One Sexy Lady

I Gained a Wife and Sextoy(Daughter)

Part One

"MOM, we got another bedroom.............SHIT"

"Oh god!" I knew what had happened, I was just in shock. I mean, it's not everyday you see something like this. Young, small, blond and completly nude, standing inside my room by the connecting door.

"Honey, that's not our room..........DAMN"

I was just like that man on the news watching the plane slamming into the Trade Towers, so stunned he couldn't move. Now there were two naked females in my room.... and one naked man. I had just finished my shower and was going to get dressed when it happened.I stood there like a store dummy. Part of me did act, act up that is.

I'm so sorry..., we'll go....."

I was picking they were mother and daughter, the mother put her hand on the girls shoulder to guide her out when the next plane hit the towers. She had been standing behind the daughter and when she pushed her towards their room I got a good look at the mother. She didn't turn but backed into their room. That's when I saw the landing strip, her tits looked pretty good as well. The door slowly closed.

I had flown to Houston to finish a job on my old rig and because I don't like to pay the large one way fares the airlines charge I had a return flight booked for two days time. That's why I was in this motel, all I needed was a place to sl**p and get changed. I used it regularly and here's the reason. When the downturn started, my old company, a big fuel company, called in the beancounters, accountants. I still haven't figured this part out but what happened was that it would save money if the company hired me as a private contractor rather than paying me a fulltime wage. Something to do with a tax rightoff.

The company made me an offer I couldn't turn down, I got serverance pay and the old workshop, complete with tools and equipment plus I was the 'go to guy' for their work. I knew the rigs and platforms so well and could move at a moments notice.

I'm a hydraulic engineer, one of the few that work with the high pressure hydraulic oils and seals needed for deep sea work but that also made finding another job hard so I was very pleased with how everything turned out.

Another thing about my work is strength, you need to be able to lift heavy equipment in tight places and I have that in spades. I stand 6 ft 4 and tip the scales at 235 lb's, all muscle, another thing I liked about this motel, big beds. I think that's what stopped them cold. I'm not a body builder but I am impressive. Which reminded me, I was naked....., and hungry.

I wasn't going to bother getting fully dressed, it was muggy, and was going to order a pizza for supper, these rooms didn't really cater for cooking, one room that was the bedroom, lounge and kitchen with a bathroom off to one side, so I just slipped my jeans on. I was thinking about what sort of pizza to order when someone knocked on the door, the outside door.

I thought it was the owner, nobody else would be bothering me, and was surprised to find my neighbour standing there. And I was surprised, she scrubed up quite nice. A halter top that left something to think about and short denim shorts. Tight demin shorts.

She blushed, "I really am sorry Amy barged in that way, I never thought to check the connecting door. I'm going to get the management to lock it right now."

"Hey, no problem, a bit of a shock but no problem, ummm, we've sort of been introduced..... you know, before, I'm Dave."

"Sorry, I usually know a persons name before....., I'm Sue and the other half is Amy, my daughter, you don't know any places we can eat do you? Ummm, me and Amy that is."

"I was about to order a pizza, they deliver here and they're good, I think there's a chicken place about a mile up the road as well...." I stopped as she shook her head.

"No it's got to be in walking distance, that's why we're here, the car broke down."

Alway the gentleman, "If you like pizza we can order the f****y meal, two large pizzas, a drink and garlic bread. It's cheaper as well", I was thinking about the cost of repairs even though I didn't know what was wrong with their car and it must have worked. Her face lit up with a smile to die for.

"Could we please, Amy loves pizza and if they deliver..., I wasn't looking forward to walking anywhere in this heat, that's why..., we had both had a shower before...."

Sue was having trouble trying to untangle her mind I thought as well as having to look up at me, "Look, no problem, lets forget about what happened before and start afresh, I like to think I could help someone if I can and this is a win win situation, I'm hungry, it's supper time and you don't have to walk anywhere. Now, what sort of pizza does Amy like, I think there's a flyer in your room as well if you want to ask her."

"Damn it Dave, why weren't you here hours ago, I've had a really shitty day so far. The only good part was........ damn you're big.........."

Honestly, I didn't think she was talking about my cock, she was rubbing her neck, looking up at me, "Well, you could come in, we could sit down and open the connecting door, Amy can join us."

"She still doesn't have any clothes on, most of our stuff is in the car or the 'U Haul', we're on our way to New Orleans, we're moving to be with my parents. Mom's sick and I'm going to help Dad"

"It can still work, I've got a spare T shirt she can borrow, it's clean and if we open the doors and a few windows we may get a draft. Want to try that?" Shit, it was the fourth of July and she was a little girl watching her first fireworks, her smile was that big. Her answer was a little girls as well.

"Can we, please?" and opened the connecting door, her hand out.

I dug into my bag and got an old '49ers' T shirt. It opened as I handed it to her, I was not ready for her response. She blinked..., then I saw a tear in her eye. Shit, what had I done now? Then it was full on tears, she was crying her heart out. I moved to hold her and she collapsed into my arms.

Amy must have seen the door open from her side and poked her head around the door frame, when she saw Sue sobbing in my arms she ran to her mother........, still naked. Me, I didn't know what was going on but it felt good to embrace Amy as well. A little thought burrowed into my mind, a f****y hug.

