My Daughter The Boss

Daughter's can be Fun

My Daughter came home.

We were both ready to go to the toilet by the time I pulled into our drive way, the last stop was for gas and a drink but should have been a full pit stop and it was an hour ago.
It would be a race to the down stairs bathroom and Jane was on the right and closer to the door but I had the house keys. Once I unlocked the back door it would be 'all's fair in love and war', there were two ways to get to the toilet.

I put the car in park and Jane opened her door and fairly jumped out calling to me to throw her the keys. I smirked, 'no such luck' and followed her to the back door where she waited with crossed legs, although Jane was 19 we still joked and played these games.
I put my hand on the handle and unlocked the door but kept it shut, I smiled at Jane and said “On the count of three” and let go of the handle, Jane rushed the door not waiting for the count, I knew she wouldn't wait and took off myself. Jane going left about the kitchen and I went right, she would go through the lounge, the shorter route and I would go down the hall.

In her rush Jane had forgotten the boxes of stuff we had packed and piled by the door before we left. I heard a nasty word and a crash as one of them must have got in her way, we both ended up at the toilet at the same time but with one difference. Jane had her skirt around her waist and was holding her thong to one side, I stopped just short of the seat and she used my pause to sit down. Jane smiled up at me and said “all's fair in love and war', come on, you can aim, just pee between my legs”.

Our relationship had changed two years ago when my wife had been involved in a terrible accident and died as a result, Jane had moved out of the flat she was sharing and shifted back into her old room. She had told me her flat mates were getting over the top and she wanted some space again. “It's not like I have to train you, Mom did a good job, you can even work the washing machine, we will be great together, I can even pay board”, she had joked. I was sure she missed her mother and this would help her in her own way.

Over time Jane had started with the jokes again and smiled a lot more, we did work well together, sharing the cooking. She didn't screw her nose up at some of my meals anymore, well, not often and we both shared the house work on the weekends. As we both worked full time, by Saturday there was usually a mess to clean up and we got even closer.

There were times when we would cross paths on the way to the bathroom that a bit of skin was showing but we never worried about it, we were comfortable and not ashamed. Jane was a happy and loving daughter and I loved her back.

The last year had been her official 'I am an adult' and some of her dress code had changed, a little more stylish, not daring but up to date or, adult, without being 'over the top' as she put it but on the weekends it was tanktops and shorts or T shirts with a short skirt. I had noticed her figure had really filled out. She was a lovely teenager turning into a beautiful woman.
But now, this was new, sex was a thing I had not thought about, don't get me wrong, I'm still a man but I had pushed it to the background. I had still had my memory and I had a hand. Up until we talked about the future and decided last week to pack the last of Jenny's clothes and stuff to give them to the local church, it seemed like she was in the house with us.

I needed to pee more than I needed to think right now so I unzipped and pulled my penis out, Jane scooted back on the seat and opened her legs as a stream of golden liquid poured from her vagina, this sight and sound started me off. I was careful not to hit Jane's legs and once I had started and was sure of my aim I looked at her face. The only thing I could see was the look of 'oh the relief'.

We both finished at the same time and I became embarrassed, normally I would give it a few shakes and flush but this time someone was in the way. Jane learned forward to get at the toilet paper, this put her face just above my penis. I did not, could not move as I heard her take some of the paper and lean back, she calmly used this to wipe my penis, what to do? Easy. I moved back to get some paper myself and bent down to wipe her vagina for her. I had done the same thing while potty training her, what was different? 18 years was all, she was as hairless as then, I looked at her vagina, her leg's were still wide apart, “I didn't know you shaved”, was all I could think to say, my hand still holding the paper between her leg's.

“I didn't know you were so big”, she replied. Hell, I still had my cock out, I gently wiped her, let go of the paper and stood up. Before I could put my cock away Jane had reached up and cupped it in her hand. “I think it's time we had a talk and not the birds and the bees stuff, about my place here”, Jane said looking me in the eye, “we had better go into the lounge and sit before you fall down, your leg's are shaking”.

