Mother in law in the shower

I went to see MIL, fancied either a coffee and a chat or hard sex. Now i didnt expect anything, i left it to her to decide how she wanted to play things i was always ready to fuck her what ever.

I rung the bell and got no answer, i guessed she was out the back gardening so i had my own key and let myself in. I walked through to the back garden and still no sign of her so i went into the lounge not there, then i heard a noise upstairs in the bathroom dripping water...mmmmmmm she's having a shower. Now she spends 20 minutes to half hour under the shower, excellent time for some peeping.

I went up the stairs quietly, the bathroom door was wide open and she was happily washing her hair, i could tell by the sound of the shampoo hitting the bath, my chance for a peep, i carefully pulled back on end of the curtain there she was washing her hair, eyes closed, and massaging her head. Her nipples were erect and jutting from her gorgeous boobs, they were still pert at her age, she shaved already and her fanny had been trimmed to perfection, i had told her i liked it bald underneath and she'd done just that, the hairs were well trimmed to almost designer stubble length. She had a flat tummy still tiny bulge where her belly button was but that just turned me on. She turned around and i ducked back for a second she then washed her face, so i got a good look at her lovely plum shaped ass cheeks, she was a very attractive lady and i had many fantasies about my MIL.

She started to soap up her ass and the rest of her body her breasts got a wonderful fondling she still wasn't aware of my presence, there's a small shaving mirror and at the right angle and with the steam cleared off you can look into the shower easily, without her knowing. She turned again and washed her fanny, she spent some time there gently caressing her pussy lips then her clit came into play, i do believe she was going to masturbate, i was not let down. She placed on leg up on the side of the bath and started to feel between her legs gently at first then progressively faster as her fingers spread her lips and she dipped inside her moist cunt and started to finger herself, my cock was throbbing at the site of all my fantasies friggin herself off in the shower.

She worked herself beautifully fingering then friggin her clit and bringing herself to an amazing orgasm, she groaned with pleasure and i heard her say that’s better. Certainly was much better.

It looked like she was going to finish off so i nipped back down stairs and put the kettle on, she dried and dressed then made her way downstairs, i was stood in the kitchen she was wearing a light summery skirt and a short sleeve frilly sort of blouse that she hadn't done up when she walked in the kitchen, she jumped as she saw me...she said i had startled her and look at the state of her not even dressed, my MIL had lovely very sexy underwear, many a time i have wanked into a pair of her worn panties, and cum in them, she never knew well i thought she didnt.
She did her top up and I couldn’t help but compliment her taste in the style of her bra, see through lace very nice. She laughed and looked at my crutch and could see the hardness in my trousers, She walked over to me and placed her hand on my erect cock and squeezed it laughing and saying she could see I enjoyed looking at her bra, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast, her nipples were hard and she was breathing quite heavily into my ear, she told me she had just been thinking about me when she was showering, that must have been what she was masturbating about. My cock throbbed as she squeezed it again, I asked what she was thinking about then, she said getting my hard cock inside her mouth and then letting me fuck her....oh my god...i was over whelmed by all of this I had just been witness to the most private of private acts anyone can do to themselves, I had listened and watched her cum, and now she had her hand round my cock, she was starting to unbutton my jeans and then she pulled my throbbing cock from my boxers, I just stood there...waiting...hoping...she slid down me and kissed my chest my stomach and then my cock, on her knees she looked at it and commented on how lovely it looked and how wonderfully hard it was. She placed her mouth around the head and slowly eased my hard cock into her warm moist mouth inch by inch. I started to breathe heavily as she kept going my shaft disappearing into her hot mouth. She eventually stopped as the tip touched the back of her throat, she slid her mouth back over the shaft towards the head slowly releasing my cock from her mouth each inch revealing itself, oh what a site, she unbuttoned her blouse as she slid my cock back into her mouth and started to play with her nipples as she sucked my cock, her hands then encircled the shaft of my hard penis as she wanked me two handed and sucked at the same time. My cock was throbbing with every thrust of her mouth over my hardness. Eventually she stood back up retaining a firm grip of my tool, her blouse billowed open so I could see her bra and wonderful breasts.

She led me by the cock into the lounge and to the fire place she unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my shoulders, she kissed my chest and sucked on my nipples, this woman was so incredibly sexy. I just let her do all the leading I didn’t want to spoil her fun; she slid down my trousers and boxers leaving me stood naked in front of her. She circled me touching my shoulders and following the ridge between shoulder to neck and neck to other shoulder with a stroking finger, she returned to in front of me and made a sign for me to watch.

She removed the blouse and tossed it on to the sofa, my cock by now was jumping as it throbbed, then she unzipped the skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor, revealing her white panties, high leg,,,mmmmmmmmmm. She then kicked her skirt up onto the sofa, then she turned and pulled down her panties bending over in front of me I could see her shaven cunt and I complimented her on such a wonderfully tidy job, she kicked the knickers away and slid a finger down from her ass yo her pussy and slid it inside and proceeded to finger herself for me to watch, I just did this in the shower too. She thrust her fingers inside her wet slit, thrusting harder all the time the juices squelching as she did. Well its ready she said, I walked towards her she said stop and wank for me, I stood grabbed my cock and wanked it pre cum spurted onto her ass and she wiped it in, mmmmmmmmmm lovely.....i continued to masturbate and she pulled me towards her and then guided my cock into her juicy cunt, I slipped inside her and grabbed hold of her hips she stayed bent over but now held onto the arm of the chair to steady herself ready for my hard thrusting cock.
I pumped my meat between her cunt lips and got so deep inside her she groaned as my cock filled her hole, the noise and smell of her love juice only made the moment even more intense, could feel every lovely inch of her wet juicy cunt gripping my cock so hard it felt like fucking a virgin. We fucked for at least 15 minutes in this position and then she had to have me, she wanted to be on top, I layed on the floor and she straddled my cock fanny opened wide by her wet fingers she inserted me inside her and rode me like had never been ridden before, she gyrated her hips taking up every inch of my gerth and thrusting me deep inside her, her tits were going up and down in front of me as she pounded my hard shaft into her. I could feel her start to tense up and new her orgasm was imminent, she thrusted harder and her body went stiff as she came riding really hard and thrusting harder still she orgasmed for about a minute her face contorted as waves of pleasure passed through her, by now I was also ready to cum my cock began to throb as hot cum spurted inside her warm hot cunt our juices filling her pussy, the aroma of cum seeping out as she thrust hard down on my cock telling me to pump her full of my cum.....we collapsed in a heap on the floor and cuddled until our passion had subsided......

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3 years ago
Great story keep it in my favourites
3 years ago
yeh top stuff .
3 years ago
very nice story
3 years ago
Well my good man, what about the daughter then, the apple seldomly falls far from tree?
4 years ago
Another great one.
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
A wonderful read.
4 years ago
Loved the story! Always wanted to fuck my MIL, but only felt her thighs once ... she said "I think we better stop right there." Dam!
4 years ago
Some comments would be appreciated.