mom i love your ass

My hands were shaking. The knot in my stomach was a
constant reminder of what I had to do if I was ever
going to be sane again...
She, who is my mother, was sitting on the couch
reading one of her many romantic novels, oblivious to
my pain. Before I get into my problem allow me to
describe what has been torturing me for the past five
years: My mother is what I would call cute and pretty.
She's a natural beauty who never needs more than a
little make-up to enhance her beautiful hazel eyes or
her plump, red lips. Her straight, chestnut hair has
blonde streaks which makes her look younger than her
forty-one years.
The best part of her, though, which is also the source of
my pleasure and pain, was her round, bubble butt. Every
time she walks around the house in her panties, my
mouth instantly waters at the sight of her plump cheeks
which roll out and around with each step that she
From where I stood in the kitchen, I could see that she
was wearing her sexy, pink panties today with a white
t-shirt that hugged her ample jugs. Her nipples stood at
attention, teasing me to come suck them through their
confines. Her thick, toned legs were folded under her
like one of those playmates from the seventies posing in
sexy lingerie.
I was trying to gather up my nerve to walk over and let
her know how much I needed her mouth-watering ass.
But before I do that, let me tell you what brought me to
the state I'm in now.
When I was eighteen, I first noticed what a woman's
body could do to a young teen. I was in the dining room
and I had just finished my sandwich. I was going up to
the second floor bathroom to pee and wash up before
going to listen to some music. When I got there, the
door was slightly ajar; I heard the bath water running in
the tub. I figured my mom was preparing for a nice
soak. So, I thought I still had enough time to do my
business and leave her alone.
Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see
when I opened the door: There, resting her knees on the
lip of the tub, was my mother scrubbing the wall. Every
move of her arm would jiggle her sweet panty covered
ass, side-to-side. I didn't want to stare but I couldn't
help it. I began to feel funny all over, from my head
down to my cock. I couldn't believe it; my mom's ass
looked like some kind of perfect heart. Each round,
succulent cheek was separated from the other by a half-
inch gap which greedily swallowed her panties into her
crack. When she moved down toward the bottom of the
tub, her panties would ride up her crack revealing more
of those mouth watering mounds. I could actually make
out a few stray hairs here and there, which only made
my cock harder than it already was.
I stood there, unmoving, as if in a deep trance. My
mouth went dry and my hands began to tremble. My
immature brain, at the time, couldn't make sense of the
feelings that overcame my body. After staring another
couple of seconds, I quietly made my way out and left
with the image of that amazing ass burned into my
From there on, I began to take notice of my mother's
ass and of asses in general. Every time I did this, my
mouth would always become dry and my hands would
start to tremble, not to mention my cock becoming
really hard. It wasn't until the following year when I
turned eighteen that I knew what I wanted in life, aside
from a career that is. What I wanted--no needed, more
than anything in the world, was to fuck my mother's
ass. Initially, I felt bad for having these sick thoughts
about my mother, but I guess lust and love quickly
destroyed any feelings of doubt.
When I got home from school the next day, I was so
excited about jerking-off that in no time at all, I stripped
down and pulled on my cock to images of mom's plump
ass being ravaged by my hard shaft. In less than ten
seconds I was spewing my cum all over the sheets of
my bed. I wanted to do it again, but I was too drained.
It was the most powerful orgasm I ever had. So instead,
I cleaned up and took a long nap before dinner. After I
had eaten, I went to my room and jerked-off again since
I still felt somewhat refreshed after my nap. I jerked-off
one more time until I fell into a blissful sl**p dreaming
of my mother's ass in the bathroom while she scrubbed
After a few weeks of doing this, my mind began to fail
me: I started to become withdrawn and depressed since
I knew mom would never allow me to have her in that
way. I no longer hung out with my buddies after school
or talked with anyone except relatives that would come
by to visit. Who would believe it, a depressed eighteen
year old son who wanted to fuck his mother's ass! I
was withdrawn socially and I could only put it down to
wanting my mother.
My mother noticed my sulking and began to worry. She
kept pressing me to tell her my problems but I wouldn't
budge. She made it clear that if I ever needed to talk to
her about anything at all, she would always be there to
listen. I really felt bad putting my mom through this, but
I didn't know what to do—until now. So, here I am,
nineteen, nervous as hell and ready to go talk to her
about my problem.