It took Sue several minutes to calm down, the sobbing stopped but I kept holding them.

"My husband played for the 49er's until he joined the Navy, he......., he was one of those who died in the gulf............., a stupid little speed boat loaded with explosives...........fuck them, fuck all of them........., why?.............."

I knew the story, had seen the after shots, a speed boat, playing like a torpedo had crippled a Navy ship and killed some of the crew but, that had been a few years ago. It must have hit Sue hard. I could see why. A young daughter had lost her Dad, a wife had lost her husband, Mom and Dad miles away, my T shirt had brought it all back. I hugged them tighter.

Out of the mouth of babe's, "It's okay Mom, we're here."

"Oh god honey, I'm so sorry, I didn't want you to see this...., Put this on now, Dave's trying to help and you're running around naked." holding out the T shirt, "Would you like pizza for supper?"

There was a second when Sue looked at Amy, then me, then my hand. In the hug I had pulled Amy close...., by her breast. My hand was still there, cupping what was going to be a full breast if she followed her mother. I tried to be the gentleman again, "I have another shirt."

"No, it's okay, a bit of a shock that's all, like I said, it's been a shitty day."

"Italian sasuage with extra cheese, mushrooms and olives."

Amy had moved on, so could I, "And to drink?"

"Orange juice."

I smiled at Sue, "And you my fair lady?"

"I wouldn't say no to some rum to go with the orange juice."

God, could this get any better, my favourite drink......, and I had a bottle stashed in my bag.

It did, "Do I have too Mom, I'm just getting cool." Amy was holding the T shirt, still naked, still standing next to me, still had my hand on her breast. Sue noticed.

"Honey, we need to get organised, now put the T shirt on, it's big so you won't get hot and at least put some panties on. It's not fair on Dave"

"He doesn't mind, he's still holding my breast....., and it feels so good, you don't mind do you Dave." as she clamped my hand with hers.

I didn't mind in the least, Amy's breast didn't even fill my hand although it felt nice and warm but Sue's little outburst had me thinking. I wanted, needed to play the game according to her rules. I could end up in prison after all.

"Lets call it in, it'll take ten minutes at least, time to get organised and I do have some rum on hand, emergency supplies."

"Ohhh but..., do I have to" Amy smiled at me, "It was soooo nice Mom."

Sue also smiled at me, a million watt smile that warmed my heart, "Well, until the pizza man appears, okay."

Amy was a happy c***d and as I sat down on the bed and phoned our order, she proved it. She sat in my lap, not on it, in it, and moved until she was happy. So was I. Sue just smiled. I still had my work jeans on, the heavy type of work jeans and was sure Amy couldn't feel my growing erection, at least I hoped. Sue told me she had some Coke and headed for the connecting door just as Amy took my hand and placed it back on her breast.

"It felt so nice before Dave....., do you like my little tits?. Mommy said they would grow!"

Shit, I saw a smile on Sue's face as she disappeared into their room, "Amy, they're beautiful but...., I'm a grown man, I shouldn't............" My words were stopped when Amy pushed her breast into my mouth.

"Suck my tit Dave...., I want you to kiss my nipples......, please."

OH FUCK, it had started when I saw her bald mound and hadn't stopped since, now she was squirming on my cock and asking me to suck her nipples. I could hear the cell doors slam shut, with me behind them.

It didn't help me when Sue walked back into the room. She had a pair of panties for Amy but......, Oh fuck, again. She was 'dressed' in a thong. Nothing else.

"If I've got to wear something then so do you."

"Why Mom, why don't you take it off. Dave saw us before and it's so cool. Dave doesn't mind, he's going to suck my tits, you are aren't you. I want you to kiss them and we don't have to get dressed, Dave can answer the door when the pizza man gets here."

"I don't know Dave, the c***dren of today, give them an inch and they want the mile......, would you mind if....."

"Help yourself...., or be yourself, no I don't mind, as a matter of fact....., you did look good before."

"See Mommy, Dave wants to see you again........, all of you and his hand feels so nice on my tits. Do you want to feel Mommy's as well Dave? You have to kiss my nipples first."

Don't get me wrong, I'm a red bl**ded male but this was going somewhere strange, even for me. At 35 I had read my share of sexy stories but they didn't happen..... did they?

"Honey slow down a bit, Dave doesn't know, okay." She looked me in the eye. "It started even before Sam died, my husband. Amy and I would sl**p together when he was away and, shit. We got really close. We talked, we shared the heartache and the lonely times together. I didn't want Amy to have any bad feelings and...., we tell each other what is going on....., how we feel and when Amy saw your cock....., well, damn it, I felt the same."

"I want to play with your cock Dave, it looked so lonely."

Ohmygod, who could turn down a request from such a beautiful little girl like Amy. Innocence and purity shinning in her eyes. And her Mother......, fuck, I lost the plot.

"Ahh, I couldn't help but notice..., you've got a great tan but.... you weren't wearing that thong to get that tan line and Amy, no tan lines?"

