My lover's first present

My lover invited me to his place for lunch one day. He said he'd have a present waiting for me. When I walked in, there were soft moans coming from his bedroom. I thought he was lying on his bed watching a porn, getting ready for me. I undressed in the living room and entered his room only to see a beautiful blonde kneeling on the bed between his legs, sucking his cock. He looked up to see me and smiled. I smiled back as I walked up behind the blonde and slid her panties down. I knelt at the foot of the bed and started licking her clean-shaved pussy. She moaned around his dick and I took that to mean I was doing it right. I had never been with another woman before, but my lover and I had discussed a threesome several times. She turned to kiss me as he made the introductions. I climbed onto the bed beside her, still kissing her as we lowered our heads together to lick and suck my lover's thick cock. It was so erotic, feeling her soft lips and tongue against mine as we shared the blowjob. I would look up at my lover once in a while and see the most exquisite look of passion on his handsome face. That only turned me on more! He reached down to pull me to him for a kiss. As we kissed, she pushed me down so I was on my back and she then began licking and kissing my dripping wet pussy. I've had men who were VERY talented at tongue fucking, but she instinctively knew when to bring it on and when to pull back. My lover had busied himself with my aching nipples as I writhed with immense pleasure. He slid down my body and joined her in eating me out. The eroticism of looking down between my legs and seeing two gorgeous faces lapping away at my soaking cunt is indescribable! The orgasm was very deep and rolled on in massive waves.
When they stopped to let me catch my breath, she turned to again suck his throbbing cock. I watched for a moment, then I slipped behind him and spread his ass cheeks with my hands. I licked at his asshole and felt him shudder so I became a little bolder and stuck my tongue in his ass. I let the thrust of his hips time my tongue fucking his ass and her blowjob give him the most pleasure.

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2 years ago
3 years ago
Sexy story!
3 years ago
Great story, not sure how long I would last with two on my cock, but would be fun trying.
4 years ago
that is so hot good writting
4 years ago
Hot start, glad that's only part one ;)P