My Son brings me another Part 3

Our Lovely Son's and Others.

How wrong could I be. Or how right. My thought's were going to bite my ass. Big time.

Debbie was in the same class as Jorden and Toby, they had become 'friends'.... and all of a sudden it hit me. Danm. It was a sucker punch. I sat up in my bed, the effect upset Susey. Her breasts stood proud as the moving sheets left her naked.


"Debbie's a boy......, and I think Nicky's a sex addict just like us."

"What the fuck, girl have you been sniffing something. Shit, what the hell are you talking about".

"Susey, I teach Sex Ed, I know. There's always been something different about Debbie, I.... it's the way she walks, talks. Damn it, why haven't I seen it before. She's a fucking boy. Fuck, Nicky has been hiding it. Think about it, jeans are unisex, doesn't matter who's wearing them but imagine taking Toby's shirt off and putting a blouse on, one of yours, add a padded bra, a bit of makeup and introduce 'her' to someone unknown."

Susey looked at me like I had just grown another head. "You're shitting me, a boy.... a cock. Jesus girl, it's alright fucking my son but..."

"Damn it Susey, I know a young female, the way she walks, the way she talks. The way her body reacts. Debbie is a male. We have been 'conditioned' to see a female." Somewhere, deep inside, I just knew it. I have to have a parent teacher talk with Nicky. Maybe Debbie was unisex.

"She started on her pills two days ago. I think tomorrow should be good. Do you really think...."

I didn't think, some how I knew. I made a note to myself, tomorrow Debbie and I would be talking. Talking and then fucking, and Nicky. I knew she was going to play a big part in our lives. I turned to face Susey. Something was going on in her head as well. Something sexy. Her nipples were hard little points.

"Come to think about...., you're right. At least about Nicky...., she knew I was going to give her the prelim checks and she must be able to undo the joining ring...., she must have wanted me to see...., know about the ball in her cunt."

My head was spinning. Any one thing on it's own was nothing but, put them all together..... Just then my twisted nasty thoughts flew out the window.
Jorden and Toby walked into my bedroom carrying trays. Coffee on one and sandwiches on the other. Lunch looked good, how it was presented was even better. Both boys were naked. Suddenly I was hungry... and it wasn't just for food. In fact there was so much on offer I didn't know where to start. Naked bodies everywhere.

Jorden and Toby must have planned this out before coming in. Jorden put the food down first then walked beside Toby towards me. What happened next blew my mind. Jorden put my coffee on the bedside table, Toby lifted the tray as Jorden took his cock and offered it to me to kiss. Wild horses couldn't stop me and it wasn't just a kiss. I sucked Toby's cock clean into my mouth until my nose hit his pelvic bone. It was only because of the other coffee above me that I didn't finish a full blowjob on Toby.

I had to smile as the boys stepped back. Toby gave Jorden the tray and away they went. It was Susey's turn. She had watched me and got ready for her treat, spreading her leg and bending down, holding her breasts out in front of her. The coffee was placed, just so. The boys were teasing her, taking their time until... Toby didn't hesitate, holding Jordens cock out for his mother to kiss. Susey followed my example and swallowed my son's cock.

Jorden and Toby hadn't finished with their little game. They both stepped back, stopping Susey in her bid to have another drink of cum. Jorden got the tray of food again while Toby rearranged us. I got one pillow and the top half of the bed while Susey got the other and the bottom half. All of this was done without talking...., but a lot of touching. Both boys were grinning from ear to ear.

I think Susey got the idea when part of the sheet was drapped over one leg and Toby led her by her nipple until he was satified with her position. We were Roman wives and our son's were our slaves. I waited for Toby to position me. Isn't it great what the mind can be led to. My puss was so wet I was dripping and as soon as Toby touched my nipple I had a mini climax.

Jorden joined us on the bed after placing the tray between Susey and me. Even this had been arranged. Toby sat Indian style at my head and laid the pillow on his thigh, not quite covering his cock while Jorden sat at Susey's head. I could see from my mirror image that I only had to move my head a little to suck Toby's cock. Before I could move a sandwich was before my mouth.

If our boys were our slaves and we were 'wives', well, we did what all wives did. We gossiped as if there was no one there. Susey caught the game and replayed the scene at the hospital with Nicky. She also added some extra spicy bits. It's gossip, you're allowed. It certianly had an effect on Jorden, I saw a drop of precum forming at his pisshole and I guessed Toby was getting turned on as well. And, as one, Susey and I turned to lick our slaves cock's. I figured this was a neat role play and knew the boy's had set us a challange.

The game stopped as Toby spoke. I had gone over all my points of why I thought Debbie was a boy.... "She certianly throws a baseball like a boy."

Jorden joined in. "And she runs like a boy, never thought of it before...., but she's got tits."

My little boy was back, if only for a moment. Jorden blushed. It looked so cute and I loved him even more as he tried to explain how he had accidentally felt her tits one day in the hallway at school.

Then it was Susey's turn. "Transgender or Nicky's feeding her the d**gs before a sex change operation. She's the right age and Stan's last posting was Thailand."