"Damn, this is another reason I've put off dating, you've got to start allover, the quick version. Sam was stationed in San Diego, sort of permanent and we moved there, lock stock and barrel. There's a clothes optional beach we loved going to and Amy grew up loving to be able to swim naked, I still had a bit to go to get that comfortable, there were some creeps who wandered up and down the beach. We weren't 'valley girls' but close, being blond and we did like the beach."

Amy leaned back and opened her legs to prove Sue's point, this did two things. I got a closer look at her p*****n pussy and........, her weight moved to put even move pressure on my cock. My cock reacted by getting bigger. Amy giggled and wriggled some more.

"Amy, stop that, anyway...... umm, do you have an open mind Dave? The next bit is....."

"Hey, your f****y, your life, I believe that's what makes us different. We each should live our own lives and keep out of others."

"Okay...., well Amy got to see a lot more of her father than most c***dren do including......., Sam's stiff cock. In fact she..."

"I got to hold it for Mommy when they made love once, it was fun."

That piece of info did it for me. I was fully hard and it was starting to hurt, locked as it was in my jeans. I tried to find a more comfortable position but Amy followed my moves.

This time it was Sue that was causing problems, she stood and slipped off her thong. It didn't cover much anyway but now....., she smiled at me.

"I think you would be more comfortable without your jeans Dave. Amy, you're getting too big to be sitting like that, I think Dave needs to move."

I did, if they are naked...., I stood and placed Amy on the bed, unbuttoned and dropped my jeans. I heard them gasp. No underpants and a hard cock that swung out and up and I'm not small. I didn't know where this was going but it did feel better as my foreskin rolled back and relieved the pressure off the head. Silence. Then.


"It's bigger than Dads........."

"Umm, shit...., I forgot to ask if you were married....., sorry."

The question threw me a bit and as I sat down Amy moved back, this time she sat on one leg. She didn't stop looking, "No, never seemed to have the time to find the right lady. Uncle Sam helped me finish my degree, I was Airf***e, mainly here then a time in England and Germany. After, I got a job working the rigs and drilling platforms"
Amy got a bit closer, "I seemed to be on the move all the time but now, I have my own company and..." I wondered how much to tell them, they seemed genuine and friendly, very friendly, "I'm set up with New Orleans as a home base, Metaire as a matter of fact.....". I watched as Sue's hand flew to her mouth. What.

"Dad lives in the next Parish....., Kenner, oh my....."

"Will we get to see Dave again Mom? Can we, please...."

Oh shit, Amy was talking to Sue but..., she was holding my cock and Sue was watching.

"I think you'd better ask Dave and remember to ask if you can do that as well!"

Saved by the bell, well, door knocking, pizza time. I lifted Amy and Sue took her to the other room. I got another smile and a wink as she closed the door. I pulled on my jeans and just before I opened mine the connecting door opened a crack. A hand...., an arm...., and a breast came into view before I saw the Twenty in her hand. Their share.

I paid and had barely got the door shut when I was wrapped in Amy's arms from behind. She wasted no time in unbuttoning my jeans. Sue laughed and grabbed the pizzas before I dropped them or fell over. Amy was lifting my foot, trying to help. Damn it felt good and not just sexy...., there was more. I looked at Sue. She smiled and winked as she set the food on the table.

"You said something about a bottle of rum....."

It was like we had known each other a long time, comfortable. And Amy had my cock in her hand again. It hadn't gone down. In fact it got harder when I heard her ask her Mother, "Do you want to kiss it like you did for Dad?"


She looked shocked, sort of. She couldn't hide the smile.

"If Dave wants me to........"

"Say yes Dave, please, Mommy loved kissing Dad's cock. I know she wants to...."

The lump in my throat was so big I didn't think I could speak. Sue's smile convinced me and I just nodded yes. I watched, like a mouse frozen in front of a Cotton Mouth as Sue got to her knees and..... She couldn't hold my cock, that was Amy's job, instead she cupped my balls and gently, softly kissed the head.

I let go the breath I didn't know I was holding as I felt the warmth of her lips touch me, then took another big breath as Sue opened her mouth...., she couldn't, wouldn't... would she. She did. Sue sucked the head into her mouth. I was in heaven.

A gentle squeeze on my balls as she pulled back, sucking harder until, with a pop, let go. "Oh damn Dave, it's been so long but, we need to eat first......"

It was sort of funny, f****y funny. Sue got to her feet and went to get some glasses, Amy let go my cock after a last squeeze and opened the pizza boxes and I went to get the rum. That's what I mean, a f****y doing all the things a f****y does. The fact we were naked didn't enter the picture... well...

It was hard trying to eat with Amy on one leg and Sue the other. I had my arms around them, breasts in hand as they took turns to feed me a slice of pizza, or a piece of bread, or a nipple. But it was fun, Amy giggled each time it was her turn to get her nipple sucked, Sue just sighed, contented.

So was I. Okay, this was straight out of a fantasy, but what the hell. Go with the flow, I had thought about painting it on the outside wall at work, catchy, it applied here as well until. A phone ringing got Sue moving. She jumped up and ran to her room.

Silence until a, "Shit...., how much........, what did you have to do........, when can I pick it up.........., ok."

Sue came back into the room, I had seen people look like that. I kept quiet.

