Getting Ryan in Cancun

Ryan was my best friend from High School. Football, track and swim team. I was on the swim team with him, that is where we met. Polish boy, what I would call "average" looks. Rye was always the "class clown" goofing around and playing tricks on peeps.
Never seemed serious about anything...always telling jokes. Never had a girl, that I know of? Not, steady anyways. He would date, but the girls never took him serious and would not keep going out with him.
He was the one we joked about "being a virgin" at 17.
Tall guy...stood 6'3", skinny build and long skinny arms. Not a muscle on him! (good swimmer tho!!)
Brown hair, brown eyes, buzzed head....what I call...just an average guy.
Ryan and I had gone to Cancun for Spring break with our mutual friend, Scott.
If you had read the previous story, about going to Cancun for spring break, you will know where this story begins. (best to read that first)
Ryan had wittnessed what he thought was me and Scott "being gay".
Scott got d***k, passed out on top of me, and I did the rest. But, Rye took it different and in his eyes...Scott had "****d" me while I was sl**ping.
In Scotts embarassment, we decided to "hook" Rye into gay sex with me so that he would NOT say anything to anyone when we got back home. (Scott was not gay, and as far as he knew, I wasnt gay either, but...we had to shut Rye up and seeing as Scott was my best friend, I would do "anything" for him, I was willing to sacrifice and "take one for the team"). The game was ON!
Scott knew what I was doing and so he went along with whatever I said or did. So, when we got back to the hotel room after a night out at LaBoom and drinking our asses off...The plan went into effect.
I stated that "I was not sl**ping in the same bed as Scott because I didnt get any sl**p the night before and I was so tired, I wanted sl**p that night", so the plan was for me to sl**p in bed with Rye that night. When I got in bed with Rye I whispered in his ear "Thanks dude, I dont think I could take his HUGE cock up me again all night!". Rye was stunned by my remark saying "dude, you mean you realy did fuck?"...."For real?". I just knodded "yeah". He got so curious then asking.."what happend, tell me everything!....I fell asl**p when he was laying on you!". I told him that Scott had ran his hands all over me and that he found me naked under the sheets and it drove him wild. I said that Scott dry humped me for a while then stripped naked and started fucking inbetween my legs. Kissing me the whole time. I said that I tried to talk him out of it, telling him that Ginny would never understand (Ginny = Scotts girlfriend). Rye was glued to the story saying that Scott must be bisexual.
I agreed with him and said "he was way to horny for it not to be bi". I said that he, more or less, f***ed himself on me and got "rough" when I resisted. Rye kept saying..."hard to believe it" as I continued with the story. I told him that Scotts huge cock was so hard I thought it would pierce my skin when he tried jabbing me with it several times. I said he was so d***k he couldnt hit the hole! I told Rye that I was glad he couldnt get it in me, cuz I knew that big of a cock would hurt like hell if he ever got me. Rye was asking me "how big is it?" and I told him Scott has to have at least 10 inches! and....THICK as fuk! Oval shaped...and big around as a beer can! Rye kept saying... "oh my God, glad he didnt get it in you! that would hurt like hell man!". I would agree.. "yeah, I know!". I told Rye that I was laying on my back the whole time and that Scotts cock was so big he could reach around to my hole with out flipping me over. And Scott was constantly kissing me and deap throating with his tongue. Amazed at all of it, Rye was intrigued and begged me to continue. Rye kept asking me "why didnt you just get out of bed man??!! ??". I confessed "I dunno?...I guess... in a way... I sort of liked it?? I guess I did?". Rye "really?". I said "I dunno, guess I was still d***k?"....and kept making excuses as to why I didnt get out!
"Did he get his cock in you at all?"....Rye wanted to know? I said "no, he just fucked my ass cheeks and came...a few times". But then I thought I would throw in a seductive remark so as to "seduce" Rye into some sex and said "uhm...he f***ed me to suck his cock and he shot off a load in my mouth!". Rye layed there silent for a minute then asked "You let him?". I replied "I had to, it was the alternative to getting fucked". Rye was amuzed by the thought that I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. Asking me "what it taste like?". I said 'well he had come a few times by then and it wasnt it wasnt too bad". Rye chuckled.. . "I can't believe you did that!"
I figured by that point in the story that Rye had realized that I WOULD suck cock, and if it was possible...I would suck his...right then....??? So, I said "yeah, to be honest with you, I did kind of like it"... "It wasnt as bad as I thought". Rye "wow". Then "are you bi?". I replied "maybe? I don't know yet?". Rye "wow". He realized that his best two friends may just be bisexuals. I asked him "have you ever had a blow job?". Rye nervously replied "no". I asked "not even from a girl?". "NO" he sheepishly said. We layed there in silence for a few minutes. I then said "wanna try?". Rye didnt answer quick...took a bit, then "I dunno?". "Its not that bad realy, and feels really good" as I reached over and started to rub his cock in his shorts. He got hard IMMEDIATELY! I think he was already half hard by the time I found his cock in his shorts, feeling around for it under the sheets.
It didnt take long before I had his shorts off and was down sucking on his 6 inch cock. He came in my mouth. Moaning the whole time! So fast I was surprised! After he came...he wanted his shorts and pulled them back on....somewhat embarassed I think? But...we layed there still talking about Scott. He wanted to know in detail just what happend. I kept explaining and he kept getting horny about it, and I kept pulling off his shorts and sucking his cock until he had cum three times in my mouth. Then I rolled over and went to sl**p....JOB ACCOMPLISHED!
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4 years ago
Very hot story. So damn sexy.
4 years ago
now thats what i really call taking one for the team. lucky ^^