spring break in Cancun, Mexico at 18 yrs. old

My senior year of high school me and two of my best friends booked a week in Cancun for Spring Break. We anticipated the vacation all year and saved our monies for ONE HELL OF A WEEK!
My best friend since 7th grade, Scott and my other best friend from High School, Ryan and I were staying at an all inclusive resort for seven days of sun and fun in the Carribean paridise! Wine, women and song!! At least, thats what we thought it was going to be?
The day of our flight we were all so excited that we didnt sl**p a wink. Our flight was due out at 6:10am and we all had to be at the airport 4 hours early for the charter flight into Cancun. We all stayed at Ryans house and Ryans dad took us to the airport. My new sunglasses and hawaiian baggies shorts and my high school t-shirt on...out into the cold April morning and off to the airport freezing my nuts off. Even tho none of us slept at all, we were living on the excitement and didnt even notice "no sl**p".
Our flight got into Cancun, a beautiful 85 degree day, at 11am. Hustling our way through customes and the crowds of k**s and into our shuttle to our heaven on earth for the week! When we checked in we were told that we were "early" and our room would not be available until 1pm at the earliest, but we were welcome to use the "accomodations" , get our writstbands, and check our luggage at the front desk. Off we went to the pool!! Ryan was the first to jump in...just as we walked down the stair case to the pool, he ran and flipped off the edge of the pool into the water. Scott and I joined with in seconds. I was in HEAVEN! Sun, hot bodies all around me, the music was PUMPIN!! I was high on life!! A swim up bar....who could have asked for more!!! (and at 18, we could drink legally in Mexico!) IT WAS ON!! BIGTIME!
It was "la familia" beers and shots of rot-gut tequilla all around! Once, twice, three times....on and on!! I was having the time of my life...litterally!! The best thing that had EVER happend to me! Until...I remembered I still had my cell phone in my pocket! Fuck! but, oh well...cant use it in Mexico anyways..it wont work!! so...FUCK IT! and keep partying!!
At one point Ryan went and got us checked into our room, but Scott and I were so into partying we didnt even notice he left. It was absolutely the best feeling I have ever had in my life. Freedome! Drinks! (all included in the hotel stay) and half naked peeps everywhere!! It doesnt get any better than this!! We danced on the bar to the beat...heavy beat of the DJ at the pool, women taking our pics, vids on cell phones going. I loved the attention. I let my shorts sag a bit lower than usual, but...what the fuk...so were all the other guys! It was all good! All in good fun! I had to tuck my boxers down into my shorts tho..cuz I noticed all the other guys didnt have underwear on under their shorts. And that exposed the abs for all to see and admire! :) I noticed that some guys had their shorts sag so low that you could see that they shaved their pubic hairs off! Mental note to self: shave my pubes next time I'm in the shower. We met all kinds of peeps from all over the world. Most of them were from the US and from all over the states. I finally got a seat at the swim up bar and nailed it! It was a premium to have a cement stool at the pools bar. There were only 7 seats and if you had one...you were someone special. You were in with the bartenders and everyone had to go around you to get a drink! So, if you liked that person trying to get a drink, you could intervien and get the bartenders attention faster! So, you could earn brownie points with that person! Cool! I like this game! And you could let the "boys" lay their girl on the bar in front of you for "the belly shot!"....which was totally cool, cuz I got to do a shot out of their belly button as payment for letting them use my spot!! (cleaver boy I am!)
Pictures being taken, cameras going off, vid being taken...I was a rock star!!
I lost track of time totally, but eventually had to move around to get the sun on my back as the sun was being shaded by the hotel building, which meant it was getting late in the day. Ryan and Scott had to drag me away from my famous swim up bar stool, only with promisses that we would be back the next morning, EARLY, to nail 3 stools for all of us!! Yippie!!
We all had plans of a big night out at Senior Frogs, a bar we had heard so much about from other peeps that had been to Cancun before us. And a slide inside the bar that you could take right out into the Carribean!! How fucking cool!! Our first day in Cancun was a friggan riot and I didnt want it to end EVER!! This was the LIFE!