I backed up, my cock still out in front of my pants, I knew I would have trouble putting it away, it was standing to attention. Jane stood up and calmly took her thong off then unzipped her skirt, with a neat lob landed them in the laundry basket and headed back to the lounge lifting her T shirt off. I had seen that she was not wearing a bra, she hardly wears a bra on the weekend anyway but doesn't make it obvious.

Our lounge window looks out over the backyard and miles of trees, no neighbours, and Jane took centre stage. Naked and beautiful she pointed to my easy chair, “Sit, no take off your pants first”, that order was not hard to obey, my cock was being annoyed by my zip now that I was standing up and it was hard. I slipped off my shoes and undid my belt and button, they fell to the floor and I stepped out of the legs, now I looked foolish with my undies bunched under my cock. “You had better take them off as well, we don't want anything between us”, Jane said. I lowered my underpants and stepped away to my chair.

As I sat down Jane walked a little circle, I sat waiting, she was making her mind up about something and I kept quiet, she stopped and looked at me and put her hands on her hips, leg's spread.

My god I thought, my daughter is a woman, her breasts were firm and full with the nipples a bright pink and standing out, a darker ring surounding then, her hips had a gentle flow to long well shaped legs, her vagina, no, her pussy was a thing of beauty in the V of her leg's, her moisture showing in the late afternoon sun.

Jane had gotten her genes from me and stood tall and regal at 6 foot, a few inches shorter than me but with the same brown hair, a goddess. Where had I missed the change my cock noticed.

“We can talk about it or you can follow order's but one way or another I am going to have that nice big cock in my pussy, today, are you OK with that”, Jane asked.

No, that wasn't a question, that was a demand, with a question on the end. I just nodded. Jane walked over to my chair and put a knee on either side of me, it's a big easy chair, I had ordered as a special, she lifted her body so that she straddled me, her pussy just above my cock-head.

“Well” she asked, “I want to be the woman of our house and I want some Cock, It's not a penis it's a cock, It's not a vagina it's a pussy and this daughter wants her father's cock in her pussy, in other words, Fuck your daughter' pussy!”.

Yes this was new, new but good and my cock got bigger and harder than ever. Jane leaned forward and thrust a breast at my face, the nipple at my lips, I reached between her leg's and stroked her lips as I sucked the nipple into my mouth, she supported herself with one hand and grabbed my cock with the other. “ Are you going to let me have your cock, do you want it in your daughter's pussy?” she asked, rubbing the head against her clit. With a mouth full of nipple I could only moan and suck harder. Jane rubbed my cock between her pussy lip's and I could feel the heat and wetness, she held the head against the entrance and slid down, all the way down until I felt our pubic bones meet.

Jane cried out in pleasure, her pussy was pulsing, holding my cock, letting go then holding again as she worked her muscles leaving my cock fully embedded in her pussy. I switched to the other breast and nipple, my hands going around her back and gently stroking then coming back to cup her breast. One of her hands was circling her clit and the other was behind my head holding me against her breast, pressing her tit into my mouth.

She leaned back so I could come up for air and I felt her fingernails stroke my pubic hair as they drew toward her clit, I looked down at her pussy as she arched back and I could see she had a finger either side of her clit and was really working it. I put my hands back on her breasts and squeezed, I knew this time she just needed to feel my cock in her pussy, she would do everything else, this was her climax. I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs and her pussy gripped my cock again, I felt harder than ever, she cried out again as I made my cock jump inside her.

“Yes, oh yes, My father's cock is in his daughter's pussy, I'm fucking my father, I'm fucking my father's big cock and I love it, yes father, make it jump in my cunt, oh fuck this is good, fuck I'm cumming, oh fuck, fuck....” I felt her pussy clench my cock and her whole body trembled as her orgasm hit, I pinched her nipples and watched my beautiful daughter cum on my cock.

Jane held that pose for a bit longer then fell forward into my embrace, tear's of joy and passion were in her eyes as she kissed me, a lovers kiss, her tongue entered my mouth and played for a while as her body ran down from her orgasm.

