What If My Mom Part 2

Peggy and Me

We all lay together for a while until Mom told us she had to get up, it was lunch time. We had not heard from Bobby or Dad and I was getting hungry. "You two just stay here, I will make some sandwiches. Back in a minute"

Just as Mom left Peggy rolled onto her side facing me, "That was so nice kissing your Mom.........., will you kiss me, down there?".

My feelings were still mixed up, but I did want to. I could show her what Mom had taught me. When I moved to get between her legs she stopped me. "No together, I want to suck your cock at the same time, you know".

Peggy pushed me onto my back and swung her leg over my face. Mom had never done this so I waited until she was in position. This was great, I was looking up as Peggy held her lips open for me. She lowered her hips and as my tongue touched her Pussy she took my cock into her mouth.

Mom had said my cock was perfect for sucking and Peggy must have practiced on her Dad because I could feel her nose hit my balls. she had swallowed my cock completely. Not to be outdone I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and pushed my tongue into her hole.

I had just gotten used to her sweet taste when Mom came back, I looked up at her when I heard an "OH".

She had two plates in her hands, "That's so sweet Peggy but could you stop for a while and take these down to Dan, he has decided to stay in bed today. There's enough for two", and gave me a wink.
"We will be here when you are finished..........., eating!".

When Peggy left Mom lay beside me, "Did you like Peggy sucking your cock?, is she as good as your Mom?. I talked to your Dad, he think's whatever was in the creek traveled down to Peggy's place and from what she said, they must have d***k the water the same as Bobby and you. It's just down the valley. He think's whatever it is has affected us all".

Mom took my cock in her hand, "I hope you don't mind that it is just me, but we can do what your Dad and Peggy are going to do. I want you to fuck me, put your cock in my pussy just the same as your Dad is doing to Peggy, fuck me son". Just think, you can fuck me and Peggy and even her Mother, I think we are all going to be close after this. You do want to fuck her don't you. Slid this lovely cock into her sweet pussy".

I had forgotten my hunger, for food, as Mom sat over me and lowered her pussy onto my cock.

I remembered a song that Dad liked, 'Don't you Want Some Body to Love, He played it all the time, I knew all the words, 'Don't you need Some Body to Love' came to mind as I slid into my Mothers pussy. "OH yes Mom and Peggy, I want to feel her playing with my tits while OOOOOOOh, it's so nice Mom".

Peggy probably has your Dad's cock in her just like you are filling me. Is it nice isn't it. You don't mind do you, I like your cock fucking me. We are Joe, you are fucking your Mother. Do you like it, Your cock filling your Mother's cunt?".

"OH yes Mom, Dad can fuck Peggy while I am fucking you then we can swap, you can have Dad's cock when I put mine in Peggy's cunt".

There were a lot of new feeling, a lot of words I didn't think I would ever use in front of my Mother but she seemed to like it. I did like thinking about Peggy and Dad. Fucking. Neat. Another thing.

"Did you like Peggy sucking your cunt?', I held my breath, this was a new level. I had never said that word out loud let alone to Mom.

"Yes Joe, you both sucked my cunt so well and when Peggy put her finger in, it was, oh god it was so good. You like it too don't you. Your cock in my cunt. Fucking your Mother's cunt".

'Mom I'm going to cum, can I cum in your cunt, Please".

"Keep pumping Joe, fill my cunt, fuck ME. Yessssssssssssss.

As Mom explained later we had both cum hard, that's probably why I felt so weak. Mom was really good. She told me that sometimes it was good to use words like that, to turn you on, get you super horny. I thought it was sexy, so grown up. I was nearly 15 but thought, older, by what Mom had said, how she had said it.

This is really going to push the limits I thought but it was happening, I thought, "Is Dad really going to fuck Peggy?".

"No, I think Peggy is going to fuck your Dad. Do you mind?".

Mom's voice was low and.........., caring. I thought hard. Peggy and I, we're friends, more than friends, but............ "No Mom, I don't mind. How could I, you, you have been here for me and Bobby. Oh Mom, I love you".

I was near tears again as Mom hugged me, kissed me. Smiled and asked me if I wanted to fuck Debbie, Peggy's mum.