All this talk had gotten to me, and I think everybody else was in the same boat. I needed fucking. I rolled onto my stomach and swallowed Toby's cock again. As much as I wanted a good mouth full of cum my pussy was demanding attention. I lifted my ass and brought my knees up. Toby got the message when I let his cock slip from my mouth. As he slid around me I looked at the other couple on the bed. Susey was in the same position and Jorden was hurrying to get behind her. Just as I felt Toby use his cock to rub between my lips I had another nasty thought. Would Susey follow my lead? Only way to find out.... I was still looking at Susey as I spoke.

"My ass Toby, fuck my asshole."

This time it was the boys who were fucked. I knew I could last a long time with a cock fucking my ass and it seemed Susey was the same. Two mini climaxes and one orgasm. Hot damn. I couldn't remember the last time I had had such a good fucking, the poor boys were exhausted. By their smiles they were happy. I wanted to see that same smile on Nicky's face and reached for the phone.

I was placing a bet, a big bet on how I thought this was going to turn out. Then again, nothing ventured nothing gained. Keep it cool. Debbie answered. In my mind I saw her, naked, with a cock. A tingle started in my puss as I asked to speak with her mother. The tingle became a huge throb as Debbie called out to Nicky that I wanted to speak with her. Once again my mind was on overdrive. Could they, would they.

Nicky's voice sounded like honey on water as she answered and my knees shook. I could suck her so well, I took a deep breath. "Susey and I are having a bbq tonight and wondered if you and Debbie would like to join us. The boys are doing the cooking and all we have to do is enjoy it."

I didn't want to push, I did want to have them join us. I held my breath as Nicky explained it to Debbie. I just about let the cat out of the bag when I heard Debbie say yes, a loud yes, she would love it.

For once it felt strange getting dressed. Susey and I spent an hour deciding what to wear as Jorden and Toby got the food ready. I smacked Susey's butt as she pulled up some Vicitorian style underwear I had brought for a fancy dress party years ago. A thong or nothing was the dress code of the day. With a smile we both decided on nothing. The boys would love it. I hoped Nicky would as well.

God Damn I loved my son, both of them. Jorden and Toby had a meal fit for a Princess organized when we got to the kitchen. Toby was the 'man', he had two bottles of wine ready for us to chose. I love simple meals and Jorden had followed my rule of thumb.

A torn salad with cherry tomatoes topped with a light dressing to go with the steak and Toby, shit, he had the makings of a top chef. Chopped onions with peppers and cucumber, a vinegarette dressing, carrot sticks and a dip. Jesus fucking christ. I burst into tears.

My eyes were still red when I opened the door for Nicky and Debbie. I had thought about sending either Jorden or Toby, naked of course, but decided I should welcome them into my home. A home that I hoped would be open to them in the future. A home we could have some fun in. Nothing prepared me for the welcome from the other side.

Nicky sort of melted into my hug at the door as Debbie skipped past holding a tray of food and asking where the boys where. Don't get me wrong, I thought I was a new age woman, but Nicky's hug had turned into an embrace, tits squashing tits and the following french kiss left me feeling like a giggling schoolgirl on her first date. Now I was super horny. On rubbery knees I led Nicky to the kitchen.

Susey had no problems with Nicky, a sexy smile and a glass of wine completed the welcome. Then I had to play catch up. How the fuck had that happened. Susey had bent over flashing Nicky a beaver shot. We both had short skirts on but somehow Susey had flashed Nicky her naked pussy.

I couldn't fucking belive it. Nicky reached under her micro mini and pulled her panties off. It was like I was an outsider, looking in on a perverited man's wet dream come true. I did notice Nicky was indeed shaved clean.... and had no tan lines. Murrr.

Enter the boys, and Debbie. This was to much for my overloaded brain or should I say my over sexed brain. Fuck it, Debbie and the boys had lost their tops. And she did have tits. About the size of tennis balls but, she did have tits. Susey giggled and pointed. I felt two inches high. Tom Thumb. I had been so sure..... And there was more to come.

This was out of left field, Nicky was in charge. "Lose those shorts boys or we are going home."

Talk about a pregnant pause. In fact it was so shocking I didn't pick up on the word 'boys'. Neither Jorden nor Toby said a thing. They didn't even look at us, their mothers. Watching Nicky they both lowered their shorts. Because they hadn't put on any underwear two stiff cocks appeared. Shock number one. Shock number two, Debbie had also lowered her shorts.

OMG. I gasped, Susey squeaked. Debbie had a cock. Tits and a cock, a small cock but all I could think of, damn I wanted to suck that cock. And, Debbie stood there, along with our son's, as proud as anything with her little girl cock as stiff as theirs.

Nicky explained how a Doctor had checked Debbie at six and thought the problem was caused by endocrine disruption. "He told me about a study he had read about the chemicals used in making plastic, phthalates. You probably remember those plastic plates our moms brought and used, well, the chemical breaks down and you get to eat it with the food. he thought I may have taken it in when I was pregnant." She sighed. It sounded like she had been keeping this secret for a loong time.

I thought about her losing her husband on top of this. Susey and I had to help. I hoped the boys would help as well. They were listening closely.