I want to state for the record that I'm only doing this
out of concern for my mental health rather than for the
Out of pain and desperation, my feet started to move on
their own, toward the sofa.
She saw me approaching and gave me a big smile
which made my heart melt. I knew she loved me--her
pride and joy, but I loved her more than just as a
"Yes dear," she sweetly said.
"Mom, remember how you said I could talk to you about
what's been bothering me for the past couple of
She perked up at the fact that I finally wanted to
discuss my feelings. If she only knew what those
feelings were.
"Ahuh. Do you wanna talk now, sweetie?"
I shook my head and sat down next to her on the sofa. I
looked down at the rug for a couple of seconds before
saying anything. This gave me the time to collect my
thoughts. I was way to nervous to look at her eyes.
"Alex, look at me."
"Mom, please don't ask me to look at you right now.
This is harder to do than you can ever know. Just
promise me that you'll let me finish what I have to say,
no matter what."
"Of course I will, honey."
I took a deep breath to control my trembling hands. My
mother noticed this and cupped my hands into hers to
calm me down enough to speak.
"It's okay honey, just say what's on your mind. Okay."
"Okay, mom."
I f***ed myself to look into her eyes and began to blurt
out everything, from when I saw her cleaning the
bathroom that day to how I'd endlessly masturbate
thinking of her lovely ass.
"Mom, you can't imagine how long it has taken me to
find the courage to talk about this. Please don't judge
me or tell me I need to go see a shrink.
"Don't be silly. Lots of boys are attracted to their
mothers though not as passionately as you are, I'm
"Well, you may change your mind once you hear my
request. I need to ask you this huge favor...I
need...Mom, you've gotta understand that I don't think
I'll be able to grow up a normal adult without your
"I promised not interrupt so just tell me how I can help
you get over this."
" I need to have your ass. I mean, I need to
have anal sex with you."
I didn't want to use crude language in front of my
mother at the time; I guess I could've said, I need to
fuck your juicy ass, but that's totally wrong especially if
your asking for a huge a favor like the one I just laid on
"What!" Her eyes went wide with shock. She had this
look like I just told her I only had one day to live.
"I can't believe what you just said to me."
I went back to staring at the rug, waiting for the slap
that would send me into oblivion. My hands began to
tremble again.
"You want to go to bed with your own mother? Me!"
I simply shook my head up and down while staring at
the floor.
"Alex, look at me right now."
For some reason, I couldn't move. It was like my brain
did a lock down or something. She gently clasped her
left hand under my chin and steered my head toward
"Son, how can I do something like that with you and
how could you ask such a thing of me! This is so
surreal. I can't even think right now. Alex, baby--just go
to your room and we'll talk tonight after supper. I need
to think about what you've just said. I'm not mad at
you, but I'm certainly not happy either. I need time to
think about what I'm going to do about your problem."
I went up stairs to my room feeling flushed from
nervousness and embarrassment for what I'd just done.
It felt good getting it off my chest, yet at the same time,
I also felt mad at myself for coming clean with my
problem and for being cursed. Why did this have to
happen to me. I didn't go looking for her ass, I mean,
were there other boys out in the world going through
what I was going through or was I the only one
Mom made a nice dinner that night and we mostly ate
it in silence. I thought she was mad at me. I really
couldn't blame her if she was. But I guess this is what I
get for screwing things up between us.
When I finished cleaning the dishes, I made my way up
to my room and laid on my bed looking at the ceiling
and thinking about what I had done earlier today. A soft
knock broke me from my reverie. It was my mother
asking me to come to her bedroom. When I got there, I
didn't know what to expect: was she going to send me
away to the funny farm or send me to live with my
aunt. She was sitting on the edge of her bed looking at
me with a seriousness I have never seen before. She
patted the mattress. I sat down and began playing with
my hands while looking down at her cute dainty feet.
"Alex, what you asked me today, no son should ask of
his mother. I understand the mental and physical pain
you must be going through, and I want to let you know
that we will work this out."
"Mom...I" She raised a hand to silence me.
"Let me finish, baby."
"Okay, mom."
"I must admit I was taken aback when you told me how
much you needed my butt. I haven't seen such passion
from a man for my derriere in quite a long time. Your
father was the same way when it came to my...uhm,
Just hearing her say "butt" and "ass" had my cock
growing into granite.
