Well Trained

A Good Son

My Personal Trainer had set me a good routine to help me get up to nearly top condition before the season started and I was going to hit this speed in time for the trial's, I was not worried about my position on the team but I knew we had some who were waiting in the wing's, Let them eat cake.
My part time job in the off season had helped because of the heavy lifting but I needed to work on my leg's and endurance as well.

I had added, after consulting with my P.T., a five mile run to our routine as it was a good way to get home and save money.
Why is it that we now need a P.T., in the old day's you just did it. Now you need a signed piece of paper to say you did the training and you did it the right way. 'I'll sue', the American way, God bless America.

And today I would swing by Mom's and do the fish and security check. Why have fish that needed feeding any how, they're goldfish, in an outside pool, why can't they eat worms and flies like other fish?. I thought it's no big deal anyhow, just another mile and I can use the run back to my apartment as my cool down. Feeding the fish and checking the house was just a different way home.

Mom had kept the house rather than buy an apartment after Dad had died three year's ago, she said she liked the space with no close neighbour's and her traveling made it okay if she came home in the middle of the night, she would not annoy anyone.

Because of her work she travels a lot now and I do this often. I have a routine when I get there, check and turn off the alarm, up the stair's and down the hall, check Mom's bedroom windows and the ensuite, down the hall and check the second bedroom, check the window at that end of the hall and down stairs, through the lounge checking the windows and into the kitchen, unlock the back door and feed the fish, check for dead fish!, thanks but no thanks, let the others have a feast!, back inside and lock the door, check the room and go through to my old room and then the bathroom and the basement door, finally outside again and lock the front door and set the alarm.
I do it this way to remember everything and because I can do it jogging, no stop start in my routine and I did not think this time would be any different.

I completed the last of my circuits reps and picked up my backpack, setting out for the track, I was in a hurry, the last two weeks a hot little number had been running the track at this time and I did not mind the view, the rear view, when I caught up and passed her. It was worth it.
Out on the track there was no one, oh well another day and started my three miles, my time had improved but decided to kick it up a notch, this was for me, I didn't have to please anyone but myself.

After two laps I was moving freely and not really breathing hard, not a sprint but I was feeling good when I spotted her, she had one of those expensive running outfits that made running behind her something special.
I did not want to lose the the effort I had already put in so kept at the same pace and passed her, I gave a friendly nod and carried on, this was not a race and I had not even asked her name, she was doing her thing and I was doing mine. The three mile's just happened on their own and I paused to pick up my pack and continued on to Mom's place thinking about adding some weight to the pack and running with that.
While I was jogging to Mom's I realized I had forgotten my eye exercises, oh well, another day.

When I got to Mom's my mind was still on other things and I started on my routine, I normally take the stairs two at a time and on my toes to stretch the muscles in my lower legs and it's fairly quiet, then staying on my toes do the rest, down the hall and into Mom's bedroom.
I was on automatic and opened the bedroom ensuite and ran into a brick wall, a big brick wall.

There was Mom sitting on the toilet, naked except for a load of shaving cream between her leg's and a razor in her hands and a smile on her face. As I was doing a security check I should have been ready for anything but..., well..., nothing like this, this left me speechless.

“I tried to call you but you must have already left for the gym, I didn't think you finished this early", she explained that the meeting was canceled when the CEO was stuck in London by fog, "Do you think you could do this again on Friday, I have to go to DC again?”, she asked.

The brain was working but someone had shifted the mouth into neutral. I could not say anything for a minute and then compounded the problem by saying something stupid, “ You are sitting on the toilet, naked and you are going to shave your pussy and you are talking about Friday, so... so, who are you shaving your pussy for?”. So much for a college education.

“I am doing this for me and yes, would you look after the house again on Friday, I should be home late Saturday afternoon and... for your information..., I have been shaving for years, now, stop catching flies, I would like you to give me a hand, there are places I can t see while holding a razor, it will not that hard for you, You have been doing it for year's..., I mean, your face, how hard would it be to help your Mother.

“Shit..., I'm sorry Mom, I did ...,not like that, I mean ..., stop with the surprises please, One thing at a time, I am sorry I barged in on you and I am sorry about what I asked about, who you were shaving for, way out of line but hell... It's not an everyday event ..., is it?”.

