Want to fuck your Mother

One fucked up f****y

I was fucking my s****r for the second time, actually, she was fucking me and just like last night she was telling me what to do. Nothing. All I had to do was lie there so she could mount my cock and ride it. I wasn't complaining, damn her pussy was tight.

It all started a couple of years back, not the i****t with my s****r, that's new, Dad was the problem. He was screwing around behind Mom's back and was unlucky, sort of, to have a heart attack in the middle of a fuck with an u******e girl. She panicked and left but didn't call 911 and Dad died right there, in a sleazy motel room on the bad side of town.

When I said sort of unlucky, I mean if her father had found out Dad was screwing her he would have killed Dad. As it turned out he did kill his wife, she had sold her daughter to Dad for a one night stand so he would fuck her as well. Dad wasn't choosy. The other father is doing twenty to life so no more about him. Mom, on the other hand went bat shit crazy and and threatened the girl in front of cops. That got her a brief stay in a mental hospital and that wasn't covered in the health insurance so Mom told me to sell the house.

A month later and I had tried everything to get Mom settled and taking her medication on a regular schedule so they would release her. Easier said than done. She was confined to the hospital by the court and thought every man in the place wanted to stick his cock up her cunt and fuck her. Not something a son wants to hear from his mother, and those were her words. Plus, the hospital wouldn't release her until she had a place to stay.

I used the extra money from the house, it was to big anyway, quit our apartment and brought a three bedroom, two bath place with a basement that needed a bit of doing up. The basement was for Mom. I also helped Mom with one of her problems, actually it was an old joke about the one cent contraception with a twist. I convinced Mom that if she held a one cent coin between her knees she wouldn't have to worry about the men fucking her. It worked..... for a while. I didn't know she didn't include me. Every time I visited she let the coin drop and I missed the signal. Dumb shit, my wife didn't.

In fact I missed quite a few signals after we moved into the house although I did have an excuse, after a while Lou, my wife didn't bother getting dressed when we were inside.

Mom had always been some sort of control freak and I was about to learn how she fucked up my s****rs life. She had used all sorts of mind games with me as I was growing up but didn't push me as far as she pushed s*s. You see, I was a mistake. Oh sure, she loved me but I came about after a d***ken party, five years after my s****r. It was after college and I had left home that I wondered if Dad was my father. He topped the chart at five five and I had topped six foot before I was sixteen, he may have weighed one eighty soaking wet where I moved the scales to two fifty. Makes you wonder about genes. Where Dad had worked on the shop floor I was earning some serious money.

As I said, after college I moved out and a month later got married. Lou was perfect, for me. She had a brain and used it, even beat me in maths. In bed she was just great, a free and open lover. Mom had some different ideas. She only got to say them once and I think she was only half way through when she was talking to a door, with me on the other side.
The big day was approaching and Lou and I had a long talk about Mom, it went something like this. "Any shit from Mom and she goes straight back to hospital and we get another apartment. You okay with that Lou?" Like I said, Lou was perfect, she nodded her head, yes.

Wouldn't you know it, when we arrived to pick her up she was the perfect patient, smiling and thanking the nurse as she was pushed in the wheelchair. She was even the model Mother giving me a peck on the cheek before hugging Lou, telling her how pretty she looked. I wondered if the staff had given her a stronger dose to get rid of her. No, as soon as I passed the entrance my real Mother was back.

"Now those pricks will have to think of another cunt to fuck and that bitch of a nurse can think of another pussy to lick."

I took a quick look at Lou and was surprised. She was smiling. As soon as I get home I'm going to Google those med's I thought, they must have some serious side effects.... and nearly crashed. Mom had moved to the middle of the rear seat, right in my line of sight in the rear view mirror and was pulling off her panties. And it didn't end there.

"Lou honey, I was wrong and I'm sorry, you have done a bang up job with my sonny boy and I want to know if I can borrow his cock once a week. God I need a good fucking now that stupid prick has gone."