"Eight hundred and fifty fucking dollars......, shit, I could have brought another car for that... Shit....., this has been a real shitty day. Sorry Dave, I didn't mean you....., crap."

Okay, the first blast of the storm had passed, I thought it was time to say something, "What was wrong with it, it seems a little high?"

"It started coughing and farting about this morning, they said it was a timing belt and when they pulled everything apart they found the water pump was about to shit it's self, so they were real nice and replaced that as well. Jesus, I needed this like a hole in the head."

"It still doesn't sound right to me, how long did they have the car?"

"About 5 hours, why?"

"When can you pick it up?, it's getting close to 6 now."

"Now, why?"

"Well, if you want, I could come with you and check it out. Maybe have a word."

"Oh Dave could you? Please, if it's not a problem."

As I said, I'm a big man but I have never used my size to scare people. I didn't do anything other than walk in the workshop with Sue. The look on the mechanics face told the story. They were ripping Sue off. I stood back a bit as he tried to bullshit his way out of trouble. I smiled when I saw one of the company's trucks. He saw this and got even more flustered. This was going to be fun. I pulled out my phone and dialed.

I was still standing back but he heard, "Hi Jenny, is George still about......, yeah, I'll wait....., be heading home tomorrow......., hi George, got a small problem I think you could help me with......, yeah, well I have a friend with me at the garage you're using now....., yeah, that's the one. Got a bit of a problem with the bill and this is your field......, yeah, want to talk to him..., okay". I stepped forward and gave the mechanic my phone. "You know George don't you?"

I stepped back as he watched me and listened, I have been with George when he had been upset with a contractor before. You didn't get a chance to say much. Neither did this guy. He just handed the phone back. "Thanks George......, yeah, I'm heading home tomorrow. See you next time."

He had another look at the invoice, "I think this eight should be a three and seeing as how you're paying cash up front we'll give you a discount as well. Let's call it three hundred even."

I had to take my hat off to Sue, she didn't smile or say anything. Just handed over the cash.

We got into the SUV and drove back to the motel, the U Haul riding behind, "Okay God, what's the next miracle?"

I wasn't God and it wasn't a miracle. I just smiled. "Jesus Dave, how did you do that?, what did you do and who's George?"

"George and I used to work together. He is, was in charge of the maintenance of the vehicles before they changed everything. He's a good man to have on your side, that's all. Umm, I was thinking, well if you wanted, I could drive home with you and Amy. Sort of share the driving."

"Now I know you're God and that's your next miracle. I don't really like this monster, it was more Sam's but I didn't want to sell it. It's too big for me but good for the trailor. Would you? I was sticking to the state roads but you could use the interstate, save some time."

"No problem for me, my tickets open for a year, plenty of time to use it. What time do you want to leave tomorrow. You do want to leave tomorrow?"

"Anytime after breakfast....., I was going to say after a good nights sl**p but......, I think I owe you about five hundred dollars...., can you think of a way I could pay you?"

I was glad I could see her face, I was going to say something stupid. This time Sue had a cheeky smile...., and a wink. A come to bed wink. I could live with that, "Ummm, five hundred, I don't think there'd be much sl**ping......."

"I've changed my mind, you're more like the devil. What's it been, two hours and already you're trying to get in my bedroom. I might have to leave the door open and sl**p nude."

We were both laughing as we pulled into the motel. Somehow Sue's top had lifted and I could see her erect nipples. It was going to be fun driving tomorrow.
I asked Sue to pull in around the back. There were a couple of good flood lights there and I wanted to check under the hood. I don't usually check other peoples work but.

"Don't take to long, we still haven't had our drink and............."

It didn't take long, I knew George wouldn't use a bad workshop and thought it was a sign of the times. Ripping off an out of state female who couldn't complain. I smiled thinking about Sue and five hundred reasons as I walked back to my room. The smile got even bigger as I opened my door. Sue and Amy were propped up on my bed watching TV, naked. A drink waiting for me beside the empty side. I also noticed Amy was going to end up in the middle of two horny adults. It was time to change my way of thinking.

I got undressed as they watched, trying to give them a good show. Amy spoilt it by giggling when Sue tried to cover her eyes as my cock appeared, "Mom, you promised......"

"I also told you you have to ask and........, Dave..."

I held up my hand, "There's a word that starts with an i and ends with t, would that cover what you were going to say?" I was taking a risk here but.

"It does very well, how did you know? you don't mind?"

"No, I have been to a few places you wouldn't take your grandma to and seen a few things grandma never thought of. A lot of the problems with our country stem for bigots and fools, somebody should have shot their grandparents before they got pregnant. It seems to me they just pass on their stupidity, even make it worse each time. The only thing I worry about is consent. End of story."

I saw the look Amy gave her mother, I also saw a slight nod from Sue. I waited.

"Dave, can I suck your cock, please."

If you can forget the words, being naked and just concentrate on this young girls earnest, if not formal plea, you would understand how I had no problem replying, "Yes", then I had to smile. Amy slid down the bed a bit, turned around and opened her legs. Now I knew why she was in the middle. Here was an innovation that didn't need words. Just a number. 69.

