Tia (dedicated to blondejenny)

I had one of the best days at work I’d had in a long time on Monday. My apprentice goes to college on Monday so I get to be alone, time for me to play on here or go see customers to do a quote or something. Well this Monday I had to go to two jobs, both in the same street, very handy. The first was to a lady called Tia, she’s tall dark haired in her fifties, very well spoken and very attractive, 5ft 8 ish just right for me that, with a lovely figure to go with it. I had met her previously but had dealt with her hubby as a norm but he was working away out of the country so did I mind talking to her about the next phase of work. I had met her only once and she seemed to really want me to see her on that day so I had to oblige.
When I arrived it was still quite early she had obviously only just got out of the shower but unfortunately she was dressed in black jeans and a white frilly blouse, very 70’s I thought but nice see through material her bra was white with a nice floral design on it. She had an ample bosom on her not huge just right and a juicy pert bottom absolutely perfect her jeans fitted very comfortably.
I think she clocked me looking at her tits and her ass as when we walked through to the kitchen she turned round and I was doing a nice face at her ass as she walked, she didn’t say anything and just smiled. She made us both a coffee as we sat at the kitchen table to discuss the next phase of the job, but all the time I was talking to her I kept looking at the gap in her blouse at her lovely cleavage and the see through top. She kept saying my name as we spoke I think to divert my eyes but I couldn’t help it eventually she asked if she had spilt coffee down her top and I watched as she ran her hands over her breasts very seductively, well in my eyes, to see if she had a damp spot. All I could hope that her damp spot was between her legs. She couldn’t find any and then said to my amazement that was it her bosoms I couldn’t stop looking at. I sputtered and coughed and said I was sorry but she just laughed at me, stating that it was nice for someone to pay her some interest she hadn’t been goggled at for years, I said I couldn’t believe she never got stared at she was a lovely looking lady, and she thanked me and smiled again.
The discussion moved on and we had to go to the other end of the kitchen to look at something on the floor, I had a real hard on and my jeans weren’t hiding the fact very easily so I hid my erection with my diary, I think she realised as she was smiling and looking at my diary. I knelt down by the washing machine and she came over and bent down in front of me when I turned to look at her I had a fantastic view straight down her top I couldn’t even see her tummy, oh my cock was throbbing, she stayed there, I think on purpose, she leant forward so close to me I could feel her breath on my face and smell her coffee flavoured breathe. My god I was getting very excited.
She fell forward and her breasts brushed the side of my face and she apologised and said she don’t know what happened then, I said it didn’t matter I enjoyed it really, she laughed again and then the ice breaker came, she observed that I definitely had a thing about her breasts, I was shocked and spluttered out that well I was a breast man, she laughed and then asked if hers were okay for an old lady. I had to admire her for her forwardness, my cock was bulging out of my jeans and I just looked down, she smiled again, well that answered that question then.
We moved back towards the table and she stopped in the middle of the kitchen, turned round grabbed my head and kissed me full on kiss, it was very passionate and within seconds my tongue was exploring her mouth and entwining with her tongue. I put my arms around her and pulled her towards me my stiff cock now up against her pussy, my hard cock was throbbing in my pants and I couldn’t help but push it into her pubic mound, she stopped to take a breath and then pulled me into the kitchen she perched her bum on the big farmhouse table, spread her legs slightly apart and drew me to her, she asked if this was okay and I said more than okay it was excellent, she was lovely.

Now she started to kiss me passionately again and pulled me to her this time she leant back and I ended up on top of her on the table she wrapped her legs around me as we kissed I then started to nibble and kiss her long gorgeous neck, and play with her ear lobes, she said she loved it and I continued to just adore her. I could feel her breasts heave beneath me and got up from the table and pulled her with me, she asked if I would like to have sex with her, oh yes....i undid the blouse button by button, revealing her white lace bra and the perfect flesh of her torso, her tummy had a little bit of a bulge in it but I loved that shows she was a real woman, 3 k**s and a mortgage, but she was stunning. I lowered the shoulders of the blouse and I gently stroked her naked shoulders as the blouse dropped away, my hands explored her wonderful flesh on her arms and I loved just stroking her perfect skin. She stuck her head in the air as if she was going to howl and she just let out a groan and shrugged her shoulders she said that she had a spine tingling sensation when I gently stroked her arms,, and it was amazing. You can’t beat the feeling of a ladies arms and shoulders they are such sensitive areas that I think get over looked. I ran my fingers between her breasts and over her bra just around her nipples, they were already erect and she breathed in swiftly a short intake of breathe as I touched her nipples over her bra. Oh god she said this is wonderful.....i stroked over her tummy then back up to her shoulders again this time I lowered the straps of her bra and let them fall from her shoulders. She gasped again and said yes....i reached behind her and with a quick flick released the clasp of her bra; this was something of an art with me practiced when I was young on my s****r on many occasions to master this art. Her bra dropped forward slightly and became loose and revealing over her breasts, she hunched her shoulders and the bra dropped to the floor and there before me were the most glorious breasts her nipples were perfectly formed, the aureole was just the right size for her breasts, I stared in awe at them and just had to put my hands on them, I grabbed both in my hands and caressed them gently then squeezing her nipples with thumb and finger.
She leant forward and removed my tee shirt followed by the buckle on my belt and dropped my trousers down for me to kick off, my boxer shorts bulged at the activities of precious love making and the wonderful lady in front of me giving herself to me. She looked at me and then stared at the bulge below....that should cum in handy she said, cant wait for you to stick that into my wet cunt...i am so wet.....now that cumming from a posh mature lady was so fucking horny you would not believe it.

