Daddy's new Girl

Mommy, Look What I Found

I just wanted to check something on Wiki.........

"Mom, can we talk?"

Jill put down the shirt she had been folding, Saturday, washing day and looked at her daughter, "Sure Sam, whaaarsssss's upp?"

"'s a long talk". Having a lawyer for a husband - father had helped and started both into thinking, logically, and to listen. Forming ideas for rebuttal was how he put it.

Both Sam and Jill had set up a little game, fun things were 'short talks' and usually had things like the "Bud Dogs", humor. 'Long talks' were of a serious nature.

"Is this a cup of coffee or a glass of wine?"

"A bottle might help, can we go into the study?"

Now Jill was worried, Sam hadn't done anything wrong, that she knew about. No calls from the school and couldn't think of anything at home. She went to get a coffee.

"What's wrong Sam?", she asked, sitting at one end of the studies desk, clearing a space for her coffee cup. Two computers, books and papers everywhere. She did think there was order there, somewhere. Sam was doing her home work............ She waited.

"I..., no, further back. Mom, we had Sex Ed at school, you remember, you had to sign for me...., well we all, the boys and us girls were together for part of it, then we split up, the girls in one room, the boys in another. Ummmmm, well Mrs Jones told us about ourselves but nothing about boys. When Jewels and I were walking home........, she asked me what I knew........."

Jill still didn't know where this was going, she did know Jewels was Julie, Sam's long time friend, and, the daughter of the Preacher. She decided to wait some more. Julie was a good girl.

"Jewels...., well she had a real good way of asking, like, if you went past a restaurant and smelt something really good, you couldn't just walk in and ask for what smelt good and you couldn't walk around looking at everybody's food but you really wanted to try it. Does that make sense?"

Jill nodded, still unsure but was sure Sam was going somewhere.

"Well........, Promise you won't say anything to Dad, Please!"

Again Jill nodded.

"Jewels was cleaning her room, she saw a pen that had rolled under the bed and after she got a hold of it, well, Sam giggled at the memory, she sat up and hit her head. She said a word, a bad word according to her father. Her mother heard and told her off. When her father got home he made her take her panties off and spanked her bottom. Mom, he lifted her dress"

Now Jill was getting worried. She was about to ask.........

"Mom, he didn't hurt her, he only used his hand, it was after. Her father told her to go to her room and pray until supper, her mother picked up her panties and told her they were going in the wash and not to put on any more until after her shower. Jewels doesn't have a shower until after supper. Mom, Sam put up her hand, she had seen her mother about to speak, as I said, it was after. Jewels said she sort of liked it. She felt his cock get hard. She was wet"

Everything Jill was about to say disappeared. That bible belting Baptist Preacher, what a hypocrite. Now she had a new worry. What had brought this on and where was this heading. She remembered a note her husband had in front of him each time he was in court. "Keep your mouth shut, people will think you a fool, Open it, you could remove all doubt". She waited, trusting her daughter.

"Any way, I was finishing my English paper and needed a bibliography. I thought of using Wiki but didn't want to have to save all my work, so I used dad's laptop. I typed in the search and clicked the mouse. It didn't work quite the way I thought it would"

Jill watched a smile a mile wide on her daughters face as she turned the laptop until she could see. The bl**d drained from her face. Two women, girls, in a classic 69. "OH MY GOD"

Sam sat back a little, "I know I hadn't gone to Wiki so when I clicked on the mouse the pointer must have been sitting on 'Restore previous session', this came up"

Jill and Dan had an active sex life, a very active one and did not see anything wrong with visiting various site. They did not have 'Parental Control' set, they trusted their daughter.

Jill watched Sam take a big breath. Here it comes...........

"So......, Jewels asked me if we could learn together and if daddy would help.........."

SHIT, a tornado hit Jill's head, all thoughts blew out.........., then came rushing back in. How could she know....... , she couldn't. The page was the same as they had left it last night. Julie........, never.......

"Do you need the wine now?"

Jill shook her head. The last thing she needed was wine. Sam was right, this was a long talk.

"Any way, the other night, Jewels asked me to stop with her for a bit, she had something to show me. Her mother didn't mind, we were reading the bible. Mom, it's right there, in the bible, Lot's daughters had sex with their father...... You know Jewels likes you and dad, well......, she asked if it would be alright if he could teach us, you know, together. I think she likes dad a lot........ and the boys at school, well, they are just boys........., we don't want them, and...... when I saw this............., I heard you last night, I wanted to ask you"

Jill was lost, "You know that's i****t............, there could be all sorts of problems........"

Sam, not to be out done or put off, "You know that's just church nonsense. Jewels and I got a book from the library about genes. If a f****y has good genes to start with there is a greater chance of bad genes if you marry someone else. You are not going to have a......, a funny c***d. And anyway, I love daddy.............., so does Jewels, I think...... We just want to learn, not get pregnant"

Jill shook her head, again. If only Sam knew that her husband, Sam's father, was probably, no, for sure, balls deep in his s****r's pussy. Right now.

