Me and The Chav xx

I was given the job of looking after this woman’s dog, in truth I lived up the road, so it wasn’t a stretch of the imagination that id be the one she picked. Mainly because I’ve got one already and she knew me from the shop she used to work in, she worked behind the till of my local newspaper shop. So I thought well why not,. She offered me 20 quid for the week, but the sweetener for the deal was “my sons sometimes in, but he’s unreliable, so I’d rather have someone I know going in. He’s 18 and he’ll try to get off work and get his mates round they hang out, he’s a bit of chav, “
Fuck me I thought, there’s nowt better than a trackie lad, they’re so hot and horny, there’s loads of the fuckers round here, tight arses, hint of boxers, showing. Hands down their undies. I love em. So I said oh aye I’ll do it.
I’ve always loved the undies, its the fact you can feel if a lads just been in em, nice and warm, and i love wanking in em, over the years I’ve nicked loads so i thought well I can look after the dog, walks, and feeds and that, and maybe just maybe, get a pair of his undies while I’m at it.
So I went in the house. I was racing inside. Walked the dog. Then there on the wall was a huge picture of this lad, and he was cute, not what you’d call like a Hollywood hunk , just a lad off the estate but cheeky looking. Just my type. So I gets back in after the walk, and race up to his bedroom, its shut, I think fucking hell, I cant go in, if he’s in it ll look weird, what can i do, could say I couldn’t find the upstairs toilet and just wander in.
Fuck it, me cock was rock solid, im ganna do it, I thought.
So I went in, trackies all over the bedroom floor, ashtrays full of cig dumpers. Stunk of teenage lad. So there I was his single bed still warm, the picture of his and his crew hanging above the bed, all the lads all that jizz in em, fuck me I’d love to take everyone of their horny chav cocks in me mouth. I went into his draw and their they were all types of boxers, Mckenzies, Lonsdales, etc etc, Theyre was a pair of grey Pierre Cardins, tight briefs things, I choose them,
I wanted to go back home and wank off, but i thought fuck it Im ganna wank me load in his undies and lie on his bed sniffing his pair of warm undies, I was shouting “you fucking horny bastard, id love your fat cock stuck right in me mouth, id love to suck you dry, I want ya fucking cum.” Wanked off, came loads.
This went on for a while, wanking on his bed and that
Then one day I ran upto his room wanted a wank on his bed, and he was in, shit, so i walked the dog, and then, came back in. I thought oh ill make it look like im using the lav, so i did only this time he was lying not on his side, but on his back, i stared for ages, just looking at him, so hot. Then he wakes so im like “oh I was just going to say, the dogs not feeling too well,”
The worse lie ever, he looked and smiled “aye allllllllllllllright mate.” Grabbed a tab. He was so cute smiling as he talked about work and that, no top on, his body not muscle but nice defined. I licked me lips, and stared at his bulge, i could see his hand shuffling up and down, and i thought phew, i could just climb in that bed, the same one id wanked off loads on anyway.
He was like “av got loads of gay mates like, me ma said you were gay.”
I was like “aye, “ sheepishly. All the time staring at his tenting under the sheets, by this time you could see a little bit of movement.
“Im tenting under here, like. Ya not fancy helping is out like mate, “
I nodded, he pulled back the sheets, his cock was gorgeous 8 inches and a nice bit of fur going on he stroked it, and I was like handed him his undies to stick back on, so he did, saw them passing over his lovely tight little chav arse. I started sucking thru his tight boxers, licking his nuts, giving his hungry man pussy a bit of lick, and licking one side of his cock and then licking the other, but teasing him right up he loved it. Then I pulled out his cock and i sucked it all the way down, deep throating him.
I loved it, played with his nuts, sucked his cock, licked his balls wanked him off, the lot “thats fucking great mate, Im ganna blow me fucking jizz all over ya soon like.” So I went back to sucking i wanted his cum in me mouth, and he shot the lot in, emptied his balls right in me mouth moaning as he did it, it was the best horniest nosh id ever given. I watched his balls as they drew back, I loved it, so did he.
Me a man in his 40’s sucking on an 18 year old chav who could ask for more. .....

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28 days ago
awesome story i hope there is more to cum
1 year ago
what a lucky fucker you are !
2 years ago
Very hot
2 years ago