"He had to have me that way at least three or four
times a week. It wasn't easy for me in the beginning to
take him back there, but after enough practice, it
became almost automatic for me to take your father in
that way. Do you understand, Alex?"
"Wow! I can't believe your telling me this about you and
"Well, it's not easy and it's something very private and
under normal circumstances, I would never share
something so intimate with my own son. But, you had
the courage to open up to me, and I feel I should do the
"But, what are we going to do, mom?"
"I don't know for now. Just hang in there and give me
the week to think about this some more."
"Okay mom. Mom..."
"I really love you."
"I love you too, baby."
I got up and gave her a kiss goodnight and went to my
room. I was feeling a little better that she didn't freak
out or tell me she was going to send me to my aunts or
sl**p didn't come easy that night. When it finally did, I
dreamt of my mother on her hands and knees resting on
a bright, silver platter presenting her luscious ass
cheeks to me for my consumption. I bit into her plump
cheeks until I almost tore the skin. It was then I awoke
with a raging hard on ready to pierce my jockeys.
During the week, I, for the most part, stood out of her
way so she could think about my proposal. I really
hoped she would help me by offering her sweet ass to
me. It was torture waiting for her to make up her mind.
Then, on Friday night, she called me down to the living
room to sit with her on the sofa.
"Honey, I've been giving what you said some serious
thought; I know finding a woman to take care of your
needs wouldn't work because I think it's something
more than just sex for you."
"That's what I thought." She said.
"You did"?
"Yes, what mother doesn't know her boy. Look, This
isn't easy for me, but I've decided to meet you half
"What do you mean 'half way'"? I asked questioningly.
"What I mean is, I'll let you play with it, you know, my
"I don't know what you mean, mom."
"You can touch it, smell it, whatever you want, but you
may not penetrate me. I draw the line there. I can't
have my own son put his thing into my bottom. That
wouldn't be right and it's bad enough that I'm allowing
you to do this to me. It's against the law. If anyone
ever found out about this, I'd be thrown in jail and
you'd end up in foster care or at your aunts."
"Mom, I would never tell a soul. Honest." This was not
what I was hoping for but I figured it was better than
nothing and at least it would let me have some of her
sweet ass even though it was under her terms.
"You understand this is not something pleasurable for
me. I'm only doing this in hopes of getting you back to
normal. By the way, only my panties are to come off. Do
you understand"?
"I guess." I said sadly.
"Don't feel so down. If you really want to, we can start
right now. What do you say."
She reached over and ruffled my hair the way mom's
like to do. My cock got painfully hard just thinking about
what I was going to do to her gorgeous ass.
She told me to give her a few minutes before coming
into her bedroom. I watched as my mom, or rather her
big, juicy ass, climbed the stairs while each cheek
deliciously swayed from side to side.
After waiting for more than five minutes, I went up the
stairs to her bedroom and stopped by the door. The
door was slightly ajar like the bathroom door was when
I was eighteen when I caught her scrubbing the wall. I
wondered if she did that intentionally to get me to
remember that erotic incident. Probably not. Anyway, I
slowly pushed her door open with my sweaty palm. The
view inside steadily became wider as the door opened
more. Finally, the goddess called mom was waiting for
me in the center of her bed. My breath caught in my
throat when I saw her on her hands and knees. I felt my
bl**d rise to my face as my heart beat faster. Sweat
formed on my forehead and my mouth went dry. That
familiar shaking of my hands started again as I stared
with big eyes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
In the center of the bed, my mom was waiting on her
hands and knees with her thonged ass in the air. When
she caught my eye, she lowered herself on to her
elbows while resting the side of her face on her
forearms. This move increased her arch even more
which really brought out her plump heart-shaped ass. I
think my mouth was getting wet because I had to stop
a bit of drool from escaping the corner of my mouth. I
shuffled over to her touching the side of the bed with
my knees. I tried to take in her scent from where I
stood, hoping her ass musk would reach my nostrils
from this distance. Instead, only her sweet perfume
licked my nostrils which made my cock feel like it was
about to tear a hole in my shorts. She was wearing
white thongs which looked so sexy against her lightly
tanned skin. The top strap bit into her juicy hip making
it pop out, wanting to be squeezed and kneaded while
the back rode deep into her crack coming into contact
with the one hole I longed to be in.
"It's okay honey. Come up on the bed behind mommy."