Dan and Mary had been lovers for a long time. A close b*****r and s****r relationship had formed into something more after Dan had prevented her ****. Jill didn't mind, in their second year of marriage it had come out. In fact, a lot of the time there had been all three of them in the same bed. Jill didn't, couldn't mind. There was a close cousin......... Maybe there was something in the water, maybe it was just where they lived. A lot of 'close' families. The truth, she did love her s****r, she never thought of Mary as a s****r in law.

Now Jill looked at her daughter. At 14 she looked just like her mother had at the same age and, she was going to be a beauty in her own way.
She felt a pain in her chest, no, her heart, was her little girl growing up too fast. She was already well into her third bra......... The c***dren now, they needed to know a lot more........ a lot earlier just to be safe. But.........

"Sam, I'm not trying to put you off....., or even say no. But I can't say yes either, it's a big step and your father has the last word. I can say........, if you and Julie want any help from me............., I would be more than pleased if you asked............, um.. Did these pictures turn you on?"

Sam tried to be a really grown up 14 year old. "I don't know....., yet. Mom, can I ask Jewels over tomorrow?, she has to stay home alone until her parents get back from church"

Jill stood up, then gave her daughter a big hug. Julie had often spent Sunday afternoon with Sam, but, tomorrow Could be awkward........., tonight, when Dan got home........ Would be awkward. Jill hoped Dan and Mary had a good long fuck today. How was she, or Dan going to bring That up.

Dan opened the door and had just enough time to catch a 14 year bundle of love. His daughter jumped into his arms and kissed him. "Hi dad, how's aunt Mary, had a good day?"

Dan raised his eyebrows at his wife. Jill shrugged. "Yes Sam, a great day and aunt Mary sends her love. Whaaart's upp? What have you been doing? Sniffing the catnip again?"

"No silly, I got my English paper finished early............, mom and I talked........, just a good day. Suppers nearly ready"

As one of the women in his life departed the other took her place, "Did you have a 'good time', I hope so because you have a small problem at home", and gave him a kiss, groped for his cock without looking and gave it a squeeze. "You'll need this later" and headed for the kitchen.

Dan stood there. Stunned. What the hell was that all about. He and Jill had 'talked' after his visits to his s****r, usually late at night, before.........

Nothing had changed as he sat down to dinner. Wife and daughter were infectious, smiling, joking and he joined in. He was also very hungry, for some reason, they all were. Dan was a lawyer, a good one, he could wait.

After the dishes had been done, Sam announced she was for a shower, Jill headed toward the other bathroom and Dan headed to the den. He had just sat down when Jill walked in, lifted her dress so Dan could see, no panties, before sitting next to him. She smiled and mimed zipping her lips before Dan could ask anything just as Sam skipped into the room and sat in his lap. Not on it, in it, her butt was pushing his legs apart and............... She had her shower earlier.

Dan look down. Sam's baby doll nightie was just that, a baby doll's, not enough for a 14 year old. He could see the soft down just covering her slit. Sam didn't have panties on.....

"Can we talk daddy?"

The lawyer in Dan kicked up a level. He nodded, not sure about his voice. This was new.

Sam took a deep breath, she had researched all the facts, ordered her thinking, laid out her argument in her mind. She was ready but, she looked at her mom. She nodded. "I'm 14, going on 15 and need to know about sex so I can be safe, not get pregnant and learn from the one I love........, not some silly boy who just want his fun. Daddy, I want you to teach me, well, you and mom........., please" Sam knew she was playing on her father's emotions, just a little. She knew about aunt Mary. She Thought she knew about aunt Mary.

Jill smiled, "Close your mouth, you're catching flies"

In all his time, being a lawyer, a father, b*****r, he thought he had heard everything. Boy was he wrong.............. He was speechless.

Jill sat there smiling, saying nothing. It was up to Sam, although she did hope this was going to turn out okay. She had to admit, after their 'talk', well, she was wet. And horny, thinking about Dan. How he was after they 'talked' about his visit with Mary. Tonight, his cock became Her cock. To do with as she pleased. She always could think of plenty of ways to please her and Dan was happy that she was happy. It wasn't always his cock either.


What happened next, nobody expected, least of all Dan. He hugged his daughter, "Of course I will.. " and pulled his wife into their hug.

Sam thought, one victory at a time, tomorrow, Jewels. She had already asked her over. She had not said why......., yet. Tonight she was her father's baby girl, tomorrow she would be......., older......, wiser. Sam couldn't wait, she leaned forward and slipped the nightie off.

Jill sat up and lifted her dress off. Dan watched, both of his women were naked. He sucked in a big breath. Jill must have thought this through. After his time with Mary, he would be able to take it slow, be a good teacher...... Something was wrong with that line of thought.

