think May would even like to suck your pussy, stick her tongue in and lick you".

s*s stopped breathing and I lifted up so she could feel more of my cock, I sucked harder on her nipple and s*s exploded. This was more than just a climax, I thought s*s had had an orgasm. She bucked against my sucking mouth and slammed down on my cock. I lifted again but s*s was full, she had all she could take. I could see May checking me out, yes, there was still more cock.

My finger was going crazy on her clit until s*s clamped her hand over mine. She was dead still apart from her breathing. It sounded like she had run a mile, a very fast mile. s*s moved then wrapped both hands round my head and tried to pull me into her chest, at least that's what I thought, I still had a mouthful of breast and could feel her heart beat so I gave the nipple a nibble and waited. It took a long time for s*s to come down and by then we had turned onto May's drive.

It was May who broke the silence, "That was an orgasm wasn't it, just like Dan gave me, the second time. Pretty fantastic aren't they, you are so lucky to have Dan, it took me years to feel that good".

"It was the feeling of Dan's cock that started it but it was the talking, both of you telling me what was going to happen, what could happen. I was so turned on I could see Dan's cock in my hand as it went into the mare, but..., I..., oh shit, would you lick me May, please, or could we suck each other?".

"Of course we can, it would give me the greatest pleasure to be your first female pussy licker. You see, even though I like a cock, especially Dan,s, I like licking pussy better. It was another woman that gave me my first real orgasm, but don't feel bad Dan, I am going to enjoy your cock again, with Jill playing with my clit and I do want to watch you fuck my mare. You were right Jill, we are all sticky and it will only get worse with Mangor's cum all over us. Lets go there first.

We pulled into the barn – stable, s*s and I had fun, with a lot of touching getting untangled, it had seemed so easy getting in, but neither of us worried and I gave her nipple another bite as it passed. By the time we had straightened ourselves out May was walking a beautiful stallion towards us. s*s stood dead still as Mangor lowered his head and sniffed between her legs then shifted his head toward me. I thought it would be like meeting a dog for the first time and was about to put my hand out, palm down when Mangor licked my cock. We all laughed.

"He can smell pussy juice on your cock and he likes licking it. Why don't you open your legs Jill, see what happens".

s*s moved a little closer to me and put her hand on my shoulder before lifting a leg. Mangor was there in a flash, his long tongue licking my s****r's pussy. s*s just closed her eyes and I thought of my tongue being there. I wanted to suck her pussy as well as fucking it.

Look out for part 2

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