New year revelations Part 1.

My name is Ashley Jones. My past isn't the usual male past. Due to a accident some of my memories are fuzzy, but right now I am just a normal guy, I work a steady job and hang with friends. I've been recently down as I have been dumped by my long time girlfriend of 2 years, the bitch.

It's the day before new years eve and my boss has been chewing my ass off, as I was heading to his office I catch a glimpse of Mrs boss, big juicy tits with her little perky Stevie wonder type nipples darting out of her shirt bent over her husbands desk talking to him. Man what I would do to hit that.
The time is now 6pm time to leave work, I head home and hit the hay.

As I lay in bed asl**p a dream engrosses me, It's Mrs boss.. and shes naked. Man, I have a bad ass imagination. I'm shagging her full out she's screaming "FUCK ME" "mmmm yeh do what my husband cant!" I'm ready to finish, my limits are about to be broken and feel the surge of endorphins rush through my body I grunt she replies "Inside me" Without hesitation I finished like a pro.

I woke up to the smell of damp air, it seems I've left the window open.
I get up to open the window and the phone rings, it's my friend Johnson.
"DUDE get your ass out tonight, you better bring your wellies because we'll be knee deep in clunge! We'll celebrate like fucking maniacs!"
He said. I am not really in the mood tonight... "DON'T GIVE ME THAT EXCUSE, BE READY FOR 7" and he hangs up the phone.

It's 6pm and I am getting ready to go out I throw on some jeans and a T shirt, I headed to the bathroom and noticed my condoms, do I really need those? I think to myself, nah. I ain't gettin' any tonight. It's 7:30 and my mate and me are in a bar named vesuvia. This place is pumping, Johnson answers "Wall to Wall fanny. By the end of tonight I'll have these birds gushin' like niagra falls" I burst out laughing. A few hours later Johnson has got himself a girl and I'm stuck looking like a loner, time to go I think to myself.
I leave the bar and cross the road, the amount of snow here is crazy. I'm waiting at the traffic lights for them to change and I see this woman crossing the road with brunette hair and a long fur coat, instantly my eyes are focused on this woman.
She had dropped her bags so I rushed over to help her, I couldn't help but drown in her eyes, those deep blue eyes. After a quick conversation she offers me back to her place that is only a few streets away, I instantly agree.

I'm in her place it's got red painted walls and furniture and furry rugs to match. She asks coffee or would you like some thing a little stronger to warm you up? I take the beer and we have some conversation with some music on in the background, it's surprising to see how much we have in common. Out of nowhere she leans forward and kisses me. The soft sensation of her lips touching mine, her tongue dancing with mine it is utter bliss.

She leads me to the bed and whips off my clothes and I hers. As I finish undressing her I notice a photo in a frame on her night stand that is face down, however my focus quickly changed back to this beautifully naked godess in front of me. I start on her neck and easy my way down to her perky tits, maybe a C cup. Her nipples instantly stand at attention and I started teasing her nipples lightly flicking each with the end of my tongue while massaging the other with my hand. I move my head back up and we kiss passionately. I can feel a primal fire burn inside me that I never felt with any of my ex's, It is starting to take over. I slide my hand down to her pussy and send my index finger in, I then slide 2 other fingers in and become more rigorous in my fingering. I push her back and kiss down her naval to her inner thighs gazing upon the dripping wet pussy right in front of me. I begin kissing her pussy lips while slightly entering my tongue into her pussy I use my fingers to probe even further inside her pussy. I begin to flick and slightly nibble on her clit and she screams in ecstasy "ooooh I'm close!!!"
I told her I did not have a condom she assured me it would be fine she was on the pill. I didn't take any more time and slid up and penetrated her sopping wet pussy with my cock she starts making loud gasping noises and plays with her tits we fucked in sync as I push she pushes it goes straight to the hilt. She alerts me shes ready and so I vigorously start pounding her with all my might this pushes us both over the edge " OOOOHHH FUCK YEEEEEHHHHHHHH uuhhhh" she screamed. We both lay there, my cock still nested inside her pussy and I drift off to sl**p.

I wake up the next morning and she wasn't in the bed, I quickly get up get my things and head to the kitchen, as I leave I caught a glimpse of the photo that is now face up but don't pay any attention to it. I got to the kitchen and she came in from the front room and said she had to go to work so I give her a quick kiss and left.

6 months later:

I think only of that night I shared with that wonderful woman.
My work is becoming less and less productive I am getting distracted too easily, I must see her. I head to where I think her house is, it's a bit of a blur due to the amount of drink I had on that night. I arrive at her house and knock on the door with no reply, so I knock her neighbors house and asked if she knew her whereabouts. She told me she had gone to see her distant f****y and gave me the address.

I headed to the location and I feel sort of nostalgic.
As I arrive I notice her walking down the street and I pull up along side her and notice some thing is different but can't quite put my finger on it, she is startled but begins to have a conversation with me and offers me to go with her to where she is visiting. We walk for a bit and then turn a corner.

The building in front of us that she is heading in too is a orphanage. I didn't see that coming I think to myself. She replies this is where I grew up. She takes me inside and introduces me to the people there "This is my ummm, friend." Hey pleasure to meet you I say. I start getting odd looks off the staff, the k**s however begin asking me to go and play with them so I head off and help them build some thing with these tarnished legos. All of a sudden I get another nostalgic feeling and a slight headache.

The head of the orphanage was about to come in and as she did she instantly looked at me and screamed "Ashley Jones!!! it's been a long time!" I look at her with a confused look and ask, do I know you? She gives me a puzzled look and says "don't play with me, you know who I am! you used to live here until you were 6!" I was utterly speechless and then explained that I have a fuzzy memory due to a accident. She then takes me back to the others as we approach them she shouts "Katie!! after all this time he is back!" Katie: "What do you mean?" the head replies: "Your b*****r...! Ashley Jones!" Katie looks confused and says she hasn't seen her b*****r in 17 years.
The head looks at me then at her and says this is your b*****r. I felt several feelings of emotions, nostalgic, happy, confused and a bit sick.

After all the hype calmed down Katie took me to another room and said she had no idea and I said I didn't either. She asked me how I felt about her and I told her I could not get her out of my mind, but we are related it feels wrong now, some how. she looks at me with glistened eyes and said "before we knew this how did you feel?" I said I may have fallen in love with her, she has been on my mind constantly. She then said she had felt the same and that she has some thing to tell me. I instantly kiss her and thought fuck everybody else this feels right, it is right. Katie broke our kiss and said, "I'm pregnant".

This is my 2nd story. My first was a few years back. This is a fictional story and while I know it may not be the usual type of story I tried to focus on the drama of it all. Please tell me how this went and if you liked it. If so I will continue with the 2nd part and possibly new ideas.
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"Stevie wonder type nipples"

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Very good keep going with this