He lost the plot as he saw and felt, hands lifting his hands and placing them on two different breasts. He lay back. Jill was leading and Sam was following. Dan took his lead from his wife, she was teaching by example, all Dan had to do in the mean time was fill in the gaps.

He started fondling their breasts, thumbing their nipples, it was nice after all. He leaned forward and kissed his daughter's breast, he felt her press forward so he sucked her nipple, just like Jill, Sam had sensitive nipples. He sucked harder and heard both sigh.

Sam may have been sitting between his legs but his pants were tight against his erection, he couldn't help himself, he doubted anyone could, there was something about having a naked daughter sitting so close. It wasn't fully hard, yet but was getting there. Dan started planing the teaching of his daughter. She had to be naked, she was, he had to be naked, he would be, after a bit more of the gentle foreplay. What had Jill planed, he looked at her and it clicked.
This wasn't planed, Jill was as surprised as he was. This was Sam's work. The little devil.

"Would you like to undress me" Dan asked Sam. He did have a surprise of his own and wanted her to find out, in a nice way.

Jill knew her husband and thought, just a bit of direction, "I'll take his shirt, you get his pants. Slowly undo dad's belt, no, wait. Take his shoes off first, we wouldn't want him to fall over trying to get his pants off" Jill smiled at Dan and winked as she started undoing buttons. Slowly, giving Sam time to get ready.

After Dan had lost his shirt and shoes, "Stay on your knees, undo the belt.........., then the top buttons, now the zip, slowly. Good, now hold his pants by the front, open them and slowly slid them down" She waited for the surprise..........

"OHHHH, mom, dad, you aren't wearing underpants..........." Sam had her father's cock spring out...., and up. Right in front of her. It hit her nose.

Jill laughed at the reaction and the sight of her husband. Dan stood there with his pants at half mast but his cock at full mast. He wanted this, he was going to make love to his daughter. Jill thought about after, Sam with her legs open, satisfied after her first cock, and how she would lick her sweet little pussy. Full of her husbands cream. She licked her lips. It had been a while since Mary had joined them and she did like the taste.

"It's going to be more comfortable on the bed, at least for the first time Sam, then, well you may be surprised at just where this horny man likes getting some pussy. Come on you two and don't fall over your pants. You might hurt something, just look at it. Have you no shame, waving your cock in front of your daughter"

"Don't worry daddy, I'll take good care of it. I need it just the way it is", just before Sam could grab it, Jill bent down and gave the head a kiss.

"So do I honey, we can't afford to lose it now. He's got lots of work to do tonight"

Dan groaned but carefully stepped out of his pants. The clothes stayed just as they left them, s**ttered, as they headed toward the waiting bed. Dan thought about today, it had been good with his s****r, now, he had a wife and daughter to take care of. Not in that order either.

Dan stood at the doorway and watched as his wife led their daughter to the bed, got a pillow under her hips and brushed her long auburn hair away from her face then kissed her lips. He knew Jill was going to make love to their daughter as well. Sam was going to be a happy girl, no, woman tomorrow. It was time. The teachers were ready. The pupil was ready.

Dan walked to the other side of the bed. He thought of all the different ways he could make love to Sam and rejected them. He thought of all the ways he could teach Sam and rejected most of them as well. He couldn't teach everything tonight, he didn't have to, but, for her first time. He remembered his s****r and started.

Sam closed her eyes as her father knelt beside her on the bed and kissed her, as a woman not a daughter. Her eyes flew open. Mother was kissing her toes. It tickled, just a little until she relaxed. She had asked her parents to teach her. All about sex, not just about making love.

She closed her eyes again. Let the lessons begin. She felt her mother caress her lower leg as she kept kissing her toes. She felt her father's hot breath as he kissed her ears. A hand touched the top slope of her breast. Finger tips were walking up her legs. Finger tips were under her breast, kisses down her neck, her shoulder. Sam was having a hard problem just lying there, waiting. She bit her lower lip.

Both Dan and Jill were watching Sam, watching that they did not get to far advanced, letting her keep up. Her breasts were rising, waiting to be kissed. Her bum pressed into the pillow, her legs flexing. They moved on.

Sam could feel her pussy start to get wet, her lips swelling as the finger tips moved to her upper thigh. Wrong, they were on the outside. She was about to complain when her nipple was encased by a hot mouth. Right. The finger tips moved up to her hips. She felt her mother blowing gently on her calves. How the hell was she supposed to remember all this to tell Jewels. She wouldn't, couldn't. They would have to do it all over again tomorrow. Sam felt good about that decision because too many things were going on.

Dan moved to the other breast as Jill started on Sam's inner thigh. Slowly running her fingers up and down, stopping short of touching her lips. After the nipple was firm in his mouth, he started south as Jill worked north. Now, timing was everything, at no time would Sam not have one of them kissing her. It wasn't hard, they had worked as a team before. Mary had bucked so hard he had ended up on the floor.