We got to our room, a 2 double beds room, with a balcony! VERY cool! Marble...or maybe cut coral floors throughout. The balcony looked out over the pool, and just 5 stories up. Very cool view!! Over the pool was the crystal teal blue carribean! Breathtaking!!
I was d***k! Simply put....d***k! I could feel the red of sunburn on my shoulders and the dryness of the chemicals they put in the pool water on my skin. The smell of the ocean breeze and the warmth of the hot sun drifted into our open glass sliding doors to the balcony patio. MY GOD, I love that feeling. My friends had stepped out on the balcony and were dropping their wet shorts, laying them over the rail to dry and wrapping towels around themselves. I followed suit, and did the same. Flopping on the bed in just a towel wrap and waiting my turn in the shower in preperations for a big night out on the town and some MORE PARTYING!
Somewhere in all this...I fell asl**p! Sound asl**p! I guess, some might call it "passed out"? I woke up sometime later, the sun had gone down and I realized I was all alone, laying on the bed, naked because the towel had fallen off me in my sl**p. I had a "hangover" and felt like shit. Felt worse because I had let my mates down and missed out on the Senior Frogs night out. I pulled a sheet over me (the air conditioner was cold on my sunburn) and rolled over, feeling badly, and fell back asl**p.
I was awaken later by my friends coming in the room, loud and obnoxious, laughing and yelling "that fucker is still passed out!". I kept my eyes closed because the light hurt them, and when your sober, d***ks dont amuze us as much...if you know what I mean? lol
Scott came over to the bed and jumped on top of me, joking and saying "wake up fucker!...you missed it!". What he didnt realize was that I was totally naked under him...just a thin white cotton sheet between us. I let out a moan as he knocked the wind out of me when he plopped on top of me. I kept saying "shhhh" as his mouth was inches from my ear as he layed on top. I put my hand over his mouth and kept saying "quite...shhhhh....your yellin in my ear dude!". Ryan had made some comments too, about how lame I was to pass out and miss all the fun at the club. Telling me all the fun they had and all the women they had met...and HOW MANY PHONE NUMBERS THEY GOT!! :) Ryan headed into the bathroom saying "fucken A!...I gotta piss man!!" Scott layed on me...moaning some bullshit...as my hand was over his mouth to keep him from yelling in my ear. He tried several times to be as obnoxious as he could, the fuckin d***k! But I just kept saying "be quite, lay still, shut up man!". ...and he did! He quieted down and stop squirming around. He passed out! His head down next to mine, his mouth burried in my neck. Ryan came out of the bathroom and flopped across his bed saying "awe...how cute...two faggots in the bed next to me!" and he also passed out!! Snoring!! OUT!!
This was a strange possition to be in. My best friend since 7th grade laying on top of me while I am totaly naked and just that paper thin sheet between us. I had always been an "admirer" of Scott. He was a very handsome man. Blue eyes, blonde hair and a great body. Abs of steal. Had been with the same girl, Ginny, for two years. And I liked them both, made a great couple.