“No, I only shave once a week and I didn't have time yesterday before I left and I was getting itchy at the meeting and no I am not embarrassed, remember, I potty trained you and that was not without accidents, you have peed on me countless times, this is something I do and I think you could give me a helping hand..., so to speak, I used to have you in the bath with me, you have seen my pussy and I have seen your penis, I have pulled your foreskin back and washed your cock, now, does this embarrass you. Seeing me like this. Being naked in front of my son does not worry me?”.

“No Mom and I really am sorry, if I can help, you only need to ask, I..., I..., why haven't you asked before?”.

“Yes, sure, I pick up the phone and ask you to come over and shave my pussy, yeah right, it just happened that now you have walked in and seen me, so now we can talk, we can be adult about it and I can ask you. It's not so bad this way, in fact it's better, you are old enough to know your own mind, I don't have a problem and I hope you don't. If you want to help I suggest you get started, It's getting a little cool sitting here like this and the shaving cream has lost it's foam, do you want to help?”.

“How, I mean... welll..., what do you do, I mean..., How do I do It, oh god this is not coming out right is it. I mean.... I want to help, I want to shave your pussy but this is all new, could you talk me through it for the first time. Please, I don't want to hurt you or, heaven forbid, I don't want to cut you”.

“I think we had better start from the beginning, get the face cloth and run it under some warm water and wash my pussy, you don't mind me calling it a pussy, vagina sound's so clinical. I can show you how I do the parts I can see or you can try, then you can do the rest, just wash all the old cream off and then rinse the cloth with hot water and hold the cloth against the hairs so they soften, then we can begin”.

“These are orders I have no trouble with”.

“Now, she explained, this all happens after I cover my pussy with shaving cream but we will do without for your first time. I hold my legs as far apart as I can to stretch the skin tight and start from my legs, in toward my lips, now that you are going to help it will be easy, I normally have to change hands to do both sides. You hold the razor like you would when you are shaving your neck and just follow my instructions. Gently but with enough pressure to make sure it's a close shave..., Yes, that's good", she said, "Now the other side, oh yes...,very good, rub your fingertips over the area and make sure you got the lot".

I was doing what I do every time I shave but had no feedback as I normally have when I rub my own face with my own fingers so I just rubbed lightly.

"You have to touch a little harder", I was told so I slid my fingers all over the area I had just finished, again, clean as a baby's bum.

"Now start from the top and work down on either side of my clit and out to my legs on both sides, this takes a bit of practice as you have to change angles”.

Mom leaned back and sighed as I finished part two then asked for the razor.“Just this time I had better do this part but I will tell you what I am doing, I usually leave some hair around my clit but you may be able to do it better. I use my thumb to hold the head of my clit and pull down, then shave to my thumb, it's safer for me to do it that way, I can't see because of the razor, she demonstrated, but you should be able to get closer. Now we come to the part that I can't do, for all my trying, do you still want to help?”.

“Of course Mom, what can't you do, everything looks easy so far”, so far everything had looked easy and I suddenly realized, it looked good and my body was reacting in a way it shouldn't.

I was getting hard watching and helping my mother shave her pussy and the way Mom was looking at the bulge in my shorts told me she did not mind in the least. Well it was just a natural thing, what the hell.

“You can do this part honey, I'll tell you what to do”, and she turned around and holding onto the toilet she spread her legs and bent over, “I can't get back there “, she explained rubbing behind her pussy and showing me the pubic hair between her pussy and her pink rim down her legs. That is the place that gets itchy, can you shave it clean for me, please?”.

What more could a son do than help out his Mother in her hour of need? But bending down was getting to be a problem as my bulge had now become a full hard on.
“Can I do a little something first”, I asked.

“What ever you need son”.

I stood up and removed my shorts, as I wasn't wearing any underwear, now we were in the same condition, well if, Mom is okay being naked in front of me I thought, what's the problem.
No problem, I saw Mom watching, she did not say a thing just bent lower.
I took the razor and approached the job at hand in a professional manner of somebody doing a job for the first time and decided to sit on the floor to make it easier, Mom just spread her legs wider and pulled back one cheek and asked if I could do it twice to make sure.
I thought that shaving cream would be needed and said so. I got to my feet with a bit of a struggle, I couldn't just grab Mom's ass cheeks and haul myself up could I? But in doing so my cock wiped her ass, again that sigh.