Sam was beside herself, she had no idea what was coming next. Her body was alive and tingling, new sensations hitting her from every angle. She loved it. Both of her parents were heading for her clit, slit. She didn't know and didn't care, she just wanted the feeling to go on and on.........., forever.

Dan was first, he licked down and out, Jill was there, she licked up and out, and again, they could hear Sam panting. She was getting close. Dan slid his hand over Sam's hip, curling it around so his finger could stroke her slit. Jill would have the honor of giving their daughter her first oral climax. Dan could use this break to get into position. To use his cock to keep her on that high. The only thing they hadn't discussed, was Sam a virgin or would there be some pain first. He knew Jill would be there for her if it hurt to much. Dan had a long thick cock.

Sam was on a roller-coaster, her body was starting to do even more of it's own thing, she felt out of control. Her nipples were hard, just about painful but what a beautiful pain as another finger tip performed it's magic. Sam knew it was her mothers, dad's were playing hide and seek with her pussy lips, rolling them, squeezing them. Bringing her closer to the top, then......., Sam just about blacked out. Someone had sucked her clit. It was deep in a hot wet mouth, she could still feel a tongue, flicking, teasing. The mouth sucking.

Jill was in heaven. Sam had lifted her hips as she had sucked her daughter's clit. She had a clit, lips and even some of Dan's finger, and the taste. To die for. This was her moment, she went to town, sucking, licking, trying to get even more into her mouth, her tongue probing.

Sam went mad.

Dan, on his knees behind Jill helped, sort of. He had two fingers probing as deep as he could in Jill's pussy.

Jill held still, not moving her mouth until she felt Sam's legs relax a little, then, still giving Sam's pussy gentle kisses and licks moved her body to one side. It was Dan's turn. She started kissing her way up Sam's body as she felt Dan move into position. She reached back and gave his cock a little pat. It was wet, he was leaking, she rubbed the precum around the head. And gave it a squeeze.

Dan moved closer as Jill hooked a leg and lifted. Sam was now ready for her first cock. Dan rubbed the head up and down Sam's slit. He didn't have to wet his cock anymore, Sam was ready. He looked up. Jill was kissing a nipple. Sam had her eyes closed, she was smiling. He eased the head in.

Sam could feel her mother sucking her nipple, she could feel the heat of her father's cock. She didn't think she could feel any better than she did at the moment, but........., she got her first feel of a real cock in her pussy. It just slid in, they were made for each other. A bit more, she wanted to sit up, she wanted to see what was making her pussy feel so good but her mother's mouth, she didn't want to lose that either. But she could lift her hips, and when she did................... OH MY GOD. She was full. She held still. Sam could feel a tickle on her butt, it must be dad's balls she thought. He was fully home, and............ Sam held her breath. It was getting bigger, swelling. She knew he would start moving, in and out. Fucking. But he was holding still...................

Dan had never compared the women he loved, both Jill and Mary were better than good, both a little different, he had hadn't told Jill that Mary had shaved her pussy yet, hadn't had time, but this. Sam was out of this world. He felt his cock swell. It was as if Sam was squeezing it although he knew it was him. He felt it throb, he wanted to move, he wanted to stay just as he was, he wanted............

Jill had waited to see if Sam was in pain, she had waited to feel Sam's body move as Dan made love to her. Nothing happened so she looked up, sucking the nipple as she did. It was like a catalyst. Sam started bucking her hips, Dan started his slow rhythm, the one she loved so much. There was no pain, there was a lot of pleasure. Everybody was enjoying something. Jill looked down to see her......, no, their cock slowly appear and disappear. She looked up, the smile on Dan's face said it all. She looked across, the pain in her heart from earlier was replaced, joy, as she watched her daughter enjoy this new experience.

Jill had a stab of.........., she didn't know, but she did know her daughter was getting even more. It was confirmed a bit later when Sam started bucking up to get more of her father's cock. Sam opened her mouth and screamed. In pleasure. She was having an orgasm.

Both Dan and Jill were a little shocked. It had taken Jill a while to reach this level of sexual satisfaction. Dan went very slow, still moving but watching Sam carefully. She was still going, still up there. Dan couldn't help himself and pushed hard and starting to pump his seed. This sent Sam off again. There was no scream this time. She fainted.

Jill watched as Dan withdrew, he was still cumming. She held his cock but watched her daughter...........

Sam opened her eyes, looked at her mother, at her father, "Put it back........ please"

Jill lay beside her, "Honey you fainted........., it was a bit to much for you, just take it easy for a minute or two"

"Daddy, it was great, can we do it again, I......., I want to feel you cum in me"

Dan saw a way out of their problems, "Honey, if you felt real good what do you think I felt. I'm done for the day", he wasn't going to suggest Jill could fill in for him either but wasn't prepared for what came next.

Sam rolled over and took his cock in her mouth. He looked at Jill. No help there, she just rolled her eyes. But she did smile, and joined her daughter. Dan closed his eyes as the tag team took over. First, one sucking on his balls and one sucking his cock, then they swapped. They both giggled a lot. Dan worked very hard not to get hard.