Something about him laying on me...I dont know?....but...it turned me on. I was somewhat horny about it? His mouth on my skin...face in my neck...body touching mine in a sensual way....it was all rather...hot. I layed there just thinking about it. Hell, I had enough sl**p and was wide awake now! lol
I had been with another guy when I was young, real young, and wasnt a stranger to "gay" things, as I had jacked a guy off several times in my life. I had always been curious about Scott, as he always had a huge bulge in what ever he wore...jeans, shorts, baggies...whatever he wore, he had a big cock bulge in them. That intrigued me? Made me curious? And it was well known around the hood that Scott was "hung" as his girlfriend would state too! But, I had never seen it, just from behind that day when he had dropped his shorts on the balcony , but by the time he turned around, he had wrapped a towel around himself. I layed there with my mind traveling about it. Then realized I had popped a boner! Scott laying directly on top of me, it was between us. Pressing hard against his crotch. Glad he was sl**ping, otherwize he would feel it, I was sure! It felt good touching him like that. I would move slightly, just so I would get a "sensation" from my cock rubbing against the sheet under Scott. Ryan still snoring...and obviously passed out, I had some "freedome" to experiment a bit with out getting caught. I took my hand and ran it down Scotts back. He didnt move. He didnt wake up. Cool. I would make more and more bold moves as I got away with it and not waking him. I ended up with my hands on his ass cheeks. Felt awesome. Hard buns, nice round ass! Felt so fucking good! He had on a t-shirt and his baggie shorts, the kind that tie with a string at the fly. The material was sorta...I think? nylon , smooth feeling. Felt great! I felt around and figured that he didnt have on any underwear? I couldnt feel any under his shorts?? For quite a while I just kept feeling his bum. Rubbing my cock against his body, grinding it into his crotch while I played with his ass. He was asl**p, and in a deap sl**p. I could tell by his breathing. It was a couple hours later when I thought that feeling his skin would be nice. I wanted to feel his skin against mine. I figured as d***ken passed out as he is, he would not even notice if I pulled his shirt off him?? So, I thought I would give it a try? Why not? If he woke up, I would just say "getting you ready for bed you d***k!" and laugh it off. Right? So, my plan went into action. I slowly started lifting his t-shirt towards his head, pulling it up slow and easy...inch by inch so as not to wake him. The sheet still between us I could not feel his skin until I could get the shirt off him completely and then lower the sheet between us. It took me a long time, but eventually got it off to his neck, but was afraid to pull it over his head, as I was sure to waken him then. Next I had to lower the sheet, slide it down inbetween us. It was a long, long process, took forever!! Inch by inch...until I could feel my chest against his...that warm smooth silky body on mine. My breathing got labored....as I was so excited I almost lost my breath a few times. The rush of doing all this was so hot too, I just could not believe I was getting away with it. It was a totaly hot adventure! Finally I could feel his abs on mine...so warm...so hot! My cock was throbbing hard by then. My body was in total awareness of his body. My hands would travel over his back and down to his shorts...then just a bit in...just enough to feel the start of his ass crack. I would stuff a finger down just enough to feel it...that warm place...smooth skin.... hot! My body was trembling. I was SO fuckin horny!
I wondered how it would feel to have Scott laying on top of me naked...body to body...skin to skin...totally naked? The feeling overtook me! I had to do it! I had to figure out a way to get him naked on top of me. By this time , it had to have been about 4 hours he had been on top of me? sl**ping soundly. I had my chance. And had to take it! He was d***k and passed out on me! right?? It was his fault!! right?? I mean...?? right! haha!
I had to get his shorts untied first, to loosen them enough to pull them down. It was not easy as he was laying on top of me and a sheet between us. I had to wiggle my hand inbetween us and then slowly...in confined area...undo his tie. Finally untied... and loosend a bit. I could start tugging at the sides of his shorts and get them down. Again...Inch by inch...lower and lower until i got his ass cheeks exposed completly... MY GOD! Now, getting the shorts over his cock and down would take a trick of somesort?? I was stammied for an idea of how to do it? I tried sucking my gut in and tugging...that didnt work. I tried raising my hips up and raising his body and tugging...that didnt work. I finally tried putting my hands under the sheet and moving his shorts with my thumb...down a bit farther, inch my inch...until I could feel his shaft tug at the material. Then I pulled the material of his shorts into me...away from his body and then