I bent over and started with her fore head, light kisses and licks, down her cute nose to her lips. A bit of a shock, but knowing her mother, was not surprised when her tongue entered my mouth. I could have stayed there but, there was another goal we both wanted. I headed south. Light kisses again, down her neck got me a giggle then onward, towards her breasts.

Poor Amy, having to wait for her's to grow, match Sue's. They were small bumps when she was standing, now, lying down. I moulded them and sucked. She moaned and clasped my head. At first pulling me down to take more, then pushing me sideways to get the other. I loved it, and them, and Amy. She wasn't afraid to show me what she liked, wanted. Now she was urging me south again, her hands going to my thighs, pulling me closer.

I moved fully onto the bed as I kissed her pierced belly button, this got a giggle, then a sigh as I blew over her mound. This was something complety new to me. I had enjoyed a meal at the Y before but had never seen anything like this. Apart from the fact there was no hair, I had sucked a bald pussy before, and even with her legs spread wide there was just a slit. No lips, no anything. I knew she had an opening, she had to pee, and thought how great it would be to find it with my tongue.

I felt her hands take a hold of my cock, trying to draw it into her mouth, I shifted my hips and lowed my head. I hoped we could touch each other at the same time. I blew across her mound again and watched her hips lift. I caught a quick view of Sue, her hand between her legs and her bottom lip between her teeth. She was as turned on as Amy and I. I went back to Amy.

I started to lower both my hips and my head, slowly, and Amy was allowing me to set the pace, her hips were still. Now, a quick change of position, my tongue and hers made contact, each with there appointed task.

Oh my god. Amy was lapping my cock, I figured I was leaking, I knew she was. The taste was incredible. I f***ed my tongue through the slit and all the way down, just about drinking her nectar. This was also new, I could suck her whole pussy into my mouth. I did, just as Amy tried to engulf my cock, well the head at least. I knew she was having a hard time, I felt her teeth. It just added to everything else I was feeling.

The everything else was Sue's hand, she was caressing my balls. I was going to be careful, Amy may know about kissing a cock, but swallowing my load would tax a whore with lots of experience, and it had been a while.

I wondered, I hadn't seen it, it probably took a bit more growing, but, it had to be there, somewhere. I went looking, probing with my pointed tongue, I knew where it should be. Bingo, I knew I had found Amy's clit, her knees hit my ears just as she cried out.

Her knees left my ears and her body lifted, she wanted more and so did I. Sue had joined her daughter. I knew that suck, they were sharing. Back to Amy and her clit. She was like a jack in a box, bouncing off the bed to get more. More licking, more probing and I was willing to help. More than willing as I felt a finger touch my backdoor with a little pressure.

Then it happened, Amy arched up, pressing her pussy into my face, her knees once again closing on my ears and held there. There was another sensation, Sue had taken my cock deep in her mouth and was pushing around my prostrate. I couldn't stop.

I took the whole of Amy's sweet pussy in my mouth and sucked as I felt my cum being sucked from my cock. Sue was one very talented lady

I stayed like that until Amy collapsed and Sue released my cock. Now I had another pussy to take care of. I carefully moved to face them. Mother and daughter were hugging, smiling, kissing. I'm not a man often moved to tears but.......

This was not the time for words, they would come later.
I moved up and gathered them in my arms and again that thought popped up. f****y.

I thought Amy was having a sl**p when she reminded Sue and I of her presence, "Can I hold your cock for Mommy, I can get it just right you know?"

"Of course you can Amy but I want to do something for her first, sort of pay her for what she did for me."

"MOM, Dave wants to suck your pussy as well. It was so nice when he did it for me, I've never felt that before. Isn't Dave wonderful."

"Actually honey, I owe Dave a lot more than he owes me...., but it would be nice..., if you want to Dave. It's been a long time...."

"Do bears shit in the woods, and it's been quite a while for me as well. I'd hate to get rusty, out of practise so to speak."

"Ummm Mr Devil, it's only been thirty minutes since...."

I pulled Amy close and kissed her, tongue and all, "Amy, I hope you don't mind, I consider you as an appetizer, Mom's the main course."

I was truly shocked when this little girl came back with a drop dead response, "I thought the pizza was the main course and I was dessert."

Sue cracked up. A warm feeling crept up my spine as I heard a truly happy laugh from her.

"Okay Mr Devil, top that."

I smiled, these were good people, but I wasn't finished, "You're right Amy, of course, what do you think about me having an after dinner drink then. Would that be okay, you'll always be my dessert. Every meal time, it's a promise."

The way her eyes light up when I made that Freudian slip reminded me of something I had read. Freudian slips were usually the most honest of words, was it true that I wanted to suck her pussy every meal time. I saw the look Sue gave me. It wasn't a worried look. I would say she hoped I would say something like that to her.

"Are you going to make Mom feel like I did?"

"I hope so Amy, I really hope so. What do you think...., Mrs Devil, want to put your body on the line. Really let go for some fun, I'm not going to give any quarter, you're going to die the little death tonight. It's a promise."

"Mr Devil, I hope you can live up to that threat, I may have to hurt you otherwise."

"Let the Games begin."

Amy dived off the bed as I made a grab for Sue's leg. I succeeded, Sue didn't know what I had in mind. I started tickling her toes. Just like a lot of women I had been with that hadn't really had a man think about making them happy before making love to them, Sue went mad, trying to get away.

