Ultimate Camping

Our plan has worked... both of us are on camping trips with our spouses to the same campground at the same time, at sites right next to each other. As you and your wife drive up, I'm excited and nervous... wondering if this was a mistake.. what if one of our spouses notices something or realizes we actually know each other.. maybe you'll be disappointed, maybe we'll find each other annoying, maybe we'll be discovered, maybe I won't have a chance to even speak to you, let alone anything more... maybe you have an extra finger (OK, it was just a fleeting worry, hardly worth mentioning)...

I watch you jump out of the car and look over towards me, your eyes instantly locking on mine... my heart does a little flop and I feel that jolting connection we've always felt when we're online. My body immediately responds, I feel out of breath, my mouth goes dry, my body feels tingly in all the right places as my clit begins its steady pulse and my pussy feels like it's quivering in anticipation...

Hiding my eyes behind dark sunglasses, I watch... hoping I'm not too obvious... as you pitch the tent and work on getting the campsite set up. Unable to wait any longer, I try to be casual as I wave and shout "Hi! How are you?", hoping I sound normal. You smile your sexy grin and walk over to say "Hi". As my husband walks over, you introduce yourself and call your wife over to be introduced. My heart is pounding with nervousness and fear of being discovered, but I think we both seem to be acting pretty normally and my husband and your wife seem to be accepting it all as just a normal chance meeting of strangers who will be living fairly close together for a few nights.

As we part ways to go back to our own campsites I start dreaming of ways to be alone with you over the weekend. As much as I wish it... I know that my husband and your wife aren't going to go on a long hike alone and leave us back at the fire to have a private rendezvous... we'll have to figure something else out. I tell my husband I'm going to go get water, hoping he doesn't decide to tag along to supervise. As I take a water jug out of the car, I look over at your campsite and catch your eye, jiggling the water jug like a goof, hoping you take the hint to try to follow me.

As I finish pumping the water, I look up to see you standing in front of me, staring openly. You reach out to take my water jug from me and set it down as you pull my hand against your chest and lean in to kiss me. My hand between us can feel your heart beating wildly, matching my increased heart rate. My body feels an instant jolt as we touch.... your kiss deepens and I almost feel an out of body experience as all my senses feel heightened and I feel almost over-aware of the sensations surging through my body. It's been so long since I've been kissed so thoroughly and so passionately... I really can't remember the last time... My legs almost buckle as I feel dizzy and weak with all sorts of long forgotten sensations. Suddenly regaining the use of our brains... we pull apart and move away from each other, looking around, hoping that nobody saw us. You quickly whisper for me to meet you at 3:00 a.m. in the bathhouse. I quickly agree and hurry back to my campsite so that we aren't seen together.

That night I toss and turn all night, worrying that I'll oversl**p and miss my opportunity to actually spend physical time with you, but by 3:00 I'm hurrying along the path to the bathhouse. Seeing the light in the distance, I quicken my pace, eager to see you, and swing open the door nervously. I walk in and see that you're already there waiting. You take my breath away as I see you in your robe and slippers, leaning against the wall and looking just as nervous as I feel. You take my hand and pull me against you, warming me in a tight embrace, tilting my head back and leaning over to kiss me. You bury your hand in my hair and deepen the kiss as you slip your tongue along my lips and into my mouth.. my stomach does a belly flop as our tongues begin playing and teasing.... your hands sliding down my back and over my hips, pulling me snugly into your pelvis. I feel your already hard shaft between us as you involuntarily grind against me, both of us moaning, struggling to be closer. You lower your mouth to my ear, whispering in my ear, sucking on my earlobe, kissing my neck and lower... kissing a path to my breasts as your hand pulls at the hem of my nightgown, slips underneath and grazes my very ticklish stomach on its way to my breasts. You tease a nipple with your thumb, followed by your wet eager mouth. Mmmm finally I feel your mouth on my nipple, your tongue teasing and flicking it and then your whole mouth sucking on it. I moan, arch my back and pull your head tightly against my chest, loving the feel of your mouth on me.

As if suddenly realizing how vulnerable we are to being caught, you pull me into the shower area and draw the curtains closed. You reach in to the shower stall to turn on the water but then step back out with me in the changing area of the small room. At my questioning look you whisper, "It will drown out any noise and with it on, nobody will come in here". Pulling me close, you kiss me passionately as we frantically undress each other, craving the skin on skin contact of our naked bodies touching. We embrace again, my hard nipples flattened against your chest, your cock pressed between us. It feels so right to have us naked, holding, stroking, loving each other. You gently lower me to sit on the changing bench, lean me against the wall and pull my legs up over your shoulders as you lower your head to my beckoning mound. With a groan, you slither your tongue along my slit, tasting my juices, slipping your tongue barely inside the molten crevice, feeling my trembling response. I whimper at this new and never experienced feeling as your tongue explores and tastes me. I feel intensely alive.. my focus so zeroed in on these new, erotic sensations .. Your tongue finds my clit, protruding, swollen, pounding, desperately aching for you.. I feel it hammering and wonder if you can feel the pounding with your tongue and your lips that are gently nibbling at my lips and hood and clit. I can't control my moaning any more than I can control my movements as my body strains upwards towards your mouth my legs almost a vice grip over your shoulders. You kiss my pussy just as passionately as you kissed my mouth and begin sliding your tongue in and out.... deeper ... faster... thrusting inside rhythmically, driving me crazy with desire. You slide two fingers in and out as your mouth and tongue make love to my pussy. You massage the walls of my pussy with the tips of your fingers, in and out, my hips thrusting to the same rhythm. I feel like I'm on fire, unable to focus on anything but the movements of your tongue and the way my body is responding. You're driving me higher and higher; I can't think of anything but release. Suddenly I reach the brink and with a loud gasp and moan, I begin convulsing with pleasure, my sweet juices squirting into your mouth and dribbling out on to your fingers as you slurp me in.

