me and the chav part 3

My boyfriend had rang about 12 times during the night, of course id slept like a log after getting me arse fucked off by his rock solid 18 year old 8 inch python. So in the morning i was still knackered but I phone me boyfriend to tell him i was okay and that id see him home tonight after Bob and his missus had got back from being away. And my house sitting duties were over, not that they hadn’t been spectacular. While I was on the phone the hot chav was standing in front of the mirror, admiring himself naked apart from his mckenzie boxers, he reached down and touched himself and looked right at me, eyes dead, trying to get me turned on again, my boyfriend talked about this and that, as the hot chav went and laid on bobs bed, and slipped his boxers slightly down so I could see his crack, I was starting to get aroused again, my heart beating faster, I slipped a finger inside of his arse. Remember id never been in him, he d fucked me, but id not fucked him, his hole was nice and tight, and a bit furry. While me boyfriend was telling me about his work and that, I licked me finger and slipped it right up the hot chav arse, he lowered them down further. I was now moving in and out more an more, he was sticking his tongue out, and me boyfriend said his goodbyes, I said mine and slid me clothes off, and got a condom out and slipped it on the old man and slid me pole right inside of him, i could hear his mate who stayed going to the toilet, he tried to speak through the shut door, but I kept on pounding his mate, faster and faster, the hot chav could barely speak back, and when he did his mate knew exactly what was happening, due to me running commentary. “I’ve got your little matey in here, mate, and I could handle your cock in me mouth to. I don’t give a fuck if you’re pretending not to hear or not, I’m fucking your mates arse off here, ramming his tight young hole, he wants me balls bouncing off his arse. Get yourself in, ill do the same thing to you.” The hot chav said nowt but moaned the house down, I pulled out and sprayed me cum all over his bashed in hole. And he turned round and fed me his man milk so it was a win win for both of us.
I heard the toilet get flushed and his little matey had left, he’d probably wanked himself stupid. The hot chavs mobile dinged and his was mate saying he’d see him later in a message.
As for me and the chav we’d only just started....,

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