“Thank you daddy, oh god that was good” and kissed me again and gave my cock a squeeze with her talented pussy, she kissed me again and then sat up, my hard cock was still locked in that very wet, hot hole. “Can I be selfish again? I want to suck you off, this was my first time with your cock in my pussy and I want it to be the first time in my mouth daddy. I want to suck my father's cock 'till he cum's in my mouth, do you want to cum in your daughter's mouth daddy?”.

I didn't answer I just pulled her back and kissed her, we kissed for a long time until Jane pulled back with a smile on her face, “I need an answer daddy or do I have to order you to let me suck your cock?”

I wanted to play along with the daddy daughter thing, it had made me harder than ever and Jane seemed to really get off on it. “My daughter WILL suck her father's cock and she WILL do a good job, she WILL lick his cock and she WILL deep throat her father's cock until he cums in his daughter's mouth. Iif I think it is good enough your father WILL suck his daughters pussy until his daughter cums in his mouth".

Jane smiled at my announcement and slowly lifted up until just the head was in her pussy and dropped back down, “We've only started, I have been thinking about this for the last year.
I masturbate every night and most day's”, she lifted up again and dropped down. “I want my daddy's cock covered with his daughter's cum when I suck his cock and I want my daddy's cock as hard as it can be. Think of putting your cock in your daughter's arse, think of giving your daughter a golden shower, pissing on your daughter tit's and in your daughter's pussy”, Jane lifted up again but this time all the way and let the last of her cum drip over my cock. I don't think I could get any harder.

Jane moved off my chair and knelt between my legs, “I love your cock daddy, it's going to give us sooo much fun”. She held it up and lowered her head, opened her lips and slid the head in.
She ran her tongue around the head and sucked it further into her mouth, Jane held the foreskin down as she withdrew her head raking the shaft and head with her teeth until it popped out and then ran her tongue down to my balls. She licked her way up to the tip. Jane pulled the foreskin up forcing a drop of precum to ooze out, she licked it.“Do you like it daddy, do you like your daughter licking your cock”.

“Yes and I want my daughter to rub her finger through her slit and slid it into her pussy and think of her daddy's cock being there”.

Jane's face lit up at this instruction and went back to sucking my cock while rubbing her slit. She started slowly but kept going down and down until it was all in her mouth. We would have to talk about how she got so good but that would be later. I stopped thinking as the pressure started to build, Jane was right, this daddy daughter thing was getting me hot. Jane started easing up and back, dragging her teeth up the shaft again.

I wouldn't last long at this rate but I had been hard for a while and I felt the need for release, release in my daughter's mouth. Jane picked up speed and I moved my hips.

“Come on daughter, suck your daddy's cock, your daddy is going to cum in your mouth, suck your daddy's cock, suck, oh yes, I going to cum in my daughter's mouth, I'm going to cum, suck it, suck your sweet daddy's cum, OH BABY SUCK IT.

My lovely daughter squeezed my balls and I released my cum. I shot a load in my daughter's mouth and she sucked and sucked, I realized Jane was cumming as well as her head bobbed on my cock the rest of her body was shaking, she had climaxed with me.

Jane had stopped moving but still had my cock in her mouth giving little sucks. I ran my finger's through her hair.

“My daughter has put her daddy's cock in her tight pussy and sucked her daddy's cock”, I think my daughter should keep her daddy cock forever, what do you think daughter?”

Jane lifted her head, tears were streaming down her checks as she crawled onto my lap, “Could I daddy, please, I love your cock, I hope you liked your daughter's pussy, I want to suck your cock and put it in my pussy again and again” I held her tightly and kissed her.

"I think we could do with a break before I lick my daughter's pussy, I don't want to wear you out when we have just started but if you put your pussy over your father's face I will lick that cum".

Jane climbed up the chair and supported herself on the high back, she arched her back and her pussy was just right for me to lick. I didn't have to move just stick out my tongue and lick, she lifted one leg and put her foot on the arm of the chair. Jane opened her lips and I had to do more than lick, it was a matter of lapping, her cum was pouring out, I had one very hot, very wet daughter.