I was so pissed Mom had used my nickname I nearly missed the rest. Lou didn't, she turned in her seat and smiled at Mom, "There was nothing wrong with you was there? You were pissed he was fucking her and not you. How long did you go without sex mom?"

"Two fucking years and I didn't have the guts to ask you to share my little sonny boy's cock before, well, they told me not to bottle things up and stew over them so there. I want my son to fuck me and I hope you'll agree."

"Mom, I'm not little anymore and I'm not your 'sonny boy'. I.....

"Yes you are, you'll always be my sonny boy and I do hope you're not little anymore. I had enough fun playing with you when you were little but right now, well, is he big enough for you Lou? Can he make you scream? I need me some serious cock to put out my fire"

My perfect wife smiled at me as she lifted her ass and pulled down her panties.

"Oh yes, all the time except.... well, you can't scream much with a mouth full of cock. So tell me, did you teach him how to suck pussy as well, he's so good at that I only had to give him a few directions, mainly my clit."

"Might have, he was always hungry for my tits so I put his face to my cunt a few times.... well, more than a few. Step on it sonny boy, I might even wait for your cock if you're going to lick my cunt for me, give Lou some time with your cock, get it nice and wet."

Lou looked at me, the same sexy look that never failed to get me hard. That and her finger rubbing her big sensitive clit nearly caused another crash.
"I could start now 'sonny boy', make it nice and hard for your mommy. Would you like that?"

The change in Mom and Lou's understanding of it must be a girl thing I thought, but I'm a male, so. "Just to be fair Mom has to start on you as well, I want a hard clit to suck when I fuck her."

That was it. Lou let go her clit and Mom took over. My zipper slid down and Lou fished my cock out. Damn, when had that happened? I was leaking already. Lou noticed.

"Rub his cock head mom, taste it, it's so sweet."

Mom didn't need to be told twice but she didn't rub, she squeezed my cock, hard. 55 miles an hour on the freeway is not the place where this should happen and Lou got the message when I squeaked. She was holding my balls.

"Just a taste mom, don't get greedy. There plenty of cock to go around..... and tongue."

Shit, my wife and mother had taken this to a new level. Just having my ever loving mother grip my cock was one thing, having my wife telling Mom to slow down in her playing with my cock was another. Thank god we were home.... no, things got worse. The new house had an attached garage and when I activated the garage door and drove in Mom lost the plot.

Her skirt joined her panties on the floor as she made a hurried departure from the suv. And not on my side. Lou was a step behind. Me, fuck, I missed the boat completely. Mom and Lou were locked, lip to lip and finger to clit, like an idiot I stood there and watched, listened as Mom asked the question.

"You okay letting my boy fuck me?"

I was thinking I had some say in this.... oh fuck was I wrong when Lou smiled at me.

"Only on a day that ends with a 'Y' and I get his cock in the morning. Let's not forget a bit of pussy as well"

"My kind of a girl, those pussies in the hospital had no idea, all they had to do was ask. Stupid sons of bitches, fuck I was so horny and sonny boy didn't get the hint. Damn it would have been fun to suck his cock in front of them. I kept dropping the coin but nothing happened. I thought about pulling his cock out of his pants but needed to get home first. So, who's sucking who first, sonny boy can wait. After all he kept me waiting."

I was still away with the faeries and wasn't fast enough, in fact, I thought the cat had my tongue when my wife floored me.

"A 69 mom, lets let sonny boy know where his pussy is, both of our pussies. There's a bit of training for both of us. We have a bit of work to do if he is going to keep us happy."

For a moment I stood there looking like a fish out of water, WTF.
My mother and my wife, by now naked, walking into the house. What... Who.... Damn. Fuck me, there was no fucking way I was going to miss out on the action. I stripped and followed. My cock was going to be buried in a pussy tonight. Shit, Mom's pussy. Somehow I knew this was right, some how I knew Lou would agree..... even help.

