story of ass to mouth loving wife

i have been horny since I got my first period, sometime in
the last century. As my tits got bigger they became a
greater source of pleasure for me. From 13 to 16, I was
always willing to make out with boys and let them feel
me up. I got laid for the first time when I was 16 with
the boy who would become my husband. There has
been no one else, ever, although my fantasies would say
We've done all there is to do to enhance our sex life:
great recreational d**gs back in the day, made awesome
home movies, fucked in public places, developed a
collection of toys, indulged in a little BDSM, and
watched lots of porn. The porn has probably been the
best stimulant of all because of its educational nature.
My husband has always had a penchant for anal,
blowjobs, and ass-to-mouth. After 8mm and VHS,
which were kind of basic, almost primitive, the advent
of DVD's opened up a whole new world for us.
They say if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes
accepted as the truth. The same could be said about
porn. If you see something unfamiliar or normally
objectionable done frequently enough, it becomes less
perverse and more like standard behavior. Anal and
ATM fell into that category. My mother never told me
about such depraved things but I learned from porn.
After all, in porn everybody looked like they were
enjoying themselves so it must have been good. And,
as it turned out, it was, and still is. Truth be told, after
years of having my ass licked and fingered, and a plug
or a dildo put in, and finally, my husband's penis, my
ass, after my clit, has become the center of my utmost
pleasure. The rectum, soich in nerve endings, has been a
highly charged erogenous zone since time began. Ask
most gay men, especially the bottoms. And as far as
ass to mouth is concerned, well, Hubby was always
clean as a whistle and me, I loved the taste of cum and
I loved to swallow his jizz.
As someone who always believed in 'share and share
alike' and 'what's good for the gander is good for the
goose,' my husband acknowledged a long time ago that
a finger up his ass during a blowjob gave him the best
orgasms he ever had. As a man that liked to
masturbate regularly, I had a feeling that he found out
on his own how stimulating something up his ass could
be. Anyway, when I finally stuck a life-like dildo in his
ass while we were mutual masturbating, he came off
with such f***e, it nearly hit the ceiling. I told him that
it was the same for me. Anal stimulation while I was
furiously playing with my clit gave me the most intense
For years, when my husband ate my shaved pussy,
invariably his tongue went from my clit to my rosebud,
where he gave me a good tongue lashing. Soon a wet
finger found its way from my cunt into my asshole. First
one finger, then another, then another, all while he'd
suck my swollen clit, the source of most of my pleasure.
So, there you have it. My butt has been loved at the
same time my clit was. How often does that have to
happen for a woman to always want both at the same
time? If he was just working on my clit I'd overtly
spread my legs and kind of lift my hips to make sure
that he knew that my asshole was available for play. It
wasn't long before I'd have a small pillow on the bed,
just for me to put under my ass to make my back
tunnel even more accessible. Anal play became a
regular item on our sexual menu.
Only recently, as a consequence of age, intercourse has
become very painful. No matter what the doctor has
offered, my poor pussy can no longer take a good stiff
cock or dildo or vibrator. A finger is about the most I
can take. It's a very sad situation for a girl that could
take a fist on a regular basis. That doesn't mean that
my clit and labia aren't still sensitive. They can tolerate
a lot of manipulation and sexual abuse. Unfortunately,
though, frontal penetration of effective proportion is not
part of the playbook anymore. But I'm a girl that loves
The anticipation of anal penetration is heightened by the
application of the right lube to my back door and his
penis. We have to use mineral oil because it won't
cause any itching. When the head of his cock begins its
entry, it's part of the pleasure to relax my outer
sphincter to permit his entry. The passage of his cock
thru my inner sphincter, which is involuntary, causes
that little bit of intense pain until the sphincter relaxes.
It's at that moment that I can feel every bit of his penis
as it moves into my rectum. How hot it is to feel the
fullness from having a nice hard cock inside you, ready
to release its load. For the next 20 minutes or so,
Hubby pulls his cock almost all the way out and then
smoothly pushes it all the way back in, causing feelings
of absolute ecstacy and multiple orgasms as I work my
throbbing clit.
As he approaches his moment of truth, there is a tough
decision to make, whether to have him cum in my ass
or cum in my mouth. Then it came to me. I love to give
him blowjobs and he loves to get them. Ass to mouth
was the best of both worlds. Every now and then, I'll
ask him to cum in my ass because his cum dripping out
of my ass down my thighs after we've had anal sex is
sooo hot!!! But I'd prefer his semen in my mouth.
So here I am. Very hot and horny. I've got a set of
34D's with nipples that come on like the headlights in
my car. They're ready for sucking and biting and
pinching. They can take, and look forward to, virtually
any punishment my man can offer. My clit and labia,
unfettered by pubic hair, are much larger than most
women have, are always ready for attention. (My
husband would like to see me get both nipple and clit
piercings. Maybe someday.) I look excited all the time. I
love sex, always have. I've come to a turning point in
my life. I love the whole idea, the concept, of being
penetrated by a good stiff prick. If I want the
satisfaction that I crave, I can only tell my husband,
while I'm rubbing the shit out of my clit,
" Do it!! Please!! Stick It In!! Please, Please, Fuck My
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7 months ago
Nice story, good writing. Loved it.