Still trembling with pleasure, I reach out to you, impatient to taste you, to return the pleasure you've given me. I urge you to trade places with me and then I lean back to look at your beautiful cock. Precum is glistening on the tip, running down the side as it oozes down like lava flowing down a volcano. You're wet and rock hard. After a slow lollipop lick of your cock to taste you, I begin a slow lick of your cock head, swirling around the tip slipping it inside my wet eager mouth then back out, working my tongue into the hole, circling the tip slowly before I move on to concentrate on the sensitive little divet under your perfect mushroom head. Quickly flicking my tongue along the divet, massaging it with my lips and tongue.... I look up at you as I play with you and almost moan as I see your head thrown back, your breath ragged, desire and need etched on your face. Cupping your rod with my hand I begin to stroke up and down even as I slide my mouth down along your shaft to the base, eager to feel your full balls in my mouth. I lick your balls, swirling my tongue around, pulling on them with my lips, gently taking one and then the other into my mouth, massaging them gently with my mouth, tongue and lips, sucking and licking while I slide my hand up and down your shaft. My mouth follows my hand up along the path from your balls to the glistening head of your cock.... sliding up and down along the side before I bring the head to my lips. I look into your beautiful eyes as I slide you back into my mouth, past my lips.. in deep. then begin working you in and out of my warm wet mouth, my tongue flicking along the tip, then sliding deep inside as if trying to swallow you... I feel you reach down to hold my hair back, your hand on my head guiding my speed, encouraging me to go deeper.... faster...

I'm dying to feel you inside me. I've often dreamt of crawling onto you and straddling you, looking you in the eyes and kissing you passionately while I reach down to slide you inside me, impaling myself on your hard shaft. I can't wait any longer to fulfill that dream, to feel you inside me. I climb up on the changing bench, straddling you, my knees on either side of your hips. You reach out to pull my tits, twisting, tweaking, and drawing them in to suck one and then the other as I pull your cock to my dripping eager pussy lips. We stare at each other, each of us watching the other's changing expressions as you enter me for the very first time, slowly entering inch by inch... until you're deep inside. I realize I've been holding my breath, concentrating on the feeling of your cock sliding along my pussy walls, fitting perfectly, like we're made for each other. It feels far better than I even imagined... it's been so long since I've felt this... maybe I've never felt it this intensely before... I begin to ride you... slowly at first... our hands entwined palm to palm, our mouths fused together, my tits brushing up and down your chest with each cycle. My body has never felt more alive. I can almost feel an electric charge passing between us each time you slide in. I half stand so that my feet are on either side of your hips allowing me to take you in deeper and more completely... Your hands on my hips urge me to ride you faster and deeper, as you thrust your pelvis up harder and harder.... driving deeper and deeper into me.... both of us breathless.... our bodies slapping together... our ragged breathing, the grunts and moans of pleasure, our wet, sloshy suction sounds as you slide in and out of me echoing against the walls of the bathhouse... you lean forward to kiss me, muffling our moans. I feel almost d***k, so oblivious to anything else besides the sounds and the feelings I'm experiencing.

I feel you pick me up and carry me into the shower, adjusting the water temperature a little before pinning me against the wall, my legs snaking up around your back....you continue thrusting inside... over and over, deeper and deeper.... water splashing over us. I'm over the edge, frantic to cum and I can tell you can't hold back much longer. I feel you tense up, suddenly still and unmoving like a calm before a huge storm. As you kiss me deeply, you give one last deep thrust, your cock slides straight in over my clit. Our screams of pleasure echo in the bath house as I feel the first convulsion hit me, blocking everything else out of our thoughts. We ride those intense waves of orgasm, powerful jolts of passion. With a loud exhale, you shoot deep inside me... I feel stream after stream of cum shoot inside as you thrust over and over, convulsions rocking your whole body. I can't breath, I can't think. We cling to each other tightly as our bodies slowly return to normal, still loving the aftermath of our passion. I feel an overwhelming "all is right with the world" euphoria as you kiss my forehead and hold me close. Slowly and lovingly we suds each other up and shower together, kissing, smiling, enjoying each other. Knowing the time is late, we share one last deep, emotion-filled kiss and tight embrace, and you send me on my way back to the campsite. It's a very lonely walk
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1 year ago
Very nice!
1 year ago
wow an amazing, erotic story! I love it
1 year ago
Wow sweetie,,that was some trip we had,,,I surely enjoyed and hope you did also...kisses
1 year ago
It was like i was there with you,, tasting you, feeling your mouth around my shaft,, my cock as i first slip into your wet, throbbing pussy!! WOW
1 year ago
I thought you weren't going to post our first camping trip together. (I wish)