We didn't even make it to the bedroom, Lou had Mom stretched out on the kitchen table, oh shit. Lou had my favourite, maple syrup, dripping on Moms cunt, there was going to be a battle royal to see who would lick her pussy clean. There was no problem as I shoved Lou out of the way, there was no objection either. Lou headed straight for Mom's tits. They got the maple syrup as well and as soon as they were covered Mom pulled Lou's head down, hard enough to squash them.

And Iwas left with Mom's cunt. It didn't help when Lou pushed my head down, straight into Moms sweet sticky pussy. I didn't need a second invitation and licked, sucked, shit I went mad. The smell, the taste of Mom sent me out of my head, why had I waited. I needed to make up for lost time and Mom was helping, her legs were open and her pussy was waiting. I dived in. Mom had started screaming as soon as my lips touched hers and her ass lifted when I stuck my tongue up her cunt so I dragged a chair around to get a better angle. This wasn't going to be a one minute wonder, I settled in for the long haul.

I got into a nice rhythm of working my finger in and out while sucking her clit and looked up her body. It was a bit surreal. A half an hour ago this sexpot had been my mother, pure and simple, now, Lou was mounding Mom's breasts and sucking hard on her nipple. Lou had never said anything about girl sex before and she did have a good imagination when it came to sex, kept us happy. Yet her she was, not only talking about i****t but wanting to help, even share her husband with his mother. Kinky, and I wondered about those sexy DVD's and other things I had found in the old place.

When Mom said 'sell the fucking place' I had a look around the old home and thought I would just get a moving company in and they could box everything and hold it in storage. I did take some time with a few personal item I thought Mom would want or need, that's when things got a little weird. For a start, Mom's underwear. I had never really thought of Mom in a sexual way, although she was older than most of my friends mothers I suppose you could call her a MILF. I thought, up until I was holding a very sexy pair of boy shorts, Mom was more 'cute'. She is rather small. Like I said, she was my mother so her whole under wear drawer got dumped into a bag. That's when I found the second suprise.

There was an envelope taped to the bottom of the drawer and in it were some early photos of Mom. Not the type you show the grand k**s, naked Mom. Not porn but it surprised the hell out of me, Mom shaved and the photos were close up and personal. After that I took a closer look around the bedroom, if I was a perve where would I hide stuff???? It was the top of the closet that held the jackpot, a dozen DVD's and by the labels I assumed they were Dad's stash. I assumed that because a couple were from south of the border, I was fairly certain when you put a naked girl and a donkey on the cover it was i*****l. They went into another bag and to be honest I forgot about them after I had left them on top of our closet. Worrying about Mom did have something to do with that. Now, with my finger in Mom's pussy and my tongue licking her clit, my wife sucking her tits and the noise she was making, now it was a whole new ball game.
It was a whole new ball game for Lou as well. I watched my wife spread her legs to allow Mom's hand to get to her pussy, another small movement and bingo. A finger disappeared and they both moaned so I picked up the suction my end. That did it. Mom screamed and Lou went up on her toes, I stood and buried my cock in my mothers very wet pussy and not a moment to late. I was thinking about in and out but Mom's ass was going up and down so I just stood there and let her do her thing, holding my hips to her ass. Another scream and Mom went as stiff as a board. Okay, she had her fun now it was my turn and started pumping my mother.

I can't remember being so turned on, usually I can last long enough to let Lou at least climax before I let go. This time, oh shit, three times and I went as stiff as a board. My cock buried as deep as I could get it and came. Somewhere in the back of my mind it registered that Lou was crying out she was cumming as well so I reached for her breast, she liked me squeezing them when she reached her peak, gave her a little extra. And this time she got even more. Mom rolled a bit and grabbed her other breast. Just like when she grabbed my cock she squeezed, hard. Lou screamed and threw her head back. This one would rate as a orgasm and I checked to find out why. Mom's thumb was rubbing across Lou's clit and the way Lou was pushing forward meant there was some pressure there, more than I had ever used.