with my other hand pulled at the side of his shorts until I felt "plop" his cock fall out!! Success!! And then I slowly reached down and kept pulling them down his legs. I got so far and than had to spread my legs and let Scott fall inbetween my body and then use my toes as fingers and pull them the rest of the way off him. I heard them hit the floor when I finaly tugged the last time with my feet. Now, He was naked on top of me...and just his shirt around his neck. A sheet between us at the waist down. I could feel wet on the sheet as I tugged on it to slide it out of between us. I had precum all over it. And again, had to use my toes to tug at the sheet to lower it. When our cocks were touching, I almost shot my load intantly I was so excited. I had to freeze...and not move for a few minutes Or...I would have cum! His body felt so damn good on me...I was in heaven. I would put one arm around him and on his ass...pulling his body into mine close as possible and rub my cock against his body. I could feel the dick hairs grab at my cock head and it would pull a bit..maken my cock twitch and throb. I enjoyed his skin for a few hours, just touching me...laying there still. He never got hard...floppy cock the whole time...but mine was so hard it hurt! My balls ached! I saw the sun coming up...the room was getting lighter and lighter. It had to have been 6am-ish?? I was so fukin horny...my head was spinning out of control. I kept getting bolder an bolder with my moves. Grinding my cock into his body. My hands on his ass...and my head about to explode...I felt my cock swell up so big I thought I was going to combust and then....a flood of chills over me as I shot my load inbetween us. It lasted forever!! I never shot so much cum in my LIFE! My balls actually hurt as if someone had kicked them when I had finished cumming. I layed there still. And all that cum all over us. Scott was sliding in it, there was so much of it. I had to keep moving his body back on top of me so he wouldnt slide off me it was so slippery. With my arms around him...I fell asl**p. I woke up suddenly when I heard Ryan saying 'oh my God, you guys are really fags". He kept saying "oh my God!" over and over again. Loud too! I just kept my eyes closed and pretended to be sl**ping. Scott had slide off to my side a bit, but we were still intangled in arms and legs. The cum was still quite wet and obvious! Scott maoned something about "My God...what the fuck?"...and rolled away from me. "I'm covered in cum" he yelled! Ryan saying "oh yeah, faggots got it on last night!". Ryan taunting Scott about how hot he was fuckig me last night. Scott just kept repeating..."oh my God, what happened?, what did I do?". Ryan, not realy knowing...but...thought he would "tease" Scott, said "oh, you two are quite the hot fuckers!". I just kept acting as if I was sl**ping. My cock starting to get hard again...I rolled over to cover it and put my hands over my head acting like I wanted to keep sl**ping and be left alone. Scott was shocked and kept saying "oh my God", "oh my God"...."what have I done?". Ryan kept teasing Scott telling him that he saw the whole thing and that he had ****d me in my sl**p. He had fucked me silly all night long. Scott was about in tears...shaken up...and highly confused. He kept trying to justify it to Ryan...saying "I must have been d**gged at that bar...someone put d**gs in my beer....I would NEVER do this to my best friend!!" "you got to believe me"..."I'm not gay!"...."Dont do this to me!! I am not gay"...begging Ryan to stop. I felt so bad for Scott, it wasnt his fault...and yet...this was interesting that it ended up that Ryan really thought that Scott had ****d ME!! (not that I ****d Scott!!) So, I let the game continue. I kept playing asl**p and Ryan kept teasing Scott about "fucking" me all night. Ryan finally went in to shower and Scott sat on the edge of the bed. I acted like I was just waking up. He looked at me "dont hate me! please dont hate me!"...I said "I could NEVER hate you dude, NEVER, no matter what!". He said "I dont know how this happened" and tried to explain it as he was d**gged or something cuz he would NEVER do this! After a bit of him appologizing... I said "hey...it was more than half my fault...really...cuz once you kissed me... I kissed back...cuz I liked it...and thats how it happend". He, still in disbelief, kept appologizing. I said "fortet it" its a secret betwen you me and Ryan. We just have to keep Ryan from saying anything to anyone about it! And we agreed that "something" needed to happen between Ryan and me..something sexual, so he would NEVER say anything to anyone because he was invovled also. That is initself another story tho.. and to come later!
This is a true story, not fiction. oh...and Scott and I didnt ever do anything else. It did however change our relationship. Once we got home...he drifted apart...I think he was embarassed and just didnt want to face it. I still love him dearly...and miss him. He was...and still could be....my best friend!! Miss you Scott!!
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great story