When I had finished draining her I looked up her body. Jane had closed her eyes and was grinning, more than a smile, a Cheshire Cat grin. I thought she was grinning because she had got what she wanted and I smiled, thinking I had gotten something pretty good too.

I sucked her clit hard, her eye's popped open and she looked down, "I thought you wanted a break before you started sucking your daughter's pussy?", she murmured.

"I do, but you are sitting on your father face!".

Jane moved her foot back to the seat of the chair and slid her pussy down my body trying to keep it touching me the whole way until she was sitting on my lap again, "What would sir like, coffee, tea or me?" We had had some adult fun this afternoon but she was still my fun loving daughter and two can play that game.

"I would like a coffee for now and you for ron sweet Miss".

"Who's Ron?" she asked, "I thought only my daddy could have my pussy".

I laughed and told her, "Not who, ron, lateron" and gave her a tickle under her breasts. Come on, I'll race you to the kitchen, that is if either of us can still use our leg's.

Jane got up and held out her hand to help me. "I'm not that old that I can't get up by myself", I joked getting into the jokes and double meanings.

"No but I can't have you wearing yourself out can I?" Laughing, we walked hand in hand naked into the kitchen. Sitting at the breakfast bar with our coffee, still naked and still feeling the effect of our love making seemed so natural that I took Jane's hand and put it on my cock, she gave it a little squeeze and asked if everything was alright.

"I love you", I said, "as a daughter and as a woman that can give me so much pleasure. I'm not saying it's wrong, I like calling you daughter, your pussy, my daughter's pussy and you talking about having your father's cock in you, but I would like to be able to make love to you as well. Not just sex but gentle loving, would you like that as well as the raw sex. You asked if I wanted to take your arse, to piss on you, well, to be honest, yes I would and I would love it if we could curl up in bed and make love. You do want to sl**p in my bed?".

Jane kissed me. "Yes, yes to all of the above, it turns me on to say my father's cock and to hear you talking about your daughter's pussy, I suppose it was the way I was thinking when masturbating, yes I want you in my arse, even more so after having your...., 'my father's cock' in my pussy and yes, I want you to make love to me, the soft kind of loving. Over the last year the feelings have grown..., I have thought long and 'hard' about it and this afternoon has proved my thinking was right. It felt so right, so good sitting on your cock, you just knew to hold still for me. I think it was meant to be, we are good together and I want to try those other thing's as well but I want to try them with you, only you, I don't think there is anything we can't do together".

She kissed me again and gave my cock another squeeze and I thought there was more to come, Jane was soul searching and needed to get it out in the open so I kept quiet and lightly ran my finger around her nipple, this is what daddy's are for.

"There are times at work when I think of your cock in my pussy or in my mouth and I have to squeeze my thighs so tight to stop leaving a wet spot, times on the weekend when I just have to masturbate. It seems I am thinking about sex all the time, I want to know and I'm sure even after I know, it won't be enough. I need to feel it as well. Is it bad to have my mind so full with sexual thoughts? do you think it's normal?".

I took Jane in my arms and gave her a hug, I would have to be careful, I am not an expert at this but I am her father and she was asking for help.

"I think it is normal, I think of sex as well, although I did not put you in the picture before and I... ' I' think it is Mother Nature's way with a female, the c***d bearer, to need to learn, to be ready when the time comes to receive the sperm, I am not sure there is a 'normal', a 'right' that suits everybody...., I think that whatever you do that does not hurt anyone else is ok........., if you want your father's cock, it's ok, we enjoyed it and we 'do not' have to tell anyone or......
'ask their permission', I liked having my daughter's pussy on my cock, I loved having my cock in my daughter's mouth and I will be dammed if I will ask anyone if it is right, this is between you and me!".

Without letting go of the hug Jane climbed onto my lap again crying softly, "It was good wasn't it and I do want to do it again, all the thing's I said, I want it to be just you and me daddy. I don't want to worry again, please, not just the sex thing but all of it".