She pulled down my boxers and looked at my erect cock and grabbed in two hands, it was covered in precum and she rubbed it over the head of my cock and then placed her other hands under my bollocks. Can I suck you she said.....she stood up turned me around to let me perch on the table and dropped to the floor stoking my chest and stomach as she went down. She reached my cock and without a word started to lick the pre cum off of it...she said she hadn’t wanted to do this for her hubby for years but I had turned her on so much she wanted to pleasure me beyond my wildest dreams...well she was certainly doing that.
She had licked and swallowed all the pre cum on my cock and then she started to slowly surround my cock with her mouth...deeper and deeper she went right the way down the the bottom...fuck she could deep throat...she then came back up the shaft grabbing my balls with her other hand and grasping the shaft with her other for full pleasure. She sucked my cock for about a minute then came up for another passionate kiss and embrace. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down kicking them away, she had whit matching knickers on again lacy and lovely. She turned me around again and sat on the table, looking at me with a request in her eyes for me to remove her knickers, she smelt fresh with the scent of her shower gel and it’s an aroma I have not forgotten, I looked down and inserted a finger on either side of her knickers and very slowly while lowering the pants I went down as well so I could look at her gorgeous cunt. She stood to make removing them easier then stepped out of them when me and the knickers reached the floor, her pubes were well trimmed and her pussy was emitting and amazing heat and a wonderful aroma, she parted her legs for me so I could take a closer look. Her lips were really tidy and nothing was showing so I moved forward so I could lick her pussy she stepped back and sat on the table, then lay back and spread her legs wide, now everything was in glorious view her lips were pink and damp and her clit was sticking out from the folds so she was incredibly turned on. I lowered myself so I could lick along the inside of her thigh up to her pussy, I did this very slowly and she reached a hand down between her legs her pussy was so ready for sex she had to just touch it.... I kissed her upper inner thigh and moved across her pubic hair line over to her pussy..i kissed each lip individually and then her clit gently, she squirmed a little and gasped...my tongue found the lips and I started to gently lick each one and slowly and deliberately lick between into her vagina. My tongue started to go deeper inside her reaching as far in as it would allow, probing and tasting her....she was incredible, each taste of her juices was making my cock throb with pumping wave after pumping wave, I then nibbled very lightly on her erect clit she loved it her bottom raised from the table to make me go harder against her clitoris, she heaved from side to side to enhance the sweet cunnilingus I was performing on her, her cunt juices flowed down my chin and I lapped up all I could to enjoy her taste.....she was amazing.
She could take no more of that she wanted fucking and that was that, I stood up pulled her pussy towards me and held my cock against her soaking wet pussy entrance, she was panting as my cock started to enter her , penetrating the sweet pink lips of her juicy vagina, every inch of my throbbing cock slid inside her, throbbing and pimping as I went she pulled me to her and we passionately kissed she enjoying the flavours from her juices left on my lips and tongue this only enhanced the passion and we kissed our tongue entwining with each other, my hips thrusting my cock deep into her hot wet pussy , she started to shudder as orgasm started to go through her like a wave of energy spreading through her body she tensed as pulse and wave after glorious wave of orgasm flowed through her head and straight to her gorgeous pussy now filled with my hard throbbing cock, each thrust making her stay at the peak of pleasure her cum dribbling down my legs as she came with a great groan of ecstasy....... she started to slow so I thrust harder into her pussy my cock reached deep within her I played with her breasts and toyed with her erect nipples, my cum was on its way I could feel the tightening around the girth of my cock as cum begun its journey through its tube ready for its explosive journey to where ever I decided I wanted to go, I wanted to cum inside her I told her I was going to cum she told me fill me with your cum please let me feel it spurt into me, cum she said. My cock seemed to make a last ditch effort at one almighty throb as cum shot from within me great electric currents zoomed through me as cum pumped inside Tias cunt....my whole body tensed as the eruption of cum filled her pussy and seeped out down her bottom. I collapsed on top of her and stayed inside her as long as my cock would allow feeling her breasts and kissing her enjoying every minute of her presence.....we were well and truly spent.

The day only got better but thats another story. Hope you like it Jen. xx
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4 years ago
I loved it thank you!
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
You are THE GURU. Great story. I have always loved older women ... well, until I turned sixty a few years ago.lol
4 years ago
I really enjoyed that. Got me as hard as a rock!!
4 years ago
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