The Step s****r

This is true.

I was young about 10 at the time. My mum had a new lover who had 2 k**s 1 guy 1 girl. He would come around alot but i had never met them. Then 1 day i got the news. He had just proposed to my mum after only 3 month or so, she said yeh and shortly after they were married this is where my story begins.

Not long after they got married we went to visit his f****y in tottenham
That was when I first layed eyes on what seemed to be the most beautiful girl ever vicky who was 15 at the time Just so you can get a image of her, she was slim with brunette hair and a gorgeous smile and I would say a C cup. He introduce us. I was just stuck mumbling in a day dream until i got snapped out of it, then a while after we journeyed home. Ever since that moment I fantasised about her, my step s****r vicky.

It had been 2 month since I had see her. Then I got news that she is coming to stay with us for a while. All kinds of emotions were flowing inside me.
I heard a car out side, I put on some stylish clothes and went to welcome her.
There she was, to this day I don't remember what she said to me at that point I just did a nod and said hey a few week on and i noticed that she was always a little differen't around me then most people. Usually they would just be moody or what ever but she was nice to me this was bit of a unknown territory for me but I went along with it. I would always come straight home from school to hang out with her she was distant from most people so we always had time together. Then she had her 16 birthday coming up I know she likes to read. espically those horror's with some erotic stuff in it so i went shopping with my f****y and got her a book little did i know what this would have in store for me.

It was the day of her birthday we all celebrated it together. Then I give her my gift when it was just the 2 of us. she give me a hug I could feel her tits pressing against my body, she then said thank you. She read that book all night long then the day after, she was weird with me, would not talk or even see me so i just let her to it. the room she was stayin in had a bunk bed she had the top and my b*****r had the bottom. That night my b*****r was ill so he had to sl**p in my bed so I slept in her room.

I was just under her I could only imagine what she was wearing and what she was doing. I then heard a voice saying come here so I said is that you? She said yeh, now come here. I did. As I climbed the ladder she was wearing a black silk dressing gown i felt a bulge in my boxers but I hid it well, and it was a bit dark. She said we have stuff to talk about.

So we start to talk and it's just about the usual stuff then it went on to her tell me to read this page of the book I got her. It had a erotic explaination of some guy fucking some girl. She said do you know how to do that? I said I am not to sure she said let me teach you, this had me astonished. She took off her dressing gown and under it was black silk bra that held her tits and a black silk pantie that covered her mound.

She said ok this is what you have to do to a girl she grabbed my hands and put it on her busty tits and said ok just fell them for now they were so soft I could not help but get a full on boner she noticed and I went red and she said it's ok just leave it be so I went back to her tits and she instructed me to play and suck on her now erect nipples, they were so big and juicy This was amazin. she then said now it's time for the big stuff. she took off her bra and panties. i was hypnotised at her shaven pussy. I was told to take my boxers off to so i did. she then said to finger her, I did then she grabbed my cock and wank me off. I then progressed to using my tongue on her pussy her clit was erect and very sensitive I would start at the bottom and go right to the top and flick her clit with my tongue.

This was when she bent over and was suck on my cock it felt so amazin. She then lied on her back and instructed me to penetrate her I got my cock and rubbed it on her pussy lips it was so wet and it was glistening in the vague light. I then inserted it with all the f***e I could, it was so wet and warm she then was moaning and I said did I hurt you? she said I had not, it was from pleasure I was then thrusting her we both came close to a orgasm and she told me to pull it out and jizz of her tits when I am about to orgasm. I said ok and then as we both got close I could not keep it in any more we both orgasm simutainousley I was so much excitement i had not noticed until she said you did not pull out! but it feel so warm inside me
not long after that she went back and our parents were separated so I have not see her since but I will always remember that night
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3 years ago
Really hot!!
3 years ago
Very nice, sounds like a time I had with my Step Daddy :P Mmmm
4 years ago
very good story!
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
nice story bro
4 years ago
this was my first i have written. thank you for the comments
4 years ago
Other then being your step sister... very nice story! :)
4 years ago
well done.
4 years ago
Very nice!
4 years ago
great story!