For once I used my size and held her down, I don't think she minded, not much, and I moved up her leg. The effect was like an electrical shock running through her. I don't think Sue was thinking clearly, her legs opened even further and I took an unfair advantage. The Airf***e had taught me a few things, nerve points. There was one behind her knee, I pressed, just as Sue had pressed my prostate. All's fair in love and war.

That leg went to sl**p and Sue moaned. It wasn't pain. My elbow was now between her legs, not quite touching her pussy..., but close. I used my position and leverage and Sue found her active leg over my shoulder. Suddenly she found herself stretched wide open. I wasn't finished, a quick turn around and my face was between her legs, blowing on her clit. It was the first count. I won that round.

It wasn't hard now, I rolled and twisted, Sue had to follow. She was now face down on the bed with me above her. One leg straight out, the other under my arm. This time She got a finger in her ass. Amy clapped, urging me on. A draw.

Now it was time for her breasts, like I said, most of my weight is muscle, I'm also flexible. I rolled taking her leg with me. A classic Greek wresling move, if the person on top is heavy enough, it's a winning move. I didn't want to just win, I had something better in mind.

Sue was pinned to the bed, at my mercy. I started pinching her nipple. She screamed, luckily, her head was buried in the pillow. I still wasn't finished and moved my hand south. I think she thought I was going to play with her clit, her ass lifted. I had promised the little death, the ultimate orgasm. I wasn't finished yet, I could get her higher. I pulled the pussy hairs that formed her landing strip.

This time she did scream..., to keep going. The lady liked a little pain. So I stopped. Now she begged. I saw the next move in my mind, a little pressure and a shift in body weight and she would be flat on her back with my head between her thighs. Damn it, it was too easy.

But she was ready, I just hoped we didn't run out of bed and end up on the floor. I flipped my body one way and flipped her the other. Thank god for all the training I had done, my feet landed flat and Sue didn't run out of bed. I dived back on top and ended up in the pefect, classic 69.

I think Sue was still trying to figure what had happened as I closed my mouth on her pussy and sucked, my tongue entering her love channel. Sue hadn't given up though, she gripped my head in a leg lock. Not to hurt, not to drive me away. To hold me right where I was. I was at her pleasure center and she wanted me to stay. Her mouth closed over my cock.

Damn this woman was perfection, a match for me and Amy. Yes, I did want to suck her sweet pussy every meal time. Very much so. I had heaven on earth.

I also had some work to do, I tried to remember every trick I had learned to make this Special for Sue. Sucking, licking, probing, I did it all. It became extra special as I licked her backdoor. She let my cock go to follow my moves. I couldn't belive how close our desires were. I probed her slit, she poked her tongue into mine. I sucked her clit, she sucked my cock. I licked her ass, she licked mine. Perfection.

But I still had her little death in mind and attacked her clit. I still had an ace up my sleeve. I had already cum. All I had to do was outlast the feelings. She didn't stand a chance.

But, a big But, I had forgotten Amy. I didn't have to look, I was busy, but I could feel. I could feel those small budding breasts rub across my back. It was going to kill my chances. Then the miracle, Amy joined f***es with me. I felt her little hands rub across my chest then nothing. I hoped..., then it was confirmed, Amy was pulling her Mothers nipples.

The next part blew my mind. Amy had lifted her Mother's nipples, probably her whole breast and was rubbing them on my chest. We were cheating but what the hell. Sue was going to die tonight and by the wetness I was drinking it wasn't going to take much more.

It started, slowly at first, then it was a rollercoaster. Sue took off on what I hoped was the best ride of her life. Her hips rose to greet my mouth and tongue, she couldn't cry out, my cock was too big and she didn't seem to want to let go. It was getting harder to hold back from my own pleasure but this was for Sue. I think Amy was thinking the same. I felt a breast, no, a very hard nipple rub mine. We were going for it, IT. The release Sue needed.

IT, was a muffled cry and a stiffening of Sue's body, then the body arch. She released my cock from her mouth and cried out. I swear I could feel the pain/release in that cry. So many emotions boiled out. Sue was free. Happy and free.

I held her clit in my mouth, not sucking, not licking, just holding her as the emotions ran there course. I honestly thought Sue had needed this for her next step in life. I felt proud, humbled that I could help, with Amy, her daugther as well. I turned as I heard her crying.

Amy was already there, hugging her Mother. I lay beside them and once again felt myself close to tears. It was so beautiful. It was beautiful and I still had a gift I could give Sue.

I lifted myself and moved over Sue, Amy, god bless her, didn't miss anything. I felt her hand close on my cock and hold it A feeling of 'right' came over me as I lowered my body. Amy was true to her word and my cock was guided straight into Sue's wet pussy.

Oh my god, a happy thought came together with the feeling of my cock entering Sue. I was making love to my wife.

Sue opened her eyes as I touched bottom, with so much love shown there I did cry. Damn, I was so happy.

Even Amy's comment couldn't put a dampener on my feeling. It did make Sue smile.

"What's wrong Mommy, there's still some of Dave's cock out here"
"I know honey, I'm working on it"

And so, on my hands and knees, my cock in her pussy, with my 'daughter' holding my balls, miles from home, in a sort of fantasy, I proposed to my new wife...................