I filed that for later and got ready to catch Lou. Her knees were shaking. Lou didn't go stiff when she climaxed, she was like rubber. After one good bout of sex she actually fell of the bed, luckily Mom's hand between her legs and my hand on her breast meant, when she did collapse, it was on Mom. The only one moving was Mom, she was stroking Lou's hair with one hand and looking at me.

"Well sonny boy, that was worth waiting for and," she squeezed her pussy on my cock, "seeing as you're still hard why don't you give your wife a bit of fun as well."

God damn, I was still hard and felt good to go again. I knew just how good Mom's pussy felt as I withdrew my cock and walked to Lou. What a sight, my naked wife lying on my naked mother, her legs open and ready with Mom's hand ready to guide me home. This was something new as well, never before had I felt another woman's hand hold my cock as I entered Lou's pussy. And the hand didn't go away. Mom's fingers played over my balls when I was fully home. Lou just moaned but my cock seemed to grow even bigger as I started a slow rhythm, in and out, just the way Lou liked. Mom had other ideas.

"Pick it up sonny boy, we girls like it hard once in a while, fast then slow, this is fucking not making love. Just like you want isn't it honey? And then sonny boy, I want a nice wet cock to suck clean."

Lou moaned even louder and lifted a little to push against me. Then I understood. Every time I slammed into my wife her tits rubbed against Mom's and that wasn't all of it. Lou's hand snaked down and grabbed Mom's cunt. Again a finger disappeared and Lou got her thumb working on Mom's clit and again there looked to be some extra pressure there. Mom liked it. She had her heels against her bum and had spread her legs even wider. I felt Mom's hand move and knew she was going for Lou's clit. Fuck me I was wrong. Mom timed it to perfection and slipped a finger along side my cock in Lou's cunt. Lou screamed and did a fairly good impression of a love doll somebody had stuck a pin in. Flat out on Mom.
Mom's finger finished me as well. There wasn't much cum left in my balls but she wanted to make sure they were empty as she sucked my now limp cock clean. Shit, what a day.

And that was just the start, after a couple of very noisy fuck sessions I thought about adding some sound control insulation to the basement walls. The DVD's were Mom's, a friend had given her the donkey sex ones after she had found her husband wanking over them and to be honest, if Lou and Mom hadn't been with me when we watched them, I would have been beating my cock as well. Lou asked, no, told me to play the part of the donkey and fuck Mom while Mom was tied over the coffee table. Lou was also the one that suggested I fuck Mom anywhere in the house, with or without her being present. The no clothes had also become a rule, at least for the summer.

The all girl sex also became normal. The change in Mom and Lou was... was, Jesus it's hard to put into words. Sometimes it was like Mom was a s****r to Lou, sometimes it was Lou who was the mother, telling Mom off for not wearing panties. Other times they both ganged up on me. I was 'sonny boy' to both of them then both of them played the part of my mother. Strange as it seems it worked for all of us, to the rest of the world we were a normal f****y, husband and wife with a live in mother, at night and the weekends we became sex crazed, horny fuckers.

Part of the problem/reason was Mom. Where Lou would wonder around the house naked, Mom would wear panties and tops, it was these tops that did me in. It didn't matter how Mom stood or what she was doing I got to see side boobs, sometimes even a nipple and the front view was even better, or worse. The front had a deep vee and Mom didn't wear a bra anymore. In fact, I was there when she unpacked the under wear bag and she made me throw them all out, all but one. The one that allowed her nipples to poke through and if she wasn't wearing one of her slut tops, as she called them, it was this bra she had on. The other part was the fact that Lou and Mom seemed to be forever touching one another. Didn't mater what they were doing as long as I was around and looking

So how come my s****r is about to jump my bones. My s****r, I did feel sorry for her, may have inherited a bit of Mom's crazy side, she decided the husband Mom had picked for her was either gay or perverted. Either way, she left him and turned up on our door step. After a long 'girl' talk with Mom and Lou she ended up in our bed. Lou didn't seem to mind, she was leading her and Mom was standing at the door, watching.