I got back in place and squirted some shaving cream onto my fingers and applied it all around the back of her pussy, legs and ass then Mom started to tell me what to do until I held her ass cheek and pulled the skin tight.

The sigh was now a moan, not of pain but of pleasure. I worked the razor up her legs and around the back of her pussy around her rim using firm full strokes, this was like shaving my throat up to my chin and I kept the pressure on her cheek to keep the skin tight then repeated on the other side.
Mom was bending further and pushing back into my hand with every stroke, I told Mom that I had finished the first and that I would wash her pussy before the second. As I stood up this time my cock was between her legs and rubbed her pussy. My cock was covered with shaving cream.
Mom stood up and turned to me, she looked at my cock standing straight and white.

“From what I just felt I think once was enough although we should check the front again, if you want to..., I would love the chance and I should really help you with your problem now that you have helped me with mine, I think you should sit on the toilet and we can find out”, she said moving out of the way expecting no argument but grabbing the shaving cream. She opened her legs and pressed the button and aimed the nozzle straight at her pussy, Mom smiled at me and told how she loved that feeling.

I didn't know what to think, Mom had tossed me a few curve balls already, what was next. Was Mom going to give me a hand job?, I sat on the toilet seat and watched Mom lather up between her leg's.

"Sit further back and I will sit on your legs, we can use your cock as a test finger, then..., well..., it's been a long time since I..., maybe you can help your Mother again while I help you?".

The door opened and someone turned the light on!!!, my Mom wanted my cock, my Mother wanted her son to fuck her, she put her foot beside my foot and swung her other leg over mine and sat. She reached for my cock and held it in place, then slid forward until the head was touching her pussy lips.

"This is so much better than a finger don't you think?", and rubbed the head around her outer lips, "Can you feel any parts you missed, apart from my clit, I think it would be better if you held it so I can sit up and you can check behind?".

My cock was as hard as I have ever known and was standing straight up as Mom lifted above me.

"Just run your cock between my pussy lips so you can get back there", again the moan as I pushed my cock through her lips and rubbed the head against the sensitive area before her rim,
Mom was maintaining the height above me therefore the pressure of her body on my cock and when I brought the head back to the front it stopped at her entrance and she dropped down, all the way down, I was balls deep in pussy. My Mothers pussy and it felt so good, so right I just smiled at Mom, leaned forward and kissed her, and kept on kissing her as our tongues got to know one another.

"Do you think it's smooth enough son, no stray hair?", she asked when we came up for air.
I put my arms around her waist and gave her a hug that pressed her breast into my chest, "After we finish the test and I clean your pussy, I'll put some lotion on it, then we will know for sure, but I do mean after, we can't be sure only doing the test once. I think my tongue will give me a better impression".

Mom kissed me and sat up cupping a breast, holding the nipple to my lips. "Do you remember how to do it, It's been a few years but they say it's like learning how to ride a bike".

I didn't say anything, I held her breasts and squeezed them as I suckled on her nipple, she moaned again. I still had my cock buried deep in her pussy but neither of us felt like moving, we were both enjoying the feeling, this thought made my cock jump a little in her tight sheath and she tightened her pussy muscles.

Holding my head against her breast she asked THE question. "Do you want to fuck your mother, do you want to move that big prick in and out of your mother's pussy?", and kissed my ear. "You know we would be more comfortable in bed but I want to do it here, this time, I want to ride your cock sitting on the toilet, so much has happened here it be a shame to spoil the experience".

I moaned my agreement around her nipple, I did not want to let it go but she pulled back and told me not to forget the other one as she lifted up. Mom's pussy seemed to grip my cock as it moved up and then relaxed as she came down to rub our pubic bones together.

"You have really turned me on, this was something I have been thinking about for a while, your nice big cock is going to make me cum again and again. I don't want any of the fools I work with, I want my sons cock to give me pleasure..., so much pleasure..., each time you are free I want to ride your cock, or suck it, would you like that, do you want to?".

Mom was moving faster. Each question seemed like a punctuation of a point as she rode back down my cock. I didn't think she wanted answers but was making a statement of fact and I sucked harder, It may have been a turn on for Mom but I was feeling it as well and my cock was going to make a statement as well.

