Mother in law surprise with the neighbour

My previous story illustrated what had happened to me when i was caught masturbating by my mother in law. Well her friend had been party to what had happened and took great pleasure in giving me a very nice hand job.

Well a week or so later Maddy MIl's next door neighbour called me up to repair a kitchen cupboard, the door had fallen off or something. So i told her i would be round later to look. She asked if my wife had found out about what i had done, i said no of course not...she said if you want to keep it like that i want to see some pictures of you and your wife fucking....or video she said....i said i didnt have any ..she explained that if i didnt come up with the goods she would drop me in it.

What could i do the old cow was bribing it happens i have secretly and willingly filmed the wife and i fucking and everything else actually.

I called round and had some snap shots i had prepared off the computer for her to look at....she started looking through them as i was fixing her cupboard...she had a great figure mind and her husband had been gone for 2 years she said she had to finger herself regularly after he died...he never shagged her for 10 years....poor cow.

She then slipped a DVD i had of me and the was from our wedding night...or day actually , we had a video camera for the wedding and I suggested we do a porn movie of ourselves...she was happy to the wife was 20 at the time and me 24....she was so horny....Maddy sat there gob smacked as my wife started to masturbate on screen with her vibrator....then start to shove it in her pussy while I filmed.....she continued to watch intently then asked if i would strip naked for she could feel my i thing i'm sat next to her ....she grasped my cock in her hand and followed as my wife sucked my cock while thrusting her vibe into her wet cunt....Maddy was getting quite worked up....her hand gripped my cock and was moving fairly fast ....suddenly the door opened and my mother in law walks in.....she had been watching form behind the door and wanted some of the action...she was actually turned on by watching her daughter playing with herself.....she said she did that from the age of about 4....well played with herself, she obviously never had a thingy then.....randy little cow my daughter...she watched as Maddy gently but firmly strked my cock which was so rigid I thought i would burst...

I sat there as the two women watched me as I started to finger my wife while she used the vibrator on her now the MIl had her skirt hitched up...fingers slipping inside her knickers and fingering her own cunt....Maddy followed suit shortly after, and stopped the glorious hand job i was receiving.

Maddy then started to remove her clothes telling MIL to do the same...they both wanted what my wife was getting...they sat on the couch to hairy wet cunts staring at me i sat between them and started by slipping my hand down their bodies and between their pussy's, gently teasing their clits as i slid over them....luckily i was as good with the left hand as i was with the right so nobody missed out.....

I eventually slipped a finger inside each of them they were dripping wet both of them... my cock throbbed and juice oozed from the eye of my cock i slipped to the floor and one by one i licked there cunts tasting their juices as the flowed from them.....each one was writhing as my tongue darted in and out...fungering the other one so they wouldnt cool down. The video now showed my fucking the wife...her riding my hard cock and me fingering her asshole as she did....this bought Maddy to a sudden orgasmic I licked her and fingered her she started to thrust her cunt into my face hgard against her erect clit....MIl on the other watching the TV intently enjoying her daughters pleasures....if only I could get them together in the same bed...yummy.....Maddy cum with a groan and thrusts into the air of her pussy she orgasmed so much she started to go into a convulsion of sorts...electric pulses of pleasure searing through her body...she flaked out and just stopped when the feeling had dropped and enjoyed the pleasure of watching her friend start to orgasm as she to while heavy clit licking by me had brought her to an enormous peek of pleasure her body filled with emotion and joy as the orgasm ripped through her cock was throbbing hard as her juices flowed into my mouth...Maddy was frigging her clit again and asked for my cock inside her.....I obliged of course my hard dick deep inside her wet juicy cunt...thrusting in to her hard and furious....she loved it ....mother in law started to frig herself and started to fondle my backside...then she licked her finger and started to play around my ass hole...she said did i like it like her daughter she thrust her finger inside my ass hole fingering me deep the feeling was strange my mind said
no my body said oh yes...she continued as i thrust into Maddy i could feel the cum rising in me all ready....i was unable to slow things down...Mils finger deep in my ass hole and my cock deep inside Maddys wet cunt ....My cum erupted the feeling more intense than ever as i sprayed Maddys cervix with hot orgasm just didnt want to stop as her finger thrust into my ass no pain just pleasure of the weirdest kind....cum dripped from Maddy's pussy as i kept thrusting and kept cumming....oozing hot cum from her wet juicy lips....her pubic hair matted in white cream....I pulled out and to my surprise my mother in law went down on Maddys cunt lapping up her juices and my cum....god what an amazing pair of she lapped at her cunt until every drop of cum was gone she had enjoyed it so much she wanted more cum...but she'd have to wait ....her mouth was covered in wetness....i kissed her and said they were both amazing...we sat and watched the rest of the dvd....feeling a little embarrassed when they clapped as i sprayed cum all over the wifes tits and face....wishing that was them....well it soon would be they said.

Sorry for any bad grammar....but tough its the content that counts

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1 year ago
nice story!
2 years ago
great loveed every part of it,looking forward to more
2 years ago
very hot, love to read more x
2 years ago
some good shit
2 years ago
Enjoy everyone