"Of course, I love you very much, not just the sex thing, but that is good, but as a daughter and a friend, you have made this the best day in my life. I have a loving daughter, I have a loving friend and I have a loving sex partner... who needs a pussy sucking. You have left a wet spot in my lap again, do you want your father to suck your pussy in his bed or do you want to go outside and give your father a golden shower after he sucks his daughter's pussy?".

"Fuck, to many questions, to many options, what should a loving daughter do to keep her father's cock happy because his happy cock is pushing at his daughter's leg, I think he will have to wait for his daughter to have her pussy sucked before 'he' can get in there".

Jane stood up and gave me a kiss, first on the lips then on my cock, licking at the precome, "Come on, up to the bed, I don't need to pee yet but I do need a tongue. I need my father's tongue to lick this sticky pussy and suck his daughter's clit. Hurry up, we won't race this time but walk close behind me so I can feel my fathers cock hit my ass".

Thirty eight and a hard on for the second time in an hour and all because of my daughter, she will send me to an early grave, I thought as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back so my cock was standing between her butt checks, "Ok, forward march", I commanded her. I tried to step forward but Jane didn't move, just squeezed her butt checks against my cock then laughed and took off up the stair's. "I lied, she said, first one there gets the best position".

There was no way I could catch up and pass her on the stairs so I took my time, she would have to wait for her father's tongue. Jane had been right about the use of these words, father and daughter, they were a turn on. I had called her daughter some times before and she had used father but now they had a different meaning, a better meaning.

When I got my bedroom Jane was standing on the bed facing the headboard with her leg's wide apart, she had a hand between her leg's and a finger pointing down.
"On your back with your head right there". Back in the ordering form. "I think I will like sitting my father's face".

I lay on my back and wriggled my way up to put her pussy above my face and just as she began to lower her body I gave her a smack on her bottom. "Don't be too pushy or I might have to give you a good spanking, now bring me my pussy, sit on your father's face and tell me what you would like your father to do. How does my daughter like her pussy licked, how does my daughter like her clit sucked".

Jane hovered just above my face and as I lifted up to lick her lips she slid a pillow under my head, a most considerate daughter, she then used her fingers to open her lips.
"Any way daddy, please teach your daughter all the ways you can give her pleasure but this is your turn, your daughter is giving you her pussy so you can enjoy it, lick the lip's or put your tongue in your daughter's pussy, suck her clit. Anything you think of that will make your daughter cum in her daddy's mouth".

I applied my mouth to give her the pleasure and knowledge she wanted. I began by using my tongue to push between her lips then moving up her slit to her clit and rubbing it then back.

I got into a beat, up, through and rub and repeat, Jane was moving with me so I changed, up, through and suck. Her leg's trembled, she liked that so repeat, only this time it was up, through and suck and keep sucking with a rub of my tongue on her button. I was enjoying myself but I also wanted to know what Jane enjoyed, what would take her over the top. It seemed everything I was doing was giving her pleasure, her moans were giving her away.

I put my hand's on her bottom and squeezed her cheek's together then pulled them apart enough to start my next run from her rosebud to her clit, Jane cried out, this is good, again, but this time she moved her hips forward and held my head still, I got the hint and licked her sweet dark hole.

"Fuck that's so good daddy, yes lick your daughter's hole, oh I want my father's cock in my arse, lick it". How could I refuse a request like that and kept my tongue busy thinking how alike Mother and Daughter were until Jane rocked back so my tongue slid through her slit to her clit and I sucked the little button. She held me there as I sucked her clit into my mouth and got my tongue under hood and flicked the button, the magic button. This was what sent Jane over the top.

"Fuckfuckfuck yes oh yes daddy, rub your daughter's clit, suck it, oh fuck, my father's tongue is on my clit and I am going to cum, I'm going to cum in my father's mouth. Suck my slit father, suck the lip's in your mouth, I want to cum in my father's mouth, I want my father to drink all his daughter's cum, I......, I'm cumming, it's beautiful.... yes, oh my GOD YESSSS..."