Mom reached between us and started rubbing her clit so hard she nearly stabbed my cock with her fingernail when she crashed down again, then it happened, she threw her head back and arched into me.
"I'm cumming, push, push harder, please, The change of her body angle did it for me and I pushed up off the toilet seat, I nearly straightened , my cock was buried so deep it was the only thing holding Mom until she wrapped her legs around me and clamped my thighs, her fingers digging into my shoulders.

I started to climax and jerked into Mom's pussy and shot a load that triggered her own orgasm.
I wanted to jerk and let go again but Mom was stiff and she had me locked down solid as waves of pleasure rolled over her.

She continued to rub her clit, slower now, no pressure, as she came down from her high, I pushed into her again and drained myself, I relaxed enough to sit on the toilet. The whole experience had been so new, so different that I would never sit on a toilet without thinking about it, ever.

I embraced Mom and she opened her eyes. "The mind is a great thing but your body, your cock is by far better, much better than I had possibility thought. I was right, if you want to, I want your cock and only your cock in my pussy, it fits so well and I feel so filled, please say you want my pussy again, your cock feels so right snuggled in my pussy right now, a real happy camper in a warm sl**ping bag".

"Well after my circuits and my run, I could tell my P.T. I finished with an aerobic exercise, of course I will, of course you can, yes to all with a capitol Y. Mom that was great, fantastic, your pussy seems just built for me, it was so good when you sat on my cock and so tight when you came, how else could it be, was it really that good, I mean, well, for a first time?".

"I could show you how good your cock felt in my pussy but I think we both need a shower, then you can check my pussy with your tongue and I can show you what my tongue can do, after the shower or..., maybe in it, come on, we can both fit in, I need to get rid of this shaving cream and something is dripping down my leg".

I got the water running and took my top off, Mom came up behind me and embraced me, rubbing her nipples into my back, kissing my shoulders.

"It wasn't your first time was it, your cock seemed to know what to do and you did wait for me, yes it was good, your cock is more than I hoped for and telling me my pussy was tight is what every woman wants, that it was my Son who said it makes it so much better, having your cock in my pussy was more than just male female, it was a son and his mother and better because of that fact, what we did is ours and ours alone".

Discussing my sex life with my Mother, well, after what had just happened, why not, this was the future and it starts now. "When you sat on my cock it was like the first time for me, I have never had a feeling like that mom, the first time I did it was with Becky from down the road and the sex was fast because she was afraid we would get caught, it wasn't very good. Some of the others, no, there have not been that many, were good, I thought, but now I can see, second place is not good enough and that's where they are, second place, come on, the waters hot, I'll wash you first".

I got the flexible head and sprayed Mom from head to foot and she opened her legs to get the shaving cream off, she was about to reach between her legs to wash her pussy when I told her no, that was my job, no cheating in this shower. I lathered up the sponge and turned her around and started on her shoulder and neck, this is just so good and natural, washing my Mother. Her body looked good and her muscles were firm as I worked my way down her back and slid the sponge between her checks. She put her hands on the wall and opened her legs, I remembered her sigh when I held her checks while shaving and gave her other hole some extra attention, again the sigh.
"Do you like that", I asked.

"Yes, is it so bad, I like your hand there, it's exciting and naughty..., but nice".

I had not thought of making love to my Mother as naughty, maybe we could discover something else together, I knelt and continued down her legs and then up the inside, "Did I get the stuff that was dripping down your leg?" I asked as I turned her body round, "maybe it would be better from the front, just put one leg on my shoulder so I can see".
Mom moved closer and put her leg on my shoulder with her pussy in my face.

"You need to be really close to see with all this steam".

So I stuck my tongue out and gave her pussy a quick lick and pulled back, I told her it was all gone and continued to wash her legs as she laughed. Getting back to my feet I now had a full look at Mom's breasts, they weren't overly large but just the right size, the nipples on the other hand were large and stiff, I leaned down and kissed them and told Mom that I had not forgotten, that they were better than before now I knew what else they could be used for and ran the sponge around one breast and used my other hand on the other.