"It leads to subtle, but specific, genital changes in male infants – incomplete descent of testes and a smaller scrotum and penis. Phthalates are easily released into the environment because there is no bond between the phthalates and plastics in which they are mixed. As plastics age and break down, the release of phthalates accelerates. The damn things are banned in my house and I try to tell everybody to throw out any old plastic."

I was still in cuckoo land after that bombshell but Susey dropped to her knees in front of Debbie. I saw Nicky smile as Susey took a gentle hold of Debbie's cock then swallowed it. Not to be outdone I nodded at Jorden, Toby smiled, then the pair of then turned on Nicky. She didn't stand a chance. It was like when they had played out a double team effect on us.

Toby went for her tits as Jorden went for her pussy. She was going to be one fucked bird tonight. And Debbie, the smile on her face was nothing compared to mine as I sat on her face as Susey ate her cock. God she had a long tongue as well. I was back in heaven.

And Nicky, I think she got her little slice of heaven that night. I heard her scream three times. She also proved a theory of mine. You can fuck standing up. Only Nicky took this to a new level.

Debbie was sitting astride my leg with Susey next to us as Nicky put on a show. She had Toby stand with his back next to the table and told Jorden to get ready to fuck her ass. No messing about with this lady, she knew what she wanted and set about getting it. I watched as she put one leg on the table standing on the other then pulled Toby closer. His cock led the way and I do mean that, straight into her pussy. Once it had fully disappeared she called Jorden in to do his part. Even then she surprised us. Jorden had to dip his cock in the dressing to give it an oily coating.

I had to laugh it was so funny, and sexy as hell. Nicky had her hands on Toby's shoulders while Jorden reached around her chest and held her breasts. Then she began to bounce up and down between them. They didn't have to move. Nicky was fucking them both.

Debbie took my hand and placed it on her cock, rubbing it up and down and looked up at me. The same look she used for me at school, sweet and sexy. "Mom's been dying to try that ever since she saw it in a sex show in Bankok but my cock's to small and daddy was to tall."

"Honey, your cock maybe small but it's not too small. Can I try something?"

Debbie nodded yes and stood up. I worked my jaw open and shut. I was fairly sure this would work and got down to my knees. Now I knew why she had such a small cock but it was a cock. And it was there, right in front of me. I kissed the tip then took a deep breath, opened my mouth and engulfed her completely. Cock and balls, the whole package was in my mouth. Debbie squealed as I started sucking.

Oh My God, I had a cock and balls in my mouth, what the hell should I do next. Damn it, I just sucked harder. The feel of her cock in my mouth, the added feel of her balls on my tongue. God damn it I was in heaven. I sucked again. Oh My God. The taste of her cum, Debbie was cuming on my tongue. Fuck, could anything taste better than this. Sweeter than this.

I heard Susey moan. She must have found something good as well. She was lying on her back, eyes closed and mouth open as Nicky squatted over her. She was giving Susey a cream pie as Jorden and Toby supported her.

Later I found out just how kinky Nicky was. I also found a new way to enjoy a salad. Nicky could fire cherry tomatoes from her pussy. The only difference between carrot sticks and dip and young boys cock's and dip. You chew one and suck the other. And cucumbers. A whole new story. That one phone call opened my eyes to another world.

And I loved it...........

Susey couldn't get enough of Nicky's snatch......

And the boys.... I watched the smile on their faces when Nicky, just like a Master Sergeant, ordered them to suck Debbie's cock. Not that they needed ordering. I think they were like me, so turned on by her little cock and small breasts. So damn sexy.......

Later on even that paled. Nicky asked the boys to jack off over Debbie, shoot their cum over her breasts. That set the benchmark for a sexy look and what Nicky ordered me and Susey to do after set the benchmark for debauchery of our little sex group. We had to lick our son's cum from Debbie's breasts as Nicky cleaned their cocks. All three cocks. Debbie had joined Jorden and Toby and cum on herself.

What the hell were we going to do next to keep everybody happy.......... I knew Jorden had started a growth spurt. His cock was getting to be more than a mouth full and there were a few hairs starting to pop out around his balls while Toby was still looking. From now on their bodies were going to continue to grow but, I still liked his little cock.... and Toby's.

But seeing Debbies cock brought out a strange feeling in me. To be honest it took me back.

Back to when Jorden was born. I had loved washing his small cock, playing with it after his bath, even kissing it. What would I do when it became a full sized cock. Would I enjoy the fucking as much.... more cock means more pleasure.... 'Yeah, Right'. Just how perverted was I?

I headed to the internet. Somebody must have a new idea and I was determined to find it. What ever IT was. With Debbie sitting in my lap and playing with my nipple I typed 'porn' into the search bar.

SHIT, with over two hundred million results this was going to take some time....... and I had to hurry. Debbies cock was getting hard. Again.

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2 years ago
What an immediate, strange, fucking unusual turn of events Debbie has brought to the game. Unusual does not begin to describe the events!!
So, SO, sexually, incestually stimulating!
2 years ago
Gets better and better.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story looking forward to part 4.