For Max

I love the way you kiss my neck the chills that go down my neck when you whisper I love you in my ear.The way you wrap your arms around me to rub my stomach so tenderly and passioantly.The way you always want to please me and make me happy.In return I love when your sub/girly moods it drives me crazy to have you in my arms as i slowly brush my lips aginst your neck and shoulder i sigh and moan softly as i sit on your lap facing you knowing that if i wiggle my ass in your lap your cock will start to stiffin and beg to be relased i can see the lust the love the passion in your i whimper very softly wanting you to pleasure me the way we always do not just yet tho i can wait for tonite i want to pleasure you i continue to wiggle on your lip kissing you smiling love every minute of seeing the fire in your eyes i kiss your nose then your lip your jaw your neck your chest i flick and suckle each erect nipple wimpering a lil each time as the heat build inbetween my legs i kiss down your chest and stomach untill i reach your rigid rock hard shaft i take you in my mouth loving the feeling of your throbbing cock hitting the back of my thorat i do this for bout 30 minutes then teas and swril lick and suck just the tip the head of your amazing cock now that ive had my fun i get up and bend overs so you can make out with my ass i gasp and moan softly as i feel your hot lips and breath as you kiss each cheek i hold my breath as you slowly stick your toung in my asshole i moan and wimper as you move your toung all arond and as you go in and out my ass i moan i need you deeper in my ass now you lay down and i sit on your face adding a lil more weight each time i moan deeply as your toung gose deeper in my ass oh baby it feels so amazing to have your toung deep in my my wet pusssy cant hold much more as my hot pussy juices drains down to my ass and you like it up eagerly i get up and kiss your lips teasting my self on you... i love you babe theres more to come
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