I had never experienced anyone have an orgasm like Jane was having, it seemed to go on and on and I kept swallowing as she kept delivering that sweet nectar into my mouth. Oh such sweet cum. Jane held her body stiff for a long time then simply collapsed beside me, one leg under her the other over my waist, she simply couldn't move any further and I gathered her into my arms and held her as she came down from her high. She opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled, slid her leg off me and trailed her hand down to my cock.

"I have been thinking about you sucking me for so long and in so many different ways I got carried away but, do you know what? that was better by far than anything I could think of or fantasize about. All the sensations, to many to fast, we are going to practice them all, one by one... But there is my father's cock, my new best friend to see too, my leg's won't support me but it doesn't matter I want my father on top when he puts his big cock in his willing daughter's pussy, her hungry pussy. I want to feel my father's cock pushing and pushing until his daughter is so full with his cock she thinks she will burst. Open your daughter's leg's and spread them wide so you can see your daughter's pussy. See where your cock is going to be so often he think of it as home. Now, please daddy, I'm so horny, I need you to fuck me, I want my fathers cock, pushing, rubbing inside me".

I lifted to a elbow and looked at my daughter, her nipples excited and standing up, the top of her mound still moist where I had licked her, her long leg's slightly parted, so ready to be fucked. The smile on her face as she watched me, waiting, wanting this as much as I did. I sat up. I did as she had suggested and opened her leg's, gazing at her pussy.

I marveled at the thing called woman, Jane's outer lips still red and filled because of her desire and my sucking, the hood was back over her button. I could see the opening, not red but pink, inviting me in, I had not taken the time to look this closely at Jenny's pussy. Jane lifted her knee's and now I could see the small hole below.

The whole picture was complete and perfect, I didn't think I was betraying Jenny, I didn't think of i****t. Jane was nineteen and had wanted this even more than I had, I just thought it was perfect and my cock was telling me to hurry up. I moved between her thigh's. Now I looked down at Jane's face and felt even more love for my daughter, I could see the love for me as a father/lover, she was right, this was meant to be. Jane reached for my cock as I lowered myself over her body and she guided me closer.

"I love you daddy".

I bent down and kissed her and my eye's blurred, "I love you too". It sounded lame, not enough feeling, not enough emotion, but with all my heart I knew it was true. This was going to be 'making love' not just sex, the daddy daughter stuff wouldn't work now and I think Jane realized that too as she held my cock at her entrance. I moved my hips and felt the head touch her lip's and slowly slipped the head in. I held there watching Jane's face, such a smile, it told me everything and I slid my cock fully home with one movement, It was like when Jane had sat on my cock only better. As Jane had just sat still, so now I was still, just gathering all of the feelings, all of the sensations of being fully embedded in a warm, wet pussy. Jane wrapped her arms around me and lifted herself and we kissed, a long sweet and loving kiss.

She lay back and used her pussy muscles to tell me it was time to move. I started gently pulling out until just the head was being held and then slowly back all the way. It was hell on the arms and back but it was the way I liked it, long slow stroke's in a hot wet pussy and Jane was hot and wet. She put her leg's around my waist and her heels on my butt and helped to pull me in. Not forcing me, just following my lead and I thought my cock was getting bigger. I knew my breathing was getting faster. I was getting there again but I wanted the feeling to go on when I felt a fingertip by my cock.

I opened my eye's, when had I closed them? And looked at Jane, her eye's were closed as well, she was rubbing and pinching her nipple with one hand, the fingers of her other were stroking her clit and touching my cock as I was on the out stroke, I could feel my balls pull up and started moving faster. Jane was moving her hips to match me and using her muscles to squeeze my cock. A soft moan told me she was nearly there and I went a little faster, my own climax was coming, I lifted a little higher to change the angle and her pussy gripped my cock. Another stroke and I pushed in as far as I could and shot my cum into the deepest part of her pussy. Jane clamped her leg's around my waist and went stiff with her climax.

Silence. We were frozen in space and time, so perfectly matched to be able to cum together the first time.