She noticed the bulge in my shorts as I climbed on the
bed next to her. The view was even better from the rear
as I got to truly appreciate those soft, doughy globes of
her ass. She looked over her shoulder with a smile and
said I could begin but I was not to touch her anywhere
else since this was for my mental health and not for my
pleasure. If she only knew. With shaking hands I
reached out to palm the round flesh I hungered for all
these years. The feeling was indescribable, at least to
this eighteen year old. The difference between her cool
soft panties and her warm soft flesh sent a charge
straight down to my already stiff cock.
I slowly moved my hands around her soft ass—kneading,
pinching, and pulling it like dough. After a few minutes
of this, I moved my face down to take in her sweet
smell. Her lovely cheeks surrounded my face and
warmed my skin as I deeply inhaled her natural
fragrance. I sniffed like a like a boy possessed. Her ass
had a faint underarm smell to it, but I wasn't
complaining, in fact, her scent drove me to another level
of savage lust and desire.
It was time now. I reached up and grasped the sides of
her panties, slowly pulling it down over her curves as it
hugged her round heart-shaped ass. I stopped just
under her bottom cheeks. This made her ass bubble out
even more if that was possible. Man! What a sight it
was. I reached up and pried her cheeks wide apart
which caused her pussy lips to come apart revealing her
pink interior. She gasped at this.
" Are you okay mom"? I earnestly asked.
"Fine dear, just wasn't expecting that."
Her puckered hole was absolutely perfect unlike some of
those women in those raunchy magazines who either
had assholes that look destroyed or had nasty
birthmarks on them. Not this queen of asses, though.
She had a nice pink shade that covered the straight
ridges which began from the center of her hole and
ended right on the outer edge of her circle. I continued
to deeply inhale her scent and then decided to go in for
a kiss. As my lips came into contact with her rosebud,
her sphincter twitched—sending me into a lustful rage. I
attacked and slobbered all over that puckered hole of
hers—licking, sucking, and scr****g down the center
with my front teeth.
She moaned as I devoured her little star, lapping away,
knowing no end to this feast. I felt like a shark on a
feeding frenzy with its eyes rolled back revealing its
whites. I kept sucking at her asshole for what must've
been a good twenty minutes hoping to bring it out to
the size of her nipple if I could. When I was done eating,
the little pink grooves stood out engorged with bl**d. It
looked very red and raw at the same time. I felt her
crinkly hole beckoning me to softly glide the tip of my
tongue over each individual ridge to sooth away her
During this time of devouring my mother's asshole, my
cock felt like it was ready to split its skin. It was so
damn hard. I desperately needed to feel her tight
channel around my throbbing member, milking my balls
of all their juice, but, I knew fucking her was a no, no. I
couldn't stop now; I was too close to my goal. I just
had to have her ass, but I also needed a plan—and fast!
Then it hit me like a shit load of bricks, I'll tell her I
want to gently probe her sphincter with my fingers. And
while I'm doing that, I'll ask her if it's alright for me to
stick my thumb in her ass since its a bit fatter than my
other fingers. When its time to use my thumb, I'll insert
my cock instead. They're both about the same width
with my cock being bigger of course. I know it sounds
like bad planning on my part but you have to remember
something—I 'm desperate.
"Mom, can I put my fingers in you"? I asked as sweetly
and politely as I could. She took a moment to think
about that. I was almost sure she was going to deny
me when she said:
"Okay, but just a little. First, go to the bathroom and get
the Vaseline from the medicine cabinet. I need to be
lubricated before you do any probing."
I beamed with happiness. I really began to think that
this just might work, if I don't screw anything up until
then. I raced off to the bathroom and grabbed the small
jar of goop and was back behind her upturned ass in
under a second. I dipped my middle finger and scooped
out a large glop and gently applied it to her raw hole,
moving around in circles to get her used to the feeling.
After doing this for some time I noticed her sphincter
didn't contract as much as it did before, which I took
as my cue to gently insert my lubed finger into her
burning asshole. I pushed in slowly as her puckered hole
began sucking my finger deep into her forbidden depths.
It was so damn sexy to watch but nothing prepared me
for what happened next: when I began to pull my finger
back, her sphincter obscenely grabbed on to my finger
and came out about a good half-inch. This time the
drool escaped my mouth and fell to the mattress. I had
seen this in magazines but it seemed only a very few
women had this ability. Her words broke me out of my
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