It finished when both mother and daughter rolled of him and burst out laughing, "You're no good daddy, just once and you're all soft"

"Just once is enough if it's you, but, I do love you Sam. Go easy on me", this set Jill off laughing again. Dan winked at Sam. They both dived on her, Dan got her breasts, Sam her pussy. She stopped laughing when Sam kissed her pussy.

"Like the porn site, let's lick each other"


"OH, ummm, Sam found that site we were looking at last night. It was an accident, she didn't mean to. That's what led to this"

Dan had trouble sorting all this out. Seeing Sam licking Jill's pussy, just like that shot last night didn't help matters at all, in fact, matters were going back to where it all started. He was getting hard watching his wife enjoying what his daughter was doing......., very much so he believed. He knew Jill swung both ways with Mary.

He pinched Jill's nipples, she liked that, most of the time. This time she yelped. Sam stopped sucking, "From the beginning please, I think I'm still missing something". Dan did catch the quick look from daughter to mother, now he was back in lawyer mode. This Had been Sam.

"Dad, can we talk?"

Dan sat back. For as long as he could remember this had been his idea, this was what he had been aiming for. He had seen to many people who hadn't 'talked', he had to deal with the mess after. He had pushed it and was now wondering if it was coming back to bite him on his ass. He nodded, what else could go wrong.....

All of Sam's arguments, all her great facts to get her dad to make love to her wouldn't help, not now. Now dad needed to know everything if she was going to help Jewels and she knew she would help her, to enjoy that wonderful feeling. This was important to her.......

"Mom, I want to do this on my own please", Sam was trying to score at least some Brownie Points with her Dad, she took a deep breath, Dan did notice, and, had set her score up, just a little, "Dad, Julie and I have been talking, I mean more than usually, it happened after Sex Ed. We weren't told anything about boys, just ourselves and Julie asked me if I thought you could...., sort of...., teach us. We found a bit in the bible about how two daughter's made love to their dad. Her dad won't talk about sex, she can't even have her computer connected to the internet....., and he smacked her the other day because her mom heard her use a bad word. Dad........, please don't do anything about what I'M going to say, please, but he made her take off her panties and raise her dress before he smacked her. I told mom he didn't really hurt her but....., she's got no one she can ask, you know, about boys" Sam breathed, Dan nodded. "Dad, she likes you....., I asked mom after I saw what was on your laptop. I'm sorry dad, it was a mistake but, after..., I knew I could at least ask you"

Sam looked at her dad, she wasn't pleading, she wasn't even begging, she just asked her question. A 'talk' that Dan had never, ever thought would come at him. Sam on the other hand looked a little less than her 14 going on 15 daughter of an hour ago, it looked like all the wind had gone out of her sails. Dan was stumped.

Sam was slumped, cradled in her mother's arms. Jill was stroking her hair but looking at Dan. She didn't really want to interfere but thought a little moral support could help, help everybody. She also spent a minute getting her thoughts in order, "Dan, we have all shared something great to-night, something that will have to stay just between us, but, we can't ignore Sam's feelings about Julie. You of all people know how hard it is growing up like that, I think we all need a good nights sl**p.........., and another talk in the morning", she winked at Dan, "Sam honey, how would you like to sl**p with us tonight?"

"Can I, can I daddy, please?"

"Honey, I said sl**p"

Dan didn't say anything, he was thinking. He alone knew of the total risk they were taking, he knew all the laws they were breaking already, add another u******e c***d, add another ten years in jail........, but........., he was already thinking about Julie..., and that asshole of a father. He hadn't suspected the mother to be as bad, two peas in a pod. He was also thinking about a few rumors amongst the other males in the neighborhood.

Jill and Sam watched the most important male in their life. Quietly. Jill was still stroking Sam's hair, she knew how her husband thought. Sam didn't know for sure, but, he hadn't said no.

Dan did not listen to rumors, he certainly didn't react to them, until now. Now there was a fact. A grown man should not spank his 14 year daughter on her bare bum, or even order her to take off her panties. He knew what to do. "Get ready for bed, I need to make a call"

Jill did 'know' her husband, but this. Who was he going to call this late at night? She told Sam to brush her teeth.., "and look out for pubic hairs" she joked. She was worried.

Dan arrived before Sam, smiled and bent over, kissing his wife, he then bent lower and kissed her breast, the one he had pinched, "Sorry about that, am I going to get any sl**p tonight?" he asked, getting into bed.

Jill, already beneath the covers, smiled, "Only if you're lucky", he didn't say, she didn't ask.

