My step s****r

My step s****r Lisa, when she was young in her early teens she was an absolute nympho, not shagging but she would masturbate twice a day, i knew because i used to here her cumming through the bedroom door. She always thought the house was empty but i could sneak b ack in without her knowing. Shes blonde slight build with nice pert little titties, shes in her 30's now but still hot to fuck.

She called me the other day to go and look at her shower, it was making a horrible noise. Anyway she's f****y and her hubby was away on a course for 3 days why not. I drove round and knocked on her door, she answered in her bath robe, no worries i thought she's my s****r after all thats not unusual, she led me to the bathroom and showed me what was wrong while she did this her bath robe shifted revealing her gorgeous little tit, the right one, i had a good look at it and admired the small hard nipple sticking out, she hadn't realized she was giving me a free show, my cock was starting to go hard already so i thought i would lean in towards her and let her hand brush against my stiffening cock. She didnt move it as my hardness rubbed against the back of her right hand we both continued the conversation not wishing to admit our mutually nice predicament. I could feel her slightly put pressure on my cock just to get a better feel and then she turned and brushed her hand along the shaft, still trusted in jeans and boxers. She noticed her bath robe was more revealing than she had realized so unfortunately she pulled it back, there was a definite air of sexual tension in that room i made sure i looked right into her eyes and she could feel my excitement.

She offered me a cup of tea and proceeded out of the bathroom leaving me to fix the cock was damn near going to burst, i had wanted to fuck her since she was a young teen and had wanked into her knickers on more than one occasion. i had to go turn the water off in the kitchen so slowly went down stairs hoping my cock would go down a bit. lisa had pulled the door to the kitchen nearly closed and i heard groaning from beyond the door, i managed to see through the crack, she had her bath robe pulled open one leg on a chair and her hand inside her red lacy thong, given herself the fastest frigging i had ever seen, her eyes were shut and she frigged herself so fast it was her blur, her tits were out in the open and her nipples jutted out as she pleasured her clit at hyper speed, she suddenly started to buckle her legs gave way slightly as she obviously started to cum she bit into her bottom lip and cmae so wonderfully i could have watched her forever, She slipped her fingers inside her wet cunt and pulled them out to lick the juice from them, she then dipped them again and wiped her juices around the rim of a mug she was making tea in...guess it was mine. She sorted herself out and looked flustered but very happy, so she was still at it, joy.

I walked back to the stairs and made lots of noise and walked into the kitchen she smiled at me, i asked why she was so red faced and her explanation was standing waiting for the kettle to boil. I looked over at the cup and could see drips off her juice running down the sides and i couldn't wait to taste her. She made the tea and i could see her keep looking at my crutch, but always averting her eyes when i looked over. She finished the tea off, and you guessed it i got the pussy cum soaked mug she had decorated so nicely with her juices. i took a sip and complimented her on the lovely flavour of the tea, she told me it was a home brewed secret recipe and she'd have to kill me if she told me the secret. I licked the rim of the mug tasting the juices from her pussy.

I couldnt resist and asked where the water turned off, she pointed to the sink cupboard so i laid down on the floor and she was stood next to the cupboard i put my hand on the inside of her leg and said dont move or i wont get up again, she looked at the bulge in my jeans and said she didnt think i would have a major problem with that, i started to rub my hand up and down her lower leg she stepped slightly closer to me but spread her legs slightly more apart, thats nice is that an extra will i get charged, i told her this part of the service was free. My hand worked its way up the inside of her thigh getting closer to her pussy all the time,she parted her legs a little more i could now clearly see her red thong, now i see we have a little bit of a damp patch here, she asked if there was anything i could do with it, my fingers started to feel along the gusset of her underwear feeling the soft curves of her pussy lips against my fingers the heat from her cunt was amazing, she parted her legs farther and pulled open her bath robe then dropped it to the floor i pulled on her thong and ripped it down she quickly kicked it away, i stood up and started to kiss her passionately she was very responsive and i could feel a hunger and want in her kisses something had lain dormant in both of us or many years and now it was being released in passionate embrace and amazingly horny french kissing, she is a great kisser, oh Si finger me please, my fingers found her soft bald lips of her cunt and i slid one into her straight away, i knew there would be no problem slipping in there. My fingers fely the warm wet contours inside her vagina and she again buckled at the knees as my fingers reached deep inside her hot wet cunt. We continued to kiss and she pulled on my belt buckle and undid my buttons on my jeans she hastily pulled at my jeans and boxer shorts my cock sprang out of the confines and she wrapped her hand around the shaft feeling her way to the tip and she groaned as she felt the amount of pre cum on the head of my hard shaft.

She removed my tee shirt and we both stood naked in front of one another i was studying her fabulous body slim hips gorgeous small but pert little tits her stunning bald pussy and she looked at my cock and said that she loved it and had always wanted to fuck me she even said that when she was younger she would masturbate about fucking with me in her room, i admitted i had heard her on more than one occasion and stood outside her door masturbating myself, she wished that she had opened the door so i could have fucked her brains out, she was so ready to be fucked even at 12 years old. Oh if only. We continued touching and fingering and wanking each other eventually i lifted her onto the worktop and spread her legs wide ope and started to lick her cunt and clit so i could taste her juices first hand, my fingers probed her ass hole as i did this, disappearing eventually up into her anus, she said she loved being ass fucked but her hubby wouldnt do it made him feel that was the invitation i couldnt resist i pulled her down and turned her round so i could fuck her from behind, first i thrust my cock deep inside her moist cum feeling the tight muscles close around my shaft, she squelched as i thrusted hard into her the sound was great, i fingered her ass as i fucked her one finer then two then she asked for more in her ass hole so i stuck in a third her asshole gaped as i pulled my fingers out then back in again she groaned every time it thrust them in then pulled them out her cunt was hot and so wet the juices flowed over my bollocks and her ass was well lubed up. i pulled out of her cunt and thrust my cock into her ass hole she pushed back thrusting it deeper into her tight ass, the muscles contracted and squeezed my shaft so hard i thought i would cum instantly, i managed to fuck her ass for 10 minutes and 2 orgasms until finally my cum was ready to flow. mY COCK STIFFENED EVEN MORE AND HOT CUM PUMPED INTO HER ASS HOLE FILLING HER WITH STCIKY HOT CUM.......I collapsed on top of her and we stayed like that for 3 or 4 minutes as my cock slowly shrunk down, i pulled out and my cum oozed out of her as hole she caught it in her hand and wiped it off with kitchen towel, thats a waste i said but she said that when we do it again she drink every last drop of it, well that day went on for hours i kept finding other jobs to do, but thats another story. please comment if you enjoyed and tell me what you liked about it, really nice to get feed back.
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3 years ago
Hot story. Very nice
3 years ago
Seems like your sister needed dick every second of the day..
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
but I thought you did fuck her befour this story?
3 years ago
very wonderful & hotly sexy
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
I hope you got to keep on fucking her.
3 years ago
I sure hope you did enjoy it
3 years ago
Nice very nice.
3 years ago
Nice hot story more please!