Me and the chav part 4

We fucked and fucked all the rest of the day, I knew he was bi, I’d seen him around for ages with this girl and that girl it never bothered me fucking around with a bi lad. Id had an on off fling with this young lad for months and we used to meet and blow each other off, in fields, at his, once when he went to the local which was over the road from where i lived , he rang and he fucked me in the back lane, while me bf was in the house. Bi’s love it, no strings, just pure fucking. It was the same with the hot chav, he after the initial cock in arse and protesting that he d never let a guy up his hole, took it like a pro after a while. “Lube is up and fuck is again mate. Can you get dildos, bet you love me tight hole.”
I love fucking him, in-between ordering take aways, and endless cigarettes, we fucked most of the afternoon.
His phone kept going, I was like answer that, its okay, I’m a man of the world, I’m not bothered if it’s a girl friend etc. He sheepishly told me that it was this girl who had a thing about him, I couldn’t blame her like, “hey if she rings again just answer it,”
And it did.
“aye Helen said you d ring like, aye I’m interested in meeting up the night if your doing anything. Aye I saw Steve last night, ye hive been staying over at a mates house.”
“Put it on speaker phone”,, I whispered over.
And so he did.
“I really want you, i need a fucking good fuck like” she said.
At this point I slid his trackies down and pulled off his underwear and started sucking him as he was on the phone.
“Me cunts nice and wet.”
“Yeah what you doing to it now.”
“I’m fingering meself, once I’ve sucked on you , you ll be back for more like, Andy. I want your cock right in me cunt.”
As I was sucking him, he suddenly pushed me down and the phone by his side, started gyrating again me mouth i licked his chest like it was her vagina. As she worked herself up saying how much she wanted to get licked out the more and more she worked herself up i licked his stomach.
“Now stick that rock hard cock in me.” She ordered him.
And he shoved his cock in me mouth, and thrusted back and forward not saying anything just f***efully thrusting it against me mouth. I loved it. She was moaning away on speaker phone.
“I’m going to go to yours the night and im going to fuck your pussy hard, tell me what ya going to do to me cock, tell me now you slut.”
“I’m going to suck every inch of that rock hard shaft, and I’m going to suck your cock that well , your balls will draw back your eyes ll roll back to the back of your head, and you can jizz all that hot cum right in me mouth.”
“You fucking slut.” He shouted as indeed hoyed his wad down the back of my mouth. I drank it like id not drank him him ever before, i wanted to make sure after he d rode her pussy raw the night, he d want to come back to me and get it sucked again. What if shes better than me, what if he doesn’t come back and just puts it down to an experience that we both enjoyed but was at an end. So many what if.
I enjoyed being the voyeur, it was so hot, she must have been soaking like cause she sounded like it, and the hot chav, was right up for a good fuck with her the night. I give him a tenner and told him to enjoy himself. A treat on me, he objected saying he felt like a rent boy, but I told him it was not like that. Or perhaps it was. Perhaps I wanted him to come back. We didn’t fuck for the rest of the time just hung out watched some dvds had a bit neck on, it was nice.
I went back home to me boyfriend.
I thought about the hot chav and the girl on the phone they were meeting up about now, I got so turned on, i went into the bathroom and wanked myself off,. And it felt so good.,
What would tomorrow bring...,

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