mother in law's size 6 body and huge DDD boob

I have always had this thing for my mother in law i have been married for 20 years and always have gotten along real well with.She has blonde hair blue eyes size 6 with 38DDD boobs.When i first seen her i notice she was busty but look like like her bra was way to tight and hiding them.So after some time when i felt comfortable being at her house and had my key and could come and go as i wanted to.One day i went to her house she was at work went into the bedroom and look around first found her bra draw and pulled one out white full coverage balia mimmizer bra 38ddd,i was shocked it was a big bra she had five of them every color they made.I know why they look hidden and smashed in now just wanted me to see the real size and shape of them.Next i seen her underware all kinds of from lace full cover and two thongs that where more like a g string.She is 58 years old dam hot i thought she had alot short nightgowns see through ones i knew i had to stop up some night late.I tried stopping by alot of times i would walk in and she said hang on and she would come out in a robe with the see through under it i dam near gave up because she was very sexuall women always talking dirty and about her boobs when she drinks it gets worse.It gets better one time she came over to use our pool i was usually at work i am open scd i heard saying to my wife she was coming up at 1 so i was at home got my spy camera in the bathroom ready buried it the plant so it show against the mirror and left.I came home at 5 wife works usually till 7 so i got the camers and replayed the tape holy shit she came in there took off her top and then unbuckle her four clips and pulled it off they just busted out down to her navel they where fucking huge so big and wide never seen a set like that more like double GG for sure she had nice nipples that stuck stright out not droppy tits fucking perfect then she pulls her white lace underware off nice black bush very hairy but trimed for her suit she slip her suit on low cut one piece.I think she knew because she was staring at right the camers the whole time so well i turn she came over one night to pick me up truck was getting fix i timed it perfect i left the door open little so she could see in the mirror yep she snuck back and was watching me i was nude i have a 9 ich cock and was hard as rock ad was rubbing lotion on my self so went back and yelled i am here.Next time i stop by her house late she walks out in blue see through nightgown nothing under it her tits her bouncing everywhere she bent over in the fridge and see her back side pussy very nice this went on for awhile like this i never made amove until one night i stop and she said she fell and bruised her ribs below her bra she wanted me to see if there was bruises she pulled her top up my god my hands where shaking lol i put one hand other boob more like three hands one one boob lol and i told it look fine she said pull my bra up i could not it was so fucking tight it so i reach around and unhook her straps last one sounds like a rocket her tits just pour out i took it off and she took her tit and said under my nipple so i got close i was hard as rock i just started to rub her tits both of them slapping them together she said y naughty boy taping me i said you are naughty watching me she laughed and grab me i pulled my pants down and strated to jack me off very hard and fast and she said no sex just playing i just suxed on her tits had my hand in her pants fingering her to climax then it was my turn i titty fuck her she just buried her tits could only see my head poping through hitting her in the chin she cum in my bra so i pulled away she open it up and shot a hell of the load over her bra on the table some on her underware then she rub it more until it was all out.She said i know y dont have sex with my daughter she cant ovarian cancer so she said i thought i would help you out i said thank you and wont say a word she said good i wont either.Over the years it happened again like that one time at our house while everyone was outside was little dangerous never had sex yet close one night when she was very d***k i had to pick her up and give her ride home took off the her clothes and she took mine off and she hope one her bed has wheels on it and on a wood floor she was rubbing soo hard the bed was banging off the wall and her tits where slapping so fucking loud it slip it her pussy was so wet i had it in for a few pumps but she back off and just contiued to rub on it until i came and then used her toy on her she is very loud good i was nervous about the neighbors would wake up finally she camed hard and layed down i got up and got dressed and went home someday it will happen until then i have tapes of her and pictures
83% (23/5)
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3 years ago
Great. Would've been five stars but some proper punctuation and spelling would've made it a hell of alot easier to read. Otherwise, can't wait for the sequel. And, by the way, your mother-in-law is a cheeky one, ain't she?
3 years ago
very good & sexy