Mother in law suprise

Been round to see the mother in law today. She was full of the joys of spring not sure whats got in to her. She was enjoying the sun in her back garden she's 68 bless her but has a really good figure just the face is a bit grainy but nice. Her neighbours husband died a year back so now she's happy to wear more revealing clothing, she used to wear cardies and that so frumpy. Anyway got there this morning about 11 and i let myself in, she gave me a key a while back for security and that. Needed the loo so rushed up stairs to her bathroom. She didnt here me come in so i looked out of the window after my piss and there she was in this white skirt and skimpy loose hanging top, she was pruning or doing something with her plants and i could see right down her top. She had a lacy white bra on and i could see all the way to her belly. I stood in her window and had to get my cock out and wank it was so hard, her little ass stuck in the air and her lovely boobs on view. I wanked for a while and had pre cum oozing from my cock so i went down stairs to the kitchen and wiped precum around the edge of her cup so when she drank the coffee i made her she would lick off the precum on her cup. I eventually opened the back door and shouted hi and that i'd made her a coffee she hadnt heard me cum in. She walked into the dining room all hot and bothered pulling at her top and showing off her tits. In her bra of course. She even lifted her skirt up and sat with her legs spread in the door way to let some air circulate her pussy no doubt. I stood her coffee on the table and she took some sips licking the rim of the cup as she did so so it wouldnt drip on the table. I had an instant hard on in my shorts so i sat down opposite her so my cock would poke out the side. She looked at the hardness in my shorts and then looked away, staring into the garden and pointing to what she was doing. I watched as she sneaked another look at my cock.....i couldnt resist her any longer for years i wanted to fuck her. I stood up and walked behind her my stiff cock pushed into her back and i put my hands on her shoulders and massaged her shoulders she groaned and said that was nice, not sure what the massage or my cock. She wasnt clammy and smelt really nice, she always did, slowly i ran my hands up and down her arms and she shivered as i stroked her, she said oh gosh goose bumps...and she did her nipples jutted out as well i slid one hand down her top and dared chance a squeeze of her breast she didnt flinch just sighed and said cock was pulsing in my shorts and she could feel it throbbing against her back as she said something is growing rather hard in your shorts.......i slid a hand inside her bra she sighed again as i reached her nipple and squeezed it between my fingers. Oh god she said and i turned her head to me and kissed her my tongue in her open mouth she reciprocated and we kissed for 30 or 40 seconds. I then slid my hand onto her spread legs and moved towards her hot cunt, i could see her white knickers so i pushed my hand passed the top elastic and could feel the short pubes inside he pants. Her cunt was dripping wet she hadnt had sex for 15 fingers dipped inside her fanny lips fingering her clit as she squirmed at every movement of my hand her pussy oozed its juices all over my hand and she groaned in pleasure as my fingers found the soft lining of her juicy cunt and filled her with my fingers deep inside her feeling her juices flowing and her groans getting more in tense, my cock was throbbing so hard i pulled down my shorts and boxers and she stared at my hard cock she asked if she could wank me...she never uses words like that....she started by playing with my balls and squeezed them then she gripped my hard shaft with her hand and gently wanked me, precum oozed from my cock and she smiled....mmmm lovely and juicy and so big ....she stood up and i removed her top and bra her tits were still pert as she had told me on many occasions, her eyes were closing each time my fingers reached deep inside her wet hot cunt, i pulled down her skirt and panties and lay her on her dining table she laughed as i started to suck her nipples and and slowly licked down till i was between her legs. Her cunt smelt gorgeous love juice oozing and making her lips shine with moister. Her pussy was in super shape tight and her clit was so erect i even nibble gently on it and she shoved her pelvis in my face......i finger fucked her and licked her clit eventually her body rose as she went into spams of orgasm she said she had never ever cum before apart from when she was very young and her daddy used to play with her man in a boat until she shook, but then she never knew what it was now she remembers the feeling...the good feeling but the shame of being abused by her dad she never told anyone only lasted till she was 18 when she left home but she never really knew how she felt about her or hate or sometimes enjoyment, she said she always felt relieved afterwards. I then had to fuck her i pulled her to me and thrust my cock deep inside her tight wet cunt she groaned as i entered i pumped her fanny and felt the lips tighten around my cock she had incredible muscles, i later found out she masturbated regularly but had never been able to orgasm but she just enjoyed the feeling..My cock began to swell as cum was pushing up the shaft i was going to cum i so wanted to fill her cunt with my man seed my cock erupted cum shot deep into her juicy hole and filled her cunt with hot white creamy cum she loved it and sat up and kissed me again...she begged me to have sex with her again she reckons if she hasnt got long in the world she wants as much cock as she can get...guess where i shall be going next week.
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3 years ago
should have done her twice that day
3 years ago
3 years ago
Go for it, nothing better than a mature experienced woman.