And today our mother decided to become our teacher, sex teacher. She even had an assistant, my wife. Last night s*s had convinced Mom she had not been a good mother, had not got her ready for marriage in the first place and then picked a right dork for her husband. It was now up to Mom to set things right and who was better to play the part of the male. Her b*****r of course. The only cock in town. It had been a real eye opener for me, well everybody when s*s told Mom she had wanted me to have sex with her for years, had watched me in the bath, getting dressed. How she had longed for my cock. The real shock was when she told Lou she had seen Mom hold my face to her pussy when I was young. Then s*s dropped the bomb.

"And I want you to hold his cock so he can piss on my tits, I... I might even drink some. He did that to me once when we shared a bath and every time I think about it I get horny."
So here I am, flat on my back with my s****r squatting over my cock which my mother is holding while my wife's pussy is dripping an inch above my mouth. And it is dripping. I had to stand and watch as Mom and s*s took turns licking her pussy, not touching her clit. My sexy wife was so ready for me to finish her off her knees were shaking and she was begging s*s to hurry up.

Mom was in charge, if she was going to be the teacher then we had to do what she said and she wasn't ready. She also had a mouthful, a mouthful of my s****rs nipple. Talk about being multi skilled, she was also working a dildo up her cunt while s*s played with Lou's breast. The nipple left her mouth with a pop and she said the magic word. "Now."

Like I said, I wasn't complaining, I couldn't. Lou dropped onto my mouth and I sucked. Her clit was so hard it actually felt like a small cock, I was in heaven. So was s*s. She also dropped, dropped so fast Mom's hand was jammed between us, none of us complained. Then s*s did, my cock wasn't deep enough. You can't please everybody sometimes.

Lou's thighs were gripping my head so I had trouble making out what Mom said to me. I could hear enough to start in the right direction, one hand on Lou's breast and the other on s*s. They in turn had a hand on each other and their other on Mom's breasts. I felt Lou move in time with s*s and it really did feel like my wife was fucking my mouth with her clit as s*s fucked my cock. And if s*s told me not to move, well, Mom was making sure. She had my balls in her hand.

And I didn't want to move, it just felt so.... so right. I was just a body to keep my women happy. There was no jealousy, no top dog, everybody was happy and content. There was not a need in any of us to prove a point and I thought this was the way the world should be run. Sex and fun, not my dick's bigger than yours right about the time Lou screamed. s*s followed. OMG, I was there as well.

Somewhere, in the back of my mind I hoped Mom was right there with us as I shoved my cock as deep as I could into s*s and sucked as hard as I could on Lou's clit.

Even with my wife closing her thighs tighter on my ears I knew the extra sound proofing was needed. It's a man thing. I relaxed in a blissful high thinking I had to do something special for Mom..... and Lou...... and s*s. Shit, was I wrong.

We were all laid back, sexually satisfied and I opened my stupid mouth and suggested we find some suitable partners for Mom and s*s. My wife was the first to hit me followed quickly by s*s. Mom just looked at me, that was bad.

"What the fuck is wrong with you sonny boy? Get it through your thick skull WE don't want another cock! WE want your cock and as long as you keep breathing your cock is OURS."

"Yes Mom."

My loving s****r hit me, hard.

"Got a problem with that, b*****r?"
"No s*s."

Faith, my wife..... wrong.

"Until death do us part."

"Yes Lou."

Oh God.......

97% (45/2)
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Damn boy you just keep writing fantastic stories
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Great, what a lifestyle,,,you'll probably die young but what a way to go.
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wow. nice
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great story