I smiled back, "Only if you are going to fuck George. I wonder what size cock he has?, you could ask Peggy, she's fucked him".

"You naughty boy, you do don't you. You want your cock sliding into her cunt as well".

"No more than you want George to slid his cock into your pussy, do you want another cock?. Mom smiled. You do, you are a cock hound Mom".

We were laughing as Dad and Peggy walked into the room. Naked, smiling.

"You set me up didn't you?"

As Peggy sat on my lap I saw Mom smile, "Me, all I did was ask Peggy to take you your lunch. It wasn't my fault she was naked, blame your son. They were sucking each other when I got here............., Did you like it, a sweet young pussy just begging for your big hard cock". She looked at Peggy, "did you tell Dan how you fucked your Father?".

"All that and more. Mom want's his cock as well".

"I think the water or what's in the water is at fault. Whatever they sprayed had a first effect with the c***dren and now it is coming back through leaching. We are going to have a problem for a while and I think it's just us. The creek joins the river below George's place. It's definitely is a sex or growth hormone and it is affecting all of us".

Peggy squeezed my cock and I felt brave enough to ask, "What are we going to do?".

Mom, the teacher, with a hand on Peggy's on my cock and another holding Dad cock, "We could Bottle it and sell it.............., or we can just be quiet and enjoy. You do want Debbie's puss wrapped around your cock and I don't think you will complain if I have George's cock while Joe is fucking Peggy. Go and have another drink from the stream and enjoy. Just think, with enough of that water you could fuck me, Debbie and Peggy, one after the other. Nobody need know what we get up to in our valley".

Dad just smiled and took Mom's hand. "Come with me, you have a duty to preform, Joe can look after Peggy for a while and Debbie's to far away just now".

There was an awkward moment as Mom and Dad left until Peggy asked me if I fucked Mom. "Yes, did you like Dad's cock?'.

"It was OK but I like your's better. Will you fuck me now. I want your cock in me".
I thought about what Mom had said but was quiet, Peggy wasn't. "I like your Dad's cock better than my Dad's but I know your's will be the best. It's cute, just right. Make love to me Joe, please".

I had just fucked Mom but this was something different. Peggy lay back on my bed, her legs open, my cock was hard and........... Oh so nice when I entered her.

"Fuck me Joe, leave your cock in my pussy forever it's so nice. Please don't leave my cunt. Stay there forever".

I did want to stay there but I also wanted to move. Peggy's cunt was so tight, it felt so good to move back and forward. I was fucking Peggy, I was in heaven.

"Go deeper Joe, push your cock in hard, YES, even if you fuck my Mom will you come back to me, please Joe, your cock is just right. OH FUCK, cum with me Joe, fuck me, cum in me, Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I did cum with Peggy but I thought I still needed more. Apart from my own Mom I had no other experience. I wanted it to be good for Peggy so I opened my stupid mouth. "Was it OK, did I do it right?". Peggy had had sex with her father and my Dad. How did I compare I wondered.

"Oh Joe, again and again. It was so good............., It was different from my Dad, even your Dad........ I liked them but I LOVED YOU. Do you, can you understand, I liked my Dad's cock, even your Dad's cock but it's your cock I really want. Wait until you fuck my Mom, then you will know. You do want your cock in her puss, go on, think about fucking my mum. She has a sweet tight pussy, you will love it but, please come back to me. I......... , I love you Joe".

I didn't even have to think about it, "I love you Peggy, It's just....... was I Ok. I mean......... are you happy?".
Peggy sat up, the serious Peggy. "Joe, we have been fucked over, maybe by our own government, am I happy, shit yes, do I love you, fuck yes. Were you OK, there aren't enough words to say yes. But I hope you understand, after you have fucked Mom it might make sense, a cock is a cock and a pussy is a pussy. You like fucking your Mother as much as I like fucking my Father. You will like fucking my Mother as much as I like your Daddy's cock, but.............., I always want your cock. Bobby........?'.

"Not fair, you don't have a s****r. Yes Peggy, I think I understand, I.... I hope you are right. Do you really think your Mom will like my cock?".