I looked at Jane as she opened her eyes and saw the tears form again, I was a little misty eyed myself, but they were tear's of happiness, of pleasure and tear's of love, I lowered my head and kissed the tear's then kissed my lover's lips and Jane kissed me back.

She unlocked her leg's but only lowered one and asked me to roll to the side, "I want to keep you in me and I want you to hold me".

I rolled to my side with my arm's locked around her and kissed her again, her leg tight over mine held us joined.

"I don't know of any words to describe what just happened but I want it to happen again it was so good. I still want the naughty sex, like... every day but can we do this at least once a week?".

"You were right, we do work well together and yes we can make love whenever you want. I love you daughter".

"And I love you too daddy".

"Good, now go and sit on the toilet because I need to piss and my aim might not be as good this time. There's something wrong with my legs, they have gone weak for some reason".

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4 months ago
"My Daughter The Boss" - Jane and Unnamed Daddy - (Nineteen Year Old Daughter and Thirty-eight Year Old Widowed Father).

This story is so truly exact and precise in its message, delivery (very vivid and visual) and most of all in its context that is has all the elements of being non-fictionally true and real. Any father having a beautiful daughter (as I do) knows full well the love that exists--with sincerity, honesty and integrity--between a Dad and his Little Girl...and even more exacting is the incestual relationship between the parent and child lovers!! This story has all the ingredients necessary to make a Dad and his daughter the greatest love known to humanity!
7 months ago
continue ???
1 year ago
A beautiful story ,,beautifully written,,not crude,,not wrong,, just love of two people for each other,,and why not,,they instinctively know the other,,I hope there is much more to this.
1 year ago
With the love that Jane and her (unnamed) father are capable of expressing to each, I'm sure Jenny (Jane's deceased mother, several years ago) was the very same type personality and individual, and I'm sure she would be pleased of her husband's and daughter's choices for their life's new partners in life and love!! Jenny is sure to be watching down on them, her happiness shedding a tear in each eye, one for her daughter and one for her husband!!

This story is so wholesome, so pure, true and honest, it seems surreal but yet true. I have experienced the love sd a father of a daughter--it's heavenly awesome, nothing compares!

Jane and her father talked about various kinds of kinky sex, but I'm glad it was not part of the story but left to the reader's to use their imaginations! The carnal incestual copulations of Jane and her father, and their eternal consummation of their vowed and committed love, is precisly as endearing and sensually erotic as two lovers can every hope to occur!!!

The writer/author has erected a story of pure heaven. Jane and her father are the epitome of pure and true love in its most basic concepts of honor and faith, trust and respect! The character's are awesomely portrayed and their roles worked perfectly, matching their demeanor, personalities and desires. Their dialogue is smooth, coherent, precise and timely. The way this incestual couple is fine-tuned together, makes me believe that God intentionally did not make these lover's a mistaken oversight! I'm of the opinion humanity could have procreated only through incest!
1 year ago
oh goodness, when daddy sucked her pussy made mine throb!
1 year ago
Excellent story
hot and sexy
steamy love scenes
Well Done
I enjoyed it immensely
1 year ago
i luv it i got soooo wet and i even squirted for the first time! Keep writing! Is there a second one?
2 years ago
wht a hot father/daughter story!
2 years ago
Although I have read this story (father/daughter among my all-time favorite subject/interests) at least once before--and commented accordingly--my coments do not appear above. Why?

This father/daughter (and subsequently man/woman) love affair is so fucking beautiful and deep in my heart and soul it makes my Heart WEEP as if it's a bottomless pit of happiness! It is the perfect story (unfortunately the wife/mother Jenny had to die for the story to evolve into its current elements), that a male and female, even though daughter and father, can and do become LOVERS, as should be the case when any man and any woman love--deeply love--each other.

This saga/story/life-altering-moment is extremely so well written and presented that the story feels like life itself to the reader. Extremely Well Done!!
2 years ago
Damn son madd good. But why is this listed under sex humor= more of a taboo type a thing
2 years ago
2 years ago
DAM HOT,,reminds me of my younger years,,,thanks
2 years ago
nice fun goooddddddddddddd