They both said yes.

Want to hear about the drive home

Part two

This is how it's supposed to happen I thought, meeting a beautiful female, her lovely daughter, Dressed, in a horseshoe seat in Denny's. Mid morning, typical Texas weather, and a big breakfast. Shit, things couldn't get better. Apart from us and a guy at the counter, the place was empty.

We hadn't slept much, the five hundred reasons kept popping up and Amy was still working the daddy bit, but now. I usually had a cup of coffee when I awoke, then drove for a couple of hours before breakfast, out of the traffic and peaceful. Then breakfast. Straight from the fantasy of last night into today. I was sure that I had meant it when I proposed to Sue, the feelings were incredible and Amy, shit, her top kept screwing me around..... nipples.

It happened again. The waitress, 'Dawn', from her name tag, showed us a seat, we were the only customers for her, a horseshoe seat and I was in the middle.
It took Amy less than a minute to free my cock. Mind you I didn't complain.
The next part blew my mind, Amy asked about the waitress about her ear piercing.
I had a closer look at Dawn as Amy squeezed my cock. Normally I sit at the counter, if I had I would have missed them. Two perky nipples showed themselves as she bent to fill my coffee. My fantasies and my fantasy world were still there. A neat little bar bell was showing, Amy explained how she wanted the same for her pussy. "One of the girls at school did it, sooo cool" The waitress looked, we were alone, and put the coffee pot down. Oh god, what a smile.

"I've got mine pierced, it's neat"

Sue surprised me, "I need to know before I let Amy....."

Dawn grinned "Want to see? after I've taken your order"

I was really begining to believe that fantasies came true when Dawn placed our food on the table. Another button was undone, now I could see her full breasts as well. Another refill of my coffee took a long time. Dawn smiled at Sue and pointed to the restrooms, "Follow me"

I sat there eating my breakfast until Amy brought me back to earth, "Mommies going to eat her pussy"

I choked, the eggs weren't going down the way they should. "WHAT".

"I said, Mommies going to lick her pussy"

It really didn't help hearing it a second time, "Amy. How could you say that?"

Damn, a few surprise's had come my way since yesterday but this beat everything. A very young girl smiled at me, "Dave.... Mommies going to lick and suck her pussy. What's wrong with that"

Fuck, these people had really turned my world upside down. What was wrong with that. As I thought, 'go with the flow', NOTHING.

Sue came through the door first......... with the biggest shit eating grin ever.

As she sat down, with the sweetest smile, "I promised her she could try your cock...., do be a good boy, nice and hard"

I was fucked, Amy with her statement and her playing with my cock, Sue, with her smile, damn. I ask you, what could a red bl**ded man do. Like a lamb to the slaughter I tucked my cock back into my jeans and headed towards the mens room. I don't think I was surprised when the waitress opened one door to open another. The men's restroom.

I didn't try to think of Sue, even Amy. She deserved something just for being herself. The barbell did look cute but Amy was going to have to wait, no lips. Fuck she was horny, and wet. Amy had got me hard and Dawn got the results.
She didn't complain. Neither did I. She did have a tight pussy and I had time. There's something about fucking in a restroom that makes it special, the guy at the counter could come in. We both enjoyed the experience of a standing fuck. Her teeth were trying to open my neck as she came.

Normaly my breakfast takes about 30 mimutes, I can and do eat a lot, this breakfast took an hour. I was smiling as we left, a good tip for the waitress, her number in my pocket and a promise from Sue, 'any time you're in New Orleans, or when we come back.....' We hit the road again.

Amy snuggled between Sue and I in the front seat. It wasn't a full bench front seat but Amy didn't care and I didn't think anyone could see she didn't have a top on anymore but her feet in view would have made people think. She was lying on her mothers legs, her head in my lap. My jeans were undone and around my knees. My cock was in her mouth.

Such a sweet girl, such a loving daughter. I should worry about the State Troopers... later, much later, "Was she nice Daddy? She tastes sweet on your cock"

Oh my god, she had done it again. I remembered my promise and told her, "You'll always be my dessert, you and only you" Damn it was hard to keep the SUV and U Haul straight. The good thing about the intestate, straight and flat.

There was a speed bump, "Do you want to fuck Mom's arse, she likes it!"

I looked at Sue, it didn't help. She smiled.

Fantasies became reality. "Damn it Dave.... two days...... I'm really falling in love with you"

"Cool Mom, you know what, when you need a break....... I'll be there for you...... and Dave.... and me"

"Damn it Amy, I'm still trying to figure whether it's lust or love, and remember, you still have to ask for permission before you suck Dave's cock. I should be top of the list"

I smiled at Sue and winked. Amy topped her, "I did ask... yesterday, remember" she couldn't say anything more. She had a mouthful of cock, again.