"My turn and you are going to pay for that little tease", Mom said as she soaped up the sponge and dropped to her knees, before I could react she put my cock in her mouth and gently bit it and pulled away.
"So far we are even and I am going to keep it that way, what ever you can do, I can do better, I'm older and know all the tricks", and laughed again as she soaped up my legs.
Holding my cock with one hand she pulled the foreskin back with the other, gently rubbing the sponge around the head, "Don't piss on me like you did the last time", she pulled the foreskin forward then back to rinse my cock. It's funny, you used to get hard when you were younger and I washed your cock and it's happening again, I wonder why?".
Mom leaned toward me again with her mouth slightly open and I thought she was going to suck me again but she reached back and washed my balls then stood up and washed my chest. When she had finished she put her hands on my hips and pulled me toward her, she reached around and started on my back pulling me into an embrace, my cock started thinking on his own and she opened her legs to give him some room.

Mom had reached the crack of my arse and used her soapy finger to slid between my cheeks and give my hole the treatment, this was more than just washing, we were really going to have to follow this, I opened my legs and Mom smiled at me and asked if I liked that?, I reached down to her cheeks and squeezed and pulled them apart, I show you mine if you show me yours I replied, she pressed her finger against my hole then slid down my body washing my legs as she went, latter she said.

"Come on, we need to rinse before we turn to prunes", and grabbed the hose and turned it on me, "turn around, I'll do your back".

I turned and bent over and pulled my cheeks apart, "Make sure you get rid of all that soap", I told her and waited to see what was going to happen. I felt the warm water hit my arse and play up and down my legs, inter..resting. Your turn, taking the hose and holding the shower head close to her nipples I turned it to pulse and played the stream of pulsing water over her breasts, then down to her V, Mom lifted one leg and held it to one side as I throughly rinsed her clit and pussy, Now I thought I will find out how far, I told her to turn around.

I got a surprise, more than just finding out when Mom turned and bent over and put her hands on the base of the shower.
"You will have to hold them apart or I'll fall over".

Her legs were wide apart anyway but I should do what Mom asks, shouldn't I, so I pulled one cheek and aimed the water directly at her hole. This time it wasn't a sigh, It was a moan as she wiggled her arse in the stream.

"That's good", she said, "I can never get it so right on my own". I gently squeezed her cheeks as she stood up and smiled at me, "it's time for bedroom games if you are ready and gave my now hard cock a squeeze, I told you, anything you can do I can do better, lets get toweled off and get in that bed".

Mom stopped by the full length mirror with her legs apart, "What do you think", she asked as I wiped the toilet seat and threw the towels into the hamper, I moved behind her and ran my hands up her belly and cupped her breast, looking over her shoulder at her reflection.
She is my Mother and I am biased but with her flushed checks and firm body.

"Mom you are beautiful, your pussy is as smooth as a baby's bum and that little bit of hair is cute, just right", she held my cock and led me onto the bedroom, "I could shave you", she replied, "after...."

She turned at the bed and kissed me then fell back on her super king. "Suck my breasts again, please, it was so nice to have you on my nipple once more".

Mom had asked me to suck on her boobs and suck on them I would. I leaned in, taking a nipple between my lips, and kissed at it softly. I ran the tip of my tongue around her dimpled areola before teasing the stiff, pink peak more directly, but only gently back and forth.
She squirmed on her bed and I moved across to her so far neglected breast, sucking against her with the vacuum of my mouth before flicking that nipple quite quickly at its very tip. I continued to suck, lick, kiss and flick – first on one side and then the other until I saw what her fingers were doing.
"Hey, I was going to use my tongue to check your pussy, remember, you're cheating". I moved her fingers and held her hand, "I also remember you said something about being older and knowing all the tricks, maybe with your tongue?".
How to turn around for a 69 while being sexy?, easy, I kissed my way from her breasts to her pussy, shuffling around until my knee was beside her head, she held my leg and lifted it over her head, now she asked me to suck her pussy. "I will if you suck my cock", I told Mom and blew on her shaven pubic area, she grabbed my cock and drew it down to her mouth, I lowered my head and my hips and licked her clit.
Mom lifted her knees and tucked her heels right up to her bottom lifting her hips, exposing her clit and pussy, I licked her clit again then put my mouth over her lips and sucked. I sucked her lips into my mouth and pushed against her opening with my tongue. Fucking with my tongue and sucking her lips had Mom moaning around my cock. I could feel her hips lift to help me or encourage me to do more, I wanted to do more, I flicked her clit and ran my tongue through the lips to her ass and ran into that brick wall again as Mom put me in a head lock with her thighs.
I did not say anything stupid this time, I could not say anything this time, I just licked the little puckered hole and Mom went crazy with my cock, she really liked this, she opened her legs now she knew I would do what she wanted as she bucked on the bed lifting her ass even higher when I pulled her cheek apart.
I was too tall to allow her to suck my cock while she was in bent over and she let it slip from her mouth but grabbed it in her hand and rubbed the foreskin. I kept working my tongue in her hole as she cried out.
"Lick it, lick my hole, run your tongue around the rim, do it, do everything you have thought about, oh please fuck my arse with your tongue, fuck me, fuck your Mother with your tongue, yes oh.... yes, more. Stick it in... harder.. I'm cumming..., I cumming with your tongue in my arse.
Again with the head lock and I held still, another orgasm and just from a tongue lashing, I was a bit surprised but realized this was something Mom had wanted badly or missed because Dad had died . She had not dated, that I knew about, the little hints in the shower were more than hints. She relaxed her legs and slumped back to the bed, I gave her pussy another lick and flicked her clit lightly, I lifted my leg over her head turned to look at Mom.