It was a repeat of earlier as Sam jumped on him, "Daddy I'm sorry, I didn't say thank you. This has been the best day of my life, all my birthdays and Christmas at once couldn't compare, and you were right mom, it was a little sore when I pee-ed........., but I didn't find any pubic hairs"

"I'm going to sl**p on the couch"

"Shut up and turn off the light, and you young lady, you sl**p between us. Get off your father"

"Mom, you're no fun, nite dad"

"Nite honey, love you, love you too......, grouch"

"Shut up and go to sl**p..........., love you........., both"

Jill couldn't believe it. The sun was shining and, she turned her head. Sam was cuddled with Dan but she didn't think anyone had moved. They had all slept. She was about to roll out of bed when she remembered. Dan usually awoke with an erection, her best time of the day. Most weekend mornings that meant sex before getting up. She thought about Sam, why not, Dan would be in a good mood for the rest of the day. She slipped out of bed and tip toed out.

Jill hadn't bothered getting dressed and when she returned with coffee after a while, she found Sam sitting on her husband. Again. Jill could see almost everything, she could not see his cock. Sam was smiling, again. Jill kissed her daughter, a long kiss on the lips, "I hope you are just keeping him warm for me?"

Dan smiled up at his wife and daughter, "I was asl**p, I swear"

Jill tried an evil grim, it didn't work and Dan was not fooled, but, when Jill climbed onto the bed and straddled his face, the last Sam saw was a smile. She did feel his cock, buried deep in her pussy, jump. She did see her mother lean forward to kiss her before she closed her eyes. She did know Jewels was going to love this even before her mothers tongue invaded her mouth. If daddy agreed, today would be even better than yesterday.

Sam had finally got to feel dad shoot his cum into her pussy. She loved it. Jill had finally got Dan's cream from Sam's pussy instead of the usual route. She loved it. Dan had made love to his women, both at the same time. He loved it. Three sexually sated people were rudely interrupted by the phone. Dan rolled out of the bed and ran to the den.

Jill and Sam looked at each other, Jill could never remember a time when Dan had been so secretive, but, she trusted him. After a quick kiss they both got up. An hour later they were in the den, still naked as Dan told them of his phone calls. He had been busy. A few people had been busy. The one thing they had in common, they all owed Dan. The most important call had just finished. They were waiting for one more, even more important, at least to Sam.

Sam was amazed, her dad was talking to the FBI in Kansas, on a Sunday. Julie's father was a wanted man and his wife was implicated as well, the FBI were on their way here. The plan was for Julie to come over, just as they had planned before knowing anything. Once she was safe the FBI would arrest them, at the church. Dan hadn't said what they were wanted for but a film crew would be along as well.

This time when the phone rang Sam jumped, Dan reached for it, "Yes.........., yes........., okay, anything else.............., thank you. We'll be here, good bye"

Silence....., Dan replaced the phone.

"Tell me something or the FBI will be arresting me for beating you black and blue"

Sam had never seen her mom mad. It was a shock.

"I tell you and then we better get dressed it's going to get busy here shortly"

"George Williams, his real name, was just about arrested in Kansas ten years ago, c***d trafficking, he bailed out just before the cops turned up with the warrant. His wife, name unknown but goes by Julie Williams is thought to have joined George in Kentucky, they set up a church there. Everything was going well until some c***dren disappeared. So did George and Julie, until last night"

"Sam, this is really important, they think your Julie was an orphan, stolen. The Judge has put her in our protective custody until this is sorted. There is a doctor arriving with the FBI, they want to do a full medical, do you know what that means?"


"Honey, you can't tell Julie anything, nothing at all until later and I can not 'teach' her anything either. At the moment anyway. It's going to get very mixed up and we don't want to hurt Julie with more trouble. So, when she arrives it's just a visit. Okay. When things calm down we will talk. For your sake we will do more than talk, if she still wants to...., after. Until then, will you promise me, if so I will promise you something really special but your mom and I have to talk about it first"

"Okay, I don't think it would be good for the FBI to see us naked. We better get dressed. Will we be on the news as well?"

"No, everything is being set up for Julie to "disappear" for now. Schools nearly over, she won't be going back until next term. The Justice Department will control thing's for a while"

Both Jill and Sam joined Dan in a big f****y hug until he pointed Sam to her bedroom and gave Jill a pat on her fanny, "Get dressed"

"Thank you daddy"

"Yes, a big thank you. I know how scarey this must have been, everything dumped on you at once. Should we warn Mary?"

"No, nobody out side the loop gets told anything, the local FBI will be told once they are here along with Julie. Nothing happens until she is safe"

"Got time for a quicky, I'm horny with all this power going on around me"


"Yes Sir, I'm got"

Sam seemed to be holding her breath, worried if anything should go wrong, she hugged her dad and mom every chance she had thinking about Jewels, how sad she would be. She promised herself she would make it up to her, somehow. Without thinking she opened her fathers laptop, hit restore and waited. It was still there. She picked it up and walked into her room. She didn't want the FBI to see her and these pictures but she did want to study them.