"I should have explained..., warned you..., I'm very open to sex and want Amy to experience all the good things in life just like I do. I don't think anyone should be able to tell me not to. I don't want to wake up one morning thinking I've missed my chance..... but, I'm faithful. I never cheated on Sam, didn't need to, we shared a lot of things in common. The way we looked at it was, well, like a new restarurant, you've got to try the food to find out if it's any good"

I had never given it much thought until now, but Sue's little speech had me thinking... hard. I wasn't a virgin, there had been women in my life and her analogue, a restarurant..., the waitress, she had offered me to Dawn.... and Amy? There was a lot to think about. "I haven't changed my mind, I still want to marry you and I think this time together on the road will cement the relationship. It's a little crazy but... crazy is good. As I said, consent is the only way...."

Amy had a unique way of interupting my train of thought, it involved her hand and my balls. The car did swerve, just a bit, "I'll say yes if you want to make love to me....."

Sue cracked up, laughing so hard it was infectious. Amy smiled up at me, she was trying hard to look serious. The fits of giggles didn't help.

"Jesus Dave, you walked into that one with your eyes open"

Amy wasn't really sucking me to get me off, more like she was cleaning my cock and decided it was clean enough. She sat up, "Mom said I had to wait but I'm tired of waiting. When can we do it?"

I saw an out. "As soon as your mother gives you permission...." Sue smiled and pulled Amy into an embrace. Amy wriggled around until she was comfortable, her head on her mothers breasts. Sue stroked her hair and smiled at her.

"Can I mom, pleaseeeee?"

I could see Sue was struggling for an answer that wouldn't push me, nor upset Amy. I waited. The sound of the tyres on the road, the warm feeling I had, not sure but. I felt like Alice, I had slipped through the hole and was on the other side. A place where strange was normal, anything could and would happen. No, I was the White Rabbit, and I was late. I had a lot of catching up to do.

Sue's statment about waking up too late applied to me. If I didn't do this now.... I'd kick myself for the rest of my miserable life...., and I knew it would be a miserable life without them. I smiled at Sue and nodded.

Sue smiled back, her mind made up, "Sure honey, but... can you wait until we see grandma and get settled in? The back seat of a car might sound like fun to your girlfriends but it's not very comfortable"

I really was getting to understand how Sue was so open with Amy. Amy had a good head on her shoulders. "You don't mind waiting Dave, I want it to be good for you as well"

Such a smile, "Not at all Amy...., well, as long as I can have dessert. I did promise"

The 'okay' was followed with a yawn and a stretch that opened Sue's dress. Amy's top was pulled tight over her budding breasts before she leaned back. Sue's breast fell out. I had a brief glance at Sue's face when she didn't tuck it back in. Her eyes were closed. I thought that last nights fun had caught up with them and kept quiet. I didn't mind the view. The miles slid under the tyres and I had more time to think.

The more I thought the better it looked. The situation was a win win for everybody. They were beautiful people. We were adults, not love blinded horny teenagers and the decisions we made would stand in the light of day. Okay, we probably had somethings we would need to change but that was married life. Just like real life, you didn't always get what you wished for, but we could work it out. We would work it out, for Amy's sake.

Life was getting interesting and looking good. I stole another glance at Sue's breast, very interesting.... and looking very good. I had a flash back, looking at Sue standing in the doorway, naked.

She looked incredible then, now, with just one breast showing she looked even more.... sexy.

Another good thing about 'shifting the clock', the lunch rush was over and Shoney's buffet provided a good bang for your buck. Great food and lots of it. There were a few more customers and a waitress showed us a corner table. Amy showed once again how grown up this young girl was. She slid into one side as I waited for Sue to sit in the other, she smiled and pointed to the seat next to her mother. She was sharing.

I thought we wouldn't have the same as breakfast, good food and a bit of sexy fun until Sue put her hand on my cock and whispered to Amy, "Seen any good pussy for Dave?"

I was about to explain I had all the 'good pussy' I needed when Amy shook her head, "Nothing Mom, there's only us...., but, we have a waiter this time. He doesn't look to bad"

Sue giggled and winked at me, "You really need to put the foot down and get us home before...."

Three smiling people stood in line to get their food.

Life was good but, it did take us another hour before Amy found a rest area so I could have my dessert. I really was looking forward to getting home.

From Housten to my place was usually a six hour drive, if I was driving. Today it had taken eight. Although I had loved every minute of it, it was getting late and as her mother was sick, I asked her if she wanted to stay with me tonight. Oh for the modern world. She dug out her phone.

"Hi Dad.........., we had some problems with the car............, no, it's fine now............., no, I've meet someone, he helped me in Housten and we've driven all day.............., no, that's why I'm calling....." Sue giggled, "No dad, ummm, I'm going to stay out late tonight Dad......, DAD, I haven't had a curfew since I was sixteen..........., okay........., Amy wants to say hi, see you tomorrow, love you both....."

"Hi Gramps.........., yeah mom and I meet Dave in the motel............, no, he's neat and really likes Mom......, yeah, okay, love you and give my love to Grandma"

Amy changed from a loving granddaughter to a naughty school girl in an instant, "I've got to look after you tonight and you've got to be in bed by 11:00......., do we have to wait that long Dave?"
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a fabulously amusing tale chchboy. I can't wait to read more.
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hmmm totally new approach to a taboo subject...i liked it soooooo much
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excellent as all your stories are.
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A terrific story, had me stroking my cock all the way through.
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fanfuckingtastic story!!!!
5 stars!!!
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Real good story