She had her eyes closed and was breathing through her mouth, I crawled up to her and lay beside her, she rolled into my arms, I held her tight and kissed her eyes, we lay like that for a long time before she spoke.
"I take it back, I can't do anything better than that, thank you, you could not have known, but I have wanted that for years, even before I met your Dad I have thought and wondered, I have worked it in my mind so many times that I could climax without even touching my clit and the first time it happened, it was with my Son, thank you, now lie on you back, I have other way's to say thank you".
I rolled over and Mom started kissing her way back to my cock, she held it and lowered her mouth, I held my breath as she sucked it into that warm cavern and started crying.
"Whats wrong, have I done something to hurt you?".
“No… oh no… it’s not that,” she replied, lifting her head away wiping her lips on my shaft. “Your cock… ” she went on, kissing softly with moist, puckered lips at my swollen, purple head between the words that she spoke, “it’s… it’s incredible!” Mom began to draw my foreskin gently back and forth now with a tighter grip of her hand.
"If you want to cum in my mouth I will keep sucking but just now I really want your cock in my pussy. I want my Son's beautiful cock gliding in and out of his Mother pussy, I will suck your cock until you cum in my mouth and I will put my tongue in your hot little hole but right now I want to feel it in me, I know it will fill me like before but I want to feel your cock moving, fucking me and I want to be on top".
I just nodded as she climbed up my body still holding my cock and directing the head between her lips and lowered herself, engulfing my cock with her beautiful bald pussy, there was no waiting this time, Mom started to ride my cock. Her strokes were long and full, I was amazed at her fitness.

Mom gasped and moaned with each wonderful thrust on my cock, I could feel her muscles working, milking me, bring me closer to the edge then relaxing, I pulled on her nipples as she rubbed her clit.

"This is great, I got my Sons big cock in my pussy, I can feel the head go right back, I can feel it rubbing inside my pussy..., he is going to cum in my pussy, its so wet now and he going to fill it with cum.., his big beautiful cock..., moving, I going to cum..., cum with me, fuck me, give me your cock..., OH yes..., yes".

I was pumping hard into Mom as she ground into me I shot another load in her pussy. A double, twice now we had cum together and I held her again as she collapsed into my arms kissing me, I pulled the cover over us and held her in a lovers embrace as we both came down from the experience.

"I have never felt so good, so happy, we have had the best time together that..., I don't know how to put in words, it was so good to feel your tongue in my arse and it was even better having your cock sliding in my pussy...,, shaving me, sucking your cock, everything and I do want you to cum in my mouth, I do want to taste your hole, all of it, I..., is there anything else you want?. I'll do it and I hope you will fuck me again, did you like it..., Damn, you have got me talking like a teenager with to many hormones, I love you".

"I love you too Mom and again, yes to all the above, I think we have found something special and I want to work at making it better, I want you to be as happy as I am. I do love you, but we had better order takeaways, I don't think either of us could stand for long and I know I'm hungry, I guess you are too and we need to keep our strength up for tonight. Would it be ok for me to crash here tonight and I do mean here".

"As I was saying, your cock is a happy camper, he is back in his sl**ping bag.
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2 years ago
Great story...good action.
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nice twist great writing
3 years ago
not really what i expected but still a good story
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3 years ago
Not what I was expecting, but still very hot! :)
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great story so hot!