What she had felt last night and again this morning, when her mother had sucked her pussy, she closed her eyes, she could still feel it. Mom had sucked the cum, dad's cum from her pussy. She loved it and couldn't wait to suck his cum from Jewels pussy. She watched the two girls on the screen................, she looked closely........., they were girls. Young girls. Sam's pussy got even wetter. If mom and dad liked these pictures, well, what would happen when she and Jewels got together. She slipped a finger between her lips.

"You horny too?"

Shit, she hadn't heard her mother come in. Jill kissed her again, and another finger joined hers, "I thought your dad's cock would have kept you happy for a while longer. You do like it don't you?"

"Mom I love it..........., can we wear it out?" Sam was smiling.

"We have been fucking for 16 years, I haven't worn it out ......, yet. You on the other hand, slow down, there will be nothing left for me. Now, get straightened up, they'll be here soon"

"Mom, they are young, will dad like watching me and Jewels as well?"

"Of course he will, and he loves you already, anyway, these girls are supposed to be over 18, it's the law, that's why what we do is just for us. Nobody else gets to know, okay"

It was a bit of a let down when the two FBI officers arrived, they looked the same as everybody else. They weren't the TV "suits", just normal people, here. Later on, well. They were all seated when Julie rang the bell, Sam jumped, Jill stood, dad and the other two just sat there, talking. Sam realized she had to work on her acting, calmed her breathing and then ran to answer the door.

It worked, just two school friends, no problems until she shut the door. The agent had somehow got up, come into the hall and got behind the door. Without her knowing. She jumped again as the other agent appeared on the other side. How did they do that. Suddenly everything was okay, mom was there beside Jewels, holding her hand.

One agent was holding his badge and asking questions, calmly, quietly, the other agent was issuing instruction into his collar. Dan asked Jill to keep Sam company and with Jewels and the agent, went back to the den to talk. It was nearly an hour later when the door bell rang again, it was the doctor.

Six hours of coming and going, talking, papers being signed and a couple of large pizza's later, the f****y, now plus one were sitting in the den. This was a long f****y 'talk'.

"To bring you all up to date so far, George and 'Julie' have been arrested and are on their way to Kansas City as we speak, the broke the Mann laws, transporting c***dren across State lines, that's why the FBI. And they are pissed off, they think a local cop was involved, both times, that's why the secrets. Sorry honey, it was needed. Julie, I'm so sorry this had to happen to you so fast and more facts will come out later but the FBI were really worried about your safety. Some of the other c***dren involved haven't been heard from........., some have. Legally you are now a ward of the state in our protective custody until Justice finds all your details, but.........., I want you to be a part of our f****y. They weren't your parents and records show you could be closer to 16 than 15, I know you like Sam and hope you can include Jill and me. Now, it's been a long day and I think it's time for unpacking and bed. That box by the door is all your stuff, what the FBI thinks is your stuff, you won't be able to go home for a while, it's been sealed, anything else you think of, just write a list............,we will fill it and I'm sure Sam can lend you............., whatever. This is the way we do it, talk about stuff, so......, if there's anything you want to add, well, just jump in. Anything.

"What do I call you?, Mr Jones, Dan.............., dad?, I had to call 'him' sir"

"What ever you are comfortable with..., I would prefer dad"

"Dad, I haven't told the agents, I wanted to talk to Sam......, and you first, but............, it was her, she did all the nasty things, I.., she made sure she watched when I had a shower, even when I went to the toilet. She brought all my panties......, most of them are thongs, so he could see them when he punished me. I heard them after, after he punished me she punished him. I....., I just knew it was not right and that's why I asked Sam.........opp's"

Jill stepped up to the plate, bat ready to bust his head, she had learned a lot about him today, "Honey it's all right, it's one of the thing's I love about our f****y, Sam told me..., and asked about..........

"I'm so sorry"

"Don't be sorry, that ..., shithead doesn't deserve your pity. It's all over now, you're safe"

Sam was looking at her parents, feeling the love she could see and missed the start. She saw the end. Jewels sitting on her father's lap, hugging him......., and decided to join her. It could happen tonight.

Dan held them close and looked at Jill, she shook her head. Not tonight, there was plenty of time later. To many emotions right now and Julie needed time to settle. But as he held them, a hand was holding his cock. It wasn't his.

"Come on, work to do, then a shower, then bed. Scoot, we'll be in later to say goodnight"

Dan watched as Sam got up, then Julie, it had been her hand. Damn.

Sam gathered the box, it wasn't very heavy and Julie got her school bag. She had been going to finish her English paper, the pair headed to Sam's room to unpack. As soon as she put down the box she thought about something Dan had said earlier.

"Hang on a minute, I just need to ask dad something", and ran back to the den, straight in and surprised her parents..., and herself. Mom was sucking dad's cock.

Jill didn't stop as Sam burst in, she hadn't thought about an interruption. To bad, Sam had seen her this morning, "Do I have to go to school tomorrow?"