"The way I understand it from what your Dad said we can't help ourselves. We need to fuck. We even have a pitcher of water from the creek in the fridge. Dad said it was better than those sex pills. Mom has told me she is going to fuck you. With your tits, she won't stop until she has your cock, one way or another".

"I've fucked Dad with Mom, she's hot, she's just going to love your cock and tits. I think we, you and me are going to fuck Mom. I saw you looking at your Dad's cock, do you want to touch it. We all walk around the house naked, it's neat, we can touch each other all the time".

"Oh god fuck me again, I'm so horny. Stick your cock into me again. Fuck me, fuck your Mom, fuck my Mom, please, give me some cock".

We were just finishing our sandwiches when Mom came back. She was still naked and sat on the bed with us. Peggy was right, neat. I touched Mom's pubic hair.

"Haven't had enough yet", but smiled as Peggy wrapped her arms around her and pinched her nipples. "Both of you? , you're a bad girl Peggy, leading my Son on like this......., and I love it". I watched as Mom kissed Peggy, her hand rubbing Peggy's pussy.

"Dan has gone down to invite your parents over for supper and Bobby's still glued to the tv so we don't need to rush but I do want to return the favour. If you want to, I would like to suck you. Dan said you tasted so sweet".

"Yes please and there's only Mom at home. Dad's still upstate, He won't be home 'till late tomorrow. Can I suck Joe while you do it?".

"In that case, well, Dan might be awhile. Let's do it!, just like before when you were sucking each other but you are going to be on top Joe".

Peggy lay down and I got on top as Mom lay between her legs. "Doesn't she look beautiful Joe?, give Peggy a kiss". She held Peggy's lips open. It did look beautiful so I did kiss her and suck quickly before moving aside for Mom.
I didn't mind, Peggy had my cock in her mouth.

It was hard, I wanted to watch Mom, see what she did for Peggy but my cock felt so good as Peggy sucked me I closed my eyes. Her knee bumped my head, I looked again. She had lifted both knees so Mom could get all of her pussy. This time I did look closer. Mom was using her tongue to lick from ass to clit and Peggy loved it.

Her whole body was shaking and she was moaning. Peggy couldn't say anything, she had all of my cock in her mouth and was squeezing my balls. I started to cum as Peggy lifted her hips and Mom covered her cunt. Peggy shook even more. Mom had a finger in her ass.

This must be what drove Mom crazy before, Peggy must have done the same to her.

We were still spread out on the bed when Debbie and Dad got home. Mom just smiled when they came into my room and Debbie asked if there was room for her.
"I think you should wait a while, poor Joe's worn out", Mom said holding my soft cock.

Debbie turned to Dad smiling, "I think I could do something about that, don't you think so Dan. You could keep Peggy happy as well. I taught her all my tricks as well".

"I don't know about Joe but I could do with a break and I do need to get supper started. How about a rain check Peggy?".

Food, I was starving, I looked at my clock, 5:15 already. Dad had been gone for 2 hours. We must have fallen asl**p for a while. Shit, Dad and Debbie must have fucked. They were both smiling, so was Mom. So was Peggy and I guess I had a grin as well. Dad had just said he wanted to fuck Peggy again and Debbie wanted ME.

Peggy got up and threw her arms around Dad and kissed him. "Any time, well anytime I'm not busy with Joe". She turned to her Mom, "Joe and I are in love", turned to me,"And we want to be together. I want to marry Joe!".

Peggy really did like being naked and I saw why as Dad cupped her breast, a big smile.

"A wedding takes a bit of planning, what say we eat first and I think Bobby has had enough TV for one day. We are going to have to do something. We can't have him watching TV all the time while we are, 'busy'. I think we need to set up a schedule, especially for when George gets home".

Debbie gave my cock a kiss and suck, "Later" and we got dressed.

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1 year ago
Part two was as good as one. I love your writing style
2 years ago
mmm i like that kind of stories :)
2 years ago
Sweet I love incest!
2 years ago
A beautiful fantasy, certainly one I'd love to be part of.
2 years ago
mmmmm im wet
2 years ago
That was great we need more
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Excellent series..A+++
2 years ago
awesome but this needs a part 3, 4...
it is one very sweet series
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i'm going to change my panties now