With a mumble, and a yes, and a 'shit', to herself, she went back to her room. Surprise number two. Jewels was looking at the screen of the laptop. She hadn't turned it off earlier.

"Did you ask your dad? Did he say yes? Will he teach us?....., come on, tell me, please"

Sam thought about her promise this morning, she also thought Jewels had touched dad's cock just now, "Yes I did, yes he did and yes he will but...., he made me promise to wait. Jewels, he wants it to be good for you, for you to get over this...., thing with them"

"Do you want to do this?", she asked and turned the screen.

Sam really did, especially after what her mom had done for her, "Later", she giggled.

Later indeed. They had fun unpacking. Sam tried on her first thong, and loved the feeling. They shared the shower, another story and fun, and, even though there were two beds, they snuggled into one. Then got out, took off their nighties and dived back under the covers just as Dan and Jill looked in.

Dan stood at the door, he didn't trust himself, let alone the two girl. Jill walked over to the bed, smiled and bent to kiss them goodnight, "Don't just leave your nighties on the floor next time" she whispered. Just loud enough for Dan to hear.

"See you in the morning, love you...., both of you. Get a good nights sl**p"

Jill kissed Julie first, then Sam and, "Be gentle with her, love you" Jill didn't see the laptop.

As soon as the door closed Sam jumped out of bed, grabbed the laptop and dived back. There was one feature her computer didn't have, close the top, it went to sl**p. Open the top, it woke up. She set it on her knees so they could both watch. Just like her dad had taught her, her mind was busy, but it wasn't a rebuttal this time. Sam grew up, she knew Jewels needed this....., as much as she wanted this. She also knew enough about computers to get back to the start. They had all night, school was forgotten.

Jill didn't even get into bed once she had undressed, she knelt on top, shaking her bum at Dan, watching his hard cock waving about as he undressed, "And just which pussy are you thinking about, it looks like you may have four to keep satisfied but me first...., hurry"

Sam and Julie were also in a hurry. They had decided to watch the whole show and then replay it...., and role play as well, so they skipped the boring bits. Sam had put her arm around Julie, pulling her close. Julie had put her hand on Sam' upper thigh, bringing it close. The end result had also opened Sam's pussy but it closed Jewels legs. She liked it but thought she could do better.

She moved the slider back slowly until she found what she wanted, "Like that, lets start that way" Jewels giggled and lifted her leg as Sam straightened hers. They ended up sort of funny, each girl had a new foot between their own, their legs crossed at their knees. The slider went forward again. This was the bit they both liked. It took a couple of repeats of the scene to get it right but they were trying to hold the laptop as well. They hadn't bothered with the breast part, they could do that later and knew when it came to the actual 69 they would have to put it down.

Sam had just touched Julies pussy lips......, when they heard the scream.

Julie giggled, "Sounds like mom and dad are having fun"

It may have been Jewels words, mom and dad, it may have Jewel finger tip slipping in her pussy that caused the slip, "You should of heard m............"

"You did it, you got your father to............, you got his cock. Oh you bitch, why couldn't you wait for meeeeeeeeeee. Tell me all, all the juicy bits...., how big is it?"

Sam slid her finger into Julie, "It was supposed to happen today, with both of us, it's just.... I got caught out when I asked mom about this, the show on the computer... it just snowballed. Dad is okay teaching you as well, it will happen, he just thought it better to wait a while..... OH Jewels, it feels so good and..... mom helped as well, she..... I want to show you what she showed me. It's just about as good"

Both girls looked down at the same time. Both girls had a finger fully buried in their pussies. Both girls smiled, Sam closed the computer, "Let me show you....., please"

Dan was still panting as he lay beside Jill when they heard the scream.

"Sounds like the girls have found some fun of their own"

Julie had not felt anything as good as this, she didn't think anything could after her closed life so far. Her body was still arched, holding her pussy hard against Sam's mouth, she could feel Sam's tongue as it probed inside, good but..... oh god, she wanted the other feeling more. She had screamed when Sam had sucked her clit into her mouth, her teeth touching, scrapping along it, the warmth...... oh so good.

Sam was also feeling good, she was also trying to remember all the things her mother had done for her this morning. Most of it she could remember but then just got carried away with the pleasure of making love to her friend, she did like it and pushed her pussy down on Jewels mouth, again.

It was the hardest thing Jill had ever done. She lay there in her own sexual bliss, she wanted to go to them, felt the need to be there, to help, but knew she shouldn't. She lay in Dan's arms, happy. Not sure why, but happy.

In Sam's bed, two others were lying together, happy. Sam was stroking Jewels breasts, listening as her breathing became slower, deeper, "Dad's cock is going to fill your pussy, make you so happy...............,
and I'm going to lick your slit.............,
and suck his cum out...............

"We've got to get these girl's on the pill................

"What about Mary...............

"You do want to adopt Julie......................

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awesome yes for a part 2, 3... what happens to julie & the alledged parents , her real(bio) parents & bring in mary
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